tagLesbian SexJourney Into Submission

Journey Into Submission


Susan was jogging along the forest path, her mind in turmoil as she considered her life. Twenty-one, married to an attractive and rich man for just four months. No, an ultra rich man, who gave her every material thing she ever wanted. Her life was very comfortable, everything around her was of the highest quality, and there was plenty of it. So, why she asked herself, was she so frustrated, bored shitless. Why had she decided to work and why did she find sex with her husband abhorrent?

"For fuck's sake," she thought, "he repeatedly asks me for kinky sex. All he ever wants is to be in bondage, to be spanked, and to be pissed on as a prelude to fucking. Huh, well the peeing he will never get from me! Shit, when we were dating he appeared so dominant. He took me everyway possible and we had regular threesomes with Karen. Fuck, I thought we both loved it when Karen put me in bondage and used me!"

Susan paused at a bench to stretch her tendons and as she did, she looked down at her long shapely leg and smiled. She was proud of her body, the way she looked and wondered how long it had been since she had been appreciated as a person, even as a sex object, rather than a display trophy.

"Fuck!" she said aloud, "That would have been Karen!"

Sitting down on the bench, Susan thought, "That was my college lesbian phase, it was the best I have ever felt, but so called 'respectable society' will not allow any woman to be a lesbian all their lives. According to my mother, a woman must marry and have two point four fucking kids!"

As she started to run, she thought, "Women really excite me! Fuck! Is that the real reason I now find sex with my husband abhorrent!" Susan stopped and shouted to the heavens, "Yes of course! Why the fuck can't I just admit to being a lesbian, that's what I am; admit it, I am a submissive lesbian!"

She began to laugh but a confident gentle female voice behind her asked "So are you are finally peeking out of the closet?"

Susan spun around to face the questioner. Susan was momentarily speechless; her immediate reaction was that she was looking at a dark angel. Recovering slightly she asked nervously, "What?"

The dark angel laughed and replied, "You are coming out of the closet. You are finally admitting to yourself and, maybe to the world, that you are a lesbian. That is how we lesbians describe the process of admitting to yourself that you are a homosexual!"

Susan's hand reached up to her forehead and she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair in bewilderment, but her pussy was starting to throb.

The girl laughed and said, "OK, what's your preference, a quick finger fuck and orgasm in the bushes over there or a coffee date to get to know each other better?"

Susan stared at the beautiful Afro-American girl, her pussy was almost exploding with desire, but she also desperately wanted time, lots of time, with another lesbian.

"Both" Susan said quietly.

The girl laughed, shaking her head, and said, "You can only have one, a quick fingering to give your pussy relief or a chance at a relationship."

Susan paused, and then nervously replied, "Coffee," resigning herself to yet another masturbating session.

The girl reached out and took Susan's trembling hand. She smiled and pulled Susan off the path into the forest. They walked some distance into the woods before the girl turned to face Susan.

Hesitantly Susan said, "You said I could not have both it was either a quickie or a date for coffee!"

The girl stepped close to Susan; she smiled, and said, "What makes you think this is going to be a quick finger fuck? Actually, think of it as the start of a very satisfying relationship, maybe even a long one!"

The girl smiled and said, "My name is Julie."

Susan laughed and said, "I'm Susan and you will never know how pleased I am to meet you, Julie."

The girl was slightly taller than Susan was and as she looked up, their lips gently touched and Susan felt the girl's arms surround her, drawing her closer, until their breasts pressed firmly together. Susan closed her eyes wrapping her arms around the girl's neck as she felt the tip of a tongue brush her lips. She parted her lips as the tongue paused before gently invading her mouth. Susan's tongue sought the invader and their tongues began to dance in and around each other's mouths.

As their breathing became more erratic, the girl moved her head towards Susan's shoulders, and slowly began to kiss and nibble the side of her neck. Hooking her fingers under the straps of the Susan's tank top and sports bra, she gently pulled the thin material off Susan's shoulders and down to reveal Susan's petite breasts. The girl's hands cupped Susan's breast and she played the tip of her tongue around each areola and across the nipples. As she took Susan's nipple between her lips, Susan felt as if the engorged nipple was about to leap out of the skin and as the girl sucked, Susan moaned, delirious with ecstasy. The girl slowly moved her lips back to Susan's mouth, but her hand was tenderly forcing its way beneath the waistband of Susan's shorts. Susan almost screamed with pleasure as the girl's fingers first touched her clitoris and then began to caress the small knob, finally entering her saturated cunt.

As the girl's fingers played in and out of her cunt and around her clitoris, Susan was engulfed in a whirlpool of sexual depravity and her vaginal juices exploded over the girl's hand. She slowly sank to her knees, her quivering legs no longer able to support her. Panting she rested her head against Julie's thighs, finally looking up to see the girl's beautiful smiling face. Susan reached up and tentatively pulled at the girl's shorts and panties, and as they slid down her thighs, Susan glimpsed the girl's dark pussy, glistening with her cunt juices.

Susan raised her mouth to the delectable pussy, her tongue searching for the Julie's clitoris. She started to play her tongue in and around the clitoris as Julie opened her legs ever so slightly. Julie reached down and pressed Susan's mouth on to her cunt as Julie's breathing became more and more chaotic. Susan sucked the clitoris into her mouth and as the girl started to orgasm; she plunged her tongue into the girl's cunt, moving it rapidly around the vaginal orifice, allowing the Julie's squirting juices to wash over her face and into her mouth. The girl screamed in ecstasy, but held Susan hard onto her cunt.

Finally, Julie released Susan's head as the last convulsions of her orgasm faded. Julie looked down and smiled at Susan's saturated face. Laughing she asked, "Don't you just love the taste of black cunt juices?"

Susan giggled and said, "Mmm, Yes, I've never tasted anything so sweet."

Julie laughed and said, "Great for a quickie in the woods! Now, about that coffee."

They kissed tenderly, almost lovingly. The two half naked girls lay together, kissing and caressing each other for a very long time before loud voices emanating from the forest path made them scramble to dress. As the voices faded into the distance, the girls smiled at each other before Julie sat down leaning against a tree. She took Susan's hand and pulled her down to sit between her legs. Julie wrapped her legs around Susan's waist, and as Susan lent back onto Julie she started to stroke Julie's long dark legs.

Susan was brimming with happiness and said, "You have the best legs," paused, and then said, "and the most beautiful body I have ever seen."

Julie laughed and said, "Apart from the one you see every time you look in a mirror."

"No, my tits are too small," giggled Susan as she cupped her petite tits to make them stand out more.

Julie playfully pinched Susan's nipples hard and said, "I will make them grow."

After a pause Susan asked, "How old are you?"

"Eighteen" Julie replied and Susan breathed a sigh of relief.

Julie giggled and said, "Age is not the problem, its more your marriage, if this is to work. I do not share my lovers!"

Susan spoke quickly but in earnest, saying, "I'll just have to get divorced then, but I guess I will be broke. Can you handle that?"

Julie turned to look at Susan and nodded her head, then said, "I will be finished school in a couple of months and then we could get away."

Susan froze, and Julie asked, "What's wrong?"

"What school?" Susan asked nervously.

"St Josephs. Why?" replied Julie.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." Susan cried before adding, "I am starting as a temporary relief teacher there next week. What happens if I am your teacher?"

An amused Julie replied, "That's unlikely, but if you are I will just have to stare at you all lesson and surreptitiously finger myself under the desk."

Susan sighed, "What about me, I don't think I could be in your company for that long and not have my juices running down my legs!"

Both girls laughed as Julie said, "If you think that's bad there will be two of me! I have an identical twin."

Susan groaned.

They talked intimately for hours about each of their lives the good and the bad. Julie was amused at Susan's husband bondage and pissing fetish, but appeared to laugh it off. Eventually the girls strolled hand in hand towards their homes intent on meeting later that day for 'coffee'.

Together they found a lesbian only coffee shop, which rapidly became their favourite meeting place.

All too soon the day Susan was to start her job as a relief teacher rolled around and on the first morning Susan was to be found gazing out of the window of the headmaster's office. She was looking down at the throng of students moving back and forth across the quadrangle, wondering where Julie was. She was apprehensive, but smiled as she realised her nervousness was just a product of her own turbulent school days. Each time she was summoned to the head's office, she had expected to be berated for her deviant sexual behaviour. She could almost hear the mother superior scream; "it's against nature, it's unnatural, it is against god!" However, Susan was never chastised for her most intimate desires, instead, her mainly unsuccessful attempts at the seduction of her female classmates were seen only as misdemeanours, teenage high spirits, that is, until a teacher recognised their true meaning! Susan's mind wandered back to the "first time" and the orgasms she had had on the tongue and fingers of a much older and much more experienced lesbian teacher. As she thought of past days and Julie, she felt her pussy start to moisten, just as she heard the door to the head's office open.

As the headmaster entered, he looked at the silhouette of Mrs Susan Hayman framed by the window, he gasped audibly, but Susan ignored him, a smile playing on her lips as she continued to think of Julie. The headmaster coughed politely and quickly sat down at his desk. Susan turned, smiled, and sat down in front of him crossing her legs. The headmaster shifted uncomfortably in his chair as he began to tell Susan of her duties. The headmaster seemed distracted and soon Susan was leaving the office, laden with her class curriculum and the files of her new students.

Her head spinning at the headmaster's final counsel, "You may have problems telling a couple of eighteen-year-old students, identical twins, Joanne and Julie McGovern apart. Sometimes,'" he said, "they tease new teachers by continually swopping identities."

"Fuck!" Susan thought, "I am teaching Julie!"

As Susan made her way out of the room, the head master slumped back into his chair and clicked the mouse on his laptop. His hand moved slowly towards his groin and he began to rub his penis as an anal porn movie began to play. Soon he unzipped his fly, removed his large erect prick, and began to masturbate in earnest.

"God!" he thought as he watch an enormous prick penetrate a girl's anus, "I would really enjoy fucking Mrs Susan Hayman up the ass."

Suddenly the door opened and an eighteen-year-old girl giggled as she gazed upon the masturbating headmaster. The girl turned, locked the door, and then casually approached the headmaster, his hand wrapped around his enormous prick.

The girl was Joanne, Julie's twin, and she bent down over the desk her mouth inches from the headmaster's face and whispered, "What the fuck are you doing? Have I given you permission to masturbate?"

The headmaster lowered his eyes and shook his head.

As Joanne drew her hand back and slapped him hard across the face, she screamed "What!"

The headmaster let his prick go and quietly answered, "No Mistress. Please forgive me."

Joanne laughed and sat on the desk in front of the headmaster. As she spun around to face the headmaster she opened her legs revealing her young pussy and asked, "Where is the vibrator?"

The headmaster immediately jumped up and almost ran to a cupboard, his prick swinging obscenely from side to side. The girl giggled as he returned carrying a large vibrating dildo.

"You know what to do!" the girl said sternly.

Immediately the headmaster unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them to the floor. Struggling to kick them off, he lay on his back on the desk and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue as far out as he could.

Joanne moved over him and lowered her cunt on the headmaster's protruding tongue. Joanne lifted his legs and wrenched them down towards his shoulders, forcing his naked arse high into the air. Joanne smile as she took the large dildo and rammed it into the headmaster's anus. The headmaster groaned in protest, but his prick appeared to be almost bursting and pre-cum trickled from the bright red knob.

Joanne smiled as she moved rhythmically back and forth across the headmaster's face, purposefully grinding her anal rosebud on the end of his nose. She began to spank the headmaster's ass and with each powerful blow the headmaster's muffled moan of delight was just audible, but occasionally Joanne's hand would strike the enormous dildo protruding from his anus and the headmaster's screech of pain filled the room.

The girl laughed each time she heard the cry of agony, but as she wrenched and twisted the headmaster's large prick she knew he was about to shoot his stream of jism. Joanne grabbed the headmaster's discarded coffee cup and, while violently jacking his prick, she aimed the prick to spray the sperm into the cup. As the headmaster moaned loudly, his balls contracted violently and spunk erupted from his prick squirting copious amounts of thick sticky liquid.

Calmly Joanne climbed down from the desk and said, "When you get home you will take this spunk and hold it in your mouth. Then you will hug and French kiss your wife and your daughter, your daughter first. I want to know that both their whore mouths are dripping with the spunk I helped you create."

After a short pause, she yelled, "Well!"

The headmaster nodded saying, "Yes Mistress."

Meanwhile, amidst the sex of the headmaster's office, Susan had made it to her designated classroom and sat behind the desk awaiting the arrival of the students. The first through the door was Julie, she was obviously delighted, and they smiled broadly at each other. The knot in Susan's stomach was almost painful as she watched Julie. Then the remaining students file in. The last girl, Joanne, Julie's identical twin, pranced in late, held out her hand, and said, "Hi I'm Julie McGovern, and I am very pleased to meet you."

Susan shook her hand and then said, "Sit down Joanne."

Joanne began to speak, but the look from Susan almost screamed, "Do not mess with me, kid!" Joanne shrugged, smiled, and sat down next to her sister.

Susan glanced at Julie and was pleased to see her laughing.

As Joanne sat down and collected her papers, she whispered to Julie, "How the fuck did she know?"

Julie smiled inwardly but kept her face expressionless and as her sister stared at her, Julie bowed her head and looked down at her papers.

"Fuck!" Joanne whispered, "You're fucking her, she is a lesbo!"

Julie turned slowly to her sister and said, "It is much more than just fucking, I'm going to make her my permanent plaything!"

Quite audibly, Joanne said, "Fuck!" and stared at her sister and then at Susan.

Susan flushed slightly, but the entire class had turned to look at Joanne. Susan had to smile when she heard Joanne say, "Well sis, fucking good choice!" then added for the benefit of the class, "Oh! She loves her new partner. Who would have thought it."

Susan smiled and said, "I am very, very pleased you approve, but may we have fewer expletives in class."

Everyone laughed, but Joanne smiled and whispered to Julie, "Fuck! She is really cool. Can you do it? What's her husband like?"

Julie smiled, "He is very rich, inherited wealth and is into B&D and likes being pissed on. He's yours if you want, but my plaything and I get half!"

Joanne, like everyone else in the class was looking at the incredibly sexy figure of their new teacher as Susan picked up the official curriculum. Susan began to walk back and forth in front of the class appearing to read from the folder. "One month to go, no assessment, subjects: the workings of our political system, legal system, et cetera, et cetera." Susan stopped and let the curriculum fall into the wastepaper basket, then added, "Just under three years ago I found that as boring as.. Well I am sure you know what I mean." The class were astonished; some laughed, some just gazed at Susan incredulously while others including Julie and Joanne clapped.

"My name is Susan Hayman, and I prefer to be called Susan. Now what would you like to know about as young responsible adults."

The classroom buzzed as the students sought the courage to ask the questions paramount in all their minds.

Finally, a boy called out, "How do you get a girl friend?"

However, a girl called, "Never mind that, how do you get a guy to really notice you?"

Susan smiled and walked over to the girl; she raised a finger, and then slowly, sexily walked back to the front of her desk. The class watched enthralled and excited, as Susan slowly lifted her arse on to the desk, and crossed her long legs slowly, purposefully teasing the male libido.

Collectively the class groaned at the raw sexuality of their teacher just as Susan placed her elbow on her knee and rested her chin on her hand. Wiggling her high heel, she said, "Boys are easy to attract. All you need is a reasonable face and to know if he is a tit man, an arse man, or a leg person. I go for a leg person personally; my other equipment is not really big enough to attract arse or tit men!"

Everybody laughed, but Julie, who was fighting back an orgasm of her own, looked around to see several boys and one or two girls surreptitiously feeling their genitals, beginning to masturbate.

All too soon, as far as the class was concerned, the day was over, with Susan making it plain that there would be no more lessons in seduction and for homework, she called, "Think of what you want to talk about next, other than sex."

Susan left the school and hurried to the lesbian's only coffee shop to meet Julie. As she arrived, she saw Julie sat in the same booth as yesterday. As Susan approached, Julie jumped up, and grabbing her, she kissed her passionately.

"God you're great, everybody is talking about you! I'm sure a least half the class were trying to masturbate and I orgasmed twice just looking and listening to you, but I'm biased," Julie said as she pulled Susan into the booth.

Susan sat down as close as she could to Julie and they both ordered coffee.

Lifting up Susan's shirt, Julie said, "What colour are your panties, the class are having this big argument, they think black."

"Red!" she gasped before adding, "So they did not see up your skirt!"

The girls laughed as they held hands and drank their coffee. There was no shortage of conversation but eventually the topic of conversation turned to Susan's least favourite subject, her getting a divorce.

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