tagIncest/TabooJordan's Mommy Ch. 02

Jordan's Mommy Ch. 02

bylusty Vamp©

Trying to rest was as fruitless as Jordan's mother knew it would be. As if being left to sleep on the elegantly carpeted yet hard floor with only a blanket and small pillow wasn't humiliating enough, the tall and curvy strawberry blond had been left with her hands locked behind her back. Bound and naked expect for pink stockings, garter belt and six inch high heels the woman found it was impossible to get comfortable even if the inferno between her legs hadn't been raging out of control. The gorgeous older lady's humiliation and jealousy was heightened by the fact that her eighteen year old daughter, Jordan, rested comfortably in the king sized bed only a few feet away.

Adding to the woman's dismal state was the blazing sting that radiated from her freshly whipped ass. Even worse was the agonizing torment that emanated from her nipples, which had been cruelly clamped all evening. She knew from experience her poor love buds would remain swollen and discolored for days to come not to mention tender and sore. Yet, the throbbing desire burning between her shapely thighs continued to demand satisfaction.

After what seemed like an eternity Mommy relaxed a bit as she listened to Jordan's deep rhythmic breathing. Realizing her daughter was asleep Mommy carefully and quietly tried to give herself the pleasure her body demanded.

Awkwardly the 37 year-old woman picked up the vibrating dildo she had been allowed to bring to bed with her. However, given the fact that her wrists were locked securely behind her back she couldn't get the right angle that would allow her to shove the fake dick into her quivering, moist and demanding pussy. Frazzled but not beaten, she found the vibe's on-off switch and flipped it on with her thumb. The plastic and rubber cock instantly came to life with a low buzz. The submissive woman held her breath praying the noise wouldn't awaken her slumbering daughter.

With the vibrator firmly between her thighs Mommy rotated her hips slowly as she tried to achieve her ultimate goal. The more Jordan's Mother masturbated herself, the more frustrated she became with her inability to make herself climax. Try as she might, she just couldn't find the magic combination that afforded her the pleasure that she craved. Once again tears began to trickle down Mommy's cheeks.

As the battery in the vibe began to die Mommy made one last ditch effort to obtain the pleasure her voluptuous body demanded. She let the fake dick roll free onto the floor and then with a little effort rolled herself over on top of it. She straddled the buzzing vibe and began to hump her hips up and down as if she were fucking a real dick. While this occasionally allowed the vibe to brush Jordan's Mommy's aroused clit it wasn't enough to send her off into the land of bliss she desperately hungered for.

As the hellish night wore on Jordan's Mother slept fitfully. Her brief periods of sleep were intermingled with dreams of her daughter and the power that Jordan now welded over her. Even in her sleep, Jordan's mother felt the sting of humiliation at being forced to call her daughter "Mistress Jordan".

During the night, Jordan awoke to use the bathroom and smiled with pride as she walked pasted her mother sleeping on the floor. There was no denying that the older woman was gorgeous by any definition of the word. On her return trip Jordan was overcome with the urge to again use her mother's talented tongue. Using her barefoot Jordan kicked her Mommy playfully in the side. "Roll over onto your back, you old cunt, I want to use your mouth," Jordan demanded coldly.

In her dazed state, Jordan's Mommy heard the foggy words but was slow to respond. Jordan kicked her again not so playfully, "Don't make me repeat myself, Mommy."

Jordan's mother struggled onto her back as Jordan demanded and the young woman wasted no time in straddling her mother's head with her knees facing her mother's high-heel clad feet. Without a word Jordan lowered her hips until her juicy pussy was mashed down on her mother's face. "Use your tongue," Jordan demanded, "Make me cum, you dirty old cunt sucker. Make your daughter cum."

The awful words stung the older woman's pride but Jordan's mother, out of options hours ago, did the only thing she could. Now fully awake, Jordan's mother attacked her daughter's drenched pussy with fake eagerness. For the next 15 minutes Jordan rode her mother's face like a barrel racing cowgirl rides her horse, hard and fast. For her part, Jordan's Mommy worked her tongue with an enthusiasm she didn't feel. Yet she realized that failing to bring her daughter the pleasure she demanded simply wasn't an option, without risking another painful punishment session. With that incentive, Jordan's Mother drove her tongue deeper and deeper into her daughter's quaking love hole.

Jordan's pleasure continued to mount as her mother tongued fucked her leaking pussy. Soon Jordan wasn't able to contain her joy as her hips began to jerk up and down on her mother's face. Then with a guttural scream of pure passion, Jordan began to cum. The intensity of her orgasm was overwhelming, and she began to bounce her hips up and down on her mother's still sucking mouth and tongue.

Jordan's mother increased her efforts until Jordan was cumming wildly. Jordan was held tightly in the jaws of unrelenting joy for nearly five minutes as her body shook uncontrollably as it was slammed with each seceding wave of maddening pleasure. The thrill of it all was intensified knowing that it was her own mother that provided the carnal pleasure.

As Jordan's climaxes began to subside her mother continued to slowly work her tongue, cleaning the delicious juices from the girl's shapely thighs. For more than ten minutes Jordan allowed her mother to minister to her thoroughly pleasured young pussy. Then without a word, Jordan got to her feet and returned to bed.

The face ride she gave her beautiful daughter only served to increase the blazing fire between Jordan's mother's legs exponentially. With were pussy throbbing like never before, the thoroughly exhausted woman drifted into oblivion and the wicked dreams of humiliation and abuse that haunted her.

Just a few hours later Jordan's mother was startled awake by Jordan, "Wake up, cunt. It's time to start your day and we have lots to do." Jordan's Mommy opened her dazzling blue eyes and in her foggy state sensed something tossed near her on the floor. Finally able to focus she realized it was a key.

Jordan lounged comfortably in the huge king sized bed. "Go ahead and free yourself, Mommy," Jordan ordered matter-of-factly. With no little effort her mother crawled to where she could pick up the key to her hand-cuffs. As she awkwardly struggled to unlock the cuffs behind her back Jordan causally gave instructions. "When you've freed yourself, Mommy, I want you to go and shower."

Mommy's pussy had also awoken with its own demeaning demands. The throbbing was nearly unbearable as Jordan's Mommy listened to her new Mistress. Finally realizing that Jordan now controlled her life in every aspect, including her sexual fate, the older woman concluded that she must do anything and everything to please her daughter hoping that she would earn her own pleasure in return. With that in mind Mommy responded with a polite and cheerful, "Yes, Mistress ... Mistress Jordan."

"Use Alan's bathroom," Jordan continued. Alan was Jordan's 21 year old brother who would soon be returning from college for summer recess. "Fact you'll be moving into the room across the hall," Jordan went on with a smirk.

Still fumbling with the key behind her back, Mommy's gorgeous eyes popped wide open as she stammered, "But ... but that ... that is Alan's room."

Jordan answered coolly, "Well, yes it is, slut. You don't mind sharing a room with your son while he is home do you, Mommy?"

It was clear Jordan's Mommy had a problem with it, a big problem, but she answered the only way she could, "No ... no ... no, Mistress Jordan, I don't have a problem with sharing."

"That's good, you dirty old slut, as if it matters," Jordan replied coldly. At that moment her mother finally freed herself. "Now after you shower, cunt, I want you to put on your make-up. Lots and lots of make-up, understand, bitch."

"Yes, Mistress Jordan, I understand."

"So much make-up in fact that you look exactly like the gutter whore you are," Jordan continued.

"Of course, Mistress Jordan, of course. I won't disappoint you." Christiana assured her daughter

"Good, now get what you need from the Master Bathroom and put that fat ass of yours in gear," Jordan demanded. "When, you're finished, Mommy, wake me."

"Of course, Mistress Jordan." Jordan's Mommy got slowly to her feet and quickly retrieved all her grooming products from the bathroom as Jordan had directed. Then she walked quickly out of the Master Bedroom, which until last night had been hers alone, and down the hall to the common bathroom.

Jordan's Mommy didn't waste any time stripping off her stockings, garter-belt and high-heels. She was ready for the cleansing effect of the shower water. Quickly she set the water flow to a nice relaxing and steamy temp then stepped into the stall and closed the door. Before stepping into the inviting shower Mommy grabbed one of Alan's razors from the vanity.

For a short time the voluptuous woman allowed the hot soothing water to splash of her lush body. For a moment her aches and pains disappeared. However, her simple pleasure was short lived as she was jolted back to reality. Lathering a wash cloth Jordan's Mommy began by scrubbing her face. Then she used the cloth to clean her ripe body from head to toe. When she was done, she went back and scrubbed the slit between her thighs again to make sure her most private area was squeaky clean. Then she took Alan's razor and gently shaved her still throbbing pussy mound making sure it was soft and smooth as a baby's behind. Jordan's new property then turned her attention to her stunning shoulder length strawberry hair (which she felt was her most exceptional attribute). It took her several minutes to shampoo and condition her hair. After making sure to rinse off completely, Jordan's Mommy turned off the shower and allowed herself to drip dry for a full minute before stepping out of the shower stall and grabbing a full sized bath towel.

Jordan's Mommy didn't waste any time wrapping a towel around her hair and then patting her body dry. Then she rubbed moisturizing cream all over her ripe body making her summer complexion glisten invitingly. After that, she used a blow drier to finish drying her hair. Then she hastily put back on the few items of lingerie which were quickly becoming something of a uniform.

After putting on her pink garter-belt, stockings and 6 inch high-heels Jordan's Mommy turned her attention to her make-up. Remembering what her daughter had said about heavy make-up, Jordan's Mommy went about putting her face on. She doubled and tripled the amount of eye shadow and eye liner she would normally use then added a little more before putting on her mascara. Then she added a layer of foundation and highlighted her chiseled cheek bones with an ample amount of rose blush. Finally, she added a double layer of red lip gloss that accented her sparkling blue eyes and strawberry blond hair.

Finally finished, Jordan's Mommy took inventory of her handy work, as the older woman looked into the mirror. She was mildly shocked by the whorish image she saw staring back at her. In the mirror looking back at her was a slut whose mere appearance shouted, "Tramp". Jordan's Mommy allowed herself a split second of pride, having created a look that she was sure Jordan would find pleasing. If her new Mistress wanted a gutter whore, she was about to get one. For certain Jordan's Mommy's new look silently screamed 'I'm a dirty whore ... and I want to fuck ... god damn it I need to fuck ... I need to fucking cum'.

Taking a deep breath, Mommy turned around and walked briskly out of the bathroom and down the hall toward her resting daughter and the unknown. Mommy's ripe melons bounced merrily as the older woman walked, and her perky nipples stiffened; betraying her pent-up lust.

As Jordan's Mother entered the master bedroom, she walked quickly to the king sized bed where her daughter continued to cat nap. "Jor," the older woman started then quickly corrected herself, "Mistress Jordan, I've finished my shower."

Jordan slowly opened her sparkling eyes and looked her mother's naked body up and down critically.

With a tone of amusement in her voice, Jordan smiled and said, "You know, Mommy, you really do have a gorgeous body. It's no wonder Daddy was so proud of you and loved showing you off. " Then changing the subject, Jordan added, "I am also glad to see that your make-up is nearly perfect. You really do look like a cheap white trash whore."

Jordan's Mother wasn't about to do or say anything that might upset her daughter. The last thing Jordan's Mommy wanted was a repeat of last evening's cruel punishment session. Besides, the older woman reasoned, if she totally pleased her daughter in every respect, followed every order eagerly and to the letter, pleasured her every way she demanded and showed her proper respect at all times may-be, just may-be, her young daughter would have mercy on her and help relieve the throbbing hunger that burned unabated between her creamy white thighs.

With that hope in mind, Mommy responded cheerfully with a sexy smile, "Thank you, Mistress Jordan."

Smiling lazily from the king sized bed she rested in, Jordan directed, "Mommy, get your slut collar and lock it on." Then the dominate young woman added, "And, while you're at it, slut, lock a pair of leather cuffs on each of your wrists and bring me a six-inch length of chain with locks."

Without hesitation Jordan's Mother responded almost cheerfully, "Of course, Mistress Jordan, at once." As her mommy turned and walked towards the walk-in closet where all her bondage gear was stored Jordan delighted in the sight of the wiggle of the older woman's tight ass as she rushed to obey her orders. In just a matter of a minute or two the older woman returned with a three inch wide black leather collar locked securely around her slender neck. In addition she wore matching black leather cuffs around her wrists which were also locked in place with small but very stout pad locks. In her right hand the submissive older woman carried a short length of chrome chain. Jordan's Mother walked quickly to the bed where her daughter reclined comfortably, ignoring the provocative swinging of her ample titties.

"Come here, bitch," Jordan demanded.

Her mother obeyed quickly and silently.

As the mature woman stood next to the bed Jordan ordered, "Lock that chain to the cuff on your right wrist, slave."

Jordan's Mother again complied just as quickly as she could, locking the chain in place with another pad lock.

"Give me the other lock, Christina, and turn around,"

Jordan's Mother hated it when her daughter used her given name, but said nothing as she fulfilled the young girls command.

"Down on your knees, whore," Jordan ordered.

Her mother dropped to her knees without question or thought.

"Put your right wrist behind your back, Christina," Jordan ordered.

Again Jordan's mother obeyed without a word.

Jordan rolled over to the edge of the bed and grabbed the free end of the chain which dangled from the leather cuff locked to Christina's right wrist. Jordan then pulled the chain along with her mother's wrist high up her back until she was able to lock the free end of the chain to a metal hook on the leather collar the older woman wore around her neck. Once this was done, Mommy's right wrist was pinned uselessly high up the middle of her back. Rolling back to the middle of the bed, Jordan admired the simple bondage that confined her mother.

"There you go, Mommy," Jordan beamed with pride, "that should allow you enough freedom to do your bitch chores while constantly reminding you of exactly what you are." Then added with a smirk, "You do remember what you are don't you, Christina?"

"Ohhh god yes, Mistress Jordan," Christina's eagerness to please was quite evident in her voice, "I am your slut ... your pleasure slut, Mistress Jordan."

Pleased with her gorgeous mother's answer, Jordan smiled broadly and said, "You may stand, Mother, and go run water for my bath. You know how I like it don't you, Christina?"

The older woman had to again grit her teeth for fear of making an offensive comment when Jordan once again used her given name. Fighting down the words she knew would only earn a cruel punishment, Christina answered with a cheerfulness she certainly didn't feel, "Yes, Jor ... Mistress Jordan, I know exactly how you like your bath."

"That's really great, Christina, because I expect it to be perfect," Jordan said than added as an after though, "Just so there is no misunderstanding, Mommy, I expect perfection with everything you do from now on ... no excuses. When the water is ready call me."

Christina was already turning towards the Master Bathroom as she answered submissively, "Yes, Mistress Jordan. I totally understand."

Jordan's mother found it difficult working with one arm bound securely behind her back, but she worked as quickly as her limitations allowed. After turning on the water to start filling the luxury garden sized tub she retrieved bubble bath and bath oil tablets from the vanity. Dropping the tabs into the tub to begin working their magic, she opened the linen closet and took out her most elegant bath towel which she knew Jordan adored. After making sure the water was at both the level and temperature which she knew Jordan would find most pleasing, she turned off the water and returned to the bedroom where her daughter continued to lounge lazily. In as cheerful a voice as she could manage Christina announced, "Mistress, your bath is ready."

Jordan beamed brightly as she slowly got out of bed and began to walk rather briskly towards the master bathroom. As she walked, Jordan pulled the large mannish t-shirt -which she had worn to bed- off over her head revealing the beauty of her naked youthful body. Christina couldn't take her eyes off the enchanting sight. Her mother's obvious attention didn't go unnoticed by her daughter.

Absent mindedly Jordan dropped the t-shirt on the floor as she walked gracefully into the bathroom followed closely by her mother. Christina offered her free arm to help steady Jordan as she stepped into the perfumed water of the bath tub. Brightly Jordan's mother offered, "I hope you enjoy your bath, Mistress."

In the blink of an eye - with one foot in the tub and one out - Jordan turned towards her mother and bitch slapped her hard across the older woman's left cheek. "Speak only when you are spoken to, Mommy. That's a rule."

While Christina's spirit was hurt by both the stinging slang and her daughter's cold words, the mature woman responded with humility, still eager to gain Jordan's mercy, "Of course, Mistress Jordan. Please forgive your Mommy for her impudence. It will never happen again, Mistress."

With a dismissive, "Yea, whatever," Jordan settled herself into the warm, soothing water of her bath. As she began to revel in the luxury of her bubble bath, she looked up at Christina and marveled at her mature beauty. The long curvaceous thighs flared perfectly into her softly rounded hips which in turn tapered into a most feminine waist line. Her flat, hard belly betrayed the fact that she had given birth twice. Then there was those scrumptious melon sized titties that Jordan's father had adored so much along with rather smallish nipples. Christina's shoulder length golden locks framed her heart shaped face giving her an air of girlish innocence. She had the chiseled chin and high cheek bones of a run-way model. And her smallish mouth with their puffy full lips accented an only slightly upturned nose. Her high arching eye brows and long lashes added elegant glamour to her sparking hazel blue eyes. In short even at 37 years of age Jordan's mother had the trim feminine figure and gorgeous good looks that millions of much younger women would simply kill for.

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