tagNon-EroticJoseki's Journey's

Joseki's Journey's

byJoseki Ko©

Tal and greetings as they may be.

As I look back on my short life I am amazed at some of the adventures I have participated in and the all out stupidity I have seen and participated in. I was born Joseki Ko last July in the world of Gor. I would admit this sidelined all my other activities and interests except that when I came here I had just walked away from everyone in my life finding that friends I had known for 13 years were not really my friends. In short I walked away from almost everyone and everything I knew.

That very day I was brought to Gor by a friend of mine. With the taste of ashes in my mouth I opened the Pink Sleen and let my humor with and Gorean knowledge soar. I was extremely surprised to find out that by naming the bar the Pink Sleen I was universally ridiculed. It was thought I'd opened a Gorean gay bar and no less than 48 men begged my collar. I was called Disney for putting my girls in piggy tails and naming them after foods.

I had a lot of laughs over both of these. Exactly how a sign with a Pink Sleen dressed in a bunny costume can be considered Gay I will never know. The Inn was based on the playboy club. I will say I collared none of the 48 guys (real number) who begged my collar. The people calling me Disney were much more interesting. Disney in Gorean terms means that you are making fun of something and trampling the Gorean ideals under foot. This insult came mostly from people who had little knowledge of Gor in the first place. I was never sure which they hated more. The fact that I had named the girls after foods, found a quote about hair leashes in the books that proved piggy tails were Gorean, or had so many girls collared to the Inn. At one point I had 17 girls in the Sleen and we had a rocking good time. We had people in and out of there at all times and almost any night we were the top room on Gor. I actually had about one guy try to kill me every week or one Free woman try to hire a black to kill me. All in all it was the best of times it was the worst of times.

I learned about being an online Gorean and what it took to survive in that world. The more I was there the more I learned and the faster I became at typing. I almost killed two men I have grown to like and we carried it to the fighting pits both times for an honor match. At least one of those is posted here.

There at the end of my days at the Sleen I think I started to lose my mind. On of my friends was caged. A Free Woman of another home. I had a lot of other stress going on as well and found out that I hurt someone online just about as bad as you can. So feeling like a complete heel I decided to go out and do something about it. I have never believed that might made right and I walked into a room of 20 some odd people and challenged 7 of them to a Death Match on the spot. The true secret to fighting well is not caring if you live or die. And at the time I didn't. I was confident that I could kill 6 out of 7 of them.

I was actually very happy with that. The Free women of my Inn dragged me back to the Inn and proceeded to berate me about how could I do that. I am truthfully not even sure myself. Another friend came in and between them they talked me out of the challenge and I agreed to apologize. I'm not sure that any of them ever figured out that I felt I lost my honor that day. Honor is something that can be recollected but NEVER regained.

I left the Sleen and somehow wound up in Asperiche. Well I say some how but the fact of the matter is, I really liked Judas, the Head of Council there. He made this great speech about building Asperiche into one of the great homes and I bought into it. I took the Job as First Sword and began working out with him on a regular basis. As good as I was before he polished my skills rather well. I will always owe him for that. I fought the home battles and was always quick to challenge those who insulted my new home.

There was a slave there I had been talking too and when she begged freedom I took her for my Free companion. What followed was as grand a time as you can have. We came up with plan after plan to better out new home. I have always found true joy in work and I threw myself into this with a frenzy. But as good as it was there can be no true joy without true pain.

Judas' woman Safi seemed to have it in for my Free Companion and was arguing and bitching at her all the time. As they had been fast friends for a number of years neither my Free Companion nor I were able account for her behavior. It was not until this had all passed that I found out she thought my Free Companion a true slave and was working her constantly to return to her slave state.

When my Free companion could take no more she kissed me goodbye and left gor never to return. As you can imagine I was quite incensed at this. I told Safi that I had every intention of putting her in a collar. Judas was away on holiday at the time and I waited for his return before doing this. I know my honor can never be regained but at times it can be recollected.

When Judas arrived home we sat down and had it out. I will never know whether he believed me or not but he would not allow his woman to be collared. I did honor him and not take his woman inspite of that. I had taken a blood oath to Asperice when I joined and Safi's parting words to me were

"I see how you honor your word".

I have never met as vile a woman in my life and do not think its possible that I ever will again. I don't think another exists.

I left Asperiche with the warning that if I found her outside of Asperiche I would collar her. I journeyed for several days and then came across the city of Turia. I joined with a buddy and together we took control of the city and opened it. The first week was as eventful as you can get. I was used to killing one assassin a week from my days at the sleen. That number took an upward curve at the opening of Turia. The first week I killed 5 blacks and 8 raiders. The blacks were sent for me specifically and the raiders were there to steal the girls and close the city. All of these were killed in melee combat. The next several weeks were a continuation of the first though not as bad. A few inquiries told me that a woman was hiring the blacks to come for me. Honestly I could never be sure but I have always laid this at Safi's feet as no other has ever wanted me killed.

The day finally came when my mysterious enemy hired an assassin that was actually competent. It was almost scary. He came in and went for my throat as quick as a striking ost. I was ready after being hunted for so long and managed to break his attack on me. Normally I would have continued the melee till I killed him but this guy was greased lightning. So I changed tactics and called him out his attack having been broken I took him to the pits. Blacks know for a fact that they are superior in combat to any warrior, so he readily accepted my offer and we armored up and took it to the sands. This was both bad and good.

Earlier I had killed Armon Dune for his treachery and dealings and been forced to fight an honor match. I had lost that match as I moved a little slow and taken a spear to the right shoulder. So this was by no means going to be an easy match.

The fight

The assassin was a little taller than me. Tarl Mada stood 6 feet 3 inches and weighed around a solid 240 llbs, as he looked his helmet at me. His broadsword was a good three and a half feet long and aimed straight at my neck. He carried a 3 ft shield on his left forearm held

about 8 inches from his body. As with most blacks he had quiva's in each boot. He stood there facing me with legs at shoulder length, head lowered and his sword slowly drawing these little two inch circles.

I stood a couple inches shorter than the black at 6 feet 2 inces though I was a little stockier as our weights were about the same. (240 lbs) I wore my standard torvaldslander helm the kind Fort had persuaded me to use. My 26 inch leaf sword was a good foot shorter than the blacks which meant I was going to have to keep my wits about me in order not to become a shiskabob. The leaf sword in my right hand pointed towards his left eye and I held it straight and true. My shield was a standard 36inches and held chest high about 6 inches from body. I was giving up nothing and had some quiva stashed in my boots as well. I adopted a "T" stance left foot facing the black and my right foot back slightly less than shoulder width apart allowing me to move quickly in any direction. I watched him carefully noting his every move looking for an opening I could use.

He was quick and charged as soon as the man yelled lay on. His sword cut a murderous slice and I had to duck quickly to avoid losing my head. As I ducked I came up behind him and used a backhanded swing towards his neck with my leaf sword. I didn't quite get it right due to my injury and weakness. The cut took a chunk out of his helm knocking him to his side in the sand and starting a nice bleeding cut but due to my wound I had not the power or accuracy to finish him off with that first cut. I would have liked my chances if the wound I had sustained earlier had not opened and allowed me to bleed more than he was. I was extremely weak and couldn't lift my arm above my stomache and that was seriously bad I was in trouble.

I tried to end it right there with a lunge my blade aimed straight towards his back trying to impale him and end it right there. I hadn't counted on his speed. He rolled from under my thrust and was on his feet before I could recover. I thought I could see him wavering a little from blood loss but that might have been me doing the wavering my arm and shoulder were getting worse.

He didn't vary his attack pattern but came right in at me straight as an arrow. He tried a thrust straight at my belly but I wasn't there. As he thrust I jumped to my left throwing away my shield. I took my sword in both hands and made a cut at his leg and as he turned to face me I shoved my sword into his gut with all the power I had behind it. A leaf sword is one of the sharpest weapons on Gor and it went right in. I let go the sword and jumped back barely in time as his sword cut the air right where I had been. I saw him look down and curse as the strength ran out of his body and he fell to the sands. I collapsed right after him and was only told later that two physicians worked on me for over an hour repairing the damage to my poor body. Tarls head was removed from his body and stuck on a pike at the waterfront of the sleen and his body burned on a pyre. The first time I had ever honored a black so, normally I just tossed them into the vosk river.

It took me awhile to recover from that little stunt. During my recovery a slave from Asperiche took to spending time in Turia to be with one of her friends. As she was spending signifigant time in Turia I began assigning her chores. Judas took great exception to that and came charging in to Turia bellowing about how could I assign one of his girls chores in my home. I replied that she was a visiting slave and I would do as I pleased with her. We evolved into a rather heated exchange. He finally ended up challenging me to an honor match. We set the date for a week away to give me time to finish healing. I had time to think about this and was just not convinced that our fight was over the slave. I still claimed Safi was less than a reputable person and I believe it was beginning to show in Asperiche. I went to Judas and asked him if this was an affair of honor. We danced for quite sometime about the issue but I became convinced that his main interest was in shutting me up over Safi. I proffered a Death Match as a way to end it all and he agreed. The night of the Death Match I made a packed all my belongings into my ship and we sailed over to the Village of Lake Shaba Arena. Among my belongings were two slaves 7 ships the SeaWolf being the biggest and the best. Over 100,000 Gold tarn's and a list of armor and weapons. What Judas offered in return was his one slave. His slave much like my nutmeg was a love slave and I knew if he died I would allow her to follow him into the city of dust. So there wasn't much material incentive for me to kill him.

The Death Match

There had never been a bigger crowd in the history of GCN Gor when this fight took place 83 people showed up to watch one of us die. I had been doing some serious training and walked in with my new weapons. I still stood six feet two inches tall and weighed in at 240 pounds. I was wearing my beand new spanger helm and carrying my Turian oval shield, a quiva in each boot and a tomahawk on my belt and still rubbing the grease off my brand new trident.

Judas was a little smaller than me standing six feet one inch and weighing two hundred and five pounds. He carried in a twenty four inch short sword a dagger in one boot and one on his belt. He carried a standard threefoot shield on his left arm. I saw him watching my every move and I tried to rattle him

I walked over to Judas and spat on his boots. I saw his eyes narrow as I backed away to about 15 feet as I said.

"Lets dance my friend"*

I was carrying that trident in a throwing stance and as the man yelled lay on I did. I turned as Judas sprang to his left and I fired my trident straight at his head. Which turned out to be my undoing. He faltered in his step as he tried to spin away deflecting the trident with his shield. His shield was held to low but because of his misstep my carefully aimed trident went arching by his head. Which left us eight feet apart and facing.

Judas carefully closed in careful not to charge the way so many young ones do. As he closed I pulled a quiva from my boot and thrust at his neck. He easily parried my stab and made two attacks of his own which I beat down with my shield. As we stood facing each other our breath hot in each others faces I tried to rattle him again.

"So why did kia send you to challenge me?"

kia being a slave of little import I thought this might strike home. He shrugged it off as easily as he had my quiva.

I'd seen Judas in action before and I was jumping back even as his shield came up and I was gone by the time his shield passed through the air my head had just been in. I waited for my opening and dodged Judas next to cuts by staying out of range. He had me rattled as much as I had him. I let fly with my quiva and missed him by a country pasang. (mile) I drew my tomahawk and closed in trying to circle him. He turned with me being a great fighter and there were several terrific clashes as we both sought to end each others life. Again the shields preserved us and as we stood nose to nose our breath intermingling I new one thing for sure. His mouthwash just wasn't making it. I leaped back to the edge of the pit knowing my trident lay by my left foot.

I dove for the Trident and missed it as Judas stepped in and started swinging I moved away without the trident and sent my tomahawk spinning for his head. His shield made it up in time to block and I stood there with nothing but my shield.

I drew my last quiva and we closed to one another and the dance of steel began again. At its end I had a thirteen inches of steel in my gut and as you might guess I breathed my last and died.

The end

Authors note;

This was probably one of the most contested fights there will ever be. As we fought in the village of Lake Shaba it seems their rules of the time prevailed. I had checked with all of the judges before hand and all of them had told me that Judas merely fending off my attacks would not negate them. I had tried to tell this to Judas when I was still his man but he never listened. In the end I guess he was right because he managed to fend off my attacks at every move. I do know that after this fight the fighting rules of GCN were revamped and I do feel good that we spurred this action. This fight was argued for weeks and most felt that I should have won. And so I a warrior with his honor gone was able to recollect it one last time. I honored the death.

I will say this for Judas I respect him still and even in death would come to his side against any foe. He lived up to his honor and treated the one possession I really prized with dignity. He let nutmeg my love slave follow me into the city of dust.

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