tagSci-Fi & FantasyJourney Beyond Time Ch. 01

Journey Beyond Time Ch. 01


Ever since her parents were killed in war, she had wanted to fight for her country and join the army. So, as soon as she finished high school, she joined the Nepal Army. It had been 3 years since she joined and she was a Captain now. She had successfully finished her commando training back home which was the second toughest in the world. Five months after completing her training, she learned that the government of the United Kingdom was giving twenty soldiers from the Nepal Army a chance to go to the U.K., to train them on the latest guns. She was one of the few chosen. She was happy then, exited about the 2 month long training. Now, though, she was homesick and she was more than glad now that the training was over.

Not that she had anyone back home that would miss her. Her boyfriend did not agree with her when she told him about her ambition. She broke up with him because did he actually expect her to sit home and look after his kids after they got married? No way, she wasn't leading a life so boring! Still, she desperately wanted to return home but the Major had other programmes and hence they were stuck for another two days.

"Good morning, Captain!" came a cheerful voice from behind her and she turned around smiling at the person. Rishi Thapa. They had been friends since high school. After that, they joined the army together and well, here they were... together again. Even after all these years, the jokes he and his friends cracked during high school still amused her.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Captain, we don't address each other as such in private." She scolded him.

"Ha ha...just teasing you. So, Krisha, tell me what were you thinking about?"

"Nothing, just remembering the past. I really want to go back home but Maj. Khanal seems to have other plans. I can't believe I'm trapped here for another two days." She complained and he chuckled at her sour expression.

"But I'm enjoying it here. The girls are HOT." He teased and was rewarded with a punch to his stomach.

"Ouch!!" he grimaced mockingly. "Watch your hands lady! I think they're made of steel."

Krisha rolled her eyes at the comment. "So, any special plans for today?"

"Not yet. You tell me. I'll join you for anything to get out of this hell of a camp."

She smiled at his reaction and after a moment of thinking, "Let's hit a library. I've wanted to do that ever since I got here and I know you love books, too. Though now that I think of it, it's pretty weird for a guy like you to love books. Are you actually from Earth??"

"Very funny, nanu," he said, using her pet name. "Sure lets go, but we better get out of this combat uniform. I want to feel like a normal tourist today."

She nodded and made her way to her dorm. "Don't forget your ID though." she called back.

* * *

Rishi watched as the girl walked out of the doors. He marvelled at the way a small girl could change into a ferocious fighter. She still had her childish habits and her face was still delicate. No one could tell about her occupation but things were different in the practice grounds. She was a black belt in karate and equally good with weapons. She was inches shorter than him, she stood only at a height of 5'2", but the shortness only allowed her to be swift and deadly during their practices. The way she talked and that body of hers, he knew he should've been smitten over her like other colleagues of his but he had more of a brother-like compassion for her. He knew she had no family and that only added to the respect and love he had for this girl.

An hour later, they were strolling along the countryside. He was chattering about the girls he'd met and she was laughing at his jokes. It was a warm day and they hadn't bothered with jackets but out of their habits, they had hoods and water packed in their back packs. She had put on a white tank top and shorts. On her feet were converses. He had similar shoes, khaki shorts and brown t-shirt.

Krisha noticed the local library and pulled Rishi towards it. It was quite early in the morning so the library was empty. Even the librarian was outside drinking tea. They got inside and Krisha immediately attacked the shelf indicating 'Science Fiction' while Rishi idled around the history section.

He was engrossed, somewhere in the middle of the French revolution when her voice caught his attention.

"Hey, look what I found." She was holding a worn-out book covered with dust. "It was wedged between the side of the shelf and the wall. Let's see what it's got. I got a hunch that it's going to be interesting." Her voice was bubbling with excitement and he shook his head in amusement. She was so childlike at times.

They went over to a table and sat down. He draped an arm around her shoulder to get a better look at the book while she turned the pages. The writings were weird. The book was handwritten and the alphabets were definitely English but the words were funny.

"Arkonel vandeschmoul isprakari morlguen..." she read a particular line written in thick red ink. "That's so funny. Whatever could that me—?"

Her voice trailed off as she was overcome by a feeling of dizziness. Rishi was still there with his arm around her and she squeezed her eyes shut as she caught the table for support. The feeling passed away as soon as it started and when she opened her eyes, the sight left both of them baffled. Gone were the tables, chairs and the wooden floor of the library. Instead, they were in a forest surrounded by trees.

"What happened?" she panicked as both of them looked around. She looked at her watch. It was still working but the compass was going bonkers. It was pointing in all directions and after some time of spinning, the needle finally came to a stop.

"Oh my God, Krisha look..." the terror in his voice made her heart stop but the scene was even more terrifying. A pack of wolves had them surrounded and they completely forgot that they were lost. They were baring their teeth and growling menacingly. Then suddenly with no indication, they attacked.

Both of them fought, trying to throw the wolves off their bodies. They were thankful for their training because a normal person wouldn't be able to face them. They were getting tired by the moment and the wolves were huge in numbers so the only thing they could do was run. They ran blindly. After a few kilometres of running, she looked behind to see if they were still following and when she realized they weren't, she relaxed.

"I think their territory has ended—," her sentence ended with a loud shriek as she tripped on a root and tumbled down the slope.

"Krish..." he yelled and ran after her but she was plummeting with increasing speed. Finally, she hit her head hard on a stone and stopped. By the time he reached her, she was unconscious and bleeding. "Shit..." he mumbled as he took out a bottle and cleaned her forehead. Then he took out a scarf and bound her head, praying it would stop bleeding. He hooked his hands under her and lifted her up. Whatever this place was, he needed to find civilization and soon.

* * *

King Molan was at the borders of his nation, helping the patrolling guards with their duties. He could have his generals do it but he believed that the security of his lands was his duty. He was known all over the land by the name of 'Tiger of the North' for his brutality and stealth during war and his enemies dreaded him but what people didn't know was he had a soft side, too. It was at that time that he saw a man dressed in quaint clothes carrying a woman in his arms. He looked tired so Molan immediately sent a few soldiers to assist the man. He saw that both of them were wounded but the woman was unconscious. They had scratch marks on their bodies, probably from some wild animal. He ordered his men to take them back to the capital along with him and their wounds were to be tended.

Rishi was more than just relieved when he saw people, although they were dressed in medieval clothes?? Whoever they were, he didn't care as long as they helped Krisha. He hadn't eaten for two days and the only thing keeping him alive was the water they brought with them. Two of them who looked like soldiers came forward and carried Krisha to a horse. After that, his vision blurred and he fell as darkness enveloped him.

The group soon moved forward towards the capital city with the two wounded strangers. In two days, they were back in the palace. Molan immediately ordered a bath to be prepared and called the royal doctor to attend the strangers.

That night, he lay on his bed thinking about the girl lying in the spare bedroom. She had been unconscious for two days now. He didn't know if she was pretty because the dirt on her face made it difficult to tell. She had tumbled down a hill and the clothes she wore were weird and she was so small in size, almost vulnerable. Even the colour of her skin was different from what he had ever seen. It was darker than that of the women here, and fairer than the ones brought in as slaves from lands beyond the seas. Her skin was a golden brown of wheat and her hair was dark brown, almost black.

Then the thought of the man who carried her came into his mind. He looked just like her, same colour of skin and hair, but his facial features were different from hers so he decided he couldn't be a brother. A cold feeling gripped his heart. Was she his betrothed? He knew he shouldn't be worried but still for some reason, his stomach churned at the thought of that girl being married to someone else.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the feeling of a wet, hot mouth around his hardness. He smiled at the red haired head that was bobbing between his thighs. Andréa, his favourite mistress was off with her glorious mouth. He pulled her over his body and flipped her. Then he sighed as he entered her hot core. He did not like foreplay with his mistresses, he kept that for the woman he would love and eventually marry. One of his hands pinched her nipples while the other harshly rubbed her clit as he pounded into her. Soon her body started jerking and she came. Her pussy clenched onto his shaft milking it and he could no longer hold himself back and came with a loud hiss. Andréa then gathered her belongings and her lord was asleep before she was out of the doors.

* * *

Rishi was speechless at what he found out after his meeting with 'King Molan'. Had they travelled through time? Or was this place in some other dimension? He was confused, so damn confused. They called the land Aledronesia. At least, the king seemed to be friendly enough although he looked brutal. But they say, don't judge a book by its cover and he didn't want to be judgmental. He was just confused about what had happened. All he remembered was Krisha reading those lines and they found themselves here. So was the book the cause of this? He still felt like he was dreaming; a pinch would bring him back into his own world. Whatever it was, he'd have to wait until she was okay and then they would have to plan their further moves.

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