tagHumor & SatireJoseki's Journey's The Raid

Joseki's Journey's The Raid

byJoseki Ko©

A raid on Steelfist Hold (The untold Story)

Joseki Ko rolls over the hill in his Pink painted wagon with the big green spot. He spurs the bosk at their best clip riding like lightening towards the hold. He crosses the gulf between the hill and the hold driving like a madman, wheels spinning the wagon sliding his passengers holding on for dear life. He pulls up in front of the gates in his fancy yellow sash. He surveys the surrounding hold and its guards. He sees The wooden hall with stone palisades and wall thinking it my be a little hard to breach.

Crimson in her nifty yellow sash rides along in the wagon while Joseki drives like a Mad-Man. Wondering if any of the axles is going to give way or if the Wagon will tip over as he slides around turns. She looks back at the thralls in the wagon and grins as she seems more comfortable than they are. She claps Joseki on the back and yells for more speed.

Imanja in her pretty yellow sash rides along in the wagon while Joseki drives like a Mad-Man. Wondering if the thralls in the bottom of the wagon are really as scared as they look. She turns to survey the hold as it approaches and decides where she will start first.

Pepper wearing a nice yellow sash with little other to conceal her charms, bumps along in the back of the wagon, applied slave perfume and getting herself ready to be of good use, a twinkle in blue eyes as she holds on for dear life along the bumpy ride. She spurns the thralls hunkering in the bottom of the wagon as she holds Master Joseki tight letting the wind blow through her hair. She watches the appraching hold and stands a little straighter to display her charms.

Pepper slithers up right in between the mass of 5,000 guards, slave perfume and bells beckoning them closer as she moves among them, whispering naughty things in their ears, groping between legs and licking along flesh until all 5,000 crowd in closer for more. Everything else forgotten but the wanton slut they crowd in until they are fighting amongst themselves for her & unnoticed, she crawls out from between them & back into the wagon somehow seeming to have come undressed she holds the nifty yellow sash between her teeth.

Crimson hops out of the wagon wearing Her nice pretty yellow sash carrying two buckets of paint, one pink and the other purple. Putting down the bucket of pink paint, throws the bucket of purple paint all over the outside wall and directs the thralls to place thier ladders and spread the paint over the entire wall. Throwing the bucket to the side before grabbing the other one and tossing the pink paint onto the wall. She makes ten trips carrying paint as the thralls spread it all over making the wall look as pink and purple as they can. Dropping the last bucket she runs back to the wagon and grabs the reins from Jo and giving him a dirty look.

Joseki Ko stays in the wagon, instructing his ten thralls to grab two buckets of pink paint each, out of the back of the wagon. He watches as they walk inside to paint the walls of the Hold pink, as bucket after bucket of empty paint comes flying out the door until there are twenty behind the distracted guards. He watches as the ten thralls return to the wagon and hop back into the back. Gathering another twenty cans. He directs them to run into Fort's personal chamber where they paint everything in Joseki's purple leaving no doubt who orchestrated this raid. The thralls make sure to pain Forts axe as well and even stop along the docks painting them both pink and purple. The thralls leave their paintbrushes buckets and other untensils runninb back to hop into the wagon.

Imanja jumps out of the wagon holding onto the buckets of paint. The purple and the pink paint splashing around as She sets down one of them tossing the first one against the wall of the holding and then grabs the other one quickly. She hefts that towards the wall as well making sure the thralls get started painting. She makes another nine trips emptying the paint onto the walls. Dropping the last bucket she turns and runs back to the wagon jumping up into the wagon again and holds on for dear life as Crimson takes the reigns once again.

Crimson with a yell that could curl a torvies hair saws on the reins and applies the whip spilling out of the only Torvie home never to be in Torvaldsland.

Pepper stands tall on the wagon holding onto Master Joseki as Mistress Crismon swerves and jounces the wagon out of Steelfist hold. She stands high and tosses little papers to the guards with her kennel number on them should any or all of the 5000 guards want to come and visit her.

Authors note; This raid was rather fun and we all had a good time doing it. Steelfist never seemed much amused by it.

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