tagBDSMJourney to the Abyss Ch. 04

Journey to the Abyss Ch. 04


Driving home I replayed the telephone encounter in my head. I was pleased that I seemed to have passed the first "test" whatever that was. I could not really even imagine what would happen next, but I decided that I was ready for it.

I walked into the house to find that Marie had dinner waiting and was dressed somewhat better than usual. Wine was breathing in a decanter on the table which was a rare occurrence when we're alone.

She said "I know you have been very stressed lately and since you said you'd be home at a decent time, I thought we could enjoy a nice dinner tonight."

"Wow!" I said out loud and hung up my jacket.

Marie came over to me, kissed me and loosened my tie.

"Let's have some wine and see if you can relax a bit."

She led me to the couch where I sat down. She left me for a moment and came back with two glasses of the red wine being decanted. She handed me one, and sat down close beside me.

"What's up?" I asked "Hope you didn't total the new car..." I chuckled.

"Nope" she responded, "I have just seen how stressed you've been and thought you could use a diversion. You okay with that?"

I sipped the delicious wine she had retrieved from our cellar and said "More than Okay! This is very nice and unexpected surprise."

After we finished about 1/2 the wine in our glasses, she got up and I followed her to the well set table, She had prepared a sumptuous dinner which we ate while chatting about mundane things and when we were done Marie suggested that we turn in for the night.

"What about the dishes", I asked since she had NEVER left dirty dishes on the table before.

"Oh, they'll still be there in the morning and Amanda is coming to clean so she'll look after them".

I was shocked at this 'new' approach and while I was standing dumb-founded she took my hand and we climbed the stairs...

Marie quickly undressed and got into bed while I followed as fast as I could. I was a bit tipsy from the wine and feeling very satisfied from the meal. Marie wasted no time to communicate her intentions and began to kiss me passionately while massaging my shoulders and chest. My cock was reacting favourably as she started pinching and sucking on my sensitive nipples. I moaned in delight and lay back to enjoy the attention.

Marie continued, and her hand trailed down to my cock and balls - stoking softly and lightly. I rolled over on my side so I'd have better access to her luscious body. I softly caressed her neck and moved down to her firm breasts. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around it while kneading the other with my thumb and finger. Marie continued to stroke my balls making the cum that I hoped would later drench her.

I rolled her on her back and kissed her deeply. My hand reached down to caress the inside of the thigh and I began a slow descent with my mouth and tongue down her torso, stopping to suck on her tits as I continued to nibble and suck her abdomen until my lips reached her damping pussy. She must have planned this evening well since she was smoothly shaved and nicely powdered.

I buried my face in her wet crotch and found her engorged clitoris with my tongue. She bucked up to meet my face as I sucked her clit into my mouth and played with it. I love the little moans and sighs she makes while I give her the best oral sex I can. She came a couple of times and my face was sopping from her sweet juices.

Usually, she was quite passive but tonight, she suddenly sat up and pushed me on to my back. She climbed on top of me and then out of nowhere, she pulled wrist cuffs out and deftly secured my hands to the corners of the bed. Before I could stop her to ask what the FUCK she was doing, a roll of duct tape appeared and she ripped off a piece and slapped it over my mouth. All I could muster was a muffled "what's going on!" but she completely ignored me.!!"

My mind was racing ahead of itself. I could not figure out what was happening since Marie had NEVER before acted like this. She had been my darling wife and I had always been in charge. It seemed like she was someone else! Next thing I knew, my ankles were subjected to the same fate as my wrists and secured to the other 2 corners of the bed.

Marie then knelt between my spread legs, smiled and impaled her sopping wet pussy on my engorged cock. In my surprised state, I had not realized how hard my cock had become. She fucked my cock with abandon but was able to sense my building orgasm. Just when I was about to cum, she climbed off and grabbed my balls. She squeezed those orbs HARD and wrapped her thumb and index finger around the sack under my cock and pulled my nuts away from my body. As the need to cum dissipated, tears welled up in my eyes from the agony she was inflicting on my crotch.

My erection began to wane but my darling little wife bent over, kissed my passionately on the cheek wiped away a tear with her tongue. Smiling like a Cheshire Cat, she reached for a bottle of massage oil on the night stand.

She poured some in her hand and reached for my cock. Massaging me slowly, it sprung to attention and within a short time, I felt the urge to cum. I tried to remain calm fearing she'd interrupt again and I was not wrong. She brought me almost to the point of no return and again subjected my balls to her torturous grip.

I screamed for mercy from behind the duct tape to no avail. It was a futile endeavour and I wondered how long she'd keep me suffering. Once I "calmed down" again, my now aching balls were sore. She put two fingers in her pussy and wiped my upper lip just under my nose. The aroma was intoxicating. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

And then I felt Marie get back on my cock. She fucked my again and I prayed for her to finally release me from the orgasm prison I was in. As I felt my swollen balls start the eruption I closed my eyes, clenched my fists and prepared for the worst...

But she took me over the cliff and I went into freefall on the other side. My cock was harder than it had ever been before in my entire life and the orgasm was almost volcanic. Marie kept riding my cock like we were on a cobblestone road. I came in wave after wave like never before.

It seemed like time stood still while I was cumming. When she was finished fucking me, she rolled off and pulled the bed sheets over me. I was still secured to the bed and had the tape on my mouth, when she laid down beside me, put her arm across my chest and drifted off to sleep.

After a while I did too, wondering the hell had just happened... The last thing I remember thinking was "RCL"...

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