tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 05

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 05


Rohini didn't elaborate further on that topic; instead promised me to divulge the details at an appropriate time. Nothing much happened for quite some time and I was losing hope. Sometimes, I thought, It was in my best interest if nothing happened. Rohini, on the other hand, was very optimistic. She even conned me into a bet that Mayuri would accept Shrini as her new master before the end of this year.

The wager, as usual, was that the looser would return a sexual favor to the winner. I already owed two such sexual favors to Rohini and didn't mind one more. Either way, it only meant more fun for me with her.

Things took an unusual turn when all of a sudden I lost my job. This was the onset of the infamous dot com bust. Contractors were usually the first ones to get affected and among several others, I was relieved from the client company I was working for. My fears turned into reality when my employer stopped paying me and kept me on the payroll only due to impending green card.

Most people get affected by such an incident and I was no exception. My self esteem took a serious hit as I was not able to clear many interviews and later on I didn't even receive any interview calls. After about two months of agony, I realized that it was the market. None of the employers wanted to file for an H1B, finding it hard to justify when there were layoffs in the company. My friends and wife helped me cheer up during this depressing phase of my life.

With me at home, our sex blossomed and we were engaging in prolonged foreplays and very long showers together. We were doing it twice daily; with me pleasuring Mayuri every morning with my mouth and then penetrating her for the second time. Almost on a regular basis, our sex culminated in the shower cubicle. Despite having so much sex, the visions of Shrini mating with Mayuri never left me.

Mayuri too opened up to the idea of swapping partners as the days passed. We had been having incredible sex in past couple of months, which helped shed her inhibitions. We still hadn't engaged in anything kinky but oral sex and minor variations in positions were never ruled out.

We discussed the idea while having sex and Mayuri always responded favorably but had concerns about its impact on our relationship.

I was getting very close to winning the bet since it was already December and still there were no signs of change in Mayuri. However, to my utter surprise, Mayuri brought up this topic sometime in early December. It was me who usually initiated the discussion but this time it was her.

"Does the swapping idea still appeal to you?" she asked.

"You mean the survey we did in May?" I asked knowing very well that she meant swapping only between the four of us.

"No," she replied in irritated tone and clarified, "I mean swapping with Shrini and Rohini."

"Yes it does," I replied.

"Would it be fun?" Mayuri asked probing further.

"Yes, it would,"

"Rohini is fairly attractive," I replied promptly.

"But Shrini would be more privileged," I said hinting that Mayuri was far more beautiful than Rohini. She could only blush in response.

It was my turn and I asked her, "Does the idea still appeal to you?"

"Yes it does," she answered without hesitating.

"But I am worried about the implications," she added. Not wanting to end the conversation the usual way, I probed further by asking, "What implications?"

"Rohini confided in me that Shrini is frustrated with her inability to satisfy him sexually," she started a bit hesitantly.

"That's why they were exploring the idea of swapping partners," she elaborated.

"Why?" I asked. Gauging that she hadn't understood what I was saying, I rephrased the question, "Why is she not able to satisfy him?"

"Well," she started a bit hesitantly again, "Rohini says she is not able to accommodate his size." She giggled a little as she completed the sentence.

"Really?" I eagerly asked feigning ignorance, "Is he that big?"

"I don't know," Mayuri responded casually, feigning ignorance. She was lying though.

"Rohini insists that he is very well endowed," Mayuri clarified.

"Why do you think you could accommodate him then?" I asked teasing her.

"I don't know," she again replied hesitantly caught off guard by my question.

"I am not as fragile as Rohini, I guess," she said justifying her belief that she would be able to accommodate him.

I acceded to her justification since I knew that unlike Rohini, Mayuri would derive tremendous pleasure accommodating Shrini.

"Then what is the problem?" I asked alluding to the issue she had been highlighting.

"Well," she started, "If we were to swap with them."

"Shrini's sexual frustrations would result in a lot more sessions with me."

"And Rohini's relative lack of interest in sex would mean you wouldn't have all that fun."

"I thought a swap meant that we would swap partners at the same time," I said clarifying that Shrini and I would have equal number of turns with Mayuri and Rohini respectively. So, the question of inequality didn't arise.

"I wouldn't want to imagine a swap that way," Mayuri sternly responded.

"It is too phony and embarrassing," she added.

"I would like it as an open relationship," she elaborated. I could see that the seeds planted by Rohini had taken roots finally. Although, I too aspired for such a relationship with them, albeit a little passively, I was a little nervous, now that things seemed to head in that direction.

"Are you suggesting that there be no limitations?" I asked nervously.

"Sort of," she responded, "As long as the decorum of our relationships is maintained."

"With such an arrangement," I said clarifying her concerns, "you are worried that Shrini might have an unfair share of you."


"Given that Rohini is in the last month of her pregnancy you can't expect to have sex with her for a good 2-3 months," she elaborated. I laughed at that thought - I had already enjoyed her on a few occasions.

"It can't be considered unfair given Shrini's situation, though," added Mayuri.

"Shrini hasn't had much sex in the past 2 months."

"So you feel sorry for him," I asked.

"Yes," she replied calmly.

"Are you going to help him by becoming his surrogate wife?" I heard myself blurting out. I couldn't believe that I said this and neither could she. We both were however toying with this idea and there wasn't much point in referring to it in round about ways. Rohini surely might have discussed this idea with Mayuri again and perhaps this time Mayuri might have latched onto it.

I wasn't quite sure if I wanted her to reply in affirmative either -- since I was always in two minds about this aspect. I would love the idea when my testosterone levels were high but then regret the idea after the excitement subsides.

"I am contemplating," was Mayuri's response to my surprise. I could see that she was surprised with my question but she didn't hesitate from taking it head on. It was very clear that we indeed were talking about her becoming his mistress rather than just swapping partners. It was becoming evident that she liked this idea but was concerned about its affect on our relationship.

"But I am concerned about its effect on our relationship," she thoughtfully added.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Wouldn't it make you jealous," she asked seriously.

"Not if you don't let me know," I responded teasingly. "Be serious," she said elbowing me.

"Well, I wouldn't mind if Rohini reciprocated the favor when you become pregnant," I chided. I very smartly assumed that she meant to become his surrogate wife only for the short period until Rohini recovers from her pregnancy; while it was clear that she meant for this to be on an ongoing basis.

"Stop kidding," she said, "Rohini can't return such a favor," she clarified.

"Her sex drive is too low to satisfy both Shrini and you."

"Besides, I am pretty confident that I can satisfy both Shrini and you even in the 8th month of my pregnancy," she retorted; her face exuding confidence.

"Is this going to be a one way street?"

"Where Shrini would have full access to you and I won't have any access to Rohini?" I asked irked by what Mayuri was suggesting. Not that I wasn't aware what the main intention was but I was getting upset that Mayuri was not only suggesting but also implying that this was perhaps right and not unfair to me.

"That is the main concern I have," Mayuri said.

"But this is how it might pan out."

"Are you okay with this idea," I asked.

"I am not and that is why we are talking about," she replied.

"Well, if I were okay with it would you have any objection to it?" I asked reframing the question.

"Hmm..." she thought for a moment and responded, "Not really!"

"All it means is a lot more sex for me," she justified behind a nervous laugh.

"But I would be concerned if it affected our relationship in a negative way," she added.

"Till date I have shunned away from this idea," she said assuring me that our relationship was her topmost priority.

"I broached up this topic again knowing that you were not averse to this idea," she said.

"After all you had admitted this!"

"Yes I did," I responded.

"But I would prefer a swap instead of an open relationship," I said in a concerned tone. All along I was not averse to this idea but now knowing that Mayuri was in favor of the idea, I was getting jittery about taking this to the next step.

"How could you?"

"It is so embarrassing," she said.

"Even if we don't share the gory details, we are still aware that we had sex with each others partners."

"It is embarrassing to face you the next day morning that way!"

"In an open relationship although we are aware that our partners can have sex with other's partners, we never know for sure when they did it."

"We may not even know it happened last night!"

"I understand your point," I said.

"But I am not happy about not having access to Rohini."

"Well, an open relationship means you have access to Rohini." She immediately responded.

"However, her sex drive is not strong enough," she added. I didn't believe Mayuri -- since I knew that Rohini had a fairly good sex drive, only that she had a little discomfort in accommodating Shrini.

"Why do you think Shrini would have more access to you?" I asked.

"Since we can do it only when we meet each other," I justified.

"In an open relationship, sex is consummated as and when opportunities arise," reasoned Mayuri.

"With Shrini in SF almost every week he has a lot more opportunities to mate with me," she added.

"Besides you are away half of the week anyway," she said.

It was panning out exactly as Rohini had intended. I still remember the conversation she had with Mayuri in May when we did the survey. Mayuri too wanted to use her solitude in mating with Shrini. Moreover, Rohini managed to convince Mayuri of the mistress idea; where we were entering the relationship with a clear idea that Shrini certainly has a lot more access to Mayuri.

"You can't expect me to remain celibate on those days," she added sternly.

"If Shrini turns up one of these nights, I will have no choice but to spend the night with him," she clarified.

"If you can't handle this then we shouldn't pursue this," she said in a dejected tone. Mayuri had made amply clear that she would not shun away from such copulation's once we enter the relationship. It made sense if the understanding was clear from the beginning that it was an open relationship and sex was admissible if both the parties agreed.

"Good that we are discussing these things," I said looking at the positive side.

"Yes, it helps to have a clear understanding before taking such a step," she said endorsing my view.

"I don't mind entering this relationship," she said, "but you need to make up your mind."

"If it jeopardizes our relationship then we better forget about it," she said.

It was very clear that Mayuri had already made up her mind and it was up to me to either encourage her or dissuade her from taking the next step.

"We should perhaps think a little bit more," I said. I was not quite sure that I wanted to go through it now that Mayuri was too eager. On the other hand I didn't want her to give an idea that I was too eager to take this route. After all, it would be hard to imagine why any husband would want such a relationship. The topic was put to rest that night and we didn't visit it until the fateful night just before the New Year eve. Quite a few things had transpired and it seemed that Rohini would definitely win the bet.

Luck was on Rohini's side - even the circumstances helped her. It was Rohini and Shrini's idea that we move to their place to save on the rent. With our savings depleting very fast and no prospect of finding a job in the near horizon, it was a sensible advice.

Mayuri's education had consumed most of our savings and it was time we started to think about avenues to save money. Mayuri's salary was hardly enough to cover our living expenses.

Mayuri quickly confirmed that her employer allowed to work from home for couple of days a week. Given that Shrini spent on an average 2 or 3 days in the city on a weekly basis, it wasn't a bad idea for Mayuri to tag along and share the hotel room that Shrini's company usually booked for him. It was intimidating to leave Mayuri alone with Shrini for few days a week but then it was clear that we might have to return back to India if I didn't find a job in a few months.

Rohini urged me to consider this very seriously as it saved money and also allowed to fulfill my *wild* fantasies. Her arguments were based on our recent spike in sex life due to that one session Mayuri had with Shrini.

Mayuri and I debated about this solution and agreed that moving to their place was in our best interests. We decided to move out of Shrini's place as soon as I found a job and our finances were back on track.

Shrini and Rohini's house wasn't very big but it had enough space for us. The millennium year eve was fast approaching and we had started our packing. We scheduled the move on the January 2nd of the New Year. Neither of us, however, wanted to sacrifice the New Year celebrations.

I knew that sooner or later we would enter the so-called "open relationship" with them, where in Mayuri would finally become Shrini's mistress. We had made amazing progress in the past six months. Mayuri was very intent on marching into this new relationship with the first year of the next millennium. Just a day before the New Year eve she started this conversation as both of, pretty exhausted with the packing chores, hit the bed.

"We owe a favor to Shrini and Rohini," she started.

"Yes we need to repay them, somehow," I replied agreeing with her.

"What better way than to repay by helping Rohini during her pregnancy," she said. We had realized that Rohini could use our help during her pregnancy and were looking forward to assist her during her first child birth.

"Yes, she needs our help," I thoughtfully responded.

"Neither of Shrini's or Rohini's parents is visiting," I justified.

"Yes, you could help Rohini with her regular chores," she replied and then a bit hesitantly added, "while I help Rohini with her bedroom chores."

"By becoming Shrini's surrogate wife?" I asked her nervously. Although, we both subconsciously knew that Mayuri would end up helping Rohini in her bedroom duties, we weren't willing to discuss it openly till now. She nodded her approval to my question.

We were indeed obliged for the favor they extended but this is not the price I was willing to pay. If it wasn't for pleasure then it just meant that I was whoring Mayuri out. But then I thought we were, perhaps, using this as an excuse to enter such a relationship -- where we were largely submissive to another couple?

It reminded me of the *just* reason that Rohini was referring to a few months back. Was this the *just* reason, I wondered. I realized that we both needed a *just* excuse to enter such a relationship. Our upbringing and our culture prohibited us from entering such a despicable relationship. We were able to satisfy our hidden fantasies under the garb of repaying favor to Shrini and Rohini!

Realizing that the time had come to enact our fantasies, both of us were now opening up. Mayuri had already made up her mind and I had made up my mind long time back, although, I frequently oscillated between the two extremes. Having already launched my relationship with Rohini, it would be unfair to intervene in Mayuri and Shrini's relationship, I thought.

We had discussed this concept for quite some time and vaguely understood what it meant for Mayuri to become Shrini's mistress but nevertheless, we had to arrive at a common understanding, one last time, before we stepped into this new relationship. And I asked Mayuri to elaborate on her role as a surrogate wife.

"Well, how should I put it?" she said pondering over it.

"As his mistress," she started.

I was alarmed with that word since that was the word that Rohini had been using. She had plans of making Mayuri, Shrini's mistress. I wondered if Rohini clearly elaborated on the role she had envisaged for Mayuri. It was clear that Mayuri was comfortable using this word.

"I should spend few nights a week with him."

"It would be mostly during the nights in the city," she elaborated, "But don't be alarmed if he needs an additional session over the weekend."

"After all it is his house," she justified.

"Even our marital bed should have place for him!"

"Rohini can't reciprocate this favor, though," she quickly added, urging me to understand the circumstances.

"And neither should we insist on that!" said Mayuri emphatically.

"We are repaying a favor and not swapping partners," she clarified.

"You might be able to enjoy her fruits, whenever luck favors you," she said consoling me. It was clear that Rohini had kept her word and didn't discuss the things that had transpired between us.

"Are you suggesting that I should vacate my bed for him, if he insists?" I asked surprised by her suggestion.

"We need to preserve decorum of our relationships," she quickly retorted.

"So, such a thing would never happen."

"Instead, you should subtlety pave ways for our mating," she elaborated; It was as if I had been discussing with Rohini.

"He is sexually frustrated right now."

"Accommodating him now, would aptly repay their favors," she added.

"I didn't understand how I should be paving ways?" I asked purposely wanting to know if she would be spending entire night with him while at home.

"You would understand that as time passes," she said.

"If you suspect we two are up to something, then assume so and don't intervene."

"Take the cue and offer us more privacy."

"Rohini will help you, if required," she added.

"When do we start repaying the favor," I asked.

"I was thinking of tomorrow night," Mayuri eagerly replied.

"What better way to enter the new millennium," she excitedly added.

We were planning to go to a discotheque to celebrate the New Year. Shrini was planning to tag along since Rohini couldn't make it due to her pregnancy. The plan was to go out and have a nice ball and then come back and stay at our place. Shrini was planning to go home the next day. But now, it was clear that he would be able to sample Mayuri's charms at our house before we move to their place.

"When do you plan to do it?" I asked.

"After we return home from our outing," she said.

"You need to hit the bed early," she added.

"May I request a favor?" she asked.


"Could you sleep in the guest room tomorrow night?"

"It wouldn't be comfortable for us sleeping on the single bed," she said.

"I don't mind," I replied, "But wouldn't that be odd?" I asked.

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