tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 13

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 13


The next whole month, Sneha was preoccupied with her baby; she had little time for Pratik and me. Mayuri was obviously occupied with her bedroom activities, making out three times every week day - twice with Pratik and once with me. During the weekends it was erratic but she made sure that the morning sessions with him were never compromised.

Mayuri continued her activities clandestinely. Her plan for Denver started unfolding gradually. Early one Friday, quite unexpectedly, she shared her thoughts; usually she tiptoed early morning to please her lover but this morning, she insisted on playing with me.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." She nuzzled into me. Her fresh breath confirmed that she had prepared for morning ordeal with him. It was a little early. She stroked my shrunken penis.

"You have forgotten your role." I turned around and tried to kiss her but she evaded and pointing to her pelvis, said, "Not these, down there!"

She wore her flimsy nightie that didn't conceal but rather accentuated her assets.

Looking into my eyes, she said, "We will make a few changes." She massaged my penis but focused on my sperm producing testicles. Ever since she moved to Denver, her cuckolding tendencies hand intensified. She spent more time on the sacs and would quite often manhandle them.

"Now that he has proved his virility," she seethed, "it is only appropriate that we apportion mating rights!"

Even in that state of slumber, my penis didn't let her down.

"So, you agree," she chuckled, in response to my twitching penis in her hand.

She straddled me in a reverse cowgirl position; instead of straddling my pelvis, she had wrapped her legs around me face. Usually, she offered her vaginal lips but this time she offered her pungent asshole. She didn't pay as much attention to her hygiene as she did with Shrini as Pratik never bothered going south on her. She again took my penis that was again gorged with blood in preparation for the next act.

"Under this roof," she exhaled, lowering herself on my face, "I am reserved for him."

"You may have chance occasionally," she quipped. I inhaled the pungent aroma and pleasured her anus with my tongue. Mayuri responded pretty quickly as she moaned and played with my pecker.

"He wants' to penetrate it," she muttered.

Shocked with her admission, I asked, "Are you sure?"

"Worth a try?"

It didn't seem like a smart idea; she was at the end of her seventh month. However, Mayuri was strong willed and obstinate about some things. She would definitely attempt to please him, I thought. Pleased with my oral service, she urged me to mount her. She lay sideways and waited for my clumsy attempts to penetrate her. The doggie position was reserved for the alpha male; beta male had to find his own ways of mounting the bitch. It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to achieve any real penetration in that position. Not until Mayuri cooperated. Often she refused to cooperate. Sometimes, it was to simply humiliate me but most times because she didn't have as much energy. She earnestly offered her lips as I slide next to her, ignoring my stale breath.

"Aren't you going?"

"No," she replied.

She lifted her leg, only a little, to make way for my penis. With a little difficulty, I found the entrance and shoved tip of my penis inside her. The wet warmth of her vagina felt like heaven. Finding that I could only insert less than half of it inside with great difficulty, she remarked, "Not much use is it?"

"Is it any wonder that your wife opts for your friends to father your children?"

"Even in this position," she smirked, "Pratik penetrates as much you would in traditional missionary position."

"What's worse," she said condescendingly, "your wife feels obliged to allow deeper penetration!"

Mayuri was in playful mood and made it even more difficult to penetrate by straightening herself. All her taunting had made me even more desperate and I resorted to kissing her whilst squeezing her breasts.

"Hmm..." she moaned into my mouth.


Kissing was always an important act for us. It reached its zenith during our stay at Denver. Perhaps it was due to Pratik's fascination for kissing and Sneha's apprehensions of exchanging saliva with him. Mayuri had resorted to kissing all the more under his roof. Her fascination with him had also left very little time for me and consequently indulged me by kissing me more often. Even the occasional kisses that we stole during the day were intense. While Sneha, rarely kissed Pratik, she frequently indulged him.

Mayuri enjoyed kissing me but with Pratik she confessed that her vagina would profusely ooze as soon as she inserted her tongue into his foul mouth. The sheer anticipation of kissing him with his morning breath made her giddy.

She continued swapping saliva with me tolerating my futile attempts to achieve any real penetration. Her masterly plan, however, was working. Although, she didn't allow much penetration, her butt and thighs did render sufficient friction to make it pleasurable. It was strangely insulting as Mayuri employed her ass cheeks and inner thighs to squeeze my penis in order to relieve me of my misery. Having already screwed her early that night, I was in no hurry. Not sure if it was the perverse nature of the act or whether the penis was rubbing her G-Spot but Mayuri responded. Her moans revealed that she was indeed enjoying the episode. Eventually, my persistent approach melted her resolve and she lifted her leg, clearing the entrance to the hole that had captured Pratik's attention. With in no time, I drove my penis into her and now more than half of it was lodged inside. She pulled me inside with her one hand but her intention was to finger my butthole instead. Her finger invaded my anus ruthlessly. Burying it inside up to her knuckle, she urged me. We climaxed a few moments later.

"Need we discuss apportioning of mating rights?" she asked, catching her breath.

As explained earlier, she was evaluating the option of getting pregnant by him but there wasn't much of resistance from her side to this idea. Neither was it a question of whether Pratik would impregnate her; it was a question of when he would do so. Ever since, she moved under Pratik's roof, she took care of herself physically and religiously performed her Kegel exercises. The objective was to appease Pratik by providing him an illusion of her virginity. Shrini of course had already foiled her attempts. To her merit, she had the unparalleled ability of making someone ejaculate by simply employing her vaginal muscles. She rarely attempted that with me; always reserving it for her lovers.

Later in the day, we spoke about the morning episode when we were both sober. Mayuri finally admitted that despite her reservations she was sexually drawn towards him. While sexually not as adventurous as Shrini, he was matchless with regards to his equipment. Strangely, his slothful behavior enamored Mayuri. Pratik would either pursue her madly or completely ignore her. Often, he would court her at inopportune times and expect her to reciprocate. They did it in the garage, in the car while parked inside the garage, in the downstairs bathroom and so on. Contrasting that, his indolence knew no bounds when Mayuri solicited his attention in the mornings. He would not budge easily and only after serious coercion would he respond. Yet he had captivated her mind.

"Sameer," she spoke on the phone, "since you have brought us to this."

"We need to get mentally prepared for more children." I was listening, knowing that's what she wanted from me.

"Neither Pratik nor me would be able to resist this temptation!"

"Here is our chance," she urged, "to live this lifestyle."

"Under this roof," she choked, "let us pander to your cuckold and my cuckolding tendencies."

There was silence for several moments on the phone.

"Are you listening?" she asked.

"Hmm..." I nodded.

"Do you agree?" she stuttered.

It was true we were enjoying the lifestyle. It was only the act of procreation that bothered me. Not because someone else was fathering our children but because of fear of my ability to support so many children. Even when I overlooked that aspect the thought of Pratik fathering our children pinched me. Why Pratik, I wondered? Once again, I decided to ask Mayuri the very same question, to which she had already answered several times.

"Why Pratik?" I countered. She gasped out of frustration. Gathering herself, she answered, "Because..."

"It has to be someone other than you."

"Someone," her words trailed, "who is well endowed."

"And," she paused, before adding, "Someone who is trustworthy." "There aren't many who fit these criteria," she exhaled.

She had reasoned it well. However, my mind was not willing to accept him. His looks weren't appealing and I wondered if our children should inherit his characteristics.

"Not to mention," she added, "his personal traits that draw out the slut in me."

"It acts as an aphrodisiac for you as well - me acting slutty for him!"

We went through several arguments before settling on the decision to pursue it.

"What are the rules of engagement?" I dared to ask.

Preliminary tension had evaporated. We started out sober in the conversation but were oozing sex now.

"Let's see," she said, collecting her thoughts, "under this roof, Pratik has exclusive access to my womb."

"All of us under this roof should be aware of this in black-and-white."

"As regards to our activity - it would mostly happen in Pratik's office room."

"However, our marital bedroom should have place for him as well."

"You would use a condom - always - and absolutely no sex for you during my fertile period!"

"With regards to our regular life," she said, "I would act as his consort in presence of complete strangers."

"And even in your presence I would affiliate with him."

These rules aren't set in stone but they could only be made stricter.

"Do you agree?" she asked.

"I agree."

"What happens when we move out?" I asked.

"We continue the lifestyle," she chuckled, "but don't get into the procreating business."

"Is the contract for exactly two years?" she asked.


"That means it could be more or less?"

"Only more - not less," I quipped.

"I wager he would father two of our children," she remarked.

"You would wish for three, though," I added, playfully.

"Oh, BTW, tonight, Pratik is taking me out on a date," she added just as we were about to hang. The pangs of jealousy gnawed me. The sloth was finally dating my wife - the beautiful women he lech'd at during our college days.

That evening I was late from work Mayuri waited for me to get home. It was part of her humiliation to leave in front of my eyes holding his arm. She soon guided me to our bedroom to have a private conversation before stepping out. The whole atmosphere was charged; even Sneha showed it in her disapproving look.

She was dressed in a simple Salwar Khameez but something looked amiss. Her breasts were drooping unusually. Offering a peck on my lips, she whispered, excitedly, "He gave me special rings as a gift!"

"Not that kind she said, as I inspected her earrings.

"Not those kind either," she sensually uttered as my eyes riveted towards her feet.

Biting her lower lip, she nonverbally invited me towards her. Hugging her, I tried to kiss but she evaded it and instead guided my hands to her breasts. It quickly registered why her breasts looked droopy. They weren't supported by brassiere. Upon realizing the possibility that she could have pierced her nipples for him, my pecker immediately responded.

"Have you gotten them pierced?"

She shook her head and lifting her Khameez showed her breasts. Tiny rings encircled her nipples but they didn't look secure. Her tiny nipples weren't long enough to entertain those kinds of rings. They adorned her breasts her though.

"Soon these would be long enough to hold two of them."

"No permanent marks for me," she reasoned as I inspected her breasts. Flicking my tongue across her nipple, I sensed the cold metal that surely must be reminding her of their presence.

"What about the scar marks on your tummy?" I asked.

"Not much of choice there," she reasoned.

"Why aren't you wearing your brassiere?" I asked.

"It was his wish."

"Wanted to parade your wife to the serving waiters."

"Have you changed your mind?" she asked.

"About what we talked in the morning," she clarified.

I shook my head.

"I would let Pratik know about it over dinner," she said excitedly, stepping out.

Waving to both of us, Mayuri and Pratik stepped out for their adventure. Closing the door, Sneha turned around and kissed me. She fervently kissed me right at the door just as they pulled out of the driveway. She led me to her bedroom. Fully clothed, we rolled onto her bed like teenagers, passionately kissing each other. Just as we were getting into the act, her baby girl started crying. Sneha picked her up from the cradle and tried to pacify her. The baby was hungry, so it didn't work and Sneha had to breastfeed her. It was an awkward moment as neither of us knew the appropriate thing to do. She took a shawl to cover her partially exposed breast on which the little girl was feeding. Not many liked the taste of mother's milk but I liked and I had tasted from Rohini's breast earlier.

Nature took its course as Sneha couldn't resist my sexual advance while breast feeding her daughter. She returned my kisses passionately. In no time, I got rid of the shawl and exposed her other breast as well. Her breasts were gorged with milk and mere kneading of them caused them to spill milk. Needing no encouragement, I kneeled in front of her and latched onto her other breast. The thin, steady stream of milk flooded my mouth. Sneha liked the pleasant sensation as I played with her nipple by gently nibbling at it.

I guided her to lie down on the bed so that I could inspect her distended vagina. She resisted; only cursorily. Just like Mayuri, she was extremely fair with milky white, blemish less complexion. Her pussy lips were not as pinkish but very attractive. She was, however, much bigger than Mayuri and even her pelvis looked humongous to me. Getting rid of her panties I finally noticed her vagina that was quite large compared to Mayuri's - perhaps it was because of Sneha's build, perhaps it was because of bearing a child.

She moaned audibly as I pleasured her with my tongue. Satisfying her completely, I moved up to kiss her. The baby girl was asleep and we could now lavish attention on each other. She again kissed me passionately.

"I never experienced such pleasure," she quipped.


"Pratik never does that," she hesitantly responded. She moved her hand to my penis and stroked it, through my pajamas.

"Is it like your husbands?" I dared ask.

"You know the answer," she quipped, not looking into my eyes.

"Is he really big?" I asked. She looked into my eyes and smiled nervously.

"Yes but there are things that you excel at," she assured.

"Like what?"

"Kissing, going down on me," she said. Her hand was all along busy stroking my penis. When I motioned to mount her, she abruptly asked, "What are you doing?"

"We can't do that." Her eyes conveyed her disapproval distinctly.

"Pratik doesn't approve of it," she said, avoiding looking at me.

"Pratik likes to kiss, I heard," I said, diverting her attention.

"Yes he does, but I don't like to kiss him and neither did Dolly like it."

"How come Mayuri likes it?"

"She has the right qualities - she revels in the experience."

"We could be good friends," she said looking at me.

"Did Dolly ever go out with him like this?" I asked.


"She detested him!"

"There is something about Mayuri..." her words trailed.

"What?" I encouraged.

"She is beautiful," she said, "and very willing in the bedroom."

"Dolly wasn't as willing," she remarked.

"What do you mean?"

"Mayuri could do things we would never do..." she said lowering her eyes.

"Let's not talk about them," she stopped herself abruptly.

Like a gentleman, I honored her plea of not pushing her for more than she promised to offer.

Mayuri and Pratik returned a little late that night. They headed to Pratik's office room instead of kicking me out of our bedroom. Although, that day didn't seem far. For the first time, I had the urge to eavesdrop on them. Pursuing my instincts, I tip-toed to the door and listened to their ordeal inside. Unlike the episodes with Shrini, these lacked aural luster. They didn't communicate much and occasionally, I had slurping sounds and eventually it was Mayuri's groans. It became apparent that she was allowing him to take her anally as her groans, although not loud, were indicative of her plight. She would urge him to stop but then would relent again. This went on for well over twenty minutes after which she seemed to have adjusted to his size and enjoyed the action as conveyed by her moans. It was too mellow for me to keep me glued so I retreated to my bedroom soon.

The next morning, Mayuri woke me up early to share the story of last night. She obviously hadn't had enough and she kissed me passionately. Gently probing her ass I realized that she indeed lost her anal virginity. Curious to observe the state of her anus, I slid down and with the aid of a torch inspected her anus. She gladly lifted her legs and allowed me intimate access. Sure enough her sphincter muscles looked abused. It was swollen red and loose. Without any encouragement my tongue moved into the crack to soothe her abused asshole. She didn't object but warned me to be gentle. She confirmed that he indeed was able to achieve full penetration; a splendid achievement in the eighth month of her pregnancy. There was no trace of semen and it seemed he had used a condom. From the tell tale signs, it seemed that she also had a morning session with him.

"Did you do it in the morning?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "it was the third time for the night."

"Every time it was in the back hole," she sensually added.

"Did it hurt?" I asked.

"Yes," she quipped, "but mostly it was fun."

"Check it out," she said pulling something from the bedside table. It was a plastic zipper bag that contained some white stuff. As she delicately pried out one of the things, it became apparent that she had saved his condoms from last night. I moved up to her to inspect it closely.

"Let's compare," she said, pulling out my taut penis from my pajamas.

Not surprisingly, the condom was much larger compared to my erect penis. I didn't realize the chasm between our penises but later on found that he was about two sizes bigger than me. It was clear why she had chosen him to be her new stallion.

"Any doubt he would soon impregnate me?" She chuckled; her intention was only to highlight potency of his ejaculations.

"Check out," she added, "how stuffy these are?"

For having ejaculated thrice in a night they were saturated with the white gooey stuff. Her fascination with his penis and his semen was apparent as she played with the limp casings. She moved one hand to my penis and stroked my penis as she fiddled with the condom. She looked at me as I enjoyed the pleasant sensations.

"Isn't he the Yarraman from your dreams?" she asked casually.

"Just the kind of stuff, Brolga would have wanted for Belle," she said, waving the condom in front of me. She drew it closer to her nose to inhale the musky odor.

"In his fantasies," she seethed, "he would only lick Belle's pussy, in the hope of tasting Yarraman's seed one day."

"He wouldn't mount her but only prepare and soothe her with his tongue," she said by wickedly squeezing my balls. She leaned forward to kiss me while continuing her torture. She continued it for a little while; perhaps she was making up her mind on how to escalate her humiliation to the next level.

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