tagMind ControlJosie and the Pussytits

Josie and the Pussytits


This is a mind control story with a difference.


I really like having my breasts fondled and my titties sucked and played with, I got a real liking for it recently when I went and got a bad case of sun burn at the start of the summer vacation.

In fact I have also found out that my tits actually control when I have an orgasm, what I feel, taste and smell in fact, they are like an on-off switch in which I have no control whatsoever, I am actually captive to my breasts which can be used to make me so horny that I am willing and able to do anything of a sexual nature, not only willing to do it but I love doing it, am happy to do it and will do it as many times as I am told to do it.

Afterward I do feel a bit guilty, but the pleasure, oh my God, the pleasure is like something you can only dream of!

It all started when I had been sunbathing in the back garden in my new pink summer bikini and had fallen asleep on my stomach and when I woke up my back was really sore.

"Great!" I muttered and I winced, cursing myself for being so dumb.

My parents were out so I went to my neighbour Mr Potter and asked him for some camomile, and he produced a bottle from one of his kitchen cupboard's and then kindly offered to rub it in for me.

I had known Mr Potter since I was in diapers, he was a widower, 50 years old who worked from home and because I had known him since I was a kid I had no problem sitting on a hard back chair and letting him put the cooling lotion over my sore back and when he told me to undo my bikini top I didn't hesitate though I didn't remove it totally.

For a 50 year old Mr Potter isn't bad looking, he's going grey on top but his hair is his own, he's fit and lean, his skin has yet to wrinkle too much and he has lovely blue eyes that twinkle when he looks at you.

At his command I leaned forward so he could apply the first of the cream.

I have to confess that I have big breasts for a girl my age which is 18, I was real flat up until a year ago and then suddenly I moved from an "A" cup "to a "DD" cup in less than six months, it was like someone pumped up my chest and forgot to stop.

I have a great cleavage and I love to show it off along with my slender but now languid teenage body that curves in all the right places, and with my mass of long way golden hair, pale milky skin, a large but luscious pouting mouth and just a few freckles on the bridge of my nose and over large baby blue eyes, I'm a bit of a teenage babe and I know it.

"You sure gave your back too much sun," Mr Potter commented as he rubbed on the cooling liquid and I smiled and sighed with pleasure as my burning skin began to cool down under the lotion's soothing promise.

I was more than startled when Mr Potter's hands suddenly slid around from my back and began to stroke my breasts, I had let my bikini top slip a bit and his fingers were suddenly massaging my over large teenage mounds and I opened my mouth to protest indignantly at his cheek, to tell him that it was my back that needed the lotion rubbing into it and not my front but at that moment the most amazing sensation started up.

It took me so by surprise that my mouth snapped shut and I sucked in my breath, I let go of my bikini top and it fell to the floor with a soft plop and I stared down dumbly at the two hands rubbing in the pink camomile lotion into my breasts, the fingers rolling over my nipples which suddenly seemed to be swelling and moving, getting harder and harder, and the sensation going through my body was a like a steady delicious wave that I knew I didn't want to stop.

I could feel Mr Potter's breath on my neck; it was warm, moist and very pleasant.

"If you put your hands on your head," he said softly into my left ear, "I can rub more cream in."

My hands went to my head immediately and Mr Potter added more cream which he rolled over my breasts and nipples, making my breath come in short gasps with each, stroke, and squeeze and I found myself licking my lips, watching totally mesmerised those hands as those long fingers pulled on my nipples, tweaking and pinching them making my heart pound and an odd feeling roll down my chest, into my belly, then into my groin and finally to my crotch which throbbed and tingled mercilessly.

"You have great tits Josie," Mr Potter said, "The best I have seen in a real long time."

It turned out that Mr Potter had a thing about breasts himself and he had certainly noticed when I started to grow in that direction and I had just gone and handed myself to him on a platter when I got sunburnt.

Now I was more than aware that Mr Potter should be keeping his hands to himself but to be honest I didn't want him to especially after my first experience of having my tits fondled so expertly, not only that but he obligingly gave me the best orgasm I have ever had by putting one of his hand's into my bikini panties and finger fucking me to glory and back and let me tell you this it was MUCH better than doing it myself.

He found my clit with ease and when I let out a cry and a little jerk he knew what to do next and his hand moved rapidly in my bikini panties, I juiced up rapidly, I could feel myself soaking his fingers as my cunt was stimulated and aroused.

"What would your mom and dad say if they could see you now?" he whispered in my ear and I groaned at such a wicket thought, they'd both have a cow but I didn't care because it all felt too good for me to want it to stop.

I was tight as I was still a virgin but my cunt was soon sopping wet as his fingers slid inside me deeper and deeper and my eyes watered at the glorious sensation, my butt bounced up and down on the chair, my left breast was being stroked and squeezed by Mr Potter's free hand and I knew I was going to come really soon.

"HOLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY HANNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!" I wailed bucking against his vigorous but expert finger rubbing as I came for the first time; my legs were now splayed apart on the hard back chair I was sitting on and by then I was holding onto the seat to stop myself sliding onto the floor.

I creamed myself three times under his expert ministrations that day and I quickly forgot about my sunburnt back for all I could think of in those heady moments after the haze of pleasure was dying away from my trembling body was I intended to see a lot of Mr Potter from then on, after all what are neighbours for if not to help each other out?

I was soon slipping around to Mr Potter's after school, I told my mom I was going to my friend Helen's but instead I went to Mr Potter's for a blissful hour of breast fondling, titty sucking and masturbation.

Mr Potter wasn't interested in having full sex with me; in fact his enjoyment came from getting me off and having a good feel of my breasts, followed by the pleasure of getting my nipples sucked into two swollen nodules of pleasure.

I loved it when he leaned over me and lowered his mouth to one of my breast's, I'd groan and arch my back, my nipple sliding into his hot wet mouth and he would sigh, close his eyes and then roll his tongue around and around the mottled rose pink areole, he'd bite down gently on the hardening flesh and I'd start to tremble and moan and then he'd start to suck on the pulsating flesh and I'd be letting out little gasps, as if I couldn't catch my breath.

I loved it when he called me his pussytit girl, and one day he asked me if I'd mind if he smeared my breasts with peanut butter and jelly and ate it off them, well I said yes and I found that I like this sensation just as much, there's nothing quite like watching a man lick peanut butter and jelly from your breasts and there is nothing quite like a man smearing your cunt with jelly and going down on you and making you come with vigorous licking and lapping of your juices mixed with jelly!

But the best sensations were when he played with my breasts and tits because my whole body would throb as he sucked, licked, lapped and fondled my breasts, I'd loose myself in the sensation of the touch, the wetness on my flesh, the feel of fingers pinching my tits and then the mouth, sucking my nipples, sucking and squeezing them until I was bouncing up and down on my chair, begging him not to stop because it was the best sensation in the world and I wanted it to go on and on and on...

After Mr Potter got me off, he then would go off to his bathroom and jack himself off and then come back and make us some nice lemonade.

I was still technically a virgin despite the fact Mr Potter had probably broken my hymen with his regular vigorous finger fucking but we both agreed that I should get rid of my virginity properly especially as I was about to go to college and there is nothing worse than a co-ed who only knows half the sexual ropes.

Mr Potter had no interest whatsoever in fucking me, he only wanted my tits and to get me off with his hand, but he did have a couple of friends who'd jump at the chance to break in a virgin properly but which one would it be?

Would it be Jake his army buddy who was a Sergeant in a local army base or Frank his pool playing pal he saw every couple of weeks in a local bar?

Both knew about me and both had made it clear to Mr Potter that if I was willing, they wouldn't mind having some fun with me too.

I had seen photos of both Jake and Frank, and I have to admit I liked the look of both of them, Jake looked great in his fatigues, he was actually about 45 years old, in tip top condition, with a sandy haired crew cut, sun weathered skin and icy blue eyes whilst Frank was about the same age as Mr Potter worked out regularly at the gym and had a great six pack, was as tanned as Jake, but dark haired and dark eyed to Jake's fairness. I simply couldn't make up my mind which one I liked the best so Mr Potter said to me.

"Why not fuck them both?"

I was a bit shocked at first by this sudden suggestion; I wasn't that sort of girl and I said as much but fifteen minutes later I agreed to it because I actually liked the idea and if the truth be known, I was actually that type of girl and I was as horny as hell even with all the finger fucking I was getting.

I got the chance to fuck Jake and Frank a month later when my parents went away for a long weekend. They left me on my own in the house; I was a good kid in their eyes, didn't run wild, didn't drink, had good grades and was going to college in the fall, what mischief was I going to get up to whilst they were visiting friends in the next state?

I spent that long weekend at Mr Potter's, in bed with his two friends who quickly made me realise that I also liked fucking as much as I liked my breasts and tits being fondled and played with, in fact I liked it especially when it was done at the same time, and it didn't take long for my new two cherry pluckers to realise that they could make me go on and on like a train just by sucking and feeling up my tits whilst they fucked me.

When Mr Potter had been finger fucking me he eventually stopped fondling my tits to concentrate on my clit and it was then I usually started to come, we hadn't connected the two together at that point, but I had noticed I certainly had stamina for one so young and inexperienced.

However before that realisation came both Frank and Jake helped calm my nerves by being really nice to me, they complimented me on my outfit, I had purposely chosen my shortest tartan cheerleading skirt, a bra that was one size to small and a white blouse that had shrunk in the wash, I wasn't wearing any panties and my frilly white bobby shocks and patent leather Mary Jane shoes made me look like an absolute teenage slut, which was just the look I wanted.

I sat between them both on the sofa whilst Mr Potter got us some lemonade, and when he returned Frank had already unbuttoned my blouse and he and Jake were fondling and squeezing a breast each, whilst I sat where I was with a blissful expression on my teenage face.

"Well that didn't take you guys all that long!" Mr Potter chuckled as he sat on a chair nearby.

I giggled and blushed especially when Frank said, "You did say she would be an easy fuck Tom, you weren't kidding on how easy!"

"I'm a good girl really!" I said with a gasp as Frank pinched my left tit and began to kiss the tip of he pulsating pink flesh.

"I should hope so!" Jake responded as he massaged my other breast and then lifted it up so he could get his mouth on my hardened tit, "Good to fuck and good to suck, what's it you call her Tom, your pussytit girl?"

I groaned out loud and arched the small of my back, and then I was crying out because two hands were now under my tarten skirt, two hands were fingering my dripping cunt and my tits were in two mouths and I knew I was in the beginnings of sweet sexual heaven.

"Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" I let out a heartfelt groan of pleasure at all the sensations going through my body.

Mr Potter watched his friends, sipping his lemonade as was his want and very soon, I was straddled across Jake's lap, his pants were undone and I was having my first real cock pushed inside my cunt, it felt really strange, and though I was juiced up, it was a tight fit because I was technically a virgin and I was still quite tight down below, but with Jake kissing and licking my titties my cunt seem to contract widen and I moved up and down slowly, moaning and groaning as I did, kissing Frank who was stroking and pinching my hot and sweaty flesh and then he was behind me, rubbing my back, kissing my spine, his tongue gliding now my milk white flesh to the base of my spine.

I shivered, moaned and then cried out when I felt him part my bum cheeks, my sphincter went into a hard delicious spasm as he licked it, kissed it and began to play with it.

I wasn't expecting that and I said as much in a voice that sounded strangled and strained. Jake was feeling my left titty as I rose and fell slowly on his cock.

"What did you expect him to do?" he said before latching onto the heaving tit, "He's not going to wait his turn, he's having you at the same as me."

My whole body went into delicious shock at his words, I cried out, tried to protest but at the same time I was obligingly raising my butt cheeks so that Frank could have access to them.

Frank spat on his fingers and began to work them into my asshole, I let out a gurgled cry, begged him to stop but he just kept on working on my butt and Jake was feeling up my tits as we fucked, he had stamina and it appeared did I though my rights I should have come long ago as this was my first time fucking properly.

Both men marvelled at how hot and horny I was and it was Mr Potter who suddenly realised that the secret to my longevity was the fact when my tits were constantly being played with I just got hotter and hotter but I didn't come, it made sense and he called out his theory to his friends from his chair.

To test this theory Jake momentarily stopped feeling and sucking my tits and I felt myself begin to move faster up and down on his cock, I cried out, jerked harder, screamed out that I was going was going to cu...the sensation died away and became a steady roaring tidal wave that then had me crying out in little gasps of shocked pleasure, Jake was sucking my left tit again, licking it, rolling his tongue over and over it and then I felt the pressure in my butt as Frank got ready to DP me from behind.

"You're right Tom!" Jake said as he plucked at my titties, "We've got an on off machine on the slut, her tits are the switch!"

At that moment I was bucking, I was crowing, I was begging Frank not to put his cock up my ass but to no avail, that huge twitching cock was going to be stuffed up my virgin ass whether I liked it or not.

Frank took his time, his rippling purple shaft had a sheen of baby oil on it, I had wondered why he had taken the clear plastic bottle out of his jacket pocket when he had sat down earlier on, now I knew, it was there to help ease his monster cocks into my asshole.

Now that the men knew my on and off button, my tits, they could really take their time with me and they did just that, there was no hurry, they could fuck me for as long as they themselves could last.

I momentarily felt a bit indignant about this but it didn't last as I was actually enjoying the varied sensations my body was being put through, I even liked the fact that Mr Potter was watching me from his chair, silently, sipping his cold lemonade.

I felt something give in my butt, I let out a gurgle as the popping sound made my ears go hollow and I realised that my ass was stuffed with a huge cock and suddenly I could feel both Jake and Frank moving inside of me, back and forth, rubbing cocks inside of me and sending wave after wave of delicious pleasure rippling and soaring through my heaving body.

Frank's had hold of my hips and his balls slapped against my butt as the three of us fucked long and hard, I was soon begging them to let me cum, I was drenched in sweat, my body was like a primed bomb that could not explode but they were in charge not me and they said as much.

"You'll come after we've come!" Frank gasped in my ear, "And not before, teenage sluts do as they're told, right Jake?"

"Right!" Jake gasped back as he fondled and plucked at my tits and then his next words both terrified and thrilled me, "And we're both coming inside of you, I've always wanted to fill up a teenage slut and now I've got the chance!"

At these words I bucked harder and harder on his cock and I wailed, "But I'm not on the pill, I'm not on the pill, oh God, please don't come inside of me, please don't!"

They both laughed and I was both crying out in pleasure and crying out in fear, what if I got pregnant, it was possible, I didn't want to get pregnant, oh God what was I going to do!

"Don't worry" I heard Mr Potter's soothing voice from his chair where he was watching, "I'll take you to get the morning after pill."

I could have kissed him and I found myself thrusting back and forth on both cocks with renewed vigour, crowing as I did and my increased efforts soon had their effect on the two men inside of me and Jake suddenly began to move faster and faster against me, his groin was grinding into my belly, his hands plucked and squeezed at my tits, and he jerked my body to his and began to suck really hard on my left tit and then he let out a long drawn out, "URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH" as his balls exploded and his spunk flooded up and into me in huge flow of creamy cum that made me scream out in surprise and pleasure.


Frank followed seconds later with an equally loud bellow of "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!" and in turn my butt was flooded with his spunk but I had yet to come, Jake was still sucking my tit but he let go of it and flopped back on the sofa and it was then I came, I was switched on and then I was switched off and I practically imploded and exploded at the same time , spunk flooded out of me from both ends and I came with a shriek of "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOOOOOOOOLLLYYYYYY SHIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!" before I passed out for ten minutes, my body going into multiple orgasms that only stopped 15 minutes later.

I could barely walk after that, I had to crawl up the stairs to the shower and my cunt and ass was throbbing and hurting like hell and my breasts and tits felt like they were on fire and I whimpered as I washed myself all over but later that night I went to bed with both Frank and Jake in the spare room and let's say none of us got a lot of sleep, mainly because I was still horny despite being as sore as hell.

When I finally got up the next day I hurt all over, Jake and Frank were downstairs having breakfast when I came down, clad only in an old t-shirt I had found in the drawer in the room.

If I hoped to have a peaceful breakfast I was to be sorely disappointed because when I sat down at the breakfast table, Mr Potter leaned over me and slid both his hands under my t-shirt and began to fondle my breasts whilst kissing my neck and saying I had exceeded all his expectations.

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