tagGroup SexJosie & Gina's City Adventures Ch. 02

Josie & Gina's City Adventures Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Business meetings with the boss

Josie and Gina had been in their new job for a month. Gina had to be in the office at 7 a.m. to suck the boss off as he arrived in the morning. She then sat around all morning, bringing the boss his morning coffee and some pussy juice if he asked for it. Josie came in just before the boss’s lunch break at 1. Then he’d fuck one or both girls, or sometimes he just enjoyed to sit back and eat his lunch while he watched the girls eating each other. He always asked for a taste. Gina left between 2 and 3 and Josie served him his afternoon coffee and some more pussy juice if he felt for it. By the end of the day he’d ask Josie to suck him off and more often than not he’d fuck her and play with her big tits.

One day the boss said to the girls when they’d finished eating each other in front of him, “I’m entertaining some customers from out of town tomorrow night. I want you both to join us.”

“Where are we going?” Josie asked.

“We’re going to Chef Davide,” he replied, saying the name of the most expensive restaurant in town, somewhere Josie and Gina could never afford to eat.

“What’s the dress code?” Gina asked tentatively, pretty sure that she didn’t have anything in her wardrobe that would fit in at Chef Davide’s.

“I see,” said the boss and handed them a credit card. “Go find yourselves an outfit each. Black for Gina and red for Josie. Gina, I want yours to show a lot of skin, preferably your back – don’t get one that requires a bra. Josie, plenty of cleavage for you, I want your tits to be practically bursting to get out. Suspenders and stockings as usual and as usual I don’t want either of you to wear panties.”

The girls left the office under the watchful eyes of other employees. It hadn’t escaped anybody’s attention that the two young girls had been hired to work closely with the boss and most of them guessed what was going on. The girls didn’t mind though. They loved their new job. They were having lots of sex and they were getting paid lots too. It couldn’t really get any better.

They spent the afternoon shopping and then Josie went back to the office. Janelle, the boss’s secretary, had just left and Josie locked the door behind her. Shopping for the sex outfit that afternoon had turned her on and she was dying to feel the boss’s cock up her hungry cunt. He was on the phone and she put his credit card on his desk. She then went to sit down on the couch that he was facing in his chair. She parted her legs and slowly pulled up her skirt, making sure that he could see her naked cunt. When she had his attention she stood up, turned around and bent over, exposing her ass to him. She then unbuttoned her blouse and threw it on the floor. Her bra soon followed the blouse. She shook her tits and made them bounce before him. She could see the telltale signs of a budding erection in his pants. Finally she slowly pulled down her skirt, standing before him in stockings and suspenders and her high heels, just the way he preferred to see her.

When she saw that he still wasn’t off the phone she got down on her knees before him and unzipped his pants. She pulled his hard cock out and closed her lips around it. She started bobbing her head up and down in his lap, sucking him hard and running her tongue over his veins. She could hear on his voice that talking was becoming a problem and she sucked even harder. The boss’s knuckles were white as he grasped on to the phone. Josie didn’t care. She just sucked and sucked; she deep throated him and swallowed a couple of times, she knew exactly what he liked.

“Hang on,” she had the boss saying to the person on the phone. “I’ll be back in five.”

The restraint on his voice was remarkable and the minute he hit the mute button he roared out and shot his load straight down Josie’s throat. She lapped up every drop.

“You fucking little cock sucker,” he said and pulled her up in his lap where he could suck on her tits.

He got back on the phone. “Sorry Mike, I had to take a leak. I just noticed what time it is, can we continue this tomorrow morning?”

The guy on the other end must have agreed because the boss hung up and started devouring the luscious young tits. He sucked her for a while and then sat her on the edge of his desk where he could comfortably eat her cunt. He dove straight in. He quickly licked her and sucked on her clit. Then he started tongue fucking her. Deliberate quick strokes, with his nose hitting her nub several times. Sucking cock had made Josie very horny already and she soon came all over his face. He quickly stood up, his cock was hard again, and he penetrated her. She hadn’t yet recovered from her first orgasm when he started pumping her again. With long deliberate strokes he fucked her hard, punishing her for teasing him. When she came he turned her over and fucked her from behind, pressing her upper body down on his cold desk. When he came he pulled out and shot his load on her ass.

“A car will come and pick you and Gina up at 6 tomorrow night,” he said as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Don’t be late.”

He walked out and Josie got dressed and went home.

The next day the girls slept in. They had a lazy morning and in the early afternoon they decided it was time to get ready. They went into the shower together and spent the next half hour soaping each other up and playing with each other’s tits. They then fingered each other to a mutual orgasm while they were still standing nipple to nipple. They kissed each other deeply and hugged.

Josie wore a black push up bra that only just covered her nipples. Her garter matched the bra and her stockings had a lace edge. Over that she put a red dress that was very deep cut at the front, making it look like she’d served her tits on a tray. The dress was long, but it had slits up either side to the lace edges of the stockings. She wore black stilettos to go with it. Gina wasn’t wearing a bra and the fabric of her dress was stiffening her nipples, leaving the observer no doubt about whether there was a bra hidden underneath. The black spaghetti straps went over her shoulders and back in a cross and left the whole of her back naked. The skirt of the dress started just above her butt crack and finished just underneath the top of her stockings. She was wearing identical stilettos to Josie’s. They did their makeup with care and when the car arrived for them they were ready to go.

As the girls entered Chef Davide they looked around for their boss, but they couldn’t see him. The maitre d’ asked them who they were meeting and said that their party were dining in one of the restaurant’s private dining rooms and he took them there. When they entered the room their boss was talking with three other men. They all paused as the girls walked in.

The boss walked up to Josie and Gina. “Ah girls, perfect timing,” he put an arm around each and walked them to the centre of the room. “Gentlemen, these two ladies are my secretaries, Josie and Gina. Girls, this is Peter, John and Shaun.”

The girls shook the men’s hands and pleasantries were exchanged. Soon the first course was served and they all enjoyed the good food. It was soon replaced on the table by the main course, which was even better. When the main course was cleared the boss left and came back as the dessert was served. He whispered something to the waiter and then he locked the door behind him and put the key in his pocket.

“Josie, Gina,” he said. “The guys and I have a bet going and we’d like for you two to settle it.”

Josie looked up at him and smiled. “Sure, what is it?”

“Well, I bet them that you both shave your pussies and they didn’t think you do.”

Gina looked at him, she’d now figured out why they’d been invited. “Sure we do, isn’t that right, Josie?”

Josie nodded. “Totally.”

The boss looked at his customers and said “I guess that settles it.”

“Now wait a minute,” said the guy that was called Peter. “How do we know they’re telling the truth? They work for you so they’ll agree with you.”

“Yeah,” agreed Shaun. “I think we need some proof.”

“We definitely need proof,” John added.

“Well,” Gina said and grabbed John’s hand. “Feel here.” She guided his hand to her snatch and ran it across to prove that there was no hair there.

“How about you?” Shaun looked at Josie and she parted her legs, letting him feel his way up to her now very wet snatch.

Peter was still not convinced. “I think I need to see it with my own eyes to believe it.”

The boss looked at Josie and Gina. “Come here girls.”

They walked up to him and he unzipped Josie’s dress, letting it fall to the ground and then he pulled off Gina’s straps, letting her dress fall off as well. The girls stood in front of the three men in nothing but stockings, garters, and in Josie’s case a bra. The guys smiled as their eyes took in the hairless snatches.

“How much of those giant tits are your own, and how much are padding?” Shaun asked Josie.

She didn’t have time to reply, the boss had undone her bra clasp, letting her tits fall free, in their full D-cup splendour.

“Come let me feel your tits,” Shaun continued and Josie looked at her boss who nodded and smiled. She walked up to him and he took her in his lap and started sucking on her nipples.

In the meantime Peter and John were concentrating on Gina. “Why don’t you come and sit with us, Gina,” they said and she sat between them.

They started fondling her small tits and caressing her smooth snatch. She ran her hands across their crotches, feeling their growing cocks under her hands. “Maybe you guys would be more comfortable if you got out of your pants and shorts,” she suggested. They both stood before her and followed her advice. Both men showed off fully erect cocks. John’s was 7 inches and very thick, Peter’s was 9 inches but thinner. She placed a hand around each and started jerking them. She kissed the precum off the first one and then the next. She kept jerking and alternating her sucking. The guys soon placed her across two chairs, on her hands and knees and Peter shoved his 9 inches in her mouth, while John filled her wet cunt with his 7 inches. They picked up a pace that suited them both and they moved in unison, sliding in and out of Gina’s holes.

Shaun’s cock had grown hard under Josie’s leg so he sat her down next to him while he pulled his pants off. He then straddled her across his erect, thick 8 inches and started sucking her tits again as she rode him. The boss had watched his two girls get on with it and now he was hungry for some action too. He pulled his cock out and walked up to Josie and pulled her head to his hips. She was riding Shaun and sucking the boss. They both had such wonderful juicy cocks.

Gina was the first to cum. Her cunt was on fire and she was enjoying her double fucking too much. She let out a shriek and then her body shook and she squeezed John’s cock real hard. The men pulled out of her holes as she came and the boss pulled his hard cock out of Josie’s mouth and walked up to Gina.

“Ride me, baby,” he said and lay on the carpet. Gina straddled him and he grabbed hold of her ass cheeks, pulling them wide apart. Peter squirted some lubricant up her asshole and then started sliding his long, thin cock inside. The men could feel their cocks rubbing against each other as they filled Gina completely. John kneeled next to them and pressed his cock against Gina’s mouth until she sucked it in and tasted her pussy juices. The two men in her other holes started fucking her slowly, alternating their slides in and out, making sure there was always one cock inside.

Josie and Shaun were going faster and faster. She rode him hard and he sucked and bit her tits. Then she climaxed. Her cunt squeezed his cock hard and she moaned out loud as the waves of orgasm hit her. He pulled her off him and placed her on all fours in front of the scene on the floor. Again he shoved his cock deep inside her hot cunt and continued fucking her. The boss started kissing Josie and fondled her breasts that were hanging down like ripe melons and bouncing every time Shaun filled her with his meat.

Peter was next to cum. He shot his load up Gina’s ass and then he pulled out and wiped his cock off. Then he jerked himself hard again while Shaun was furiously fucking Josie as deep and hard as he could. Josie and Shaun came together, her throbbing cunt milking his aching cock. As soon as Shaun pulled out, Peter went and turned Josie on her back. Shaun’s cum wasn’t even out of her cunt yet when he shoved himself in. Her cunt had just cum and was delightfully tight around his thin cock.

Then the boss and Gina started moving really fast and they clamped on to each other. Gina’s cries were muffled by John’s cock but she came in waves as the boss shot his load up her cunt. As soon as was done climaxing John shot his load down her throat and on her tits. She climbed off the boss.

Gina looked at Shaun. “Is that Josie’s cunt juices that have made your cock so shiny? Can I taste?”

Gina loved Josie’s juice. She wrapped her lips around Shaun’s cock and started sucking him, making his cock grow in her mouth. John saw his opportunity to feel her cunt again and kneeled behind her. With the boss’s spunk trickling out of her hole he shoved his cock inside her, growing as he felt the warmth engulfing him once more.

The boss straddled Josie’s face and she started licking her friend off his cock, making him hard again. Despite Peter’s cock being so thin he soon made her cum again. She squeezed him tight with her cunt and he pulled out. The boss pulled out of her mouth and placed her on her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. He pulled her up by her tits and pumped her with long and heavy strokes. Peter stood in front of her and shoved his cock in her mouth. He soon shot his load in her mouth and on her tits.

Next Gina and John had a mutual orgasm, with John shooting his cum in her cunt and then the second load on her ass. Shaun shot his load over her face. Gina, Peter, John and Shaun all sat back to catch their breath and watched the boss fuck Josie. He was slamming into her, pulling her tits hard. They weren’t noticing the other four. Then with a roar the boss started shooting his load up Josie’s trembling snatch. When he pulled out Gina quickly crawled over and started drinking the cum from the men who’d fucked Josie’s delicious cunt. The girls kissed all traces of cum off each other’s bodies.

Everybody got dressed and when Josie and Gina had their clothes on the boss said that the men were going to talk business so Josie and Gina could go home. They left in silence and were too tired to eat each other that night so they fell asleep, naked in each other's arms.

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