tagBDSMJourney of Submission Ch. 03

Journey of Submission Ch. 03


The day has finally arrived for U/us to be together once again and i have begun my ritual of preparation. Comforted and settled by the knowledge that i will soon be back home in His arms. Time seems to pass so slowly as i sit waiting to leave when my phone rings.

His name appears on the screen i answer it immediately i hear in His voice disappointment as He informs me that He must cancel O/our plans. There has been a family emergency and He has to take care of a situation involving His brother.

i am disappointed by the news but i know that life has it's disappointments and i must be willing to put aside my desires and support Him during a difficult situation. i reassure Him that it is okay and let Him know that if i can help to feel free to call. i am available to serve Him in whatever fashion He needs.

Though i feel a sense of disappointment in the change of plans there is a sense of pleasure at being able to be of emotional support to Him during this minor crisis in His life. i feel a new depth of closeness to Him in providing Him a loving shoulder to lean on and comfort to ease His difficulty. This new level of unselfishness to put His needs before mine brings me a comfort i relish the experience to serve all His needs not just those in the bedroom.

To help carry His burdens and make His day easier is now a task i wish to embrace completely. i find my desire to bring peace, joy, and serenity into His life in every way possible to be a fulfilling purpose in my life. As i go about my day waiting to hear from Him i am at peace.

my phone finally rings as i am laying in bed He is driving back home and begins to share with me His day i listen as He decompresses from the stress. i feel honored He trusts me to share these burdens with me. The pride i experience in being a soft place for Him to land grows. He shares with me the details of the day and His concerns of the situation.

i can hear relief enter His voice as i listen and reassure Him and O/our discussion changes to how much enjoyment W/we find in each other. Unburdened He tells me how He wishes i was home waiting for His arrival from such an arduous day so that He could embrace me. i wish for nothing more than to be waiting for Him after a difficult day to assuage His distress and provide Him with whatever release He needs.

As He finishes sharing His desire to have me in His arms He says those words that previously bring forth a response of panic triggering me to run "I love you". my breath quickens at the statement and i wait expecting to feel the normal response but that is not the case i respond for the first time with "i love You also". There is no panic there is no hesitation or uncertainty, i am completely in love with Him with every fiber of my being i know the truth of this statement.

He is shocked for a moment at the revelation of O/our love for each other the ease in which He had stated His love for me. i too find the depth of such emotion only knowing each other for such a brief time indescribable. The truth is undeniable though logic dictates a slower pace W/we realize that logic has no bearing in this equation.

O/our love is not dictated by time it is destined to exist and cannot be denied. W/we have spoken the truth openly and without any reservations to each other and it is perfect. i didn't ever realize anything was missing from my life till that moment and now i realize that though i was complete alone i am completed by His love and my love for Him.

W/we make arrangements for the weekend He is going to come to my area. i am excited anticipating the next encounter and the blossoming of O/our relationship as M/s. i am learning that not only is He creating in me a better woman through His skillful Mastery but my submission to Him is developing Him into a fuller man.

The journey W/we share in this growth is amazing and has no bounds it is infinite in its nature. i am excited to once again be on His arm enlarging my submission to Him. i eagerly anticipate watching the evolution as His dominance grows and with each encounter i see Him grow into the Master of me He was always destined to be.

With His arrival at my home i stand ready for His inspection, i have prepared myself in a short black knit dress with black suede thigh high boots. As He exits His car i see the smile of pleasure grow on His face before He takes me into His embrace. Holding me front of Him to fully view me before taking His hands and firmly grasping me by my hair pulling back my head engulfing me in His kiss consummating His pleasure at what He sees with a kiss.

W/we enter my house where He bends me over the table exposing my bare bottom gently caressing it with His strong hands before He imprints each exposed cheek with His handprint setting the tone for what lies ahead. He has arranged a hotel room for O/our night together. On the drive to the hotel He tells me that tonight He will be exerting more dominance over me.

i am excited and anxious at meeting the new challenges He has in store. i wish more than anything meet His requirements and to exceed His expectations. i am given direction that i will no longer open my door and will stand and wait for Him to open them for me. He will control my entrance and exit from this point forward. W/we arrive at the hotel and i sit patiently in my seat waiting for Him to allow my exit from the car.

He retrieves O/our belongings from the vehicle and than opens the door for me to exit. As W/we approach the entrance to the hotel i stand to the side as He pulls open the door for me to enter into the lobby. i stand to the side as He checks U/us in my breathing begins to accelerate as the anticipation builds for what He has planned for me next. As W/we ride the elevator He grabs me pulling me close to Him kissing my mouth i can feel Him swell against me He exerts His command of my body and my entire being responds to His dominance.

Upon entering the room He directs me to remove my dress and hang it up neatly for use later. i follow His commands and remove my clothing leaving on the boots as He has directed. He retrieves the ice bucket and informs me to wait for His return i instinctively kneel with my legs spread apart and my arms behind my back to wait for His return. When He enters the room i present myself to Him on my knees exposed for His inspection with my back arched so that my breasts are thrust forward. His smile expresses the pleasure that i have waited for His return in such a fashion.

He secures the collar about my throat tugging on it to confirm it's security before He secures a cuff to each of my wrists. Now He places a blindfold over my eyes depriving me of my ability to see. Pulling me up He bends me over the bed to begin warming up my body with His flogger i love the sensation of the leather thongs as they lick my skin.

Now that my body is quivering from the exquisite assault of the flogging He lays me on the bed my arms secured behind my back with rope He has ran through the rings of the cuffs than through the eyelet on the collar cinching my arms up and securing them tightly so that i am helpless to move them. Spreading apart my legs so that i am completely vulnerable and exposed He leaves me informing me that He will return shortly.

i am helpless blindfolded, exposed and incapable of moving to free myself from His bondage i wait. Each moment feels like an eternity i feel a sense of panic rise in me concerned that He has forgotten me. i am completely at His mercy waiting for Him. i feel the pressure of my arms bound to my collar pull on my throat a burning sensation begins to run into my shoulders from my position supporting the weight of my body with my arms bound behind my back. i am experiencing so many sensations all at once, the fear of Him not returning, the excitement of being so exposed, the desire to endure this ordeal in a fashion that pleases Him. i am unsure if He is even present in the room watching my torment but the thought of Him quietly watching me endure this torture cause my clit to swell and i spread my legs further apart increasing my exposure.

Finally i hear the door open and close i hear Him walk to the bed He pulls me forward releasing my arms from their bondage. i feel the circulation begin to return as He lays me flat on my back positioning me for His use. Spreading me apart He begins to insert inside of me various devices stimulating juices to flow unabashed from me. Till finally i explode flooding the bed in my orgasm. He now removes the blindfold and engulfs me in His arms enjoying the feeling of my body as it trembles from the intensity of the orgasm He generated. He gently caresses me and with each touch triggers more tremors till they eventually subside. Finally i have recovered and my senses have returned and now it is my turn for i have prepared a surprise for Him this time.

As He lays on the bed i reach for my purse removing a bag of mentholated drops unwrapping two of them i place them in my mouth allowing them to dissolve and the menthol from the drops begin to create a warming sensation in my mouth. i than go to Him slowly i begin to run my tongue down His skin swirling it around each nipple and taking a moment to nibble and tease each one till i hear the moans begin in His throat. i continue my way down slowly caressing each inch of His skin with my tongue till i reach His already swelling cock running my tongue down it slowly tracing each ridge and vein till i reach the scrotum.

i work my tongue back to the head of His cock with care to caress each area before finally engulfing His cock deep into my throat. The menthol begins to penetrate and the warming sensation begins to increase His pleasure intensifying the sensation of His cock penetrating my mouth i feel the head begin to swell and the pulsation of the veins as the blood begins to engorge them. i engulf Him to the base of His shaft feeling the pressure of His hard cock pressing against the back of my throat as He explodes into my mouth the sweet flavor of His cum fills my mouth pleasing my taste buds as i consume each delectable drop.

With O/our desires now temporarily appeased W/we prepare for dinner and a night out on the town. He hands me His slacks to iron, as He prepares Himself a drink and relaxes. i enjoy the task and take care to insure they are neatly pressed and prepared for Him to wear i carefully lay them over a chair and begin to iron His shirt. i than go to re-dress myself and make myself presentable for dinner.

Dressed for the evening i stand off to the side of the door waiting for Him to open it so i may exit the room. W/we leave the hotel and He opens the car door allowing me to enter. As we drive i feel the welts from His marks on my bottom and the sensation as always sends tingles through out. my dress is extremely short and barely covers my bottom as i sit during the drive to the restaurant. He has made reservations at a steak house and as W/we wait to be seated He asks if i have any allergies to food or dislikes. i inform Him that i have none and provide Him with my preferences uncertain of why He is asking these questions.

He informs me that He will now order my food for me and will further exert His dominance by determining what i will eat. i am slightly surprised by the excitement of relinquishing this control to Him and am pleased with the response it generates. W/we are shown our booth and He informs the Hostess that only one menu is necessary. Ordering O/our drinks He than examines the menu's selections. While W/we wait for the waiter to return W/we discuss various subjects and i find O/our conversations to be so stimulating not just to my desires but to my mind also. i occasionally find myself moving my foot against His leg as He sits across from me running it up His thigh.

He orders O/our meal and we continue the conversation as W/we savor the food. His selections were perfect. With each new experience my trust in His judgment increases and i release my being further into His care. O/our meal complete W/we exit the restaurant to continue the evening walking to the car W/we pass a bar with a pool table. He escorts me in so that W/we can enjoy a few games of pool.

Removing my coat i sit waiting while He leaves to retrieve drinks and quarters. He begins to rack the balls and i prepare to break realizing that my dress while standing barely covers my bottom. i feel the anxiety rise as the realization that bending to take my shot will expose my bottom and reveal His marks to those who are watching. i feel a slight flush form on my cheeks as i bend to take my first shot. i sink the shot and stand to examine my next move taking a moment to see His reaction. i can see bye the expression on His face He is pleased with my willingness to be so exposed. i know He can sense the anxiety that such a public exposure causes me and i see that my willingness to endure such anxiety for Him increases the pride and love He feels for me.

As W/we play other people walk past us stopping and complimenting me on my boots, and dress with each compliment He swells with joy and pleasure, His eyes glow from the honor He feels with being my Master. i begin to relax and revel in the desire i feel at causing Him such pleasure and begin to focus on increasing the grace in which i move. O/our game completed W/we resume the walk to the car.

He has selected a place to go dancing i am excited once again to lose myself with Him on the dance floor. Entering the club and i follow Him to a table standing as He removes my coat and goes to get U/us drinks. He returns and while enjoying O/our drinks He spreads apart my legs so that He can run His hand up my thigh causing a moan to escape my mouth. Achieving the desired response He leads me to the dance floor where W/we once again enjoy the music rubbing O/our bodies against each other to the beat oblivious of everyone around.

As the evening progresses women in the club approach me to compliment me on how sexy i look. A few men try to make a move on me only to realize they have no chance. He is the envy of every man in the room and i of every woman. Retreating to the back dance floor a woman approaches me asking to see the tattoo on my thigh. i lift my dress higher exposing the mermaid which runs from my hip down my thigh and she runs her hand across it. Her friend approaches to examine it and asks if she may lick my thigh i can sense Him waiting for my response as i say Yes i feel the pleasure radiate from Him as i expose my thigh and she drops to her knees to runs her tongue up my leg.

He rewards me for my actions by telling me how proud He is of me and how honored He is at my gift of submission to Him. Taking me back to the dance floor W/we once again lose O/ourselves to the music before returning back to the hotel. Undressing W/we retreat under the covers of the bed wrapped in each other's arms. W/we sleep completely spent from the evening.

Waking in the morning He begins to kiss and caress me He directs me on top of Him as He enters me i begin to ride His hard cock till simultaneously W/we orgasm my body responding to His by clenching Him tighter collapsing on His chest in His arms with Him still inside me till the last tremor subsides before leaving the bed to shower and dress for the day.

Checking out of the hotel W/we drive to a restaurant for breakfast to appease O/our appetites the morning activities have created. i now instinctively wait while He opens the doors for me permitting my entrance i no longer reach for the menu but sit while He peruses the menu. The dread though begins to form as the food is brought and W/we begin to eat knowing that soon He will be returning me home and i will have to say goodbye till O/our next encounter. i wish i could consume my food more slowly but i can sense that He has a pending matter to attend to and i can't delay the end of O/our time any longer. Yet another business trip but before departing W/we make arrangements for the next encounter i miss Him greatly when He is gone and count the days till His return.

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