Journey into Cuckoldry - Twice Shy


Alice's almost leapt back in surprise as Steve's erection sprang out and towards her face.

"Oh my God! It's so big! Much bigger than I remember!" She exclaimed in astonishment.

"Bigger than your husband's?" Steve's voice was low but clearly audible.

"Christ yes!" She immediately replied.

"It will get even bigger soon." His voice went very quiet.

Taking her cue, Alice wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to stroke it in long, slow movements not unlike those Carmen was using on my cock as I watched. Her hand could barely close around its girth and it was at least twice as long as her fist as she slowly and sexily pumped.

Steve's fingers entwined in Alice's hair as she stroked him, his hands gently but firmly drawing her face closer and closer towards his cock until its head lightly touched her chin and as I watched wide-eyed, my wife simply opened her lips and took the end of his cock straight into her mouth. It looked simply huge, a thick pink pole of muscle penetrating deep between Alice's red-painted lips, as slowly and tentatively she began to lick and suck his monstrous pole.

In all our marriage, I doubt if Alice had given me more than half a dozen blow jobs, always insisting it was degrading for a woman and unhygienic. And yet there she was, kneeling before Steve, naked from the waist up with her firm breasts bared, nipples obviously erect, taking his full erection into her mouth deeper than I thought was physically possible. Her hands were clasped together behind her back and she was gazing up adoringly into his eyes as she licked and sucked his massive shaft, dipping her head forwards and backwards as he gently rocked his hips as if fucking my wife's pretty face.

"Look at that cock!" Carmen whispered very softly in my ear, my cock in her hand looking tiny in comparison. "It would make any wife a cock-sucker, even sweet little Alice!" She spoke with extraordinary, almost palpable pride in her husband's endowment. "It's not surprising she prefers that amazing erection to... to this!"

She flicked the top of my cock with her index finger. I winced at the sharp pain. In the car the night of the seduction it had been difficult to see Steve's erection in its full glory. I could tell it was big and Alice's reactions when he had entered her had confirmed this but now, fully visible in the lamplight I had to admit that Steve's cock simply dwarfed my own mediocre effort.

"Let's see if we can improve things for you too." Carmen whispered and began to stroke me harder and faster with the steady expert technique I knew only too well she possessed.

Back in the lounge, Alice was amazing me. I had never imagined that she could be so passionate giving blow jobs – certainly I had never encountered it. Her body rocked back and forth, taking Steve in and out of her mouth in time with gentle thrusts from his hips while he moaned softly in pleasure. Deeper and deeper went the thrusts until I was sure she would choke, but my wife was clearly a woman of hidden talents and somehow managed to take almost all of his length, then lick and pump the huge shaft as it slipped back between her teeth.

She began to pump faster and faster, as if to bring Steve to a climax in her mouth and to my amazement I saw her right hand slip away from his tight scrotum and dive between her own thighs where she began to stroke her slit as she licked and sucked his cock.

I thought I must surely climax immediately, my arousal was so strong, but Carmen seemed to understand this and her expert hands kept me just the right side of ejaculation – close enough to feel its presence but never reaching the critical level of arousal.

Alice's hand was moving faster and faster on Steve's cock, her lips around its head as if wanting him to cum between her mouth when he gently but firmly placed his hands on either side of her face and slowed her movements, drawing his erection gently from between her teeth.

It stood firm and hard, much darker in colour than before Alice's mouth had showered it with attention, but still an awesome sight.

As I watched, Alice sat back on her heels, her mouth wet and sticky, her lipstick all but gone. Steve placed a single finger under her chin and tilted her sweet face towards his. My lovely wife looked adoringly into her lover's eyes.

"It's time Ali." He said. "I think you always knew it would come to this." His voice was low and very, very persuasive. He slipped of his trousers, shoes and socks as he spoke.

"But Steve we can't..." I could feel the anguish in her voice and felt torn. Did I want her to resist? Did I want her to yield and let him take her again? I knew deep down that there was nothing I could do other than sit and watch...

"Didn't you like it last time? What did you tell me?" He asked calmly, casting aside his shirt and revealing his well-developed chest and arms.

"I know and it's true. It was unbelievably good... the best I've ever had... but..."

"And you want me again, now. Don't you?" Naked in front of her, unobstructed by his clothes, Steve's cock looked huge and intimidating.

"Steve..." She protested.

"Don't you?" He insisted.

"Steve I..."

"Say it, Alice. You know it's true. Tell me you want my cock in you again."

"Oh God!"

Her hand reached out to his groin. She ran her fingers down the length of his cock, a look of anxiety on her pretty face.

"It's even bigger now than I remember it!"

"That's because of you!" He hissed coarsely. "Your sexy body; your sexy mouth. You made that happen. You're incredible! And you want it, Ali, admit it, you really want it..."

"Steve... you know I want it but... but..."

There was a look almost of anguish on her face as her brain fought against her body's desires... and lost!

"Oh God Steve! I want that cock in me again... please... quickly..."

"That's my girl, Ali!"

I almost cheered, surprising myself at the strength of my feelings as I watched my wife lay back on the sofa and brazenly spread her long slender legs, her bottom perched on the edge of the seat, staring at Steve's groin.

"Tell me what you want me to do...!"

She reached forward and stroked his massive erection again.

"I need to hear you say it, Ali..."

My wife closed her eyes and her head fell back against the sofa cushion.

"I want you to fuck me again, Steve."

There! She had said it – in front of me. My wife had almost begged another man to fuck her. But there was more to come.

"Fuck me like before Steve, only better... longer... harder... make me cum... cum hard... again! Please..."

A broad smile crossed Steve's face as he bent over and kissed her full on the lips then roughly pulled her legs until she was lying almost flat on the sofa, her open thighs presented towards him – and thank goodness, towards the mirror too. He took hold of the sides of her panties with both hands.

"Lift up, Ali..." He whispered. My wife did as she was told and within seconds her panties were gone, her vulva naked and fully exposed.

In the reflection, her slit looked dark and angry red between her pale outer lips as Steve manoeuvred himself into position, his cock at the entrance to my wife's waiting vagina.

"Steve... Wait a second..." She said suddenly, leaning forward and placing a hand on his flat tummy.

"What is it, Ali?" He asked, rubbing his smooth head up and down her slit, searching for her entrance.

"Promise me... you'll pull out before... before you cum... I'm not... mmmm... not on the pill and... Oh God, that feels good...! We were... lucky last time and I... I can't... take the risk..."

But her attempt at protest was cut short as Steve's slim buttocks tightened, his hips thrust forward, and the head of his cock was forced past her inner lips, straight into my wife's moist vagina.


Alice squealed in shock and delight as his huge cock broke through all remaining resistance and slipped half its length into her.

"Yes!" Carmen hissed into my ear in triumph. Her fingers gripped my rigid cock tightly until it actually hurt as her hand rose and fell in my naked lap. "Enjoy it, Cuckold. Enjoy watching my husband fucking your sweet innocent wife's brains out!"

He drew himself slowly back, his small, tight bottom blocking my view of Alice's vulva, until I guessed his head was just inside her body, then his buttocks clenched hard and he drove himself back into her with an animal grunt.

Alice squealed again. "Jesus Christ!"

He drew back and thrust into her again.

"Oh God! Oh Jesus!"

And then before my eyes he proceeded to thoroughly fuck my helpless, totally compliant wife, first in long, slow thrusts, each one ending in a loud, wonderfully wet slap as his body slammed against hers, then as his speed increased, with shorter, faster strokes.

Beneath him, Alice seemed to be climbing a wall of pleasure, her voice growing louder, higher pitched and less coherent as Steve's pace quickened. Like a machine, he tirelessly thrust himself in and out of her vagina, sometimes fast, sometimes slow but always relentless, bringing my wife to highs of pleasure, backing off, then back closer and closer to what I could tell would soon be a shattering orgasm.

It seemed to go on forever, my cock in Carmen's hands was now sore with her stroking and rubbing – God alone knew how sore Alice's vagina must be by now.

But still Steve thrust into her. I could hear my lovely wife panting faster and faster, her voice weaker and weaker until finally it was choked off altogether as a massive tidal wave of orgasm washed over and through her before my eyes. Her body shook, trembling beyond control in a way that had never come close to happening when in bed with me, her eyes widened until they looked like they would pop out of her head, her tongue bulging from her lips, he fingers digging deeply into Steve's biceps as she came wildly.

And still Steve thrust into her, by now in short, sharp, very fast strokes indeed.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God Steve! Oh please..."

Her voice returned, very high now, almost a squeal, her words falling over each other as her head flailed from side to side on the sofa, her arms first on Steve's shoulders, then his waist, then his hips, then grabbing her own boobs, then grabbing her hair as he ploughed in and out of her totally unresisting body.

"Please! No more! Please!" She begged as his thrusts grew faster and faster and the room filled with wet slapping sounds. Alice's head was off the bed now, her eyes wide and staring, her neck stiff, her face directly below Steve's as his body slammed repeatedly into hers.

"Please...! Cum now! I can't... take... any... more..." She pleaded. "Please... cum... in... me... cum... in... me... NOW!"

Carmen gripped my left hand tightly in hers, forcing my fingers against her own crotch as her right hand pumped my erect cock wildly, her eyes like mine glued to the scene on the bed.

"What you get... get pregnant...?" Steve croaked but it was obvious he had no intention of pulling out.

"I... dontcare I... dontcare I... dontcare" Alice gasped.

There was a grunt, a rapid quickening of his thrusts, another animal cry from Steve, one massive powerful final surge of his body followed by a scream from Alice...

And then he began to cum. Steve's back hunched, his head was thrown back and his buttocks tightened again as he began to ejaculate in my wife's body. As the semen spurted into her unprotected vagina he let out a cry of ecstasy and triumph as his body went into spasm, ramming the last few millimetres of his cock into her and filling her with every last drop of his seed.

In our darkened room, Carmen's eyes almost glowed as she watched her husband's climax, her nipples hard and erect, her hand a blur on my cock, pumping it wildly until my own cloudy semen spurted from its near-purple head and sprayed over the front of my shirt only seconds after her husband's cock had emptied its own cargo onto my wife's unprotected cervix.

There was a moment of stillness, the silence broken only by the sound of heavy breathing. Carmen's hand released my battered, softening cock and I fell back on the sofa, trying to take stock of all that had just happened.

"You can come in now..." It was Alice's voice, still hoarse and dreamy. What? I froze, listening carefully.

"Come on out." She said again. "I... I need you here with me now..." I looked at Carmen whose face was one huge smile of triumph.

"Go to your wife." She said, her voice no longer a whisper. "She needs you after a fucking like that..."

My head span with confusion as I rose to my feet and walked to the open door, my short messy, cock hanging uselessly between my naked legs, my shirt spattered with semen. I peered through into the lounge.

There, lying back on the sofa was my wife, her stocking-clad legs still splayed apart, her red swollen vulva presented towards me, her face and chest flushed bright pink. She looked exhausted but gestured for me to come closer.

I looked at Steve, sitting naked next to her, his arm around her shoulders. His legs were parted too and between them I could clearly see the dark red, still half erect cock that moments earlier had brought my wife to an orgasm the like of which I had never even imagined. His eyes were closed but I could tell he was well aware of my presence.

I slowly approached my wife's naked, sticky body and looked down on the woman I had been married to for so long. Her left arm was loose on the cushion, her right resting on Steve's left thigh, her long hair spread out over the sofa back like a halo. She was breathing heavily as her body slowly cooled and calmed down. Her eyes were closed.

My eyes were drawn inexorably to her groin where her pubic hair was matted with a mixture of semen and her own juices. Her outer lips were puffy and swollen, her inner lips dark red and protruding in a way I had never seen before.

"Did you enjoy it?" She asked, without opening her eyes, as if she knew I had been there all along.

"It was... unbelievable darling." I replied, my heart pounding in my chest. "I've never been so aroused in my life!"

She chuckled, opening her eyes. They sparkled as she smiled at me. "I don't think I have either." Her eyes closed again. "I'm soooo tired!"

Alongside her, Steve moved silently, removing his arm from around her before standing up quietly and unobtrusively behind the sofa. He turned and smiled at me, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Better leave you two together." He said. "Carmen will want me now." He stood up and crossed to the doorway. "If it's ok with you, we'll go to the spare room."

And with that, he left, closing the door behind him.

I knelt on the floor in front of my wife's spent body, my fingers lightly running up and down her flat, sticky tummy and inner thighs, toying with the fluids that now congregated around her groin.

"You're not... angry, are you?" She asked.

"Angry? No darling. I'm sorry it took us so long to find out how much we enjoyed this."

She smiled contentedly. "I hoped you wouldn't be. I mean if you'd wanted us to stop, we would have. Steve agreed he would stop any time I gave the word." I frowned, a little puzzled but she didn't notice, carrying on. "But you didn't stop us and... Oh my God, it was sooo good! Thank you sooo much. I love you!"

But now I had worked out what was puzzling me.

"You mean you knew all the time that I was in the dark, watching you?"

"Of course! Carmen sent us a text when the two of you were ready."

"She sent you a text?"

"Yes. Oh please don't spoil it all now by getting cross now. I didn't want to deceive you but I didn't think you'd agree to see Carmen and Steve again unless, well, you were introduced to the idea gradually and thought it was all your idea."

She chuckled.

"It was quite fun really. All those meetings with Steve, knowing you were watching us flirting and fondling. Wondering how far we could take it before you stepped in and stopped us." She smiled and stroked my arm lovingly. "But you were wonderful! You let us go all the way, right up to tonight and..." She threw herself back on the bed, arms open wide. "...and the best sex of my whole life..."

I was stunned. All the time I thought Carmen had been helping me persuade Alice to have sex with Steve, in fact she had been helping Alice persuade me to let her do exactly the same thing.


I realised I hadn't noticed her since I had approached Alice's after her shattering climax. I looked around the room but there was no sign of her or Steve. Suddenly I became aware of a rhythmic, knock, knock, knocking on the ceiling which had to be coming from the spare bedroom above.

"Total Conquest!" I whispered to myself as a soft moaning came through the wall above the knocking.

I felt a stirring in my groin. Clearly it had been long enough since my ejaculation at Carmen's hands and my cock was firming again. Silently I knelt up between my wife's still-spread thighs and, with a hand on each of her knees, parted her legs wide. She resisted slightly then relaxed as I moved closer to her vulva as if knowing instinctively what I intended to do.

"Be gentle..." She asked softly. "I'm so sore!"

I lowered my head to her breasts and kissed them gently, first on their still-hard nipples, then on the fading bite marks that surrounded them. I kissed her chest between her boobs then laid a trail of tiny kisses in a straight line down the centre of her belly over her tummy button and towards the dark triangle below.

As my face came closer to her vulva, the smell of recent sex grew stronger and stronger until I could taste on my lips the potent mix of semen and juices which lay spattered over her groin. Realising Alice was watching me, I looked into her eyes then rose to my feet and leaned forward over her, taking my weight on my left hand, my right guiding the end of my rapidly-hardening cock towards her gaping, messy entrance.

Her lips parted easily and with a single smooth movement I slid my full length into her body making a rude, spattering sound as my entrance forced quantities of Steve's semen back out.

"Sloppy Seconds for the Cuckold!"

Carmen's words filled my mind as I began to thrust noisily and violently in and out of Alice's well-used vagina, the wet slapping sound getting louder and louder as I increased my pace in time with the increasingly frantic thumping on the ceiling as, above us, Steve was obviously fucking Carmen harder and harder.

Alice bit her lower lip and winced, presumably a result of her soreness but I was beyond stopping, driven by lust and rapidly losing control, I hammered into her messy passage faster and faster until with a toe-curling, back wrenching climax, I cried out aloud and added my own semen to the pool within her belly.

She hadn't come anywhere near to climax but this time, I didn't care.

My own climax over, I softened very quickly and my cock slipped readily from my wife's stretched passage accompanied by a small stream of milky white fluid which puddled on the cushion beneath her buttocks. I carefully lifted myself off her limp body, kissed her on the forehead and knelt in front of her again, the room silent.

"Are you and Steve going to... make this a regular thing then?" I asked eventually.

"That's down to whether and when he wants me." She replied dreamily. "I'm not really in a position to refuse now..."

"Will I be allowed to... to watch" I ventured nervously.

"Of course!" She said, running her fingers through my hair. "That's the whole point isn't it?"

I stroked her sticky belly, imagining all the sperm swimming round inside her and wondering whether we would be lucky in avoiding pregnancy for a second time.

As if Alice could read my mind, she said

"I suppose I'd better go back on the pill too..." Her voice was tired and a little woozy.

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