tagBDSMJourney of Submission Ch. 06

Journey of Submission Ch. 06


During the night i wake to feel His hard cock pressing up against my bottom triggering me to gyrate my hips against Him. Feeling His cock harden against the rotating motion of my hips He wakes. Grasping my hair He pulls me back as i arch my back to meet His cock as it enters me. Thrusting His hard cock deep inside i feel my cum begin to run down His cock. With each thrust the orgasm builds inside of me as i feel the head of His cock swell . Reaching my hand between my legs i begin to play with my clit triggering my explosion. As my pussy tightens around His cock i feel Him ready to release His seed inside of me as once again He thrusts deep inside me as W/we simultaneously climax.

Rolling over i slide down His body till i reach His cock wrapping my mouth around it i suck off all O/our cum enjoying the flavors of O/our orgasm. Now that His cock is clean i curl back up in His arms as i feel His cum seep from me. The warmth and wetness running onto my thighs comforting me as i drift back to sleep.

i wake in the morning engulfed in His arms running my hand down His chest till i reach His cock feeling it respond beneath my touch. Feeling Him respond as i stroke His cock in my hand i crave to feel His hard cock in my mouth as i move between His legs to consume Him. Wrapping my tongue around Him as i suck it deep into my throat i feel the veins in His hard cock begin to pulsate. Moisture begins to flow from me as His cock swells harder inside my mouth.

i crave to feel His now rock hard cock driven into my wet pussy. Mounting Him i begin to ride His hard cock. Grinding my hips into Him as i tighten around His pulsating cock. Cum begins to run down as i grind my clit against His pelvis with each thrust. my fingers begin to twist and torture my nipples increasing the urgency of my orgasm. i feel myself begin to explode as cum flows unabated and covers His cock. my orgasms triggers Him to explode inside of me and W/we soak the sheets with O/our cum.

Rolling off Him i leave the bed to start the coffee before returning to once again clean His cock and savor O/our cum in my mouth. He leaves in the morning for a quick trip to California to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday. i snuggle up in His arms enjoying these last few moments. W/we retreat to the living room to enjoy O/our coffee and breakfast. i take the last moments W/we have to wash up O/our dishes before He drives me home and leaves for His trip.

i am excited for His return W/we have so much planned, a friend of O/ours is coming to town when He returns. There is so much for me to do that the few days W/we will be separated for will go by fast.

W/we have made arrangements upon His return for my girlfriend to come and spend some time in Colorado she has recently been devastated by hurricane Sandy. i am looking forward to spending time with her and sharing with her my loving Master. she is in need of a safe and loving environment to heal.

He has planned a session with a lady while He is in California i am very excited for her and Him. she has never been able to explore her submissive side and i look forward to her having an opportunity to enjoy this experience. The power in submission is a beautiful thing so many think that it is a demeaning process but the true dynamic is one of power. Many misunderstand the dynamic of D/s thinking that the power lives with the Dom when the truth is that the sub is the one in control. The submissive negotiates the boundaries and with her safe words controls the scene.

A true Dom understands how powerful a submissive is and the strength of spirit required to surrender yourself into the care of a Dom. It requires only physical strength to wield a flogger but it require strength of spirit, mind and body to submit to a Dom's ordeals. When this dynamic truly occurs the submissive feels powerful, beautiful, and accomplished and the Dom experiences the awe and beauty of such an act.

His return home is imminent and tonight i will be preparing myself for once again being in His loving care. i will be getting up early in the morning to leave for Denver so that i can get everything prepared for my girlfriends arrival in the afternoon. W/we are both looking forward to the opportunity to create a loving and healing environment for her.

This is such an exciting time for U/us and will be such a milestone in O/our relationship. Though W/we have had other encounters together with women this time W/we will both join together to welcome a new member into O/our sphere engulfing her as a unit into O/our home.

i am rushing about making sure everything is warm and welcoming before i must leave to pick her up at the airport. my excitement is mounting at what lies ahead for all of us. W/we have planned a night at the Sanctuary where He can perform a public scene with the two of us. i love sharing a scene with another woman i gain strength when i share an ordeal with someone. i can feel her power as she also endures the ordeal and the experience is so bonding for me.

Collecting her from the airport and returning home we enter the apartment. He is sitting on the couch finishing up His work. He greets me in His usual fashion grabbing my hair pulling back my head and engulfing me in His kiss. He also welcomes her with a hug and than W/we all sit on the couch together and begin to visit.

Sitting on the couch i begin to stroke His cock feeling it swell beneath my touch. His arousal is obvious as she watches U/us begin to kiss as i straddle Him to kiss Him she states how she loves to watch and would like to watch. Requiring no further prompting i remove my clothes and than remove His and mount His hard cock grinding into it feeling it swell inside of me. she leans back watching as i look into His eyes opening myself up to take His hard cock deeper inside of me. Feeling the head of His cock swell inside i ride His cock harder and faster feeling my cum begin to run down His cock.

Cum is flowing from me with each thrust i can feel the moisture running onto my legs and onto Him. The orgasm begins to build as He takes my nipples between His fingers and begins to twist and pinch them. i can barely maintain myself as i ask permission to cum. He grants my request as i feel His cock swell and explode inside of me cum gushes out of me running onto the couch and drenching Him and His cock. i lay in His chest with His cock still inside of me feeling it twitch triggering more tremors.

Looking over i see my girlfriend still watching and enjoying seeing Him and i as i remove myself from His cock to clean the cum off of it. she has been so stressed from the hurricane that she would like Him to give her a flogging. i leave to set things up for them as they spend some time discussing likes and dislikes on the couch. i am excited for her to experience His talents.

He has her undress than tells her to kneel while He places the collar around her neck than He places cuffs on both her wrist. Taking His cock out He tells her to suck His cock i hear Him begin to moan as she consumes His cock with her mouth. i see His cock harden as He fucks her mouth. i feel the wetness form between my legs as His moaning increases from the blow job. It is so hot to watch her on her knees sucking His cock. i can tell by His moaning that He is getting ready to cum as i watch Him explode shooting cum in her mouth.

Grabbing her by the hair He pulls her up and bends her over the couch as He grabs the flogger and begins to apply the leather thongs to her bottom. Slowly at first the thongs kiss her skin. He than begins to flog her back telling her what beautiful skin she has as He adorns her with His marks. i hear her moan beneath the lashing as He reaches for the crop the sound of the first crack across her skin causes moisture to begin to run onto my inner thigh. It is so hot to watch Him apply His skills to her.

Once again grabbing her by the hair He takes her to the bedroom where i assist Him strapping her arms and legs to the bed so that she is at His mercy. He turns the hitachi on and begins to stimulate her clit while inserting the glass dildo inside of her thrusting it deep inside. i watch as she begins to pull against the restraints i move to the restraints and pull them tighter limiting her ability to move even more.

Directing me to hold the hitachi i move onto the bed with each thrust of the dildo inside of her i can hear her cum begin to flow. i increase the speed of the hitachi and apply more pressure to her clit as He increases the thrusts of the dildo inside of her till finally she explodes and cum flows from her.

i grab a blanket as He lays down next to her and holds her in His arms i cover the two of them and than release her arms from the restraints. They lay together in bed and He comforts her as her tremors begin to subside. i gather up the toys that were used and begin the process of cleaning. i enjoy this process allowing her to have some private time alone with Him while He provides her with after care.

Finishing up the task of cleaning and putting everything back in place i hear them retreat to the living room. As i walk into the living room i hear them discussing her wanting to watch Him put me through an ordeal. He directs me to lay out the various floggers and the spreader bar.

i kneel before Him placing the blindfold over my eyes depriving me of sight. He than places a gag in my mouth. i feel the gag expand as He inflates it filling my mouth. i than feel Him place head phones over my ears and hear music begin to play and i am now deprived of my hearing. Completely deprived of all my senses except touch my breathing quickens as i am pulled to my feet and bent over the couch unable to anticipate what awaits me.

i feel Him place the ankle cuffs onto each leg and attaches the spreader bar, spreading apart my legs forcing my legs to stay spread apart. i feel the chill of the nipple clamps touch my skin briefly before i feel their bite on each of my nipples. i am now entirely at His mercy completely exposed and vulnerable as i feel Him run the leather thongs across my skin.

Inhaling deeply than exhaling slowly the air stirs behind me as He pulls back the flogger to begin His assault upon my skin. i feel the first thudding smack across my bottom of the leather thongs sending a shudder through out my body. Blood rushes between my legs as i feel the moisture begin to lubricate me.

With each kiss of the flogger onto my skin i inhale as i feel the leather thongs pulled back and exhale as i feel the air stir before the next lash hits my skin. The intensity of the flogging increases i barely have time to inhale and exhale between each smack of the leather thongs. my legs begin to quiver as i feel the warmth of His hand run across the welts that are forming upon my skin and than between my legs as He inserts a finger inside of me.

i am caught of guard as i feel the coolness of the glass handle of the flogger inserted inside of me as He begins to thrust it deep inside of me. Using His bare hand He spanks my bottom first the right cheek than thrusting the glass handle inside of me before pulling it out slightly than slapping the left cheek. my legs are quivering out of control as the thrusting increases and the spanking continues between each thrust till there is no separation between the thrusting inside of me and the spanking outside. i am on the verge of orgasm as i feel Him grab my hair and focus on thrusting in and out of me with the glass handle. i can no longer refrain myself as my cum flows out of me and soaks the carpet beneath me.

He holds me around my waist as my body spasms uncontrollably from my orgasmic release and i sink to my knees on the floor. The spasms subside as i feel Him pull me to my feet and guide me to the bed. my arms are pulled to the sides of the bed as she attaches my right arm to the restraints and He attaches my left arm simultaneously they are pulled tightly. i now feel my legs being pulled above my head and the spreader bar is securely tied to the headboard fully exposing me for use.

i am unaware that the chain from the clover clamps is attached to the spreader bar as i feel the vibration from the hitachi stimulate my clit and a glass dildo inserted inside of me. It takes but a moment for another orgasm to cause my body to explode and my legs flex from the intensity pulling the clover clamps from my nipples. i am unaware that i have pulled them off my breasts and they have been flung across the room as T/they continue to assault my clit with the hitachi and thrust another toy inside of me. i begin to cum uncontrollably every organ inside of my body is convulsing as the orgasm spreads throughout my body. Cum begins to flow unabated from my body soaking the bed beneath me tremors consume me as i feel myself covered in cum as it gushes forth.

Feeling my arms released from their restraints i tremble out of control as cum continues to flow from me. my legs are lowered and released from the spreader bar. i feel Him lay next to me on the bed pulling the gag from my mouth, removing the blindfold from my eyes and taking the head phones from my ears. my senses are returned to me as He wraps me in His arms and tells me what a good girl i am. i am still trembling as my girlfriend joins us in bed and am comforted by both of them till the tremors completely subside.

Still feeling the effects of such an intense session the T/three of us retreat to the living room to watch a movie. T/they sit on the couch and i lay my head in His lap and my legs in hers as they both continue to comfort and caress me. i am completely zoned from the experience all i can do is say "That was incredible" as my body continues to tremble from the intensity.

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