tagLoving WivesJourney Into Cuckoldry - Four Square

Journey Into Cuckoldry - Four Square


The morning after Alice's first 'official' Hotwife date dawned bright, sunny and cheerful, with bright sunlight streaming into the room and waking me - early as usual. For a while I lay awake on my back listening to the birds singing and my wife Alice's slow, deep breathing as she slept 'the sleep of the angels' as my Grandmother used to say, alongside me.

I smiled ironically when I thought just how far from angelic she had been the previous night when my beautiful and increasingly sexy wife had cuckolded me for a third time in our own lounge, in our own house right in front of me with her lover.

And I had helped and encouraged her to do so as his wife Carmen and I had watched and, for the first time, had actually taken a small part in Alice's willing and total submission.

I stared upwards at the plain white ceiling, my mind filled once again with vivid images of my wife's Total Conquest by Steve. How he had expertly seduced her, first weakening her resistance over dinner before efficiently stripping her on the sofa while Carmen and I chatted in the kitchen to give him privacy to bring his extraordinary persuasive powers to bear.

As I ran over the events of the previous evening in my mind, I became aware of a stirring between my thighs and felt a growing erection lying on my belly. My right hand automatically rose to meet it and began to stroke as I recalled how at one point I myself had removed my own wife's underwear, preparing her unresisting and probably unprotected body for merciless penetration by another man.

I had even held her legs apart for Steve to get in a better position to take her – a new submission which had seemed natural at the time but which I now realised was simply a further manifestation of our Total Conquest.

And afterwards, when the mating was complete, my wife's final orgasm at his hands had subsided and her vagina was filled with his semen, I had given her a last, unexpected climax as I had lapped the sticky fluid from her pink, swollen vulva instead of fucking her myself as I had before.

I licked my lips involuntarily and to my delight found that a faint taste still lingered in and around my mouth of the heady mixture of Alice's pungent juices and Steve's salty semen. I ran my tongue around in search of any tiny traces that might remain but there was sadly little left to enjoy.

Turning my head, I looked at my sweet wife as she lay on her side, her face towards me, her eyes closed, her body relaxed in deep sleep. Her lovely, familiar features were a picture of innocence in stark contrast to the cock-hungry slut she had become at Steve's hands only hours before.

My stroking hand grasped my hardening shaft more firmly and began to gently slide up and down its length. As the strokes became longer and faster I studied the girl I had married all those years ago carefully in the half light.

To my delight, there were still small but distinct signs of her recent infidelity; traces of smudged eye make-up; tiny remnants of lipstick in the corner of her mouth; a slight pink flush in her cheeks that was still there nearly six hours after her last powerful orgasm. I felt butterflies in my tummy as I remembered this final orgasm of the night had been achieved at my hands – or at least with my mouth.

My hand was now moving rapidly up and down under the duvet, pumping my cock as I recalled how amazingly good it had felt to have her smooth, slim legs either side of my face, her ankles resting on my back as I buried my face into her hot, sticky vulva; how my mouth, nose, lungs and finally my whole head had seemed to fill with the overwhelming odour of recent illicit sex; how incredible her juices had tasted as I sucked them eagerly into my mouth; how the smooth sensation of Steve's semen on my tongue had felt.

My hand was now a blur over my lower belly, my cock swollen, hard, eager to release its cargo as I stared at my sleeping wife's sweet face, remembering that only hours ago as I had licked, sucked and tongued her puffy red vulva, barely inches away from my face, Steve's semen had been smeared over her open, pulsing, orgasming cervix, his sperm squirming, wriggling, seeking entrance to her womb; seeking the egg within that despite her recent return to 'the pill', might actually have been there... waiting...

Suddenly, with an explosion of pent-up lust and desire, my own spermless semen erupted from the swollen head of my cock and sprayed messily over my belly. I gasped aloud with the almost painful intensity of my climax as spurt after spurt splashed over my tummy and lower chest, releasing the wire-tight tension of arousal that had reached such incredible heights in my mind, chest and belly, leaving me breathless and panting as my own orgasm gripped me.

Her slumber disturbed somewhat by my movements, Alice stirred slightly in her sleep, making an incoherent sound before rolling over until the back of her sleek blonde head was towards me. Within seconds her long, slow breathing resumed.

I stared vacantly at the bedroom ceiling as my orgasm subsided and the powerful images faded from my mind. My body still tingled, my cock was still hard, my scrotum tiny and almost painfully tight as I wondered once again what strange quirk of genetics made me want so badly to see my wife being fucked by another man; what made me feel so much more alive as a Cuckold than I ever had before.

The answer lay far beyond my understanding that morning. After a few fruitless minutes of contemplation I quickly cleaned myself up with a tissue from the box next to the bed before slipping out from under the duvet, pulling on my bathrobe and quietly leaving my pretty, unfaithful wife alone to sleep.


Minutes later I was in our kitchen, the kettle filled and warming while I tidied up the house after the previous evening's activities. The dishwasher filled, the ovenware cleaned, I went from room to room on what was to become a familiar routine – the removal of any evidence of my wife's seduction and insemination before our kids or parents could see it.

I swiftly located her rumpled cast-off dress and bra, but it took several minutes to find her discarded panties. I turned them over in my fingers, feeling their delicate lightness, remembering the dark, damp patch at the base of their triangle before raising them to my nose. I inhaled slowly and deeply, the familiar and wonderful aroma of my wife in heat making my cock stir again despite my very recent ejaculation.

I slipped the panties into my pocket and took Alice's used clothes through to the laundry room before returning to the lounge for one last deep, wonderful inhalation of the sex-infused air.

Then with a sigh I opened the windows to let the fresh new day into the house.


It was a full two hours later when Alice finally came downstairs in her white fluffy robe. She had removed the last traces of her make-up and looked pretty, sweet, innocent – if still rather flushed - and impossible to imagine as the same woman I had watched beg her lover to impregnate her the previous evening.

I had just returned from a forty-minute run and was making tea, still hot and sweaty in my running vest and shorts when the kitchen door swung open.

"Oh Hi Darling!" I called cheerfully. "How are you feeling?" I asked, slightly breathlessly.

"Like I've been run over... again!" She smiled sweetly, crossing to the counter where I stood and giving me a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for... Well just thanks for being so... for being you!"

I kissed her back. "You enjoyed it then?" I asked disingenuously.

Alice pulled a mock frown. "You know very well that it was just wonderful! And you were wonderful too!"

I glowed with pleasure as she took the tea I offered her and sipped hesitantly. Evidently finding it too hot she placed the mug on the worktop and stood in front of me by the fridge where I was putting away the milk. She looked up into my face, her pupils dilated, and her eyes soft and loving.

"I do love you!" She said softly.

I slipped my arms around her and cuddled her – I couldn't help notice that her soft feminine body still smelled pungently of not-so-recent sex as I pressed her against my own tall, strong but distinctly sweaty frame.

I felt wonderful – she felt wonderful! How could such rampant infidelity result in such a warm and loving relationship – after all, Steve's sperm and semen must still be within her body even as we hugged!

I smiled – love had so many different manifestations!

"You were amazing..." I began. "Unbelievable!"

She said nothing but rested her head against my chest.

"Was it... what you wanted?" I asked.

"It was perfect." She replied quietly. "Just perfect! Thank you so, so much!"

"It was good for me too." I confessed. "It just seems to get better each time. You're one in a million..."

"You're not so bad yourself!" She smiled. "Where did you learn to do that... down there?" She nodded towards her crotch, sounding a bit embarrassed. "I mean you've always been good... down there, but it's never felt... quite that good before?" Her body seemed to tremble a little as the memories of her multiple orgasms washed over her. "After all these years you can still surprise me!" She said and I glowed again with pleasure at this praise.

"I'm pleased you enjoyed it... I think we're both finding new sides to ourselves, aren't we? I mean who would have thought a sweet pretty mother like you... Jeez, Alice! Look at your neck!"

Her bathrobe had fallen open revealing half a dozen blotchy patches of darkening skin the size of fifty-pence pieces on her chest and neck. I stepped back and opened the robe's collar a little wider. At first Alice resisted but then yielded and let me have a better look. A chain of large hickeys ran from half way down the left side of her neck and across her chest. Both her small breasts showed clear evidence of teeth marks and bore more dark patches that stood out alarmingly clearly against the pale flesh of her globes.

"Darling...!" I gasped.

"I know." She said softly, clearly embarrassed. "I saw them in the mirror. Are you angry?"

"Christ, No!" I exclaimed without thinking then shut my mouth sharply. "I mean, are you angry he marked you so much? Does it hurt?"

She blushed again. "Not really... ummm... I mean in a weird way it makes me feel really good that I turned him on so much he felt he wants to mark me as his..."

To be honest, very similar thoughts were going through my mind too. And the fact that there were so many marks and they were so dark meant that she would bear the evidence for quite a long time, prolonging my memories and my enjoyment of the whole extraordinary affair.

I secretly squeezed the panties in my pocket and smiled.

"Why don't you have a nice long soak in the bath while I have a quick shower and fix us some breakfast?" I suggested.

"That sounds wonderful." She smiled, pulling her robe back around her shoulders. "I do love you, you know!"

I smiled again. What a wonderful start to the day.

"What about... him? Do you love him too?" I had to know.

My wife's response took a minute to come but perhaps because of that, seemed more sincere and totally believable.

"I'm... I'm definitely in lust with him, if there is such a thing." She said in a matter-of-fact way. "The way he makes me feel when he fucks me goes way beyond anything you and I have reached but..." Her use of the 'f' word made my chest ache, but she carried on "... But apart from the kids of course, I only actually love one person. I only ever have."

And with that parting line she left the kitchen and I heard her bare feet on the stairs, leaving me stunned but glowing with happiness.


The rest of the day passed very pleasantly with few references to the previous evening. After our usual hour in the gym and a short run together in the nearby woods (my second run in one day – my life really had changed!), Alice and I drove to a major shopping centre in a city an hour's drive away and bought presents for our youngest, whose birthday was a few weeks away.

Alice went shopping dressed in tights, heels and a very short skirt indeed – after so much gym work and running her legs were now so slim and sexy I felt they almost needed a licence – but she still seemed quite unaware of the transformation in herself that was gradually taking place.

At my request, she also wore a low cut top under her jacket which gave other shoppers tantalising glimpses of her hickeys – a public flaunting of her infidelity that few would understand but it gave me a thrill to think of strangers seeing us and maybe - just maybe - realising we were a cuckold couple as we walked hand in hand around the shops.

Unknown to Alice, her used panties were balled up in my jacket pocket and I squeezed them surreptitiously from time to time as we shopped.

I was in Cuckold Heaven!


A week later, I picked up the kids from my parents at tea time. Mum and Dad had taken care of them for the weekend to allow Alice and me time to attend a friend's second wedding. The kids had, as usual, been spoiled rotten by their Grandparents and squabbled almost the entire journey home. I had to tell them off several times in the car so when we reached the house they stormed in and up to their bedrooms leaving me to bring in all their bags.

I dropped the kids' stuff in the hallway and looked around for Alice, hoping to unload my frustrations about their behaviour and maybe have a glass of wine as a reward. When I found her she was in the lounge, sitting on the sofa, a large wine glass already in her hand, talking to someone on the phone. She covered the mouthpiece as I entered, mouthing the word 'Carmen'.

Realising I had walked in on my wife and Steve's wife Carmen enjoying yet another post-mortem of Alice's last seduction, I felt that politeness required me to leave them in privacy although I really, really wanted to hear what they were saying.

I compromised by going into the kitchen which was close by, but leaving all the doors open – having first checked that the kids were well out of earshot.

"... I know... yes, it was the best yet...you KNOW that!" she whispered in a slightly embarrassed way. "Ok, maybe the best EVER... You ARE lucky, Carmen... No, I didn't see you afterwards but I can imagine what you were like... Oh he's happy alright... Yes, I was surprised he did it too but he says he loved it..." She giggled. "I certainly did!"

There was a pause as Carmen spoke and Alice listened before replying enthusiatically.

"No, like I said, it sounds really great... Yes of course, we'd love to come... He'll be fine, really... I'll ask him later... OK I'll ask him now... Yes, I'm really keen, it seems ages since Steve..." She looked around the room guiltily before finishing her sentence. "Since Steve fucked me!"

Her voice was very low and I barely caught the last few sentences but within seconds my wife joined me in the kitchen and I had to appear busy in a hurry.

She looked sweet, sexy and yet still very much the Alice I loved, in tight leggings and a long T shirt that showed off her slender, athletic, slightly boyish curves. By now her hickeys and bite marks had faded to a tantalising shadow whose implication only I could understand but which might still have been visible to the guests at the previous day's wedding – a fact that gave me an extra thrill. Apart from this there was no outward sign to suggest that my lovely wife was, in certain circumstances, a cock-crazy slut.

Apart, that is, from the increasingly sexy but tasteful way she dressed these days, the time she spent exercising and improving her body, and of course the names she called me when she was 'in the mood', which she clearly was now.

"Hi CB!" She said, smiling and refilling her glass. I smiled back – CB stood for Cucky-Boy. She hadn't called me that for over a week. Carmen's call must have made her feel sexy again.

"The kids were a nightmare..." I complained, filling my own glass and giving her a peck on the lips. She raised an eyebrow as if asking me what they had done but I had moved on to a new agenda.

"What's got you in the Hotwife mood again?" I asked straight out.

She blushed. "Is it that obvious?"

I grinned and nodded. "To the trained eye - and ear!"

"Well, Cucky-Boy Smartypants..." She grinned, her eyes a picture of mischief. "Carmen and Steve have invited us to spend a long weekend in their new apartment near Marbella next month. Isn't that nice? It sounds amazing." She told me, her voice animated and enthusiastic. I was surprised but pleased too.

"When did she suggest going?" I asked.

"She thought early in June but the kids are still here. I suggested we went that week when they are with Mum and Dad in Yorkshire." She paused. "Carmen says she and Steve will be there all week but we could get cheap flights on the Wednesday and fly back on the Sunday. Mum and Dad wouldn't mind having the kids an extra day – in fact they'd all love it!"

She was right of course. We had heard a great deal about the new Spanish apartment over the last few months and had seen a lot of photographs. It looked fantastic - like something from the movies but because of the property crisis in Spain, Steve and Carmen had been able to buy a really impressive place for a mere song.

Alice and I loved Spain too and had thought of buying something ourselves but, unlike Steve and Carmen, we had two kids to think about and just didn't have the spare cash – at least not yet.

I thought for a minute. "We were going to go walking in the Dales... but I reckon this sounds quite a good idea too." My voice trailed off a bit as uncertainty filled my mind.

"What's worrying you?" my wife asked gently. "As if I couldn't guess." She smiled knowingly. "Look, we'd only go if you were happy with the idea and I doubt he'll want to fuck me all the time..."

"But you do want him to fuck you, don't you? You want it quite a lot, I would guess." I asked, hoping I knew the answer.

"Yes of course I do. It will have been five weeks between dates by then..." She had a slightly dreamy look in her eyes as she squeezed my arm playfully. "but we'd only do it if you were happy with the idea." She grinned lasciviously. "But I think I know my Cucky-Boy well enough... You'll be more than happy, right?"

I blushed but she was absolutely right. The idea of being relegated to second place in my wife's bed for several days in a row had a huge appeal to my twisted mind.

"Would Carmen be happy with the two of you together so much of the time?" I wondered. "You know how turned on she gets straight after one of their 'Conquests'"

Alice though for a second then nodded. "She said it was her idea. You know how she likes to make mischief – I suspect this is another of her little schemes in some way."

Alice had a point. I wondered what the she-devil might be up to this time. One thing was certain – it would involve me getting humiliated... again... at least I hoped so!

"We'd just have to set a few ground rules, I suppose, to make sure we're all happy." Alice continued. "But there are bound to be a few... incidents... if we're lucky!" She whispered giggling and looking shiftily round to make sure the kids weren't within earshot.

"Just think what we could get up to! And what you could do too, Cucky-Boy!"

I was thinking just that. I cancelled the booking in the Dales hotel.


The next week passed normally, apart from our lovemaking being a lot more exciting. Alice was clearly looking forward to spending time with Steve – well, spending time in bed with him – and this added quite a frisson to our sex which I really enjoyed.

She made me use a condom every time we had sex to 'make sure she was nice and clean for him' but I knew it was mostly to torment me - and I loved the torment!

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