tagBDSMJourney of Submission

Journey of Submission


Chapter 1: Phone Call

The phone rang as she came in the door with her hands full of groceries. Amelia set them down and reached for the phone. "Hello?" she said. "You have been accepted into The Academy. A packet will soon arrive with instructions on how to proceed", a voice said. Amelia collapsed into a nearby chair and slowly smiled. She has been accepted, all her dreams are coming true.

Many months ago, she had seen an advertisement in the personal section on an alternative lifestyle website.

- Persons, wishing to learn how to be a proper submissive, write to the address below and an application will be sent to you -

Amelia was born and raised in an upper middle class family, in a suburban Midwest town. She was an average girl in an average life. Moving first through her childhood then her college days with nothing remarkable happening, she had been teaching for only 2 years. For quite a while now, something had been missing from her life. She loved teaching, but her personal life was empty. She had only a couple of casual friends and was distant from her family. And her dating life was nonexistent. No one saw past her mousiness. She couldn't push past her shyness. Amelia often felt alone and unneeded.

Amelia sent for the information almost as a whim. But as she thought about it, her excitement grew. As she waited for the information, she researched the Academy on the internet. Their website seemed legitimate and she could find nothing that discredited them. The Academy was mentioned on several prominent D/s websites as a good school and had received several honors within the community.

Days later, the packet arrived. Amelia filled out the application, had her doctor fill out her medical records and mailed everything. She continued on with her everyday life, but kept on thinking about what she had done. As time passed, the thoughts faded into the background but never quite went away. Then with the phone call, everything flooded back.

A few days after the phone call, Amelia heard a knock at the door. There stood a woman who introduced herself as Miss Jessica. She wore her hair in a sleek bun and Amelia could tell she was a professional just by her demeanor. Miss Jessica proceeded to give Amelia a health check to verify her medical information and explained that with this verification, all paperwork was complete. She was then given a packet that contained plane tickets and an information letter. After Miss Jessica left, Amelia read the letter. She would have one week to make arrangements to pack away her life for a year and to report to the Academy.

It was a busy week for Amelia, getting ready to leave her life for a year. She told her parents and family that she was going to be enrolling in a study program to expand her knowledge base (she hated to lie, so she blurred the truth), then took a sabbatical from her teaching post at a private school. The rest of the time was spent arranging for the storage of her furnishings and car.

Amelia worked on setting aside her current life to move forward into the next. During this time, doubts kept dogging her mind, but she knew she couldn't pass up this opportunity to find her heart's desire. Was this the right move for her? Could she walk away from her life for a whole year? Was she ready to reach for her dream that suddenly was within her grasp? The letter was always on her mind.

One week to the day later, Amelia stepped out of the airport after a long flight. She saw a plain van with someone next to it. He held a sign with her name and 3 others. Reflecting back to the busy past week, she took a deep breath and moved forward, pointed to her name and boarded on the van.

The journey had begun...

Chapter 2: School Begins

Amelia was starting out on a journey. A month before, she had applied to The Academy, a school for submissives. Not more that a week later, she received a packet with plane tickets for the following week and a letter of instructions. Now as she was riding in a van on its way to the Academy, she pulled out the letter to reread.


The plane tickets are for one week from today. Get your affairs in order, pack a small bag and take that flight. A van will meet you at the airport and take you to the campus. Expect to be gone for 1 year. You may change your mind at any time in this process with no consequences. However, once you board the van, there is no turning back. Rules of conduct begin the moment you are on the van:

•do not speak until spoken to

•do not make eye contact with anyone without permission

•most importantly, follow orders without question

Upon arrival, you will exit the van and follow Leon and Leona to the changing room. There you will put on the school tunic and stow your luggage in your designated closet. You will then be escorted to the main hall for your first lesson and test. In the main hall, you will perform a formal kneel on one of the four spots: knees slightly apart, hands open and resting lightly on your thighs, feet together and butt resting on your heels, back straight, head slightly bowed, and eyes forward without making eye contact.

Academy Staff

Master Jonathan – HeadMaster and your Owner for the duration of your stay

Mistress Katiana – HeadTeacher and the Presenter of all lessons

Miss Jessica – Medical Professional

Sir Bryan – StableMaster and Groundskeeper

Leon and Leona – assistants to Master and Mistress; your Superiors in every way

Students will now answer to the following names:





Amelia smiles as she thought about what was to come. Shortly, the van pulled up at a country manor. The four students were met by 2 people in red tunics and were led to the changing room. Amelia presumed that they were Leon and Leona. In her locker, Amelia found a white tunic that fell to just below her buttocks and a brown cord to tie around her waist. She put all her things inside and Leon locked it up.

The group was led to the main hall, where they knelt on a spot and assumed the position described in the letter. Up on the landing of the grand staircase was a regal looking woman. "My name is Mistress Katiana and you have met Leon and Leona. They will be helping to correct your position until you get it right and hold it for half an hour, if you move, you will start again. I was informed that pup whispered to cub on the van and he did not respond. Because he followed directions, cub will have 5 minutes subtracted from his expected time...and pup will have 5 minutes added to hers. Begin."

Amelia put herself into position and held still. Leona came by and separated her knees to the proper distance with a cane. The pair of assistants circled the students, poking and tapping, here and there, to reposition their bodies. Amelia felt her muscles trembling with the strain but fought the instinct to move. Suddenly, Mistress said, "fawn is first, you may relax your back and neck, and raise your head to pay attention, this is the dutiful kneel position, small movements are acceptable". Minutes later, cub was named second. Amelia began to sweat and shake but held on until she was named third. Ten minutes later, pup was allowed to change to dutiful kneel.

"You have performed adequately for the first day. This first task was also a contest to help assign sleeping quarters. Each day, sleeping quarters will be reassigned; do well if you wish to sleep comfortably." The L's (which is how Amelia thought of them now) led the group to a room at the top of the stairs and opened the door. This was the room of the first and it resembled a master suite in a home with an attached private bath. Fawn would be using this room. The next door contained a medium bedroom with a window overlooking the garden. Here is where cub would be sleeping. A bathroom with a toilet and shower was behind the next door and beyond that was a small alcove with a curtain over the opening. The tiny space held a narrow twin bed and a small table with a lamp and a hook for a tunic. Amelia would sleep here. There were no more rooms in that hall. They were led back downstairs to the main hall. Next to the staircase was a chain next to a small cupboard door. This is where the fourth would sleep. Pup would be chained to the wall by her neck and given a blanket and chamber pot from the cupboard.

They were given a light meal in the dining hall and then sent to bed for the night. As she lay in bed, Amelia/kit thought back thru the day...and wondered...

What would tomorrow bring..........

Chapter 3: First Day

An early morning bell rang starting what was to become a very busy day. This first day, Leon and Leona conducted a tour and gave the students a daily schedule. It was balanced between household duties and D/s lessons. Everything a good submissive needs to please.

After tidying their sleep space, the students would go to the courtyard for an hour of exercise and then back to the house for cleaning duties. They were responsible for cleaning the house from top to bottom. Then after a quick breakfast and kitchen cleaning, they reported to the bathing chamber. There they would learn bathing and grooming to please. Next, was 2 hours of classroom instruction, an hour of laundry and costume care, a quick lunch, followed by 3 more hours of instruction and study time. Cooking lessons and meeting with the HeadMaster rounded out the day, followed by some social and personal time before bed. Six hours later, it all started again.

•500 morning bell/personal time

•510 exercise

•610 housework

•710 breakfast in student lounge

•730 kitchen duty

•830 bathing/grooming class

•1000 instruction

•1200 laundry/costume care

•100 lunch in student lounge

•130 instruction

•330 study hall

•430 cooking lessons and dinner prep

•600 serve dinner to staff in dining hall

•630 dinner in student lounge

•700 kitchen clean up

•800 meet with HeadMaster for discussion/practice/quizzing

•930 free time in student lounge

•1030 bath/prepare for bed

•1100 bedtime

The tour complete, the students were taken to the student lounge to eat breakfast. A continental style breakfast was set up on the sideboard, near the dining table. The other half of the room has a small seating area for the brief times the students has free time. Quickly eating, the students introduced themselves, this being the first time they had been allowed to visit. In the student lounge, they were able to relax and be themselves. They cleared the breakfast things and took them to the kitchen to be cleaned along with the kitchen itself before going to the bathing chamber.

Bathing and grooming were an important part of D/s life, they were told. A good sub knows what his/her Master likes, what's appropriate for the day's events and prepares accordingly. That first day, they were taught the basics of hair removal, washing their hair and bodies next, rinsing under the shower and then a soak in the roman style sunken tub in the middle of the chamber. Amelia/kit felt awkward being stripping naked not only in front of the other girls, but also in front of Kevin/cub. She knew that this was a typical thing in a house with multiple subs and hoped that she could adjust.

Next, they were off to the classroom where they were to meet up with Mistress Katiana for the first time of the day. She was standing at the front of a room that contained a throne with 4 kneeling spots in the center of a plain room. Around the edges of the room were various cabinets and pieces of equipment. Amelia/kit was curious but she dared not to look until given permission. She knelt on one of the cushions in the formal pose they had been taught the day before, as did the others.

Mistress addressed them, "Today we were to begin with proper ways to address Dom/me. However, there has been an issue brought to my attention. This morning you were to clean the kitchen after breakfast. The staff did an inspection and found the quality lacking. When questioned, they stated that although no one did well, one in particular was lacking. Cub, crawl forward and formal kneel before me. The rest of you move to dutiful pose and observe carefully, cub will be teaching you the yielding pose. From the formal kneel, you will roll your upper body forward from the formal kneel position and place your head and shoulders on the floor, head facing left, hands flat on the floor above your head, thumbs touching. You will notice that your ass is raised up as you roll forward. This pose shows your subservience to your Dom/me....and is also used for punishment." Cub shuddered as he heard those words.

Mistress continued, "Cub it was reported that you did noticeably less work than the others during kitchen duty. Why is that?" She was pacing with a deliberate step as she questioned him. "In my family, Ma'am, it has always been women's work and I don't know how." he stated. "Do you have eyes, boy?" She asked. "Yes, Ma'am" he said. "I expect each of you to not only learn in our lessons here but by observation. Is that understood?" she responded, as she walked around behind cub, taking a paddle from Leon. The class answered "Yes, Ma'am" in one voice. "You will receive 2 swats for ignorance and 5 more for failure to take action to correct that ignorance." She announced as she let the first firm swat land across his backside. He yelped. "A good submissive bears punishment stoically unless commanded to act otherwise." She instructed and proceeded to apply the other 6 swats with a firm hand as cub flinched and whimpered.

Cub was directed to return to his cushion, weeping softly, and the morning lesson began. They were told that although each Dom or Domme would have their own preferences, the lessons taught at the school would stand them in good stead. Of course, when a sub became owned, their Dom/me would instruct them in His/Her own rules. They were told that male Dominants were called Dom, Master or Sir and female Dominants were called Domme, Mistress, Ma'am or Miss. Furthermore, Master and Mistress were usually reserved for the Ones who Owned them. If their Owner had more than one sub, it may be require calling the one in charge either Head Sub or First Sub.

After drilling the students about terms of addressing, Mistress gave lessons on how to enter a room quietly and either perform their duties or to kneel in the spot designated by their Owner. She then left them to practice with the L's supervising their efforts. Moving on to the laundry room, they had to wash, dry and iron the household linens and student tunics. They also would be required to do any mending or sewing of new tunics/costumes that needed to be done. Kit and cub worked on the washing and drying, while fawn and pup mended some torn sheets and then started the ironing. As the drying finished, kit and cub folded the freshly ironed clothing and sorted it for later distribution.

Walking wearily into the student lounge, Kit spotted soup and sandwiches, coffee, milk or tea on the sideboard. Everyone got something to eat and sat at the table, cub more gingerly than the rest. In the few minutes they had left when they finished, they relaxed with their eyes closed on the comfortable couches and chairs by the fireplace. Everyone was exhausted....and the day had only begun.

They heard the clock strike the half hour and slowly rose to their feet. It was time to continue.......

Chapter 4- The Day Continues

Kit and her fellow students moved back to the classroom to begin the next set of lessons. They were all tired from the busy morning but would have to adjust to the intense schedule. Entering the classroom, kit moved to her cushion and kneeled, looking up at attention. Mistress was standing at the head of the class and let them know that Leon and Leona would be presenting lessons in terminology and dining room service...and the group would be receiving and learning how to wear their serving uniform.

First, they were handed a list of terms that pertained to the D/s lifestyle. Kit read the following information:

DOM: male Dominant, also might be called Master, Lord and Sir

DOMME: female Dominant, also might be called Miss, Ma'am, and Lady

SUBMISSIVE: subordinate of either gender, also might be called slave, pet, kajira, or servant

D/s: abbreviation for Domination/submission

OBEDIENCE: submissive to the restraint or command of authority: willing to obey

COMMUNICATION: a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior

TRUST: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something --one in which confidence is placed

HONESTY: refusing to lie, steal, or deceive in any way; this includes lies by omission

RESPECT: high or special regard, esteem

COMMITMENT: something pledged; the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled

SAFE WORD: a code word agreed upon by the Dominant and the submissive and used by the submissive to either end or slow-down the tempo or intensity of a scene.

Leon and Leona took turns going over each term, giving a thorough definition for each, answering questions as they went. Then each student was given their serving uniform and was instructed to put it on. Kit quickly undressed and put on the miniscule black satin panties and white, ruffle edged serving apron that barely covered her breasts and crotch. A small white, ruffled headband was also provided. As she put that on, she looked over at cub. He was wearing black satin boy shorts with a white collar with black bowtie and white wrist cuffs with black cufflinks. They other girls were dressed just like kit. All were barefooted.

The next lesson covered everything they needed to know about serving dinner to the HeadMaster and His friends. How to enter carrying a heavy tray and set it on the sideboard without spilling, how to serve ladies first, then the gentlemen, how to serve to the right and remove dishes from the left, and how to offer dishes without interrupting the conversations going on at the table. They were rigorously drilled over and over, as they were shown how to set the table for a formal dinner.

After class they were allowed to return to the lounge to study, rest, and have a light snack. Kit and fawn drilled and discussed with each other the terms, while cub and pup practiced serving at the dining table. Although tired, everyone studied and worked the whole study time.

At 4:30, everyone went to the kitchen for the next phase. The head chef set them to various tasks to help prepare the night's dinner. All the while, she talked to the class about how to prepare the dishes. It was busy time, chopping, mixing and basting. Putting the food into the serving dishes to be visually attractive was especially difficult. They also had to polish the silver trays and get the serving dishes ready, and set the dining room table for 2. Tonight would just be HeadMaster and HeadMistress for dinner.

Promptly at 6pm, kit and friends were carrying trays out from the kitchen and setting them on the sideboard. An olive rolled off fawn's tray and rolled across the floor. Cub tripped and almost spilled the bottle of wine. Kit kept forgetting to serve from the right. And pup stuttered nervously as she presented each dish. They finished serving and quietly left the dining room after being dismissed. After a quick dinner in the student lounge, where they discussed the successes and failures, they returned to the kitchen to clean. That done, they reported to the main lounge to meet with Master and Mistress.

"Hello, I am Master Jonathan, the HeadMaster here at the Academy", he said, "I was observing your dinner service and barring a few minor mishaps....for a first dinner service you did adequately It was explained that points would be earned and lost according to their performance of the next hour and a half. Then when the points were totaled, they would receive their new room assignments. ." Master Jonathan was an exacting instructor. He drilled, quizzed and observed the students practicing their newly learned skills. Mistress Katiana kept records and assisted Master, then assigned the rooms in order from kit in the big room, then cub, pup, and then fawn chained in the hall. They were dismissed and allowed an hour in the student lounge before being required to bath and be in bed by 11pm.

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