tagNon-EroticJoseki's Journey's SOLD!

Joseki's Journey's SOLD!

byJoseki Ko©

It was the middle of the afternoon as I scurried to my new life. Mistress had told me I had been sold to Lady Imanja,of The Pink Sleen. I had been given directions on how to find it and a firm swat on the rump to get me started.

My old home was breaking up and I was a little nervous about my new home. It took a strong man to name his place the Pink anything and I had already heard some stories about the place. For only being open a few weeks already over a dozen had been killed there.

The Pink Sleen is located in Victoria. As I neared the waterfront the buildings seem to get seedier and seedier. As I entered the wharf itself it seems that things got even worse. It comes as a real surprise to me when I saw this huge three story building rising up out of the mists on the wharf. I stopped and look as is seems to be cut from a lightwood and positively glows in the light as only highly polished wood will do. The Place was immense spanning almost 100 feet down the wharf. Not a likely place for what the sign seemed to indicate. Out front there is a sign of a Pink Sleen in a bunny outfit, carrying Paga. The roadway and the dock across from this building seemed to be made from pink colored bricks. How is it that this place survived here? I looked and could find no traces of vandalism or even neglect. I had heard it Rumored that the crème' de la crème' came here to unwind and talk business. This included the city officials as well as the hierarchy of the cities underworld.

As I turned to survey this oddity the first smells his me. I was expecting rot and sea but what filled my nostrils was roast bosk meat, and hot Sa-Tarna bread. I could almost taste it, it smelled so good. Despite myself, my little feet were drawn towards the door almost of their own accord. There were three stairs up to the door and as I slipped up them I realized they were white granite. At the top of the stairs were to batwing doors that required a second glance as well. They were some blond wood inlaid with brass sleens.

I peaked under the doors and the sight took my breath away. The interior of the inn was done in white granite and exotic wood. It was lit by small lanterns hung about the walls and on the tables. The light was dim but I could see the wood shine behind each lantern. As I peeked around the room my eyes widened as the sheer amount of space this place took up was unbelievable. The main room was nearly 200 feet across and about the same wide, dominated in the center by a sand pit that spans nearly 20 feet. The pit seemed to be ringed by Black granite inlaid with more brass sleens.

There were fifteen large temwood tables' scattered about and twenty small ones including one in each of the four corners, just perfect for two warriors to sit at and keep their backs to the wall. Each table seemed to have it's own pink larl fur. Next to the door was a huge box of pink pillows that looked very comfortable to sit on. Across the room I could see the entrance to the kitchen. The full wooden door looked very stout and swung easily on its hinges. As I sniffed could tell that's where all the great smells were coming from.

To my right I could see the Owner and his abode. The area was covered in Black and purple pillows along with several larl furs and blankets. The pillows seem to span a good ten feet leading to the back wall where two large wooden levers extruded from the wall. To the left of his table sits the money chest. Even from the door I could see it chained to the floor. Just to the Tavern keepers right or my left was a large staircase going up to the second level. Each riser is easily one ah-il wide and made for very easy footing. Under the stairs were a pair of pink sleen. They restlessly strode back and forth in their cage watching the patrons of the tavern and not uttering a sound, it was scary. I melted swiftly to my knees, my golden hair sweeping forward to lay across the stones as I pressed my forehead to the floor.

"May Lelani enter please."

"Come in Lelani." Replied Mistress Imanja as she smiled warmly towards the door.

As I looked up at the command of my new Mistress, a tall man strode by me into the inn, his face wrap covering all but his eyes. And he stopped two steps through the door to look round the peace strings on his sword were fastened.

"Over to me lil one."

"Yes Mistress." I scurried underneath the batwing doors and rising my feet stood proudly before walking to kneel gracefully before my Mistress pressing my flawless thighs together.

"Tal Kalanthis." Spoke up one of the inn's other patrons.

"Tal free, I am Kalanthis." The newcomer said casting a wary eye at the one who called his name before scowling at the girl who scurried by him.

"How are the free today? And how are you Leland " Kalanthis replied as the sauntered over down beside the patron who knew him by name. The two of them settled into a devout conversation only looking up occasionally to order a drink.

Lady Imanja uncurled from where she sitting and opens up her satchel, looked to the pretty girl and reaching out with her right hand lifted the girls chin up gently*

"I will keep My word Lelani. Bal wanted you happy and safe." Imanja spoke slowly so that the slave would remember every word.

Lelani turned to gaze upon the man sitting with Kalanthis her eyes falling to his boots.

Leland grinned and mouthed a few reassuring words his tone carrying as little warmth as the ready string of words. Laughing as Imanja added

"LeLand will tell You that I am not horrible and that the tavern is definitely a fun place to be, you just have to learn how to swipe Tay's cookies" Imanja grinned already envisioning the sleek ilttle slut slipping into the cookie jar.

Imanja took out the silks and the collar that she has been carrying for the two girls that she has been waiting for. As another walked into the tavern his cloak close about him eyes darkened from lack of sleep.

"Tal Adrian Long time no see. Sorry about your loss" Lealand spoke up always the first to speak.

"Tal LeLand" Came the tired response "and thank you" Adrian moved over to collapse at the table with the men quickly ordering mulled ale the preference of those from a northern home.

"Lift your hair lelani." Imanja commanded bringing the girls eyes back to focus on her.

The 19 year old slave reached up and gathers the heavy tresses in gentle palms, lifting them from her neck. Imanja's fingers curl around the collar with the mark of the Tavern on it and smiling warmly she places the tavern collar around the girls neck, tying it and closing it tightly together with the little links and the leather pieces, knotting it securely. Imanja closed her eyes a moment feeling the ties on the old collar and removes them slowly making sure to remember how Bal told Her to get it off, pulling it free finally and holding it in Her hands. As the collar slipped round the girls neck her eyes close softly, soft pink lips part as she whispers.

"Thank you Mistress"

Adrian watched this ceremony in silence his brow in turmoil as the words finaly found their way from his mouth. "Is NR gone?"

"Yes," Imanja replied opening the package with the silks, pulling them free and showing them to the girl. The dark rich purple silks with the slit down the middle and with a slit up each side that would reach to her hips. She handed the girl the soft silk motioning her to put them on.

"Joseki likes purple" She murmured to the girl before turning her attention to Adrian. Teibar let a slave almost kill His intended free companion.

Adrian looked startled "So is He dead? Or gone."

Imanja looks to Adrian her gaze hardening "Gone. Although many wish Him dead."

Lelani growled at the mention of Tiebar her growl so soft it could only have reached Imanja's ears and there it went ignored.

"I am sure He is hiding somewhere just a matter of finding him" Kalanthis volunteered as he drained his paga and called for another.

LeLand still staring at the beautiful girl the rest of the bar obviously far from his mind turned to Imanja and with a serious cast to his face offered his opinion. "Hun I still think it is a mistake.. I like nakie slaves!"

"Things always change when You are away for a period of time and it seems always for the worst and not all Men like nakie slaves they loose something when walking around naked all the time." Kalanthis observed from well into his cups his words slurring noticeably.

"Yes, yes I know all Men like naked slaves." Imanja chided the men.

"Are you glana or metaglana lelani?" Imanja asked the girl ignoring the men as Lelani slips the silks over her body, feeling them caress her soft skin, smoothimg them down showing off her body to its greatest effect and stopping all conversation from the men.

"Lela does not know what that is Mistress."

"Virgin or non virgin hun."

"Virgin Mistress"

A surprised expression crossed Imanja's face "I know why Bal sent you to me then." Imanja smiled softly touching the slaves face gently.

"Because She did not want lela Mistress." The conviction and dejection in that simple sentence earning her a look of concern from Imanja.

"No sweet one, because I am an absolute horrible bitch when it comes to protecting girls."

As Lelani smiled at this Imanja whispered "Just don't tell anyone." Causing the girl to giggle.

"Tends to upset the men folk, but you aint seen nothing yet. Wait till you see Tay she is worse."

"So she shall be restricted then?" Adrian asked his hand straying to the knife at his belt.

"She will be restricted until she is opened of course." Imanja replied not phased at all by the implied threat.

"And if I choose not to wait?" Adrian shot back his eyes still roving the slaves curves.

"Ooooh, do let me tell him I do enjoy making people see sense."

Imanja smiled to Kalanthas."Oh please do!"

Kalanthas tapped his swords and with what could be construed to be a grin under the facewrap let his eyes go cold and chuckled almost insanely." Then you get Joseki's knife in your left eye or if you make it a formal challenge his sword up your ribs.

"Oh." Adrian muttered the wind seeming to leave his body as he slouched down.

"You seem shocked?"

"No I am not shocked I had just forgotten this was Jo's place."

"That makes a difference?" Leland asked obviously surprised.

"Sure does," Adrian sighed "Leland you don't take much notice of fights but Jo runs the toughest bar on Gor and out of the dozen or so killed here he has buried two assassins in knife combat and one in a formal duel. He may not be the best fighter in Victoria but I wouldn't choose to start a fight with him."

Kalanthas laughed knowingly and nodded

"Especially as I saw his last kill. That man is an army all by himself."

Leland nodded thoughtfully and said no more merely going into the kitchen where he rifled around in cold room and coming back out with a sandwich.

Imanja thought for a minute and then with a big grin proclaimed. "From now on girl you will be known as Nutmeg of the Pink Sleen."

Imanja looked back at LeLand as he raised a questioning eyebrow, pointing to the girl before her."She reminded Me of something spicy"

"Thankyou Mistress." Whispered Nutmeg as the guys grinned and laughed.

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