Josh's Stepmom


Josh was pretty much your typical 18 year-old high school senior. His parents got divorced when he was twelve. He was living with his mother until a couple years ago when he had gotten in some trouble. His mom thought it would be a good idea for him to live with his father so he moved in with dad. Josh's dad had gotten remarried to a girl much younger than him, 28 to be exact. Josh got along with his stepmom, Stacy, well enough. She pretty much stayed out of his way and didn't try to be a second mom to him.

Josh's dad was a successful businessman who traveled a lot and the family lived in an upper middle class neighborhood in Southern California. Josh had worked almost all through high school, scrimping and saving his money so he could buy a car. When he had finally saved enough and a car caught his eye he went for it. He was always fond of muscle cars and he bought a 67 Chevy Nova that was cherry. Josh used to brown bag it for lunch but since he got his new car he wanted to drive is as much as possible. He didn't have the money to go out to eat every day so he began coming home for lunch.

Josh's first day home for lunch started normally enough. He saw that Stacy's car was in the garage when he pulled in and he went inside the house calling out to her to let her know he was home. He got no response and went about making himself some lunch. After fixing his food he went into his bedroom to watch some MTV and eat. As he moved about his room he glanced out his window, which overlooks the pool in the back yard. Through the blinds something caught his eye and he looked out into the yard. What had caught his eye was Stacy lying on a lounge chair by the pool. She was lying on her stomach, sunbathing in the nude.

Not wanting to be seen, Josh moved to the corner of the window and continued to stare at Stacy, as she lay there naked. He had always thought Stacy was hot, with her blonde hair and perky 34-inch tits, but now he realized just how hot she was. Her bare ass glistening in the sun, her naked breasts pushing out on the sides. Josh could feel his manhood grow inside his jeans as he continued to ogle his stepmom. He began to rub his erection through his pants as he watched her. He noted that she had no tan lines and surmised that she had been sunbathing in the nude for some time. Josh hardly ate anything as his mind was filled with fantasies involving his stepmom and the time passed quickly. Before he knew it was time to go back to school. Not wanting to miss out on more voyeurism, Josh set up his camcorder on the windowsill and zoomed it in on Stacy.

Josh went back to school and went through the motions in his classes. He didn't pay much attention, his mind kept wandering back to Stacy's nude form lying in the sun. He couldn't wait to see what the camera had caught after he left. He had a constant erection as he wondered if Stacy's bush was as blonde as her hair and what her breasts looked like. He always thought they looked pretty damn good in the clothes she wears, now he was going to really see them. The day dragged on and as soon as school let out he hurried home. Stacy was gone when he arrived and he rushed to check the footage on the camcorder.

After Josh rewound the tape he was bummed to find that Stacy only stayed out at the pool a short time longer. She soon got up, wrapped her towel around her, and headed into the house. He only got a brief glimpse of the front of her. Josh was dejected at first, but now he was on a mission. Figuring that Stacy had gotten an early start by the pool, the next morning he set up the camera up when he left for school in hopes of getting a better look at her hot little body.

Once at school, the morning dragged on as Josh again could only think of Stacy laying naked by the pool while he was in class. When the lunch bell finally rang he rushed home to watch the tape of the morning's events. When he got home Stacy wasn't there. What luck, he thought, having the house to himself so he could watch the tape. He rewound the tape and pushed "play." As Josh watched the viewscreen on the camcorder he saw nothing but a lounge chair for a while so he fast-forwarded the tape. Then, he struck paydirt.

Stacy came out to the pool in a bikini and set her things down by the lounge chair. Josh watched as she sat the back of the chair up, untied her suit, and peeled it off. At last he got a good look at her body and it was magnificent. Josh's cock was already rock-hard and throbbing as he watched Stacy sit down on the lounge chair. She began putting tanning oil on her naked body, smearing it over her breasts, and slowly caressing them. Her breasts were perfect. Firm mounds with areaolas that were not too big, not too small. Her bush was a neatly trimmed patch of light brown hair. Josh watched as Stacy smeared oil over her legs, getting a great view of her slit since the chair faced his window. Suddenly he was startled by a noise in another room. Stacy had come home and Josh quickly shut off the camera, stashing it in a drawer in his room. He went to the kitchen and chatted with Stacy while he made and ate his lunch, all the while undressing her with his eyes. Josh then said goodbye and went back to school.

As luck would have it, the teachers at Josh's school had monthly meetings that day so he got out early. He went home and found Stacy's car in the garage but could not find her anywhere. He called out to her and looked out back but she was nowhere to be found. He figured she must have gone somewhere with a friend and they didn't take her car. When Josh got to his room he retrieved the camcorder from the drawer and layed back on his bed. He turned it on and his eyes were glued to the viewscreen as he watched Stacy finish up oiling herself. When her front side was covered in oil she pulled her feet up onto the foor of the lounge chair and poured out a little more oil on her stomach. She smoothed it down towards her pussy.

Stacy moved her hand between her legs and slowly smeared the oil over her slit. She kept her hand between her legs and ran her fingers over her slick pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers and running her middle finger up and down her slit. Josh couldn't take it any longer and he slipped out of his pants, freeing his large rod.

Josh stroked his pole as he watched Stacy close her eyes and work her clit. She moved her other hand to her breasts and tugged on the nipples as she slid two fingers into her pussy and pistoned them in and out slowly. Josh began jerking his cock faster as he watched Stacy writhe at her own touch on the lounge chair. She began frigging her clit quickly as Josh continued to milk his aching cock.

He was so wrapped up in what he was doing, Josh never saw his door swing open. Stacy stood in the doorway for a moment, holding a basket of clean laundry, watching her stepson jerk off. She jokingly said, "Gosh, Josh, is there anything I can help you with?" as she set the basket down. Josh froze at the sound of her voice. He didn't know what to do. He could only muster stammering noises from his throat and a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. There he was, lying on his bed with his swollen cock in one hand, looking at his stepmom in the doorway, while a tape of her masturbating by the pool ran on the camcorder in his other hand.

It seems Stacy was folding laundry in the noisy laundry room and had not heard Josh come home. Stacy moved to the bed where Josh lay and sat next to him. "You know, Josh, I can hear that car of your coming from a mile away. I heard you come home for lunch yesterday but you never came out," she said as Josh just laid there in shock. "Later on I came into your room to get a CD and I saw that you had the camera set up in the window. Josh could only get out, "Let me explain," when Stacy cut him off. "It appears you enjoyed the little show I put on for you this morning," she said as she looked down at Josh's handfull of still-hard cock.

Stacy took the camera from Josh's hand and set it down next to the bed and said, "Here, let me help you with that," as she replaced Josh's hand on his cock with hers. She stroked his rod slowly as she continued to speak. "I got so hot while I was playing with myself, knowing you would be watching me on the tape, stroking your hard cock. It got me so wet. Did you like what you saw?" Stacy asked knowingly and Josh could only nod. With that Stacy moved her head down to Josh's cock and took it inside her mouth. She sucked and stroked his cock slowly at first, then she picked up the pace. Josh came almost immediately, shooting his cum down her throat as he groaned.

Stacy sucked Josh dry and stood up, saying, "Now you can return the favor." She stood Josh up and slipped out of her shirt and shorts, leaving her standing there in her bra and panties. Stacy reached behind her and pretended to fumble with the fastener on her bra, saying, "Could you help me with this, Josh?" She turned around and Josh moved behind her. He shakily undid her bra and dropped to the floor. He moved his hands to her mounds and massaged them from behind as he kissed her neck. As he played with her nipples she took one of his hands and guided it down inside her panties. Josh ran his fingers over her soaking wet slit as he continued to play with her nipple. Stacy pushed back against his still-hard cock, sandwiching it against her backside and Josh's stomach.

Josh rubbed Stacy's stiff clit for a moment then she turned around. Josh immediately began sucking her nipples as he slid his hand back inside her panties. Stacy gently pushed Josh to his knees and he pulled her panties down and off. She guided his head to her pussy as she spread her legs, allowing him access to her moist slit. He momentarily stares at her beautiful, neatly trimmed pussy, then he devoured her clit. He sucks on her clit and flicks it with his tongue as he reaches around and grabs her ass. Stacy begins breathing harder as she reaches her peak. She grinds Josh's face into her pussy as she cums, throwing her head back, her legs trembling, her lips crying out, "Oh yes, yes..."

As Stacy comes down from her orgasm she leads Josh back to the bed and has him lay down. "I want to feel that big, hard cock inside me," she purrs as she straddles him. Stacy slides her wet pussy down onto Josh's stiff member easily and begins to buck up and down on it. She braces herself against his chest as he pounds deep inside of her. Josh grabs her hips and rams inside her as she rides him. Finally Josh is able to speak, "Oh, God Stacy. You feel so good. I've wanted to fuck you for so long." Stacy responds by saying, "Oh yeah, fill my pussy with your big cock. Oh, yes."

Josh can feel his passion build once more as his cock slides deep into his stepmother's hungry pussy. Stacy feels her stepson's cock grow as his cum rises to his cock and he shoots his load inside her hot slit. Stacy cums again as Josh spews his load in her. The two of them grind out the last drops of cum from Josh's cock as Stacy collapses onto his chest panting, "God, that felt sooo good. Your father is out of town so much and I miss this." "Well," said Josh, "I think I can help you with that, if you'd like."

So begins the ongoing sexual adventures of a stepmother and her stepson.

To be continued...

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