Jolene Ch. 01


"Richard," Jolene said pulling away from the kiss. "There's only one thing I need right now." I looked at her but didn't speak. Frankly, I was quite speechless.

"I need you get that big, fat cock into my pussy. Preferable, right now," she said with her deep Oklahoma accent.

"Stand up, sugar," she commanded. I got off the sofa and Jolene repositioned herself on her hands and knees.

"Come down here and be the big dog," She said with her beautiful butt in the air and her wonderful breasts hanging under her. "Fuck your bitch."

I jumped up on the sofa behind her. I put one hand on her hips and used the other to direct my cock up to her vagina. I rubbed the head through her wetness, and Jolene reached between her legs and guided me home.

"Be the big dog, baby. Fuck your bitch hard."

I gave my hips one long thrust, and my cock went deep. We both groaned at the same time. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. Jolene either flexed the muscles of her vagina, or they spasmed repeatable. I couldn't move. I was so afraid I'd erupt with an orgasm. I so didn't want that to happen. Not yet.

"For goodness sake, Richard. Fuck me. Fill mama with your cum."

That was all I needed. I slowly slid my cock out of her. The sensation was exquisite. Once I could see the rim of my glans, I plunged it back in, and Jolene moaned. Ok, baby.

I started sliding in and out of her, slowly at first, but I increased the speed as I went. I think I'm going to last! I can't believe this!

I grabbed her hips with both hands and started fucking her with long, strong strokes. Jolene groaned and moaned.

"That's it baby. Fuck mama hard." My hips slammed into her. My cock and her pussy made slurping sounds. Our hips made slapping sounds. My balls swung wildly below me.

"Am I your bitch?" She mumbled.

"Yes, baby. I'm your big dog and you're my bitch."

"Bite my neck and growl when you cum." Her hips swayed back and forth matching my rhythm.

I was close. I leaned over her, reached under and grabbed her breasts, still pounding her with my hips. My cock rode in and out Jolene's pussy like a piston.

I felt it coming like a freight train. My whole body became an electric playground of sensation. Jolene panted underneath me. I started growling like a wild beast. A sudden explosion of pleasure shot from every part of my body and raced toward my groin. My cock swelled in her cunt as it continued slide in and out of her wetness.

Just as the first spurt of cum blew into her, I howled like a wolf and gripped the back of her neck with me teeth. My hip movement took on a life of its own. I continued to bite her as spurt after spurt of orgasmic release filled Jolene's palpating pussy. Jolene convulsed underneath me, lost in her own climax.

We both made animal sounds that started as growls and grunts and subsided to little coos and whimpers. Jolene finally collapsed underneath me, and her precious pussy fell away leaving my cum covered cock dangling over her beautiful ass. I watched several drops of semen drip into the crack of her beautiful butt. After a moment, I collapsed on top of her. She grunted when my weight fell on her, but she didn't say a word.

We lay like that for several minutes, and finally she started to giggle.

"I do believe this is the best summer vacation I've ever had." She twisted under me until we were belly to belly and face to face. "Maybe even the best fuck I ever had." She smiled so sweetly. She hocked her legs around me and hugged me. "My big dog."

I laughed. "It WAS the best fuck I ever had." She laughed and snuggled to me.

"That was your only fuck, silly. Wait until we do it again before you make any wild claims."

"Soon I hope."

Jolene giggled. "Well you are lucky, lover boy. I'm a girl that can't get enough."

She kissed me so softly. It was the sweetest kiss I ever had.

"Thank you, Jolene. I'll never forget this day, this moment or you."

"Oh Richard. You're too sweet, darlin'. You're bound to make me fall in love with you." She kissed me harder and deeper and probed my mouth with her tongue.

Just then we heard a car pull into the driveway, and doors opened and shut. Our scramble for clothes was quick and frantic but adorned with laughter. Fully dressed, we sat on the sofa and nonchalantly chatted about nothing desperately trying to hold back our laughter.

"I just know it smells like someone had sex down here," Jolene said rising to her feet. "We better go up." She grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, gave me a quick peck on the lips and ran to the stairway.

I followed watching her long, sexy legs as she climbed the stairs. She looked back, smiled and wiggled her ass at me.

The stairway to the basement was off of the kitchen. As Jolene went through the door at the top landing, I heard her mother's voice.

"Hi sweetie. What you been up to?"

"Just hanging out with Bobby's friend, Richard," Jolene replied. When I came through the door, her mom smiled at me.

"Hello, Richard. You being a good boy around my baby?"

"Oh...ah...yes mam." I'm sure I blushed.

"Would you be a dear, Richard? I left a bag of groceries out in the car." I turned and headed out the back door. I could still hear her mom's voice.

"Jolene, what's the matter with you? Your top is on backwards. Get in the bedroom and fix that."

I brought the grocery bag in and placed it on the kitchen counter.

"Thank you, Richard," her mom said.

"Hey, dude," Bobby came through the back door. "What's up."

"Not much, "I said. "Just hanging out with Jolene."

Bobby made a motion with his head, and I followed him into his bedroom. He closed the door behind us. He turned and faced me with his hands on his hips. I had a huge shit eating grin on my face.

"Well?" He said. I nodded my head a few times.

"I'm a man," was all I could say.

"Dude," we bumped fists. "I should be jealous, but tell me all about it."

"I can't, man. I'm still speechless. I'll tell you later. I need to savor this moment for a while."

"You dog!"

"That's what she said. Mounted my bitch from behind."

"Holy shit!"

Bobby paced, and I lay back on his bed.

"Guess what I over heard my mom and Jolene's mom talking about?"

"Just tell me, man."

"Jolene was raped a couple of years ago." I Jumped up.

"Are you kidding?"

"No! Jolene's mom said they've had nothing but trouble with her ever since."

"Who raped her?"

"Get this," Bobby said. "It was an uncle on the other side of the family. I guess Jolene's dad beat the crap out of him."

A little tap on the door startled us both.

"Come in," Bobby said.

The door opened and Jolene poked her head in.

"Mind if I join you boys?"

"Come in Jolene."

"I think you were talking about me in here." She shut the door behind her.

She sashayed in, passed between us and ran a hand along an arm on both of us.

"What's my summertime studs been talking about?"

She looked at me. "Did you tell Bobby how you ravaged me like a bitch in heat?" She laughed. She definitely enjoyed the seductive power she held over us, almost as much as we did.

"Or was Bobby telling you how he took me in the vineyard?" Bobby laughed nervously.

"I think it was you doing the taking in the vineyard, Jolene."

"That's not entirely true, darlin'. I just opened the door, you walked through."

She turned and faced us, looking back and forth from Bobby to me. She took a hand from both of us and placed each one on a breast. When we squeezed, she rolled her eyes up and moaned.

"That's nice." After a few moments, she grabbed me behind the head and pulled my face to hers planting our lips together. Then she pulled Bobby's face down and did the same.

"You know what I want?" We shook our heads. Jolene was in complete control.

"I want you both at the same time." She pushed us away, giggled and turned to leave. She stopped before opening the door and turned her head back over her shoulder.

"Make it happen you naughty little boys." She giggled again and left the room.

Bobby and I stood there speechless. We looked at each other. We both mouthed the words, holy crap, at the same time, bumped our fists and sat down on the bed. I spoke first.

"You okay with this?"

"Fuck yes, man. I'm not even sure what she has in mind, but I'm ready to cream in my jeans."

It bothered me that Jolene was a rape victim and all her free wheeling sexuality might be some weird psychological reaction, but my desperate need to have sex over powered any sensibilities.

I stood up and started to pace. After a couple of minutes, I slapped my hands together.

"I got it! My folks are leaving tomorrow for LA. The house is ours. We can even use the king bed in my parent's room."

"Fuckin' ay," Bobby said and jumped up. "We need some booze. How much cash do you have?"

"Twenty bucks. Maybe a few more in one of my drawers."

"I've got fifteen. That'll do." Bobby handed me his cash. "Let's find out what she drinks."

We left the bedroom and found Jolene out in the back yard sitting in a car tire swing hanging from a mulberry tree.

"Howdy, boys," she said with a grin. "Richard's parents are leaving for LA tomorrow," Bobby said to her. "We can have the whole house all night."

"There is an all-night movie in town," I chimed in. "Our cover." Jolene threw her head back and laughed.

"You want some alcohol?"

She thought about it for a moment and said, "I like Southern Comfort. It's just like me."

"Great. I'll go get the booze," I said and started to leave.

"Wait a minute boys," she said and spread her legs wide. "I want to show you something." She pulled aside the thin strip of denim that covered her crotch.

"Take a look at how wet I am." I looked up first at the back porch and kitchen window to make sure no one could see us. I then shifted my eyes to the pussy I had just eaten and fucked. Bobby eyes were riveted on her crotch. His mouth hung open.

"It's just dripping. Oh..." She looked down at her own exposed vagina. "That's Richard's cum dripping out." She ran a finger up and down her slit, lifted it to her lips and sucked on it.

"Ummm. Can't wait for you boys to fill every hole in my body." Jolene covered her pussy, threw her head back and laughed. "I'm such a whore." She gave us her most sultry look. "You don't mind do you boys?"

I was in a trance through the night and into the next day. Every scintilla of my attention was focused on one thing, Jolene. I had an older friend buy the bottle of Southern Comfort and a twelve pack of beer for us. He took a twelve pack for his trouble.

Around noon, my parents said goodbye. I filled the frig with beer and made sure we had plenty of ice cubes. Then I raced over to Bobby's house to spread the news.

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