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Journey Into Submission


Hello, I am Master of your domain (Moyd to my friends), the proud Master of my submissive, jewel. We are partners in a loving D/s relationship. As a part of jewel's daily commands and activities, she keeps a journal filled with her thoughts, lessons learned, fears, insights, anxieties and some fantasies she has about us. In reading these, I realized that she has a beautiful gift in her writing. I feel she brilliantly captures the internal struggle that a submissive undergoes. It wasn't long before she started writing stories for me, each one more exciting and hotter than the last. I thought, 'I have to share her talent', so I instructed her to write a story to be shared with you all. I trust that you will find in it the pleasure I do in her gift. Enjoy this story and be on the look out for more of her work in the future. Until next time, Moyd.

Journey into Submission - The Meeting

Ruby paused and almost turned around, free massage or no, at the posh chrome and wood front door of the spa. “Don’t be shy, love.” An amused male voice spoke over her left shoulder as a masculine arm reached by her and opened the door.

She risked a quick glance upward before hurrying through the open door. The man was big, 6’3 or 4”, she guessed, with dark hair cut short. She had the impression of dark, intense eyes, a black goatee and casual clothes consisting of an open-necked shirt, khaki shorts and casual shoes.

Ruby cursed the blush she could feel heating her cheeks as she preceded him into the foyer and took herself quietly to task for her unexpected reaction to this stranger. She moved aside, hoping he would take the hint and pass her by as she tried to get her bearings while appearing to know where she was going.

He glanced at her, the smile lingering around his mouth though his dark eyes were serious, bold. His look sharpened, swept over her in a thorough evaluation and he gave a little nod as though he had confirmed something to his satisfaction. Ruby felt his perusal to the core. She wanted to fidget, to run her hands over her fine, flyaway hair and straighten her shirt. She fought herself still, tilted her chin a little and raised her brows in question. Without a word, he took her by the elbow and led her to the reception desk.

He put his hands on her shoulders and she felt the heat of them, the possession of them, to her toes. He stood just behind her, a solid presence and so close she could smell his scent. “Jenn here will be glad to help you, won’t you Jenn?”

And then he was striding away through double glass doors. Hesitantly, Ruby dug the gift certificate out of her purse and showed it to the receptionist. “I called earlier for an appointment. I have this certificate for a massage—“

A series of chic young women passed Ruby along until she found herself undressing in a small room that smelled of sandalwood. She should just go home, she told herself. As wonderfully thoughtful as her friend Diane’s gift had been, Ruby was not the kind of woman who liked strangers putting their hands on her, or seeing her body’s faults, come to that. Especially this group of pretty, hard-bodied young women. Ruby sighed and stood before the mirror for an objective look at her naked self. There was just so…much of her, she thought. She had never fit the feminine ideal of beauty; her hips were too wide, her abdomen too soft, and her breasts much too large. With another sigh, she lay face down on the massage table and draped a towel over her butt. She just wanted to get this over with so Diane would stop nagging her. There was a soft knock on the door and it opened to reveal a man –and not just any man--but the one from the front door. “Oh!” Ruby stared at him in shocked horror, half rising from the table before she remembered she was naked. “W..what are you doing here?” she managed to get out, hastily laying flat again. He gave her a slow smile as he moved into the room and closed the door with a sharp click. “I am your masseuse.” For a heart-stopping instant, Ruby thought he’d said ‘I am your Master’ and her body vibrated with a leap of emotion so strong it stole her breath. It only took her a moment more to understand what he had truly said but she could not shake the effect. Somehow it never occurred to her that the masseuse might be male. That he was this male – a man to whom she was inexplicably drawn -- brought hot blushes to Ruby’s cheeks as she searched wildly for another towel, her shirt, anything that would allow her to cover herself and escape. She half rose from the table and he laid his big hand on her shoulder. His touch was warm, his hand callused and though he did not grab her, there was no mistaking the pressure he used to halt her flight. “For today,” he said, “Call me AJ.” “I’m sorry, but there’s been a mistake.” Ruby babbled, “I will have to reschedule.”

He squatted down in front of her. That, combined with the gentle pressure on her shoulder, eased Ruby back down on the table. She stared down into his face and wondered – briefly – why she felt so attracted to this stranger. “I won’t hurt you. Think of me,” he said his voice low and soft, “like a doctor and don’t be embarrassed, dear. Relax.” It was the kind of smooth soft voice one uses to gentle a skittish animal, Ruby thought. Nervously, she tried again to rise “I really can’t stay,” “It will be all right, Ruby.” He said firmly, his dark eyes catching and holding hers. “Let me give you a scalp massage,” as he spoke, he stood and spread a flannel sheet over her. “It would be such a shame to leave without ANY massage after you have come this far. It will be my treat so you can use your certificate later, ok? Roll over, please.” He sat himself on a stool at the head of the table and waited. Blushing, Ruby clutched at the flannel sheet and rolled over. She noticed distractedly that there was a shiny silver mobile above the table that shimmered and caught the light. “Good girl,” his voice was warm with approval as he gently slid his fingers against her scalp and began the massage. “I want you to watch the mobile, Ruby.” He continued in that smooth voice, “concentrate on it and relax.” There was no denying that his fingers worked magic on her scalp. She had to fight to keep from groaning at the pleasure. AJ talked in that soft calm voice as he worked. “Relax..that’s it. Concentrate on my voice and watch the little silver sun and let your body sink boneless on the table…My hands are pulling the tension out of you…you feel warm and safe.” And remarkably…they were and she did. He continued to speak softly but Ruby no longer troubled to make out the words. And then: “You have beautiful hair, so fine and soft. You are a natural blonde, aren’t you?” “Yes.” Her voice sounded far away and slurred. “Tell me why you don’t want to stay for a massage.”

A woman started talking and Ruby listened with dreamy detachment as the woman explained why her body embarrassed her with its exaggerated curves and soft valleys; how her ex-husband had ridiculed her lush shape. Ruby smiled, thinking that she and the speaker had a lot in common. Sometime during the speech, the flannel sheet slowly disappeared until Ruby lay completely naked upon the table. “You are quite wrong, you know. You are a little beauty.”

She blinked and found that AJ was no longer seated on the stool at her head, but standing at her left, smiling down at her. He squirted lotion into his hands and rubbed them together. “Roll over, Ruby and let me show you your beauty.”

A voice in her head seemed to be very sure that she should not obey him. This voice insisted that Ruby get up from the table immediately and leave. She rolled over, instead. “That’s my girl.” AJ said approvingly. The voice in Ruby’s head sneered that she was long past girlhood but the rush of pleasure accompanying his praise swiftly drowned it out. Then AJ’s warm hands started massaging her shoulder. “Your skin is so soft,” he murmured, stroking her gently, his hands deft and knowing; finding the tight spots in her shoulders and working them out, “like silk and satin.” “Oh.” She said. “Feel good?” “Ohhhhh, yes.” AJ chuckled, “It will feel even better soon.” He worked swiftly, surely on her shoulders and down her arms until Ruby felt like limp spaghetti. It was wonderful. His hands were so warm and strong and sure on her as he worked down her back: first deep in the muscle and then softly stroking her skin. Naively, Ruby thought that he would bypass her ass. It was therefore a distinct shock to feel his hands slide over it with loving thoroughness. “Relax.” He soothed, fondling her, then “Oh sweetheart, you have a luscious ass.”

He massaged it long and well but when he drizzled lotion into the crack of her ass and started working it in, Ruby’s inner voice went into megaphone-mode. Yet all that came out was… “What a lovely whimper.” AJ seemed pleased and murmured, “Spread your legs, little darling. Yes. That’s right.”

After a brief moment, he began to massage her thighs, starting high and stroking ever closer to her sex. As his big fingers at last stroked over it, he said with warm satisfaction, “Good girl, you are wet.”

Ruby was confused. Her inner voice was screaming that THIS was not a normal massage, yet her conscious mind seemed not to care. And clearly her body liked very much what AJ was doing to her. He worked his way down her legs to her feet and gave her the most delicious foot massage she had ever had.

Her confusion was replaced by relaxed bliss. AJ murmured, “Now roll over and look up at the mobile, baby. That’s my good girl.”

Obeying the slight pressure of his hand on her hip, Ruby did as he instructed. His dark eyes gleamed as he stared at her naked form. “You are so beautiful, sweet Ruby.”

She blinked at him, her smoky grey eyes wide in surprised pleasure. He looked and sounded most sincere. After adding more lotion to his hands, AJ started working high on her chest, stroking his hands down her neck and along her collarbone.

Ruby felt boneless, unable to do anything but obey this man’s soft commands and soak up the pleasure he gave her. She caught her breath the first time he cupped her breasts. “Sweetheart, you have lovely breasts, the prettiest I have seen in some time.” AJ chuckled as he added, “and believe me, I’ve seen a few.” AJ fondled her breasts with such loving care that Ruby stomped ruthlessly on her inner voice. He watched her face as he captured her nipples between his fingers and began to tug and roll them. “ohhhhh.” Ruby breathed, enthralled as the most amazing sensations streaked from her nipples to her sex. “Darling Ruby, I bet you are as delicious as you look.” AJ crooned, tugging harder on her nipples as they puckered and swelled. When he bent his head and sucked her right nipple hard to the roof of his mouth, Ruby arched off the table with a long moan.

She was dreaming. That’s what was happening, Ruby thought. This was just an increasingly erotic dream. AJ took her left nipple in his mouth and she thought she might die from the pleasure.

He let her nipple go with an audible ‘pop’ and watched her closely a long moment, his hands gently stroking her belly. “Big, puffy nipples – my favorite kind. Tell me you want me to do it again, Ruby.” “God, yes! Please!” AJ grinned and moved down her body. “Perhaps later.”

Ruby’s gaze kept snagging on the silver mobile, she couldn’t seem to stop looking at it, even though AJ’s hands were doing the most amazing things to her. He stroked her sex with his knowing fingers and her heart seemed to leap into her throat. “Little darling,” his voice was slow and deep, “do you know what this is?” his fingers were stroking up and down, going a little deeper each time into the hot, moist depths of her.

Ruby swallowed hard. “My sex.” “This,” he said gently but firmly, “is your pussy. It’s lovely and Ruby it will be even more so when you shave it.”

Ruby moaned as she felt his finger slide deeply inside her. Heat, oh god, the heat! Ruby moved restlessly. And need! “Yes, love.” He said soothingly while he began to stroke her with first one then two fingers. “I know.”

His fingers were warm and gentle and thorough; sliding first deep and then all the way out and down the crack of her ass. He repeated this caress several times and then – Ruby caught her breath in shock – he gently inserted his lubed finger in her ass. “Oh.” Ruby’s heart suddenly raced and she wanted to jump up from the table. “You are wonderfully tight, Ruby. It will be such joy to fuck you here.”

She thought she must have misheard, AJ’s voice was so soft. He couldn’t have said…he couldn’t have…could he? “W..what?” Ruby managed to say. “Relax, sweetheart, enjoy the massage.” He stroked his finger in and out of her ass and heat rolled up her body as the sensation sent electric sparks along her nerves. “That’s my obedient girl.” His praise brought her another flush of pleasure. Ruby moaned and he laughed softly, “You like this, don’t you?”

When AJ removed his fingers, Ruby actually whimpered at the loss. Then, his finger was back and pushing slowly into her pussy. Only...it was NOT his finger, Ruby realized as the stretching sensation went on and on until – she looked down her body to see AJ’s condom-covered cock sliding deep inside her. He stood between her spread thighs, holding her ankles in his hands. She had no recollection of moving down the table so that her ass nearly hung off it. But she had and it was.

He was as naked as she and beautiful, she thought in some demented corner of her mind. And he was fucking her – a man she had only just met. His dark eyes were intent on her face as his body claimed hers. “Relax, love. That’s it. Oh, you are luscious.” Then he began to move, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding back, deep, strong.

Ruby’s inner voice was in shock, repeating over and over ‘this can’t be happening’ but her body was in heaven. Soon, AJ brought her legs up and draped them over his shoulders and he fucked her hard, his body thrusting repeatedly into hers with a relentless, claiming rhythm.

The sound of them, the scent of them, had color fluctuating wildly in Ruby’s cheeks. “Touch yourself, baby. I want to watch you cum.”

No! Never! Said Ruby’s inner voice. But her fingers stole obediently down to her…her pussy and for a moment rested against AJ’s hot, driving cock. When Ruby started to rub her clit, the combined sensations nearly overwhelmed her. “Open your eyes, darling Ruby.”

Her eyes snapped open though she could not remember closing them. Ruby moaned. “When you cum, sweetheart, look into my eyes and thank me.”

Ruby whimpered. She had never known lust before, not like this. It took her over before she even recognized the possibility, it arched her –writhing in need- off the table; it drove her hips to meet AJ’s thrusts.

When waves of pleasure rolled over her, she sought AJ’s warm dark gaze and breathed with heartfelt gratitude: “Oohhhhh. Thank you.” “Baby, it feels wonderful when you cum on my cock.” He smiled at her, “Do it again.”

Ruby felt the shock of something cold on her anus as he spread lube thickly there after he withdrew from her pussy. “Bear down, love.”

To her amazement, she did as he commanded and something big stretched her ass to the burning point. “Ssssshh, sweetheart. Bear down. That’s it. God, you are so tight!”

The stretching, burning pain smoothed sweetly as AJ succeeded in sliding his cock oh-so slowly balls-deep in her ass. He paused a long moment and the only sounds in the room were their harsh breathing and little whimpers that bubbled up Ruby’s throat. “Darling Ruby, you are a joy to fuck.” His voice was soft. His magical fingers found her hard nipples and tugged them knowingly.

When Ruby shifted restlessly, he chuckled and started to withdraw until only the head of his cock remained inside her. “No!” Ruby clutched at him, “Don’t leave me.” AJ laughed breathlessly and said, “Baby, I won’t. You feel like home.”

Gradually, he fucked her harder, faster, deeper. His body slammed into hers again and again, impaling her, claiming her, owning her. Ruby rode the sensations, beyond amazement, beyond conscious thought. She only knew she loved what he was doing to her and that she had never felt so sexy in her life. “Touch yourself. Cum for me.” His smooth dark voice commanded and she obeyed.

When she moaned, he praised her.

When she lifted her hips to meet him, he praised her.

When her body clenched and her orgasm rushed over her, he praised her. He drove his cock to the hilt, leaned over to whisper warmly in her ear, “That’s it, darling girl. Mmmm, it feels so fucking good, doesn’t it? Is this your first ass fuck?”

Ruby nodded “I can guarantee it won’t be your last,” AJ promised, “I’m going to cum in your hot sexy ass, Ruby. And you will feel—“ “Complete.” Ruby murmured dreamily. AJ looked startled, then pleased. “That’s right, for the first time in your life you will feel complete. You will come back to me for more, won’t you, my obedient darling?” “Yes.” “Good girl.”

AJ pressed his body down against hers, nearly bending her double. He captured her hands and threaded their fingers together and held her firmly. His hips became a blur as his big body claimed hers. Soon, AJ thrust deep and froze as he emptied himself high inside her. She was so tight that Ruby could feel each individual spurt of his hot cock as he came. She moaned softly, utterly captivated. “Oh baby,” AJ whispered breathlessly, “you are one hot fuck.” ~~~ “When I say your trigger word, sweetheart, you will awake feeling refreshed and completely relaxed. You will remember nothing except the scalp massage. You will return in a week for a complete massage with me. And Ruby, only I will fuck your ass. Do you understand these instructions, baby?” “Yes.” “Submissive.”

Ruby blinked and found herself staring into AJ’s smiling face. She was fully clothed and sitting in a chair. AJ was squatting in front of her. “Feel better?” “W..what happened?” “You were a little light-headed after you dressed. Can I get you anything?” Nervously, she shook her head and stood. “No, thank you. The scalp massage was marvelous.” “It was my pleasure, dear. Believe me.”

Journey into Submission - The Claiming

Ruby dreamed of him, of AJ, and she didn’t know why. She dreamed of him asleep and waking; her thoughts drifting to him in odd moments. It seemed at times that he possessed her. But it was not until Ruby found herself – for no reason at all that she could determine – shaving her pussy, that she realized she had undergone some kind of profound metamorphosis beneath AJ’s hands. She wondered whether he even remembered her…

…In that split second when he had first entered the massage room and seen Ruby’s reaction - a naked lust followed by fear and shame - AJ had decided to use his skills as a hypnotist and masseuse to give her the fucking for which she so desperately longed. It was a service he gave very special clients and one he enjoyed. However, his encounter with Ruby went beyond the usual sexual satisfaction. AJ remembered the scent of her arousal, the tiny sexy moans she made when he fucked her, the hot tight clasp of her body and sighed. Just remembering made him hard. He marveled that she truly had no idea how sexy she was, how luscious. If he lived to be a hundred, AJ thought, he would never understand his own sex; that any male would ridicule a female of Ruby’s sensuality was inexplicable to him. He found that he wanted to unlock the sensual sexy woman Ruby kept so closely hidden. He wanted to teach her how desirable she was. He wanted to hear her moaning as she lay beneath him and he wanted to feel her cumming on his cock as he claimed her, possessed her. He checked his schedule each morning, looking for her name then struggled with a sense of disappointment when he did not find it. He did not doubt at all that she would return. After all, he had planted the suggestion deep. But the strength of his anticipation surprised AJ. The moment he saw her name on his Thursday schedule, AJ canceled the two appointments ahead of hers and the one following. He told his boss that he was taking the rest of the day off, effectively making Ruby his last appointment of the day. He had plans for the afternoon and evening. He had plans for Ruby. He watched her undress and experienced a jolt of satisfaction when he saw she wore lingerie: no more plain whites for Ruby. Today she came to him in a black lace bra and thong. Today, when she stood and looked herself over in the mirror, he recognized a flicker of pride in her expression. AJ walked into the room as Ruby approached the massage table. She froze, startled, when he entered, shut and locked the door. “You are even sexier than I remembered,” he said as he approached her. Ruby stared into his eyes as though mesmerized by the sight of him.

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