tagBDSMJourney of Submission Ch. 04

Journey of Submission Ch. 04


He has planned a surprise for O/our next encounter and is teasing me with it. i feel like the child waiting for Christmas trying to guess what is in the presents that await under the tree. Tomorrow He returns and i will once again prepare myself for returning to His care. i am filled with a sense of apprehension not knowing what awaits me but i know that it will be as always an exquisite treat.

As i drive to Him my mind races with what might possibly await me, i thought perhaps it was my collar since He has decided to officially collar and own me but He informed me that it won't be delivered till later. Exiting the freeway my excitement mounts and i turn into the garage and park.

It feels like an eternity before the elevator arrives at His floor finally i am at His door waiting for Him to welcome me home. Back in His embrace i melt into His arms releasing myself into His care before holding me back for inspection. Today i wear a 50's style dress with black high heels that provide a naughty touch complimenting the demure style of the dress. Pleased i am escorted to the living room where i remove my clothes and kneel for Him to secure me in the collar and cuffs. The sense of comfort consumes my body as i relax myself and release myself to the security and care of His control.

Taking me to the bedroom He consumes my body penetrating me with toys of pleasure before penetrating me with His swollen cock. Sexual desires temporarily satiated He tells me what my surprise is. He has invited another submissive over and i will be her first encounter with another woman. i am excited to finally meet one of the other women in His life but nervous at the responsibility of being her first female encounter.

i take the time before her arrival to prepare the apartment so that it is welcoming while He prepares His equipment for use. He gives me direction that i am to wait quietly in the room until He retrieves me. i am nervous and uncertain i have not met any of the other women in His life and i fear that she might not like me. i want so much for everyone to enjoy each other and for U/us all to become an integrated poly unit. i lay on the bed with my mind racing back and forth between the anxiety of meeting her and the excitement of being her first woman.

He leaves me to my thoughts closing the door and i can hear the front door open as He welcomes her in. i can only hear through the walls the sounds of various items as i picture Him placing the collar and cuffs on her and blindfolding her. i wait patiently my anxiety and excitement building till finally He retrieves me motioning me to follow Him out of the room.

Standing in the entry to the living room seeing her breasts bound and clamped a gag in her mouth and a blindfold cover her arms. He has her standing in the middle of the room and He motions me to enter and sit in a chair. i watch as He handles her bound breasts pinching and pulling them tugging on the rope He has tightly wrapped around each of them. The loss of circulation in them has caused the color to change to a beautiful shade of deep reddish purple.

Retrieving His crop He begins to torture the nipples of each one before placing her in a chair spreading apart her legs exposing her beautiful thighs to the sting of the crop. Moans escape her throat as He puts her through the ordeal till finally He motions for me to come over.

Tilting back her head presenting me with her lips i begin to embrace them with my mouth kissing her softly holding her face in my hands. Spreading my legs i straddle her before allowing my hands to wander down her throat caressing each breast gently twisting each nipple slowly at first than increasing the pressure till a moan escapes her. He now begins to hold back her head bringing with it the realization that He is not the only person in the room she stiffens for a moment as the uncertainty begins to invade her thoughts. W/we both continue to caress her body till W/we feel her relax under O/our touch before He removes her blindfold and formalizes O/our introduction to each other.

Introductions over He escorts us to the bedroom directing her to lay on the bed, He lays next to her stroking her face and comforting her while i stand and watch the gentleness of His care. i am engulfed by a greater sense of love for Him as i witness the care and attention He takes in assuaging her anxiety till she is relaxed.

Spreading apart her legs He directs me to pleasure her with my mouth. i run my tongue over her clit stroking it in tight small circles running my fingers into her exposed slit i feel her fluids begin to release themselves to my touch. Running my tongue to taste the flavor of her nectar in my mouth as He gently comforts her stroking her face and kissing her lips i hear her begin to moan in pleasure. Increasing the depth of my fingers penetration i increase the intensity and feel her tighten with each thrust till finally she begins to tremor as her orgasm builds and she releases her fluids into my mouth and it flows down my fingers.

Examining His face i verify that He is pleased and slowly leave the bed as He provides reassurance to her that she did well. Holding her in His arms comforting her as her tremors subside, i gently place a blanket over them both and go about the task of cleaning up the toys. Washing them in the sink preparing them for the next use, i go about putting everything back in order allowing T/them some privacy in each other's arms.

i feel honored to share such a moment with her and i want her to feel secure in His arms and respect her time with Him. Finished with cleaning up after this session she has recovered from her experience He motions me to the bed laying me on my back as He directs her to caress my breasts and kiss my lips while He brings me to orgasm penetrating me with His cock i feel His desire as He begins to swell inside of me while she watches till finally W/we both explode in orgasmic ecstasy before collapsing once again into each others arms.

Recovered W/we dress and prepare O/ourselves for dinner. W/we head downstairs into the restaurant sitting at the usual table W/we settle in while i place His napkin in His lap. He relays the order to the waitress. As always His selection of food is perfect and W/we enjoy wonderful conversation and food.

The meal complete W/we head back to the apartment to prepare for another treat He has planned for the T/three of us this evening. W/we will all be going to the Sanctuary a local BDSM public environment. He has packed a bag and made arrangements for U/us to perform a public scene. i feel once again the familiar sensation of anxiety begin to rise in me knowing that He will expose me for all to view. Fortunately i feel a sense of responsibility to ease His other subs anxiety as her and i retreat to the balcony to talk and enjoy a cigarette before W/we leave. The responsibility of caring for her eases my stress at this new experience W/we will be soon having. she is excited though feeling a bit insecure at being exposed publicly for the first time. i assure her she has nothing to worry about and that she is beautiful.

The time has come to leave as He opens the door permitting O/our exit from the apartment W/we head to the garage to enter the vehicle. i am amazed at how sweet this woman is as she tells me to sit in the front seat showing me such consideration and respect is an honor. W/we all laugh and joke on the drive to the dungeon occasionally responding to any protocol questions that might arise.

Arriving at our destination we follow Him as He leads us to a closet where we can remove and hang up O/our jackets. i carefully hang up O/our coats before He leads us out to the lounge where W/we can all relax and visit with other members of the Sanctuary. As we sit He explains to us what we can expect answering any questions or concerns we might have.

Finally He escorts us to the dungeon and to a cross while we both remove our clothing exposing ourselves, He prepares His equipment. her anxiety increases and He takes a moment to ease her distress and place a blindfold on her eyes to assist in providing comfort. i watch as He lashes her to one half of the cross binding her arms above her head till she is secure. Taking a moment He soothes her with his touch and than positions her legs so that they are spread apart. He now takes me into His charge grabbing my hair and pulling back my head before providing me with a consuming and reassuring kiss He leads me to the other half of the cross binding my arms above my head securely to it before spreading my legs so that i am straddling the half He has bound me to.

i can hear as He retrieves the flogger from His case and He begins softly and slowly flogging first her and than me. Starting with my bottom and than lashing my shoulders and back the leather thongs caressing my skin with each stroke. As He flogs her i occasionally feel His touch as He reaches to caress the marks that are forming on my skin. With each round the intensity increases and i find my body responding to Him i stretch against my restraints welcoming each lash of the leather thongs upon my skin. i feel the pleasure in me begin to rise in response to His pain and the tremors begin to build as my legs begin to quiver with each lash.

i spread my legs farther apart exposing myself further to His flogging rubbing my bare bottom against His groin as i feel Him behind me. He places His clamps to my breasts and a slight moan escapes my lips as each nipple experiences the pinch and pressure of the metal on them. He than bind the chain of the clamp tight to the cross with rope so that any movement i make will increase the sensation of pain on my delicate nipples before He resumes adorning me with His marks.

i hear the chains of the clamp as He performs the same task on my counterpart and a moan escapes her mouth as her tender nipples are tortured under the pinch of the clamp. It excites me to share this experience with her knowing that she is enduring His ordeal. i occasionally hear a whimper escape her lips under one of His lashings and can hear Him whisper reassurances to her.

The focus now required to maintain my position is becoming almost impossible though the fear of losing my balance yanking the clamps on my nipples is helping me to maintain focus. my legs are now quivering under each lash uncontrollably and i realize i am on the verge of orgasm as i feel Him run His hand up my thigh to feel the fluids flow out of me. He inserts the glass handle of His flogger into me penetrating me thrusting it inside deeply and hard increasing each thrust till i explode and my fluid rushes from me. He whispers in my ear His pleasure in me before He resumes the ordeal.

i hear Him put the flogger on the table and retrieve another item from His case uncertain of what He has planned next i feel my breath quicken. He informs me that He has never used this on me before as i feel Him rub a hard wooden paddle against my bottom before i feel the thudding force of it upon my skin. i can hear my counterparts breathing quicken also as she experiences the sensation of the paddle for the first time upon her skin and the sound of her excitement once again stimulates my desire and i stretch my self against the restraints to greet each whack. Once again i feel my legs quiver out of control and His hand run up my thigh inserting again the glass handle from the flogger inside me penetrating me deeper with each thrust till i explode.

i am straining now to maintain focus and balance the only thing keeping me from collapsing is the fear of the clamps ripping at my nipples if i fall. i rally all my reserves as i hear Him retrieve another item from His arsenal the anxiety wells up inside uncertain to what torture He plans to exert upon me next. i am anxious and excited the thrill of pleasing Him is bringing an amazing pleasure to me and than i feel the crop as He uses it to spread my legs farther apart slapping the inside of my thighs sending a stinging sensation coursing through my body.

The pain and pleasure has overwhelmed all my senses and i am unsure how much longer i will be able to maintain my focus as i feel my head begin to swim and my legs begin to weaken underneath me i lose sense of anything around me realizing that i am going to enter subspace and lose all control fear of the clamps grips me and i realize that i must cum or risk collapsing during subspace and the clamps possibly ripping at my breasts once again my cum flows out of me.

Now i feel Him behind me as i recover unaware that He has already released my counterpart from her clamps and ropes, He unclasps the first clamp holding my nipple between His fingers as the blood begins to flow back into it than the other. Using His crop He gently tortures each nipple holding my waist firmly with His free arm. He now releases my arms from the ropes holding me as i fall into His firm grasp. my legs barely capable of sustaining my weight they continue to quiver while He holds me till i regain my strength supporting my weight as He helps to clothe me.

Escorting us back to lounge He seats us and provides both of us with water as we are cradled in His arms till we have recovered and are ready to return home. Slowly i feel my strength return and become energized by the adrenaline and endorphins coursing through my system revitalized by the power of His ordeal it is time to leave. W/we gather up O/our belongings and return to the car.

Finally home W/we enter the apartment and into the bedroom where we now get to provide Him with His release to show our appreciation for His exquisite ordeal which He provided us with. i begin running my tongue around His cock as He requests her to position herself so that he can taste the juices flowing from her. i engulf Him with my mouth as i feel His cock begin to swell and pulsate in my mouth. i love the sensation of Him in my mouth the flavor of His cum as it begins to leak from Him i savor the flavor and can't wait till i fill His release in my mouth, but He has other plans. i am directed to change positions with her He wishes to taste me in His mouth as she finishes the task of providing His release once again consumed by His mouth bringing me to orgasm as my fluid fills His mouth and His fills hers. W/we all collapse completely spent the two of us on either side with His arm wrapped around us. Ready for sleep i begin to drift off sharing a bed with my Master and now sister sub content that everything is as it should be.

Lying in bed i hear a sound as she gets up and leaves the room. i am worried the experience was to much for her i hear her retreat to the living room and wonder if i should go out and check on her. i don't want to intrude on her space and wait to see if she returns. Awake i lay there concerned for her until i hear her return to the room standing looking out of the window at the view i decide to wake Him alerting Him to her possible need for His care. He goes to her checking that she is alright with her assurances that all is fine she is just having difficulty not sleeping in her own bed He escorts her out so that she can return to her home. Satisfied that all is well He returns to bed wrapping me in His arms and we both drift off to sleep fully satiated and at home in each other's embrace.

Morning comes and once again i must leave sadness enters me at the thought as i begin to prepare myself for my departure. i take a breath before i get out of the bed feeling His arms around me i rise and enter the kitchen to start the coffee before returning to His warm embrace. Back in His arms W/we begin to caress and kiss each other feeling O/our passion begin to rise i reach my hand to feel His cock harden and than He pulls me on top of Him penetrating me as He thrusts deep inside of me. i feel the pleasure begin to mount inside as He swells inside of me with each thrust my pelvis rotating and grinding taking Him deeper inside of me till i feel myself tighten around Him and the pulsation from His cock increase as the blood begins to engorge Him and He swells before exploding inside of me once more i lay on top of Him as O/our tremors subside holding each other tightly till finally there are no more tremors and i rise from Him to serve His coffee.

W/we enjoy the morning together eating O/our breakfast on the balcony before i must gather once again my things and leave His care. He once again must prepare for His plane and leave for business one of His final trips to prepare His clients for the Holiday season. i can't wait for His schedule to slow down and W/we can have more time to enjoy each others company. i leave hanging in His closet the dress i arrived in since He enjoyed the style so much i will keep it there for when it pleases Him to have me wear it. W/we have one more activity planned though before my departure W/we are attending a rope event designed to teach rope bondage techniques, i have prepared the materials for the class and i will follow Him to the location.

i am excited for the opportunity to learn new skills with Him. The opportunity to increase O/our experience and knowledge excites me and to be present with Him in such a setting as Master/slave arouses me i follow Him in my car running through my head all that He has taught me so far in how i am to present and carry myself in such a way as to honor Him and for others to see how complete His mastery over me is.

Parking W/we enter the location for the class and i feel a tiny amount of apprehension, as this is O/our first social function together as Master/slave. i desire so much for Him to be proud presenting me to others at this event and i wish to portray myself with grace and beauty. W/we enter and the Hostess shows U/us where to put O/our belongings before entering the area where the class will be conducted. i take O/our things and neatly put them away gathering the bag which contains the rope needed for the class. i follow Him out to where the rest of the group has gathered and stand to His right slightly behind Him as i had read was proper protocol of a well trained slave. He introduces me to the people He knows and i politely respond maintaining a submissive posture and response to each Dom i am introduced to.

W/we find a location in the teaching area i prepare the rope so that the various lengths He will need are accessible and easily obtained when needed. He sits on the floor and i kneel in proper position in front of Him so that all can view my submission to Him. i feel the other Dom's witnessing my actions and for a moment i am concerned that i have not properly positioned myself to show Him the appropriate honor a Master deserves. Feeling His reassuring hand stroking my hair than pulling it back assuring me that He is pleased with my behavior. i can feel myself relax knowing that i have performed properly and that the looks from the other Dom's are ones of envy and desire not consternation. As the class begins the instructor starts with basic safety information educating U/us on important questions to ask and basic matters of safety when performing rope bondage.

Settling into the class as the instructor teaches various knots and proper placement of the rope to minimize risk of injury. While class progresses i remove my top so that He can practice techniques of binding and use of the rope for positioning me for His pleasure. The Hostess walks by as i am laid on my back positioned in front of Him while He has me restrained with my legs spread and drawn up for easy penetration. She comments to Him how lovely my breasts are and the joy of His pride in me shows across His face while He continues to practice the various techniques.

Taking a break to hydrate and stretch before the next phase of instruction begins i leave to retrieve some water while He socializes with other members of the group. The Hostess comments on the marks He adorned me with last night i respond with how honored and pleased i am to be adorned with such beautiful welts from my Master.

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