tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJosh's Dilemma: Resolved

Josh's Dilemma: Resolved


Josh awoke with a start at the sound of the alarm. His morning wood throbbed, sticking straight out from his body as he pulled himself into a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

Coming slowly to life like the pre-dawn light creeping into his room, he suddenly remembered that he had been dreaming about Dana.

In the dream, they were somewhere far away...another town, Josh thought. Dana was dressed in a powder blue skirt, high heels and matching blouse...while he had been stark naked.

The fictional dream-town had been populated with people going about their daily business, and he'd walked along, completely naked next to Dana, while they stopped and gaped at him.

Now awake, sitting on the bed, he tried to shake the images from his consciousness. But his cock felt like a chunk of hot iron between his legs, pulsating and throbbing at the memory of the dream.

It was Monday morning; four days after Dana had informed him of her little secret...that she'd been capturing him on video, naked in his office, stroking himself, by using his own webcam.

She'd then proceeded to blackmail him, making him strip naked in her office in front of her, before parading him through the building and out onto the upper parking deck.

Josh's mouth felt dry.

The entire experience had been humiliating.

She'd made him stand there; totally nude, in front of all the tall building windows and masturbate, right out in public. While he felt pretty sure that the buildings had been mostly empty at that time in the evening, still, there was no way to be certain if anyone had actually seen him or not.

The following day at work, nobody seemed any the wiser, and Dana had been absent, leaving him to his own mental torture throughout the day.

He questioned every look, every comment, desperately trying to see behind them...wondering if the person he was talking to at any given moment knew about his dirty secret.

He didn't stay late that night. He didn't know if he could ever stay late again.

The weekend had been pure hell.

Josh had busied himself trying to push it from his mind. Still, it was always there, standing silently behind him, like some giant, grey monster, waiting to spring on him at the first false move.

At least, that's how he felt.

So far, at least, Dana had seemed to keep her promise. Nobody at work had yet given any open indication of knowing about his situation.

That was good, of course, but he wondered if it would stay that way. Dana had promised him it would as long as he did as he was told. And he had.

Little had he known though, at the time, that would involve being totally nude and jerking off out in public for her while she masturbated in her panties.

The sight of her returned, and his cock responded by jumping a little. His hand instinctively went to it, feeling it.

Snatching his hand away, he shook his head to clear it.

Secretly, Josh thought Dana was gorgeous. In fact, she was probably the hottest woman he knew. Her blue eyes pierced him. The swell of her cleavage teased him...he longed to see those magnificent breasts fully bared.

He thought about how she had looked at him in her chair...legs spread wide, peering up at him from under her dark bangs, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

His cock pulled at him again.

Moving to his computer, he shoved his thoughts away again and sat down, going about his daily before-work routine.

At this point in time, he had no idea what to do about Dana. It was unfair for sure. If anyone were to find out that liked to strip and jerk off to porn in his office, he'd be fired and probably blacklisted.

With a year to a possible vice-presidency, Josh could ill afford that. But he also didn't know how far Dana would go or whether he could take it.

Opening his browser, he checked his personal email.

The first one on the list was from Dana.

Josh froze.

His heart stopped.

Coming to life again, slowly, he clicked it, and waited nervously as it opened.

"Hi sexy," it read. "Sorry I wasn't there on Friday...wasn't feeling well. Hope you had a great day. Can you do me a big favor today Joshie? Please don't wear anything under your clothes today...no underwear or undershirt. See you at work, Dana xoxo."

This was crazy.

Josh read the email over, several times in disbelief, hoping somehow, insanely, that it would somehow say something different.

But it didn't.

He felt sick to his stomach.

Dana was clearly crazy, and dangerous.

His cock hurt, pressing upwards into the keyboard tray. All nine inches of it pounded and throbbed, begging for attention.

He thought of Dana standing in front of him in the parking lot, as he knelt, naked, stroking himself.

She'd spread her luscious thighs, sliding a hand into her panties...then, she'd fingered herself in front of him, moaning and cumming as he pounded himself to oblivion. Her blouse had been open, exposing a goodly amount of cleavage to his greedy eyes, right down to the tops of her swollen aureola.

He'd cum harder than he could remember cumming before, shooting his orgasm out in long ropes, over and over, right at her feet.

Standing, he shoved the chair back and closed the keyboard tray, slamming it harder than he wanted to, as his swollen organ bounced in front of him.

"Jeezus fuck!" he shouted to the room.

He was angry with himself.

How the fuck could he have gotten himself into this situation in the first place?

Years of busting his ass...kissing ass...working 50 and 60 hours a week, sucking up to clients...the endless cycles of bullshit...and now, with the prize in front of him, he stood to lose everything...all because this crazy bitch had filmed in jerking off at work.

She was crazy, and he hated her for what she was doing...but...each and every time he thought about her...how beautiful she was...his mind wandered to her fingers in her panties and her nearly-exposed breasts...every time he thought about how she forced him...his cock swelled hard, betraying his anger.

There seemed to be nothing he could do about it.

Glancing at the clock, he saw he'd better hurry.

Grabbing his slacks, shirt and tie from the closet, he laid them on the bed. Taking a slug of mouthwash, he ran a comb through his hair and opened his underwear drawer.

Then, he closed it.

Donning his clothes, he felt the strange sensation of his naked cock against the inner material of the leg of his slacks.

Ignoring it, Josh left his apartment and headed to his car.

Finding his spot on the parking deck, he waited alone in front of the elevator. As he entered, there was four of him reflected in the mirror-lined walls.

Just days ago, they had reflected a very different scene: A totally naked Josh, touching himself while a fully-clothed and intoxicating Dana stood so close, nearly touching him, as she whispered hotly into his ear.

As his cock rose, free of constraint into the front of his slacks, Josh tried again to wipe Dana from his mind. But he feared that the elevator would forever make that impossible.

Making his way along the carpeted hall, Josh passed the secretary area, remembering how Dana had teased him there, asking him what it would feel like if all the pretty girls in the building could see him naked and hard.

Josh was trembling by the time he reached his office.

Turning into to it, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Dana was waiting for him.

Standing in front of his desk, Dana smiled at him. She was wearing an incredibly short black skirt, pumps, and a tight, white, button up blouse. She's pulled her beautiful dark waves back into a severe ponytail that hung down her back, leaving her long bangs hanging free over her forehead...her beautiful blue eyes were on fire as she greeted him.

Josh couldn't help noticing that she wasn't wearing pantyhose. Her luscious bare legs disappeared into her pumps.

She was absolutely indecent...and so fucking sexy.

"Hi hottie," Dana smiled.

In spite of himself, Josh's cock thickened.

"Dana...please..." he started, already in weak protest.

"Mmmn," she cooed, sweetly, running a hand over her bare thigh, and sticking her tongue out at him..."Dana please...I like that."

"Did you do as I asked sweety?"

Josh fell silent as she waited.

"Well? Did you?" Dana pressed again.

"Yeah, uh, yes..." Josh stammered, embarrassed.

His cock was beginning to form a tent at the front of his slacks, as Dana gobbled him with her pretty eyes.

"Lemme see." She said flatly.


"Joshie, let's get this straight again okay?" Dana said, seriously.

Opening her hand, she showed Josh a thin, black flash drive, resting in her dainty palm.

"Remember?" she teased with a naughty wink.

While he could have easily snatched the drive away and overpowered her, he'd been through that a million times and each time led to a very bad outcome for him.

"Right here?" he asked weakly, swallowing hard.

"Right here babe," she smiled back.

Josh moved to close the door.

"Leave it open Josh."

Swallowing hard a second time, Josh loosened his belt with trembling hands while Dana eyed his crotch.

Josh was terrified of exposing himself in the office with the door open...but his cock pressing hard into his slacks.

"C'mon, Josh," Dans said greedily, "I wanna see that big, fat cock."

Opening his fly, he pushed the waistband of his slacks down slowly to his knees in front of Dana.

His dick sprang up, bouncing slightly in front of him...lined with thick veins, they swelled with the blood rushing through it. The head of it was already turning an angry purple.

In spite of his fear of being caught, he was excited...it was becoming difficult to breathe.

Dana sucked her breath through her teeth.

"God it's so big," she said, admiring it.

"But babe," she said suddenly, breaking into a fit of laughter, "I only meant for you to unzip your pants and show me."

Josh turned three shades of red and grabbed quickly at his slacks to pull them up.

"But since you have them around your knees," Dana giggled, "drop 'em to your ankles."

Josh froze.

"Dana," he began, stammering, "but the door's open...what if someone comes in?"

Suddenly, Dana shifted her weight to one foot. Resting her hand on her bare, outer thigh, she moved it closer to her crotch.

"I know," she said, heavily, "isn't it exciting?'

"What if one of the pretty secretaries came in here right now and saw you with your big, hard cock all out? Wouldn't that be hot, Josh?"

Josh's cock throbbed hard in spite of himself.

"Please Josh?" Dana begged sweetly with her eyes, batting her thick lashes at him.

Then she dangled the flash drive with an evil grin.

Josh dropped his pants to his ankles.

Through the open door, he could hear the sounds of the day. Telephones rang. People talked. Papers shuffled.

To Dana's delight, a small spot of precum formed at the tip of his jutting cock. She squealed, clapping her hands together.

"This is turning you on huh?" she said like a kid in a candy store.

"Dana, please..." Josh begged. "I don't want to get caught like this."

Dana already had a hand under her skirt.

"But Josh," she teased. "Isn't that the whole thrill of it? That you might get caught?"

Josh was speechless.

"I want to see you naked," Dana said, spreading her legs wider. "Take off every last stitch right now babe...I wanna look at you and make myself cum..."

Josh's mouth went dry as his cock jumped.

As he was reaching for his tie, the phone rang.

Picking up the receiver, Dana handed it to him.

With his pants around his ankles, merely a few feet from his open door...his hard cock sticking straight out in front of him, Josh spoke into it.

It was Mr. Cleary, Josh's immediate boss.

"Yes sir," he answered rather meekly, "I'll be there."

"I've got a meeting," Josh said somewhat triumphantly, handing the receiver to Dana and pulling his pants up.

"I know," she giggled, "let's go."

Josh's face fell.

In the boardroom, Mr. Cleary, and several others, men and women, were already seated around the giant, rectangular table.

Taking a spot at the end, Josh sat in one of black leather chairs on casters...Dana sat next to him, and scooted closer...much closer than necessary...a fact that seem to surprise Mr. Cleary.

Josh was nervous.

"Josh...Dana," Mr. Cleary nodded once they were seated.

Josh noticed that the other women in the room were dressed quite a bit more conservatively than Dana. Most wore slacks. The contrast between them and Dana's gorgeous bared legs and delicious cleavage line was very stark.

Her dark tresses hung behind her in a ponytail that reached her waist. Her short skirt teased, threatening to expose a hint of bare bottom with every step. Her large, unconfined breasts swayed easily.

Josh had observed that she moved with a simple, natural, grace when she'd crossed the room.

She was comfortable with herself.

Dana was by far the most beautiful woman present...in fact, she was stunning...and...she was dressed like some kind of middle-aged man office fantasy slut.

That fact wasn't lost on the others in the room either.

While several of the men had stared with open lust when Dana passed in front of them, a few of the women appeared to be less than happy, even hostile.

Still, nothing was said about Dana's appearance.

"Good," Mr. Clearly began, "now that we're here, let's get to work."

As the meeting progressed, Josh offered his piece in turn, and fell silent as it moved away from his areas of responsibility.

Next to him, Dana tapped his arm and pointed, indicating below the table.

Following her finger, his eyes fell between her legs. She'd spread her knees wide apart, causing her skirt to ride up nearly to her waist, revealing the white snatch of panty between her thighs.

Josh felt his cock stir, and quickly snapped his eyes to the front.

Dana shoved a sticky note in front of him on the table.

"Take your cock out," it read, "push your pants around your knees :)"

She was insane, and he ignored her.

While the others around the table focused their attention on Mr. Cleary, who now stood at the end, writing on the portable whiteboard, Dana slid another sticky note in front of Josh.

"Take it out now or I give the flash drive to Cleary :)"

A smiley face? Really? Josh thought. He was beginning to sweat.

Turning, he stole a glance at Dana as his jaw came unhinged.

She'd spread her legs wider apart under the table and was slowly fingering herself inside of her panties below it.

Josh's mouth went dry again and he swallowed twice.

His dick stood straight up in his slacks, stretching the front of them ludicrously in a raging boner.

Dana casually laid the flash drive on the table in front of her.

Josh panicked.

A long, palatable shiver of sheer terror engulfed him, running the length of his spine and gripping his bowels.

Dana smiled innocently at him, slowly rubbing circles around her clit, then cleared her throat loudly.

Mr. Cleary stopped his presentation. All eyes turned towards Josh and Dana.

"Excuse me," Dana apologized, pulling her hand from her panties.

Fiddling with the flash drive, she tapped it lightly on the table, momentarily drawing everyone's attention to it.

"Dry throat," she said.

With that she smiled again at Josh who sat ramrod straight in his seat, sweating bullets.

"Of course," Mr. Cleary said, turning back to his presentation.

With the attention off of him again, Josh swallowed hard and with trembling hands, reached for his belt and unfastened it under the table.

Dana watched, fascinated.

Opening his fly, Josh slowly took hold of his waistband and pulled, working it down as discreetly as possible. His cock was already exposed through the open fly, standing straight up, hard, to just below the edge of the table.

Moving as slowly as possible, Josh shifted slightly in his seat, raising his hips and pulling his pants down, over his rear to his knees.

Settling back in the leather chair, he breathed a sigh of relief, sliding his chair closer to the table, until the tip of his standing cock just brushed under the edge of it.

In spite of everything, Josh couldn't believe he was hard.

Taking stock, his mind reeled.

He was sitting in the boardroom during a meeting, with his pants around his knees as his throbbing dick scraped the underside of the table. Next to him, Dana slipped a hand into her panties again.

One false move and the room would become aware of his situation.

It was too insane to process...yet, Josh discovered that it was becoming more difficult to breathe.

Under the table, his cock ached and pounded with excitement...he could hardly keep from touching himself.

Noting his movement, a woman on the opposite side of the table turned her head towards Josh and smiled.

Josh smiled back meekly.

He turned several shades of red before she looked less happily at Dana, and then refocused her attention on Mr. Cleary.

Suddenly, he felt Dana's breath in his ear.

"God babe, you're hot," she whispered. "Play with yourself..."

Somehow, she'd managed to unbutton the top two buttons on her blouse, exposing an amount of cleavage to him. Involuntarily, his eyes dropped to the fleshy tops of her large breasts...and his hand found his cock under the table.

Slowly, he moved it...stroking himself quietly, from the base, up the shaft to the underside of the head, and back down again.

He was mortified, scared, and yet, crazy with lust, all at the same time.

He couldn't believe he was actually stroking his cock in the meeting.

As Dana leaned in closer, the top of her blouse fell open, slightly, but enough for him to see right down to the upper edges of the swollen circles of her pink aureole. Her breasts made his cock jump in his palm.

Dana smiled wickedly up at him from beneath her dark bangs...her blues eyes were on fire.

She was so hot, so incredibly beautiful, Josh realized again, squeezing the length of his swollen dick under the table.

She was also crazy and dangerous...he could smell her excitement.

But Josh's hand moved over his hard-on under the table, pulling on it, pushing it to the side, tugging it upwards.

The reality was that Dana was blackmailing him. She was forcing him to do this...just as she had forced him to go naked in the parking lot.

And just moments ago, she'd nearly played her hand in the boardroom.

Josh's cock swelled even harder.

Dana smiled sweetly at him, nodding her approval. Her dark bangs fell across her eyes, almost hiding the left one. Roaming her body, with his own, Josh took in every inch of her, gorging on her, stopping at her delicious, bare thighs.

Inwardly he despised himself for it, but he couldn't stop.

She was so sexy, so irresistible...making him do things he would never do otherwise...and he would easily have done them for her without the blackmail. God, she seemed to know exactly what turned him on to the point of no return.

He'd even masturbated, thinking about her the day after the parking lot incident...afterwards recoiling from it as if he'd been burned...but secretly...he had to admit to himself that the very thought of her made him hard.

And now, he here was, doing her will again, stroking his hard cock under the table for her.

"Okay, any questions?" Mr. Cleary's voice suddenly broke Josh's reverie, snapping him back.

Josh froze as Mr. Cleary eyed him.

"No sir," he stammered, holding his cock.

Mr. Cleary glanced around the table and received the same answer from each person.

"Good," he said finally. "Let's call it lunchtime then, and we'll be back here in say, an hour."

One by one, people stood and left the room as Josh gripped himself under the table, in fear and excitement, refusing to meet anyone's eye.

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