Josh's Dilemma: Mr. Cleary


"Hi Willa," Dana said as if there was nothing at all unusual about it.

"Hi..." Willa returned, staring at Josh.

Standing in front of the secretary area, totally nude made Josh feel more than exposed. He felt somehow, naked inside. His cock swelled even harder at Willa's gaze...pulling so hard it hurt.

"Isn't it exciting Josh?" Dana said, within full earshot of Willa. "Look at you, all naked and hard right in front of her."

Josh could hardly breathe.

As they continued, Willa looked on, watching Josh walk totally naked through the building while Dana followed, fully-clothed behind him.

Finally, they were beyond the secretary pool and Dana stepped beside him. Taking his hand, she pulled him to the right, into the lunchroom.

To Josh's complete horror, around the table in the center of the room, sat four women; he recognized them all from the secretary pool.

"Hi girls," Dana said, excited, as she pulled Josh, naked and hard into the room.

Looking at Dana in complete shock, he gaped.

"Isn't this what you want, Joshie?" Dana teased, slapping Josh playfully on the ass in front of the women.

Despite his total horror and shame at being nude, Josh felt his hurt. It rose and fell in front of him with his heartbeat.

His nipples were erect with excitement.

Four sets of female eyes roamed his naked body as his own darted between them, each in turn.

He couldn't think straight.

His hand went to his cock on its own accord.

"That's it, Josh," Dana cooed hotly, standing next to him, "stroke your big, fat cock for the ladies..."

Closing his eyes, totally lost in the excitement of being naked and hard in front of them, Josh stroked, unable to stop.

His cock throbbed in his fist as he closed his fingers around his shaft and pulled, jerking himself from the base, up over the head and back down again. The head of his cock turned and angry purple as pre-cum formed at the swollen tip.

Running his hand over it, he moaned as it slickened.

"Yeah...stroke that cock Josh," one of the woman at the table, a pretty redhead said.

"Do it..." another one said.

Shaking her shock at what she'd just seen, Willa's curiosity had gotten the best of her, and she now stood in the doorway of the lunchroom, staring at Josh as well.

Josh now stood naked in the room, stroking himself in front of six women.

Leaning in to Josh, Dana pressed her soft breasts into his naked flesh. Running her tongue slowly over his earlobe, she whispered, "Didn't I tell you that I would have you naked and jerking off in front of the pretty women from the secretary pool?"

Josh made a gargling sound from the back of his throat and beat himself faster.

"You're gonna cum right here in front of them, aren't you babe?" Dana whispered dirty in his ear.

Not ten yard away, in the women's restroom, Mr. Cleary moaned hard.

"Please...Marcy..." he begged, holding his cock in his hand, lying naked on the floor under her.

"Please let me cum..." he implored.

Marcy giggled, snapping away with her cellphone.

"Not yet," she said simply. "Keep stroking....slowly."

Opening his eyes in the lunchroom, Josh scanned the women one by one. They all watched intently, waiting for him to cum.

Next to him, Dana slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

"Look babe," she said teasing.

Glancing at Dana, Josh saw her gorgeous cleavage and whimpered.

Instantly, orgasm threatened.

Rocking up on the balls of his bare feet, he jerked hard and fast, moaning loudly in front of the women.

But in the women's restroom, Mr. Cleary could take no more and came...his small cock exploded in his hand, sending thick ropes of cum straight into the air above him, where they arched and turned, landing and splattering his chest, belly and legs, covering himself with his own cum.

"WOW!" Marcy said, stepping back. Hurriedly, she lifted her cellphone in front of her, capturing it all on video.

"OH GOD!...DANA....GOD..." Josh yelled in the lunchroom, stroking fast and hard...he came. His cock jumped in his palm, sending his cum juice everywhere.

He splattered the floor in front of him, pumping it out, moaning loudly over and over.

The women at the table cheered, catcalling.

Pressing her soft breasts into him, Dana smiled wickedly. "Cum dirty boy," she said, her beautiful, blue eyes on fire.

Beating himself harder, Josh kept his knees buckled and he fell forward, crashing to the floor at Dana's feet.

"Good boy," Dana cooed, stroking his hair as he looked up at her.

As Josh beat himself, Dana lovingly pressed his face into her crotch, pushing him into it through her skirt.

"Oh god, Dana," Josh whimpered, pulling the last of his crazy orgasm through his cock, feeling her warm wetness against his face.

Finally...he was done.

On his knees, he knelt, naked at Dana's feet in front of the women, and grasped her skirt...pressing his face into it, ashamed.

The room was silent as the women processed what they'd just witnessed.

Josh stared up at dumbly up at Dana.

Stroking his hair, Dana smiled down at Josh.

In the restroom, Mr. Cleary had finished, and lay in a pool of his own cum on the floor. Shame and fear filled him instantly.

"Please, Marcy, don't tell," he begged at her.

Smiling, Marcy dropped her phone in her pocket.

"Where's your clothes?" she said simply.

Nodding, Mr. Cleary indicated towards the trash can on the wall where Dana had stuffed them.

Gingerly, she retrieved them, wrapping them in her arms, leaving only his shoes.

Mr. Cleary stared in horror.

"Guess you won't be needing these," Marcy giggled, pulling the door open.

"Wait! Marcy!" Mr. Cleary exclaimed...terrified at the prospect of being left naked in the women's restroom.

But it was too late, she was gone.

In the lunchroom, Dana helped Josh to his feet. Standing naked in front of the room full of women, he dropped his head in shame and embarrassment at what he'd just done.

He knew he was ruined.

"Ladies," Dana announced, suddenly, taking Josh by the hand, "I want you to meet our soon-to-be, new vice president."

As the women applauded softly, filling the room with the sound of clapping, Josh stared in shock at Dana.

Smiling, Dana kissed his cheek lightly.

"You won't be needing your clothes anymore," she said, smiling in earnest.

With his head still swimming, he wondered if she meant that he was to stay naked all the time.

Staring at her, he suddenly felt the room full of women closing around him. It was too much to process.

"Did I miss the fun?" Marcy said, from the doorway, just as Josh felt his head swim.

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