tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 12

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 12


We moved to Denver on the set date. Pratik was out on business for that week so we had enough time to settle down before the fireworks started. Mayuri was excited at the prospect of cuckolding her husband yet another time with yet another person. Often, she would ramble about her almost completing the circle (having screwed Shrini, Vinil, and now Pratik). She wondered if during the subsequent get-togethers, she could allow free access to herself. Sneha seemed a little unnerved and confronted me at the first opportunity.

"Sameer are you okay with this?" she asked.

"It's alright," I quipped, not wanting to stress her further.

"He had pestered Dolly incessantly," she clarified

"What about Rohini?" I asked.

"She was his Slut," retorted Sneha, emphasizing the word "his."

"I presume Vinil didn't know," I remarked.

"He didn't," she curtly responded, "Dolly was initially interested but later on couldn't handle him."

"You know what I mean," she added.

"It might be too much for Mayuri at this stage too."

"Sneha don't worry," I tried to stop the conversation, "we have moved here for better career prospects."

"I understand," retorted Sneha.

"But could Mayuri handle Pratik's philandering nature?"

Realizing that this could continue incessantly, I interjected, "Sneha, we are not that uptight."

"Mayuri is beautiful," I said, "Tons of folks must be hitting on her, even in this state."

"She can handle anything," I added. Later it struck me that this could have been construed to mean something else as well.

"Besides," I assured, "if something untoward does happen, it would stay within these four walls!"

"Nothing would jeopardize your marriage," I said assuaging her fears. She had a faint smile but still added, "We should keep an eye, though."

"Of course," I said agreeing.

While Sneha had resigned to her fate, she still had a glimmer of hope. The upstairs room was given to us while they stayed in the downstairs room. This was mostly to avoid Sneha climbing the stairs in her state but then Mayuri herself was pregnant. It just seemed that Pratik had decided that his new mistress stayed upstairs while she downstairs. Pratik often slept upstairs in his office, which was next to the master bedroom, allowing more chances with Mayuri. I presumed just as Sneha was worried about the implications of Mayuri staying under the same roof, Pratik must have been planning. Mayuri was certainly eager. Her raging hormones had gotten better of her. A career oriented woman, who scorned at the thought of raising children, was actually looking forward to it. In fact, she wanted to stay home for the next four years and focus on her family, which meant staying pregnant for most of that duration.

On our sex front, Mayuri had made my life miserable. She didn't allow me to penetrate her for the last three weeks, despite spending every night with her. She also had been religiously doing her kegel exercises to tighten her vaginal muscles. It did occur to me that there was another female living under that roof and a pretty one at that. However, she seemed to be in some sort of distraught and didn't quite elicit the same feeling. Mayuri had been perfecting the art of keeping me on the edge for longer durations.

On the work front, the initial phase was a little easier as it only entailed handling logistics of managing the facilities. But soon the pressure of expanding the business would take over. Sixty-Seventy hours of work week was very common. Living with them had the dual advantage of taking care of Mayuri's loneliness as well as her sexual needs.

My conversation with Sneha continued over the week and I learned more about Pratik and Rohini's relationship. Rohini was Pratik's girlfriend who had become pregnant by him. But Pratik couldn't marry her, so Shrini married her to save the prestige of their family. Rohini was Shrini's cousin. As time progressed the love between Rohini and Pratik blossomed again and they started their affair. Initially, both Shrini and Sneha tried stopping it. Rohini and Pratik slept with each other whenever the four were together. Sneha and Shrini didn't have much interest in each other, so they slept separately. Rohini had three miscarriages - the first one when she was very young, the second one about five years ago and the last one recently about two years ago. Sneha suspected that Pratik had fathered the other two as well. While Rohini loved Pratik, she wasn't possessive and didn't mind Pratik's relationship with Dolly. I suspected Rohini actually might have been the instigator. It was quite surprising that Shrini and Pratik had a rather cheerful relationship but then Rohini had arranged for Shrini to impregnate the most beautiful woman of the group.

Sneha & I were curious about how things would transpire between Mayuri and Pratik. Sneha wagered that Pratik would make a move on her within the first week. It was solely up to Mayuri. Sneha was concerned that out of her modesty and concern for us, Mayuri might just brush it off, or allow him to take advantage of her. I probed further to understand if Sneha was actually averse to the idea of Pratik sleeping with Mayuri. After all, he had an open relationship with Rohini and even with Dolly it was semi-open; only Vinil was left in the dark. She responded, "I am used to it."

"He has slept with numerous women; nothing new."

"I am concerned about your marriage, though," she added.


"Pratik is gifted," she said plainly.

"Women rebuff his advances initially," she exhaled, "until they grasp what he has to offer."

"Once they have tasted it, they always come for repeats!"

I didn't react. She looked at me puzzled and asked, "You don't believe?"

She led me to her bedroom and grabbed her laptop. Mayuri had gone out for a walk so we were alone in the house. I anticipated that she would throw some damning evidence at me. Sure enough, she showed couple of pictures of Pratik in compromising position with Rohini. The next one, however, was a thumping smack. It endangered my self esteem. Rohini was helping Pratik showcase his prime possession by holding his penis on her palm. Her middle finger was touching the base of his penis, while the tip extended well past the base of her palm. Upon close inspection, it seemed that the base of his knob was almost touching the base of her palm. The majestic aspect of his penis of course was its girth. It easily, covered most of the surface area of her palm, with narrow patches of her palm showing on either side. Now, Rohini wasn't your ordinary Indian girl, in fact, she was tall by Indian standards and had a lanky figure. Her palms were slender and longish. So, quite certainly, Pratik was well-endowed. It definitely wasn't as big as some of the very long and thick penises in porn movies but I can assure I have seen quite a few porn stars with smaller sized equipment than his. If I were to guess his size, he could have been around 9 or 10 inches long and possibly about 2 - 2 ½ inches wide; I am just talking about the width not the circumference. He was better endowed than Shrini and mine would look puny in comparison to his. More importantly, his very dark in color, just like mine. This wouldn't make much difference to Mayuri but the stark contrast of their complexion made it exciting. I could visualize, Mayuri's pink vaginal lips wrapped around his dark penis, trying to draw more of it inside.

"And that's the kind of effect it has," she said, showing the picture of Rohini's distended vagina, dripping Pratik's semen. That picture reminded me of the state of Rohini's pussy the last day they flew to India.

"Why would women rebuff his advances?" I asked curiously.

"It should be easy for him," I added thoughtfully, "If he tactfully approaches them."

"He is not refined," she said, "like you," stealing a smile.

"Besides, he has other issues," she dropped thoughtfully. Finding a puzzled look on my face, she clarified, "Sometimes he has bad breath."

"Quite often, I meant," she added hesitantly.

"Things are changing," she said breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"He visited the Dentist a few times last couple of weeks."

"With Dolly he didn't bother, but with Mayuri he might just mend his ways."

"You understand what may happen, right?" asked Sneha, looking into my eyes.

"Has Mayuri ever been unfaithful," she asked seriously.

"No," I promptly responded, and added, "But, I suspect she might have been a little experienced before our marriage." I had just dropped this to lead Sneha into more interesting conversation but sometimes, I seriously entertained such a possibility. After all, her marriage to me was fairly sudden; the reasons given were much different but her recent behavioral change does allude to such a possibility.

"Hmm..." she thought and asked, "You are regular size, right?"

I nervously laughed it off but she understood.

"Then she might be tempted," Sneha said calmly.

"You don't seem to be terribly concerned," I remarked.

"Not really, but Pratik has this urge to sow his seeds as well."

"Rohini became pregnant twice, while we were married and he did pester Dolly to go off the pill."

"And Mayuri is the beauty queen, with her his drive would be even stronger."

"Aren't you worried?" she asked.

"I am," I said, "but I have been exposed to such a possibility."

"We have been married for four years but have been rarely together due to my constant travel."

"Have you guys fantasized of doing with other folks?" she asked.

"Have you folks?" I asked, instead of answering.

"There isn't much of sensuality in our relationship," she answered, "but the intercourses usually made up for it."

"Not much," I quipped.

"How often do you folks do it?" she asked.

"I hope you don't mind me getting personal," she added.

"No, its fine." I said.

"About three-four times a week," I answered. This was largely accurate although there have been peaks and troughs. She didn't react but said, "If things work out, her frequency might easily double."

She was definitely surprised with my reaction and ended up remarking, "Looks like you might not object after all."

"Do you want me to let you know if something transpires between them?"

"How would you know?" I asked.

"Pratik is open; he doesn't try to hide it from me."

"Let's just say if Mayuri finds it objectionable, then I would let you know."

"She certainly would be uncomfortable the first few times, but I wouldn't count on that," she teased.

Sneha seemed to be relieved, after all the only real issue for her, knowing the history of her husband, were complications from Mayuri's side. I was tentative about Mayuri becoming Pratik's mistress but after witnessing what he could offer, there was no shred of doubt in my mind. In fact, I wondered why Mayuri wasn't his slut all along and the child she was carrying wasn't his.

Pratik arrived that Friday evening. Mayuri as a good family friend cooked the dinner; just like she did the whole of that week. In my mind, she was playing the role of an earnest mistress. Items on the menu were his favorite. She was simply dressed, wearing a tight sleeveless Khameez that accentuated her bulging breasts and extended tummy. Pratik had been helping with house chores since Sneha got pregnant, so he did the same. Sneha was oblivious to the chemistry brewing in her kitchen but I noticed quite a few things that surprised me. I wondered how I missed those signs earlier. Pratik touched her bare arms, several times that evening. He whispered into her ears several time. And finally, I saw him commit some brazen acts of brushing his palm against her butt. At two different occasions he did this. He also seemed to have grazed his crotch against her butt; I wasn't sure but Mayuri's reaction confirmed Pratik took advantage of her. To the reader this might simply seem ordinary but for the person who has the context; this would clearly convey that things would start sooner than later.

Sneha and I spoke briefly after our dinner while Mayuri was upstairs taking a shower and Pratik hit the bed early.

"It looks pretty easy," she started.

"She seems to fancy him already."

"You don't expect any sort of relationship between us, right?" she asked.

I was surprised by her directness. I would have been lying if I didn't think about making out with Sneha while we stayed at their place. However, I didn't expect it to happen in the near future. Sneha was the seventies style beauty queen. She resembled the actresses of the seventies era, with milky white complexion and pyramid structure. She had peculiar Maharashtrian features and looked absolutely gorgeous in their traditional attire. She was a little bit on the plump side but not distastefully so.

"It's up to you," I said.

"I like you," she said, "but sex with you is not a good idea."

"At this point," she added thoughtfully. I didn't respond.

"You are good looking," she continued.

"But I am not in a state to have sex."

"If you are interested in talking about Mayuri and Pratik, let me know," she said lowering her voice. I wasn't really interested in talking about them but then it was important to take Sneha into confidence. Silently, we both headed into her bedroom to talk. Pratik was surely asleep as he was usually after returning from a business trip.

"Does Mayuri know?" she asked.

"That Pratik would be targeting her," she clarified.

"Yes. She feels like a queen now."

"There is nothing more exquisite than being plowed by his penis," she responded.

"If she enjoys then you are okay, right?" I asked.


"He loves to have it everyday," she said, "So, Mayuri might be busy noon time when Pratik comes over home for lunch."

"What about you?" I asked.

"I am happy with few times a week," she quipped.

"Also, I can't do the kind of stuff he expects," she dropped in, "only the other women can do that!"

I smiled nervously, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. We were still standing inside her bedroom, just by the door; the door wasn't locked, just pulled in.

"Would you like a couple of times with me?" I asked, stepping closer to her. She was surprised by my move but didn't flinch.

"You are beautiful," I said and stepped close to take her in my arms. I had to push my luck. Within moments, we were engaged in a sensuous kiss that could rival Dolly's sensual ones. Sneha was a good kisser. Her kiss was prolonged, quite unusual for me but I went with the flow.

"Breaking the kiss," she said, "we shouldn't do it. Pratik doesn't like it."

"Why?" I asked surprised.

"That's the way he is."

"A little bit of foreplay is fine but no intercourse," she quipped.

"But he would be fucking Mayuri!" I complained.

"You see," she said, "Mayuri wants it."

"How do you know that?" I countered.

"Her body language was similar to that of Dolly's just before she gave in," she retorted.

"Buy some condoms," she advised, "the large ones."

"May not need them right now but in a few months they would be necessary."

Our conversation got disrupted by Mayuri as she came downstairs looking for me. She didn't find anything strange as we were comfortably seated on her bed talking to each other. After some small chat, Mayuri and I headed to our bedroom. Once we were comfortable in our bed, she asked, "Did you find anything odd today?"

"You were affectionate towards Pratik," I promptly responded.

"Absolutely," she said, "I wanted to let him know that I am available."

"Did he get the message?"

"Sort of," she said.

"Why did he head to bed early tonight?"

"He needs to recharge himself," she said.

"I am not sure though whether this is a good idea," she added.

"Why?" I asked.

"He is shabby," she complained.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He didn't seem properly dressed, didn't seem to have showered in preparation and more importantly, he didn't even bother to use mouth freshener, knowing that he was trying to court me!"

"Wait a minute," I interjected.

"Was this planned?" I asked.

"Not planned but anticipated," she clarified.

"What bothered you the most?" I asked.

"His stale breath," she answered.

"Really? I thought you could handle it."

"Yes but I expected him to impress, at least the first time," she complained. I smiled in response.

"For your information," I said, "he has seen his Dentist several times last couple of weeks."

"So, he is certainly preparing," I said.

"How do you know?" she asked surprised.

"I have done my homework."

"Looks like you are really looking forward to it," she responded.

"It's been three months since you experienced someone else," I retorted.

"And you are concerned enough to share my womb with your best friend," she said in a condescending tone.

"We didn't decide," I said tactfully.

"Decide we did," she retorted, "by moving to Denver."

"I hope he is really endowed and not like Vinil," she exhaled.

"You shouldn't worry about it," I said assuring her.

"Rohini assured that you wouldn't be disappointed," I added.

"Let me make it clear," she said in a stern voice.

"Once I have accepted him," she continued.

"I would unequivocally let him know that I am his wife under this roof."

"You are the provider," she said, "but I would be looking towards him for anything related to sex."

I was aware of Mayuri's strategies now. She employed these scare tactics to ensure that I had the buy in. I had obviously considered this as a possibility and was actually looking forward to it; especially after witnessing Pratik's specimen. Needless to mention we had yet another hot session that night.

Next morning as usual, Mayuri got up early, even though it was a Saturday. She went out for her morning walk; while I lazed in the bed. I wasn't thinking about my work but my mind shifted to Mayuri and Pratik when I heard someone outside. It was still very early, about 6:30am, so didn't think much would happen but Mayuri was gone for about half-an-hour. I hesitantly stepped out and found that Pratik was tiptoeing downstairs. I carefully followed him and positioned myself strategically to observe what was happening in the kitchen. Pratik himself was deciding on making his move. Mayuri was preparing to have the breakfast and she was bending down to check the contents of refrigerator. In a brazen act, Pratik moved to the kitchen and positioned himself right behind Mayuri with his crotch aligned with her butt. He held her waist and pushed his crotch into her butt. Mayuri reacted quickly and turned around to look who was behind her. She almost yelled but had a nervous smile instead of frowning at him. It just seemed that Pratik knew that Mayuri didn't approve of it but was willing to tolerate it. I wondered if this was the first instance or there was some history behind.

He said something to her, to which she shook her head and tried to get out of kitchen. He stood in her way but didn't try anything forcefully. He continued his talking. Mayuri was answering in mono syllables. He stepped a little closer but she stood her ground. And then Pratik laid his hand on her tummy. Mayuri checked the entrance to kitchen and the stairs hesitantly. Pratik had already made up his mind as he confidently held Mayuri's face in his hands and leaned forward to kiss. She was stiff like a Mannequin; closed her eyes and accepted his kiss. She didn't reciprocate but that didn't stop Pratik. Breaking the kiss, he said something to her. She again glanced at the entrance and replied. Pratik didn't show any apprehension despite the fact that his wife and Mayuri's husband were present under the same roof. Pratik's hand moved to her left breast and gently squeezed it. Mayuri again closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasant sensation. He massaged both her breasts and said something again. She opened her eyes, looked at him first, and then again checked the entrance. This time, she moved her hands that were by her side, and circled his neck and offered him her lips again. Finally, she parted her lips and kissed him back with equal intensity. The whole thing took about five precarious minutes but Pratik nevertheless insisted that she kissed him back in the kitchen. Soon after, Pratik lead her to his upstairs bedroom for their first session. I wanted to eavesdrop but didn't have the courage to do so.

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