tagGay MaleJono's Journey Home Ch. 04

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 04


Chapter 4 - Back In The Saddle Again

I woke Saturday morning with sunlight streaming into my face. I was alone in the bed, Tamam was missing. Damn I thought. I had only woken in his arms once but it felt natural to have him spooning me. Having his powerful arms wrapped around me. My head tucking under his. Was this how it was to be now? We would have our fun at night and I would be alone in the morning?

My eyes scoured the room looking for any evidence he was returning. His clock alongside the bed said 9:30. I thought to myself crap, I slept through half the morning. Mother Nature's call was urgent so I waddled into the bathroom. What the hell I thought, I had so much sleep and I was still groggy. Then I was overcome with a sudden waves of nausea. I dropped to my knees and worshiped to porcelain throne. Why was I throwing up, and when would I stop?

I finished taking care of business, and then brushed my teeth to get the taste of vomit out of my mouth. I started looking for something to put on. I remembered Naser wanted me to go down to the stables to look at Juno. My body was tight and sore from the evening's activities. My head still wasn't clearing, something was wrong. the waves of nausea still churned inside of me.

I knew if I went riding like this and would come home sore and bruised at the end of the day. Maybe exercise would clear my head I thought. I knew if I tried to stretch wearing my jammies they would rip, I also knew I was commando beneath them. What's a boy to do. I stripped off my sleepwear and put them on the bed I then began to slowly warm up and began deep stretching.

I had almost completed my full regimen when Tamam reentered the room; he was already dressed for the day. It was the first time I had seen him in a traditional thobe. I was in a vertical leg split with my body making a straight line up against the bathroom door frame my arms were pulling against the frame to make me as flat as possible. My left cheek was resting against my right knee as I saw Tamam reenter the suite. He froze and just looked at me with a smile on his face.

Someone had to break the silence, so I did as I broke pose and walked to him. "Damn you look so pretty, I wanted to just run and jump in your arms but I was afraid of messing up your thobe. Aren't you going riding with us?" He reaching down and grabbing my 23" waist and lifted me so he could touch his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back hard. When our lips lock broke he lowered me to the ground and continued with a disappointing answer.

"No Jono, I must leave you in my father's hands. Naser made an error that only I can fix. You however, have made a promise to look at Habeeba." I could tell Tamam was annoyed, I hoped I was not the cause.

"Tamam, I am not feeling quite right this morning. I cannot clear the fog from my head, add to that and I just vomited several times. If I caused your anger, I am sorry. Please let me know what I must do for your forgiveness. I tried to get dressed, but I cannot find my clothes."

Tamam hugged me tightly, "Jono, I am not angry with you. The fog in your head will lift, and the nausea you feel will fade. You clearly needed to sleep Jono. It is good you did not come out in your sleepwear; the main room of the house is filling with guests. They have come to ride with you and Naser today. This is your closet." He walked over to a cabinet in the corner of the room that I could not open. He reached up and pushed the top right corner and it sprung open.

"Is that the only way to open it? It is too high for me to push." As I reached for my comfortable blue jeans he smacked my hand playfully.

"This close to the king's stables you will need to dress appropriately. No American cowboy wear will do. You go take a shower." My stomach growled loudly. "I have neglected your needs so much. I will have some breakfast brought in for you; lunch will not be served until after the ride. When you come out of the shower I will teach you how to dress for the ride."

Hoping to tease him a little, I was swishing my ass back and forth as I walked to the bathroom, he did not take the bait. Dammit all, I must have lost my charm. I re-acquainted myself with the shower settings and started a warm shower. It took almost no time for it to get hot. Just in case he wanted pleasure before going to town, I reached over for the enema wand and slid it within me. I repeated the task four times just to be sure I was spotless for him. I turned off the water flow and return to the wand to its holder.

There were two soaps in the shower one that smelled almost like lavender and his musk scented soap. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out which one he wished me to use. To be honest I would have preferred good old dial to the floral scented soap. But Tamam was perfect, and I would obey. After showering I turned around for the door there was a towel and a robe hanging from a hook on the outside. Okay was I sleeping with some kind of Arabian Ninja? I didn't even see him come in. Repeating my new mantra Tamam is perfect, I realized he was also apparently sneaky.

I dried myself thoroughly and walked to the vanity. There was a note recommending I use a light dusting of baby powder especially from my waist down. Dabbing myself with the powder puff was a bit emasculating. But after a while it felt kind of good. Again I had to remind myself Tamam is perfect.

I rejoined Tamam in the bedroom. He had laid out my clothes for the day, a pair of tall riding boots, and the English riding wear he had discussed with tailor. I made a stinky face, wrinkling my nose. "You will learn little one. You may even learn to enjoy them. Be on your best behavior sweet Jono. Please, make me proud."

I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted myself up and kissed him, "Yes my love. I thought you were going to town?"

"How can I leave you like this? I am completely captivated by your charms. I must look upon your beauty and make sure that you put on your apparel correctly." I blushed. "Put on your socks and your underwear first. Then you will find a pair of snug silk leggings with stirrups. Next the long riding shirt or the breaches, your choice. I find putting a shirt on first makes it easier to tuck-in." I put the long sleeve cream colored shirt on first and then the breaches over the silk leggings. I noticed the breaches were two tone fabric the dominant piece was a horseshoe shaped piece of tan colored leather that ran up the inside of my legs and up over my ass. The fabric portion was a lighter shade of tan.

I looked at Tamam, he was practically drooling. "Won't this pattern cause others to notice my butt?"

"They would have to be blind to miss your perfect ass. Now you have another choice, a tie or an ascot. I did not know which you preferred so I purchased both."

"Tam, no one, and I mean no one in the American military prefers wearing an ascot." I then pulled the brown necktie off of the rack tied a nice double windsor. "Must I wear the jacket?"

"Yes Jono, it is expected." I had to admit the silk under leggings did make me feel kind of sexy.

I noticed the tall leather boots had a snap at the top which I opened and saw the zipper beneath. I unzipped them and stepped into the custom footwear. It was almost like putting on a second skin. Tamam was impressed that I could pull up the zipper without any assistance. I did have a little trouble snapping the top piece though, but I managed. He made a spinning motion with his finger. I complied and turned slowly for him. As soon as my back was to him, I felt his hands reaching inside my thighs running them up to fondle my butt.

"I told you so. How many others are going to be fondling me today because of your choice?"

"The leather patches are not intended to draw attention to your butt. They are there to give you protection and comfort while you ride. The silk inner leggings are so that you do not blister and chafe. However, I must admit they do accentuate that beautiful bottom of yours." I quickly finished putting on the ensemble by putting on the matching dark tan vest and jacket. They matched the leather patch running down my ass. My hollow belly made itself known again.

Tamam reached over and cradled my cheek "Your breakfast has been prepared." He held my arm and walked me to his dining table in his private great room. There were two covered trays. I sat where he directed me. As he lifted the cover on my food. I was depressed when I saw it was mostly starches and vegetables. He saw the disappointment on my face. "What is wrong beautiful one?"

Tam, my love, if I do not get some protein, even a bit of cheese will do, I will pass out today. You have seen me eat. To keep the little weight I have, I must eat like a horse. You do not have to worry about me getting fat."

"I am so sorry Jono, I was not thinking." He lifted the lid on his meal and cut a third of his steak off and put it on my plate. He then leaned over and tried to kiss my forehead. I tilted my head back made him kiss my lips. We finished our breakfast, cleaned up, and then walked through his private hall into the family's great room.

There was a large gathering of people in the room. How odd, I was the only MAN wearing the riding jacket. I leaned over and whispered to Tamam, "If they are all riding like that, this jacket is going to be left behind." He looked down and frowned at me.

Naser came to my rescue. As he approached us I saw his lip had been split, and the left side of his face and nose were swollen. I could tell he was sporting two black eyes behind his gargoyles as well. Suddenly the blood from last night and Tam's injured hand started to make sense. It wasn't mine. What had he done to piss of his brother that bad?

Naser weakly smiled saying, "Jono, you are a little overdressed. But you look good." As he hugged me and kissed my cheeks he whispered, "Lose the jacket, it makes you look like a member of the household staff, or one of the women. This is not competition; this is just a casual ride." With speed that would make a thoroughbred blush with shame, the jacket was off and a member of the house staff ran it back to the room.

Tamam stealthily patted my bottom, smiled and went off on his mystery task. Naser continued to speak softly, "Most of our friends here knew your family. The rest are are acquainted with or are customers of Ghorbani Stud Farms."

"So we will be riding with both Arabian and thoroughbred horses. Oh joy, any bets on who will start first race?" Both breeds have their benefits. Owners of these hot-blooded animals tend to think their breed is better than all others. Egos aside this should be a fun day.

We approached an impressive man. He was smaller than Tam and Naser, but had a nice physique none the less. "Jono, you asked me who would start the first challenge race between the thoroughbreds and the Arabians. This is he, Prince Aziz. My Prince, this is Jono Banks of both the Banks and Ghorbani Stud Farms. He is also with the U.S. Air Force members providing our King's Air Force radar training."

The prince grabbed my shoulders and kissed my cheeks three times. He extended the traditional Arabic greeting of peace be upon you, and I replied and upon you peace. "It was a great sadness to hear of your family's passing. My father will be overjoyed that you are still with us. We were told the entire family was lost."

"From a certain perspective that was the case, my Prince. I died twice on that day, God was merciful, and restored to me a small portion of what he had taken from my family."

"So, you have raised both thoroughbreds and Arabians. Which do you prefer."

"They both have merit, but I am my father's son on this topic. I do prefer the lines on the Arabians and how they walk. Though my uncle often mocked the Arabian horse, he did recognize their beauty and their value. He had a plan to start breeding them as well, to add to our stables fame. Life has taught me it's most bitter truth, no plans in life are certain. I was pleased that my foster family where the Ghorbani's. Through them, I was able to add to my knowledge on, the care and training of Arabians."

We chatted for a few more moments, then Naser led me away to continue the rounds. "You did well Jono. I know this is very uncomfortable for you. These are skills you will need when you restart the stud ranch. Being horse man requires to not only breeding a good animal but to press the flesh, as it were."

I remembered how at ease my father, my uncle, and Merhadad were in these situations. Clearly, I am a poor shadow. "My Major often says that social occasions are only warfare concealed. Shall we return to battle?" I said in mock bravado.

Naser took me words literally, "There is no need for battle. Horse breeders are a close-knit community. These people admire your family, and you. Now it's just time to show confidence. You are doing well."

Since I arrived in country I have noticed Saudi men are a very tactile people. It's as if they look for any excuse to make physical contact with the men they are talking to. Looking back on Naser's visit to the Ghorbani Ranch I remember he was fond of putting his hand on my back, on my shoulders, or holding my arm. I know uncle Jack would not have approved. I was finding myself wishing I looked more like my father than my mother. Naser must have recognized something was wrong. Because he pulled me into his father's office and asked, "What is wrong little one."

"I am what's wrong. It's almost like my whole life is a mistake. Mikaeel should have been the one to survive the crash. He was like Dad and Uncle Jack; confident, and strong. I will always have people look at me as if I am a child. At most I'm going to grow another inch if I'm very lucky. I eat non-stop and I can't keep weight on much less add more muscle. Look at me who's going to believe I am a horseman. I'm going to become the punchline of a joke."

It was at that point Omar Hassan rounded the corner and walked up to me. "Sweet Jono, I have known your mother's family for three generations now. Did you know how I met your uncle?" I shook my head no. "His father had tried to let him close a sale. He failed miserably, and your grandfather had to step in to save the sale. At that time in his life Jack chose not to learn about the people he was doing business with. As a result he had his foot in his mouth more often than not. Confidence is a learned trait. Jono your grandfather once confided in me a wish that he had another son. Your Uncle lost many sales but the whole time he learned. Failure is not fatal little one; it is often the great teacher."

He paused to wipe the tear from my cheek, "The irony of that conversation with your grandfather is that your uncle repeated it. Mikaeel was a strong young man. He was very good with his hands. His mind however was closed, and he did not have the passion to raise horses. Life does not give us choices that go 1-2-3 often. Sometimes we have to fill in gaps and rearrange the pieces. Jack knew that you had that skill. You were always his choice to take over the reins; that is IF your father's business did not interest you. Mikaeel was always his backup plan." Tears started to form and I fought them back as the old man pulled me into his thobe hugging me tightly. I was suddenly feeling very close to my family.

"Thank you Mr. Hassan, you have reminded me, I do have something to offer. I guess I just needed a little pity party. I'm sorry that you were invited."

"Pain is a part of life. You've endured much, but you're still here. I am delighted to be at any party where you are present. That being said I must return to our guests. Naser take Jono to the stables to have a look at his Habeeba."

Naser took my arm as we walked to the stable. As we approached he pointed to the exercise ring to a familiar face. It was Juno all tacked out and apparently ready to go. There was a young man rubbing his arm also in the ring. An older gentleman was approaching MY Juno with a long coiled whip in his hand. It was as if someone flipped a switch in my head, GAME ON!

I slid between the rails and approached from his rear. As his arm went back, uncoiling the whip behind him, I grabbed the whip ripping it from his hand and threw it to the ground. I angrily demanded to know how long he had been training horses. Arabians are know for their gentleness, unless they are mistreated. His only reply was to rub his arm and complain about being bit as well.

"Did you bother to check and see if the bridle was fit properly? Habeeba has a birth defect due to how she came into the world. Placement of the throatlatch was critical. If it rested on that spot for too long it can irritate and even become painful to the animal." I looked at Naser and said, "I am sorry, this should have been explained when you bought her."

"It was, it was Jono. I clearly did not explain it well enough for our stable master."

I removed the ill fitting bridle. Habeeba, my Juno, rewarded me by putting her head in my chest. As I strolled around the ring making adjustments to the bridle my sweet Juno walked behind me, occasionally touching her chin to my right shoulder. A crowd started to gather around the ring. The stable boy and Naser were impressed with her obedience. The older man was practically shooting daggers from his eyes.

A few short minutes latter I gave Juno the command to drop her head. She complied and I put the adjusted bridle back on her head. No muss, fuss, or biting. I motioned for the stable boy to approach. I showed him the point of irritation, and the subtle alteration that was made to accommodate it. He reached up and rubbed her cheek. She reciprocated by putting her head into his chest. She liked him.

Naser interrupted with, "We are riding today right?"

I smoothly mounted Habeeba from the left. I wanted to see how much of her training she remembered. I rested the reins across her withers and extended my arms out. I gave the the command step right. She complied, applause came from those around the ring. I continued step left, forward, back, circle right and left. She remembered everything. I again took the reins and rode toward Naser at the ring gate.

I nodded in his direction and commanded Habeeba to bow. Her right knee was raised and her left bent, as she dropped her head. Naser reached up and stroked her forelock. More applause. The angry old stable master's mouth fell open. Naser opened the gate letting us out to the ring. I leaned down and whispered pleading, "Please Naser, do not let the man with the whip touch Habeeba EVER again."

"Not to worry, father saw it all. He will be discharged before we return. He and I were very impressed by your restraint. The Prince rode alone side me asking who trained this animal. I replied, "That would be me my Prince. Breeding only carries you so far. Training makes a truly prized mount." He agreed and rode off with his sister and their party.

Naser rode up next to me, putting his hand on the small of my back, he leaned over and whispered. "I believe you thought you had nothing to offer as a breeder. They know and respect you both as a breeder, and trainer. The bow was a nice touch. By the way you forgot you helmet." He pointed as the stable boy handed it up to me. Damn, I thought to myself. Still, I donned the dorky helmet and rode off with Naser and his buddies into the fig groves.

The trails in the groves seamed like they went on forever. Nothing however lasts forever, eventually the trees ended and the sand and low scrub began around the water of the Oasis. The contrast was remarkable. In the distance the land and sky blurred together within a dusty haze. The water was the color of bright aquamarine. Naser called it, the Prince was indeed taunting the Arabian riders to race along side the banks.

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