Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 03


"I know what you are talking about," Mayuri said sheepishly.

"So is he good enough?"

"I can't imagine how you can take such a big thing," she said in response.

"How big was it?" Rohini joked. Mayuri realized that only slapped her thigh, I guessed.

"I find it hard and it is very painful too," Rohini responded seriously.

"What about you?" asked Rohini, "Do you think you can handle it?"

"Of course," Mayuri said very confidently.

"But I don't want to jeopardize my marriage," added Mayuri thoughtfully.

"What if you were confident that this would not jeopardize your marriage?" asked Rohini probing her further.

"In that case it should be fine, I guess," Mayuri responded calmly.

"It would be just fine?" Rohini implored.

"I would have to admit," Mayuri started opening up, "that it would be very pleasurable for me."

"I am pretty confident that it would be pleasurable for Shrini, as well," Rohini said.

"But how pleasure would it be?" Rohini continued the thread.

"Very much," was Mayuri's short response. Rohini didn't say anything and I guessed she was looking into her eyes to get a detailed report. Mayuri embarrassed with her look asked, "What?'

"Well would it be more pleasurable than your sex with Sameer?" Rohini spelled it out for her. Mayuri didn't respond for a moment but the mustering some courage she said, "You know the answer."

"It is not as if you don't know it."

"Well, I know it. But I needed to hear it from you," Rohini explained.

"I guess so," Mayuri replied reluctantly.

"Guess what?" Rohini said as her patience was getting tested.

"That sex with Shrini would be far more pleasurable than sex with Sameer," Mayuri finally admitted.

"Would you opt for sex with Shrini, if you had a choice?" Rohini asked trying to get detailed information about Mayuri's mental state.


"You heard me!"

"Don't be shy, be honest."

"I know you can be much more explicit," Rohini encouraged her.

"If I had a choice, Shrini's hot cock would always be parked inside me," she said acceding to Rohini's request of being more vulgar and explicit.

"Continuously spewing his baby making sperm inside you," Rohini continued the vulgarity. I understood that Rohini was teasing me and proving that Mayuri could be quickly seduced by Shrini, if not for her moral upbringing.

"Oh yes!" Mayuri said excitedly almost moaning with pleasure.

"He would be almost inside my cervix," Mayuri said.

"All the time," Rohini added.

"You would be pregnant in no time," Rohini said.

"If not for the pill," Mayuri clarified.

The conversation sobered after this, fortunately for me as I was really feeling very humiliated. They both had burst into laughter after their exchange of vulgar dialogues.

"I can't say that I prefer sex with Shrini," Rohini said in a serious tone.

"Shrini's size is affecting our sex life," Rohini lamented.

"Sex with him hurts a lot."

"I thought such a tool is designed to pleasure you," Mayuri reasoned.

"Maybe for a woman like you," Rohini countered, "I would be happy with a normal human being."

"Tough luck!" said Mayuri mocking her.

"That's the reason why we thought of wife swapping," Rohini continued.

"At least that way, Shrini could get all the pleasure he deserves."

"Hmm... So, you were looking for a surrogate wife for him," Mayuri blurted out.

"And what about you? You don't deserve any pleasure?"

"Shrini's sex drive is much stronger."

"I am happy having sex twice a week."

"How does Sameer feel about this?" asked Rohini.

"I don't know."

"I was hoping that you would fill in the surrogate wife's role," Rohini said after mustering some courage, I guessed. There was a moment of silence.

"I don't know what to say," is all Mayuri said.

"Even if Sameer agrees to the swap, I can't bring myself to commit such a shameful act openly."


"I can't do it openly where Sameer knows that I am doing with Shrini openly while he is doing it with you."

"Precisely my point, I don't want it that way either."

"As I said, I am pretty happy with twice a week sex."

"So, it is Shrini whom I am concerned about."

"Sameer is out most of the week and you have admitted that you feel lonely those nights."

"What if we arrange for you to be with Shrini those nights?"

"Behind Sameer's back?"


"We could agree for an open relationship instead of swapping partners."

"I can't get involved in something like this," she complained.

"I don't understand the issue," Rohini said slightly raising her voice.

"Is it that you are not sure if Shrini can satisfy you?" Rohini emphasized again this point – although, Mayuri had admitted that it would be a lot better.

"Or is that you are concerned Sameer won't approve of this?"

"With that kind of equipment even a few strokes would put me in heaven," said Mayuri elaborating this time about her feelings for sex with Shrini.

"Are you concerned about the frequency then?"

"Shrini staying 3 nights with you here?"

"I have to be honest and admit that I have a drive strong enough to keep Shrini happy and content," Mayuri countered.

"But, I can't be Sameer's wife and have sex with Shrini on a regular basis."

"It is shameful!"

"It is as if I am letting Sameer down."

"Well, I understand your concern," Rohini said, "But I would suggest that you keep an open mind."

"Don't be too concerned about right or wrong."

And that's how the conversation ended. To a very large extent I was very happy that Mayuri was not a slut after all. She indeed cared about me and turned down such an enticing proposal. It was clear, though, that Mayuri like the idea but didn't have the courage to turn it into reality. I didn't have much doubt now that Mayuri would be able enjoy her sex life if she indeed became his Mistress. At least she could have heavenly sex three nights of the week, I thought.

Shrini and Rohini changed their plans and left that evening. Mayuri and I had an early dinner and we decided to hit the bed early to relax a little bit. I broached up the topic of the morning voting and asked her what her responses were.

"YES, NO, and NO," she said.

"What were yours?"

I lied to her, "YES, NO, and YES"

"You don't mind such sessions in future?" she asked puzzled by my answer.

"Yes it was fun."

"Wasn't it fun for you?"

"Yes it was and I did answer that way," she clarified.

"But it is so scandalous," she finally confessed.

"Yes, with 4 couples it is scandalous," I said.

"If it had been only with Rohini and Shrini, we could have been more adventurous," I added steering her towards wife swapping with them.

"So, with them you could have answered YES to the second question as well?" she asked surprised.

"It would be fun, wouldn't it?" I asked.

"Aren't you jealous?"

"If it had been a YES what kind of any arrangement did you have in mind?" she asked. This was the moment where I could drop a hint that I was not averse to Rohini's idea of Mayuri being a surrogate wife to Shrini. However, I needed to tread cautiously and not lead her to think that we were planning this. By now, I was sold on the idea of Mayuri being Shrini's mistress. I believed it was perhaps the best thing that would happen to us in the US. I still had to see if her first meeting with Shrini fired her libido.

"What do you mean?" I asked feigning ignorance.

"What would be the next step?" she asked.

"I didn't think much about it."

"I just thought this would bring us even closer," I clarified.

"Anyway, we spend most of the weekends together."

"With me away most of the week – they could be here to give you company," I elaborated.

"Shrini works from San Francisco couple of days in a week, anyway," I added.

Mayuri was lost in thought, perhaps contemplating on her discussion with Rohini.

"I felt we could be comfortable being intimate with them, without worrying about the social consequences."

I nudged her to respond to my comments. She broke out of the reverie.

"Yes, logically it makes sense."

"But, I am not sure if it would work out," she said in a concerned tone.

"Why?" I probed further.


"Just that you are away most of the week," she said and then her words trailed but then she added, "It wouldn't be even."


"I don't know how to put it," Mayuri complained.

"I mean with your consulting job, you may not get enough turns with Rohini," she elaborated finally.


"I never thought about it in those terms," I explained.

"It is not as if you would be sleeping with Shrini all along while I am gone."

"Not that I would object to it or count number of your turns," I added in the passing, implying that I didn't mind even if they spend 3 nights a week in our marital bed. I was happy that the conversation was heading in the perfect direction and I was dispelling our doubts about the consequences of such a relationship.

"We are in it for fun."

"As long as the fun lasts, we will be involved."

"Who has how many turns is not really a matter that we should concern ourselves with."

"I understand," she said.

"But this is a major step in our life," she added, "I don't want to take it very lightly."

"Yes, we should contemplate about the consequences very carefully."

"Do you think they would like it?" she asked me. Mayuri did know that they were interested in this arrangement. But it seemed Rohini made it clear that Shrini wasn't in particularly looking for Mayuri to play the role of his surrogate wife.

"I guess so; there were only two positive votes," I quickly voted suggesting that the other couples might not have been interested.

"May be we should move to Emeryville next month instead of Foster City," she said.

"That way, we would be closer to them."

"It is just of highway 80 and I too could travel to the city very easily for my job."

Mayuri had got a job offer in an architecture firm in the city and we had been contemplating of moving to Foster City, so it would be closer to the city. My frequent travels also would benefit from this move. But then Emeryville wasn't a bad idea either. I could fly from either Oakland or SF airport. Moreover, Shrini and Rohini were about to buy a house in Davis. It would only be an hour long drive from our place to theirs during non peak hours.

I was pretty happy that it was Mayuri, who was made this suggestion. I remembered that for Mayuri to be a very good mistress, she herself has to take a few steps. One could only help and guide them but she has to tread that path.

"Yes, that would be a good idea."

"I don't want us to get explicitly involved in such a relationship," I clarified.

"Let it develop," I said.

"Yes, that way we are not stuck in such a relationship," she said.

"I think, such explicit relationships become phony and lack the excitement," I explained.

"Besides, it is so shameful to do it so openly," she added smiling.

"Yes, it is too embarrassing to discuss the details either," I corroborated.

"Let us go with the flow," I said, "But let us not hurry into this."

"Yes if it happens, it happens."

"I wouldn't want to do anything specific to make it happen," she said.

"I hope you don't expect us to share details," Mayuri expressed her concerns, "if something happens."

"Not unless you want to," I replied conveying that it was not so important for me that we talk about our escapades in great detail. It was clear to me that she was very concerned about this aspect and didn't want it to be very open.

"It is for fun," I added, "Indulge in it if you get the right opportunity."

"I am confident that they wouldn't mind such an arrangement," I clarified.

We arrived at an amicable conclusion that night. Although, I was pretty sure that nothing much would happen for some time. I felt it was important how I viewed such a relationship. It chimed well with Rohini's proposal.

Our sex that night was terrific as we fucked for almost 2 hours. Mayuri very consciously ensure that I didn't orgasm before she was completely satisfied. We again indulged in it the next day morning. I decided to take a day off to enjoy my beautiful wife. Our frequency increased significantly in the following weeks and even our sessions became much longer.

True to Rohini's assurances, our sex life had improved significantly just by having one session with Shrini. I wondered how much better it would be once Mayuri accepts to be his mistress.

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