tagIncest/TabooJoy For All

Joy For All


"So tell me Joy, what do you want for your eighteenth birthday honey?" Karen asked her beautiful daughter with a smile.

Joy looked at Karen, then at her father who was sitting across the dinner table from her. She picked up her fork and played with her salad for a few seconds. She looked at her mother again with her big blue eyes and smiled. When she looked at Phil, her father, he was smiling nervously at her.

Phil knew what Joy was going to ask for. He was waiting impatiently for her daughter to say the words. He was proud of Joy. She was a beautiful and bright girl who had never given him any problems. She was full of life and love. She had inherited her good looks from him and Karen. She also was extremely open-minded like them. Every time he looked at his sexy little daughter he wanted to hold her, hug her and kiss her. He also wanted to lick her and suck her perfectly shaped breasts. He wanted to fuck her more than anything else. He had fought the urge to act upon his desires for his daughter for a couple of years.

Karen and Phil lived a comfortable life. They were in their late thirties and had already retired, thanks to Phil's wise investments in the stock market. Phil was a tall, handsome and muscular man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. His sexy wife was a buxom, green-eyed blonde. They were both in great physical shape and loved life to the max. About ten years ago they had expanded the horizon of their love life by joining Mike and Sally, their best friends, in bed.

During the past ten years they had enjoyed an open and very adventurous sexual relationship. They had discovered that they were both bisexuals and they had tried every possible sexual combination such as threesomes, orgies, and various type of fetishes. They were now members of an exclusive group of beautiful people who gathered for orgies and sex parties twice a month.

Joy had found out about her parents' life style when she turned sixteen. Excited about her discovery she asked her parents to join the group, but her answer was no. When she asked why she could not join their parties they told her that she was not old enough yet. Phil and Karen could not think of a better answer at the time since absolutely nothing was taboo in their sex club. Some of the members actually had sex with their cousins and siblings at those parties. They all were well-adjusted members of the community who were doing something wrong according the norms of society, but none of them seemed to regret a single moment of their forbidden playtime.

Now as Phil and Karen waited for their sexy daughter to answer, they both knew what it was going to be. She would not ask for a car or money. She would ask them again to join their sex club and this time they had no excuse to say no to her.

"You both know what I want," Joy finally said, "more than anything else in the world."

"A convertible Beetle." Phil replied teasingly.

"Noooo. I want in," Joy almost shouted. "I want to join your club. Mom. Dad. Pleeeassse!"

"But honey," Karen said softly, "you're our daughter."

"So what mom? You guys don't have to fuck me!" she said with a giggle. "Not that I mind you guys fucking me!"

Phil looked at his wife. Her face was flushing with excitement. Phil and Karen had talked about this subject before and already had made up their minds. Phil's cock was moving and throbbing inside his pants.

"I mean I want this more than anything that I've ever wanted in my life." Joy continued. "I get so wet just thinking about having sex in the same room with you guys. It's so fucking unreal. Do you know what I'm trying to say? It's so naughty!"

"I know what you mean honey," Karen finally said, "you're a naughty girl just like me."

"If she were as naughty as you then we'd be in big trouble," Phil said and smiled at Joy.

"So what's it gonna be Daddy?" Joy asked excitedly. "I really want to fuck your friends. I really want to watch you guys fuck and get fucked! I want this. I need this. Please!"

"Well what do you think Phil?" Karen asked her husband. "Should we give her a shot?"

"Hmmm...oh well," Phil said, "why not? Our girl is eighteen now. She's practically a woman. I say we let her join our next party."

Joy's face suddenly lit up and she jumped out of her chair. She hugged her mother and started kissing her face innocently. Phil tried to absorb the absurd moment in his mind. They had just told their daughter that she could join them in a sex party. He looked at the teenager's hard and sexy body. He tried to imagine her naked and being fucked by one or more of the many guys who regularly attended their orgies. His cock hardened even more.

"I'm gonna call Jake and give him the good news," Joy announced happily.

"Wait a minute," Karen said, "you're not telling Jake, are you?"

"Why not Mom?" Joy replied. "He's my boyfriend. He's got to be there too, right?"

"Can you trust him honey?" Karen asked. "He can't tell a soul about this!"

"Mom. It's Jake!" Joy said. "I trust him with my life. Dad! Say something!"

"Ok, he can come too." Phil said thinking about the handsome boy who had been fucking his little daughter for about two years. He liked Jake more than just a little. He had fantasized about fucking his tight muscular ass more than a few times. He also wanted to watch the boy fuck Karen. He always enjoyed watching other men fucking his wife. He had never watched one quite so young fuck Karen, but the thought of it was very exciting to him.

Joy was bouncing up and down with excitement. Phil and Karen watched their daughter's boobs bounce up and down in her T-shirt and smiled. She ran upstairs to her room to call her boyfriend and give him the good news.

"Hey Joy," Karen shouted. "Remember no sex until this Saturday. All the guys will want to fuck you and you need to save up your pussy and your energy for the party!"

"Ok Mom!" Joy shouted back. "I love you!"

"You're such a dirty old man." Karen said to Phil quietly. "Looking at your own daughter's bouncing tits like that!"

"Yeah sure," Phil replied, "like you weren't looking for yourself!"

"Are you going to fuck her?" Karen asked.

"I don't know baby. But I know for sure that I'm gonna fuck her cute boyfriend. We both are! He better let me fuck his ass. I've had my eyes on his ass for a while now," he replied somberly.

Karen smiled at her handsome husband and shook her head.

Saturday finally came. In her parents' bedroom Joy was wearing a sheer pink bra, a white garter belt with pink ribbons and pinkish white stockings and panties. Karen had earlier braided her daughter's hair in pigtails and had decorated it with two cute pink ribbons. She also had painted her lips with a shiny pink lipstick and her toes and fingernails with pink nail polish. Joy was seductively sucking on a lollypop to complete the Lolita image that her mother had chosen for her.

"Now remember honey," Karen said to her daughter, "all the guys will go fucking crazy when they see you like this. You are the youngest woman at this party. All the others are around my age or older."

"Will the women want to fuck me too?" Joy asked innocently.

"Yes honey. Every one in our group is bisexual" Karen replied. "Both men and women! Some of the ladies will fuck you with strap-ons and some of them will go crazy on your pussy with their fingers and mouths. Some may even try and fist you!"

"Fist me?" Joy asked. "What's that like?"

That's when someone puts their entire hand up your pussy," Karen said. "Do you think you can handle that?"

"Hmm...don't know Mom," the sexy teenager replied honestly. "Has anyone done that to you?"

"All the time honey," the horny mother said reassuringly. "It might seem scary at first, but once your pussy opens up it feels so good!"

"Cool Mommy," Joy said in a little girl's voice. "I want to try everything you and Daddy do at these parties."

"As I said honey," Karen said, "everyone is going to try and fuck you and Jake today. Your pussy will be sore, but try not to say no to anyone. Of course you can take breaks, but try not to disappoint the group."

"Mommy," Joy said with the lollypop in her mouth, "you said the guys were bisexual too. Are they gonna try and fuck Jake up his ass?"

"Oh yes honey they will fuck your cute boyfriend raw!" Karen replied with a giggle. "Actually your daddy can't wait to fuck your boyfriend!"

"Oh my God!" Joy exclaimed. "That is so fucking awesome. I'd kill to watch Daddy fuck Jake in his asshole. Do you think Daddy would let me help him fuck Jake?"

"I'm sure he will," Karen said surprised by her daughter's enthusiasm. "Do you think that Jake will let guys fuck his asshole?"

"Jake loves me so much," Joy said with a naughty expression on her face, "he'll do anything to make me happy. Watching Daddy fuck his asshole will make me soooo happy!"

Karen laughed at her sexy daughter's innocent remarks. She was finally done with her hair and make up. Joy looked so lovely. Karen could not wait to see her daughter in hot action with the group. This was going to be a night to remember and she was pretty sure that their lives would never be the same again. Already she was feeling much closer to her hot daughter. She did not understand how her Joy could be so innocent and dirty-minded at the same time. She looked at her own reflection in the mirror. Her hair was the same shade of gold as her daughter's. She looked very sexy in her black lingerie.

"Try not to mess up your make up just yet honey," Karen advised her daughter, "if anyone wants to kiss you take out your tongue and let them lick it instead. After a while we can come back up here and refresh our make up. It's important to look good all the time."

Karen looked at herself and her daughter for one last time to see if anything needed fixing. She reached out for her daughter's bra and pulled down the cups until her nipples were exposed. She put her fingers on the sex kitten's nipples and pinched them hard and then pulled on them for a while before she replaced the cups of her bra. The teenager's eyes were now dreamy with lust and she was breathing heavily. Karen stroked her daughter's flushed cheeks with the back of her hand. Then she reached for the girl's panties and pulled them down quickly.

"Let's get rid of our panties honey," Karen said, "we look much sexier and ready for action without them.

"Oh Mommy my heart is pounding so fucking hard," Joy said, "oh, your cunt bush is so thick and beautiful!"

"Thanks honey," Karen replied, "I'm glad to see that you haven't shaved yours. There's something about golden pussy hair that drives men crazy!"

"I hate shaving," Joy said, "It itched so bad for such a long time. I'll never do that again!"

"Ok baby, we're good to go," Karen said as she took her daughter's hand. "Let's go downstairs. I think Mike and Sally are already here. I heard them arrive when I was doing your make up."

Phil and Karen had turned their large living room into an erotic playroom. There were at least a dozen PVC mats on the floor. A massage table was in the middle and there were four Sex Swings placed at each corner of the room. As Joy entered the room with her mother she noticed that there were several Camcorders standing on tripods in different places. Her Uncle Mike also had a camera and he was filming Phil as he was trying to put a cock ring on Jake's cock. Jake was completely naked and sitting on Phil's lap on a couch. Sally was stroking the boy's balls. His cock was almost fully erect. Joy's pussy started tingling as she saw her dad take her boyfriend's cock by its tip, putting a rubber cock ring around it, then carefully sliding it down until it reached the root of Jake's big cock.

The reality of this dream-like situation had not hit Joy yet. She watched as her handsome father reached for her boyfriend's nipple from behind him and with his other hand he started stroking his now fully erect cock. Sally, a beautiful dark haired blue-eyed woman with small breasts, noticed Joy and Karen's arrival first.

"Oh my God! Joy!" Sally exclaimed still stroking Jake's heavy balls, "honey you look so fucking beautiful. Happy birthday baby!"

"Joy! Oh shit!" said Mike who had stopped filming. "Look at my pretty little girl all grown up. Come give us a kiss!"

"Thanks Uncle Mike," Joy said as she reached Mike. "I can only lick you right now because I don't want to mess up my make up."

Everyone laughed at Joy's innocent announcement except Joy. She licked her father's best friend's lips sensually as everybody watched. Mike licked the girl's sweet tongue for a few seconds. He pulled down his boxers and started stroking his cock. Then joy turned her attention to Sally who was on her knees in front of Jake. She stroked the woman's silky dark hair with her sensual small hands, then knelt down to lick the woman's tongue.

"You look so fucking hot yourself Aunt Sally," she said. "I love your titties. Your nipples look so fucking sexy, so hard and long."

Sally smiled at Joy and watched as the sexy teenager took one of her nipples between her white teeth. Joy flicked the tip of Sally's stiff nipple with her warm tongue. Sally had known Joy since she was just a little girl and now the same girl was biting and tonguing her nipple. She reached for Joy's damp pussy and started stroking it gently and lovingly. Joy abruptly let go of Sally's nipple and turned to Jake.

"Do you like my Daddy's hand on your cock baby?" she asked her boyfriend.

"Hmm, I guess so," the boy replied.

"Well you better enjoy it because my daddy's going to fuck you tonight," said Joy.

Then Joy bended over and spat on Jake's cock. She then took her father's hand off Jake's cock and spat a few times on his palm.

"There you go Daddy," she said with a satisfied smile. "That makes it easier for you to stroke him. But don't make him cum yet. I want to watch him cum inside Mommy!"

Joy then asked Jake to lift himself off her father so that she could pull his underwear off of him. When Phil's hard cock was exposed Joy gazed at it for a few moments. Her father's cock was right beneath her boyfriend's now.

"Mom, can I put one of those cock rings on Daddy's cock too?" Joy asked her mother who was silently standing and watching the scene.

"Sure honey, let me get you one," Karen replied enthusiastically.

When Karen came back with a cock ring she asked Mike to make sure he filmed a close up of her daughter touching her father's cock for the first time. Joy grabbed Phil's cock by the root. Her delicate hand looked so small around her father's big cock. Everyone watched intently as the sexy teenager put the ring around the tip of her father's cock. Phil held his breath and tried to savor the moment as best as he could. His sexy daughter was touching his sensitive male member. He could not believe that this was finally happening. When Joy was done sliding the ring to the root of her father's cock she spat on it and stroked it a few times. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Karen went to get the door. Joy let go of her father's cock and got up to meet and greet the new arriving guests. All the members of the group instantly fell in love with Joy's freshness, enthusiasm, sense of humor and of course face and body. She politely explained to each and every one of them that she could only offer them her tongue because she wanted her make up to last longer.

Shortly after the final guest arrived Joy looked around the room. She was happy to see that everybody was extremely nice. They were also all good looking, classy and had nice bodies, even the oldest members of the group who were a couple in their late fifties. In about ten minutes Joy realized everyone in the room was smiling. They were all happy to be there. They looked like one big happy family. An extremely sexy and happy family. Most of the guests were already engaged in some sort of light foreplay with one another. She searched for her parents and Jake. She was pleasantly surprised to see Jake stroking her father's cock while her mother had two fingers up his asshole, fucking it gently and slowly.

"Is he doing a good job on your cock Daddy?" she asked her father as she sat down next to him.

"Yes honey," Phil replied. "He's a fast learner."

"Why don't you suck my Daddy's cock Jake?" Joy suggested to her boyfriend.

She grabbed her father's cock by the root again and with her other hand she pushed Jake's head closer to Phil's cock. She started smacking the boy's face with her father's cock.

"Open your fucking mouth and suck it Jake," she ordered the boy. "That's it. Fuck yeah baby. Now don't let it go. Suck it!"

Jake had no choice but to follow his hot girlfriend's orders. He held Phil's meaty cock in between his lips and started sucking. He felt Karen's fingers fucking him harder and digging deeper into his now dilated asshole. Joy was so entranced by the scene before her that she almost jumped when she felt a woman's hand take her by the wrist. When she turned she saw the oldest woman in the group was forcing her to get up from the couch. The woman was a beautiful blonde with big breasts who was wearing only a garter belt, stockings and a big black strap-on dildo. Joy loved the color of the woman's skin and the classy way that she wore her hair up. Her skin had an even tan and no tan-lines, which suggested that the woman sunbathed in nude.

"Come with me over here honey," the woman said with a slight German accent. "Get yourself up on the massage table here. Good girl. My name is Anna Schmidt and this is my husband Kurt."

Kurt's white hair suggested that he was a few years older than his wife probably around sixty-years-old. He was a very handsome man with a very nice and muscular body for his age. He was smiling at Joy as he opened the lid to a bottle of massage oil. Anna reached behind joy and unhooked her bra, then she took it off of her and threw it to the floor. Joy's heart started beating fast as the woman put her hand on her clit.

"My husband and I started this club about twenty years ago," Anna explained in a soft voice. "So now every time there are new members joining the club, Kurt and I get to fuck them first. It has become a tradition for us, a sort of welcoming ritual."

Joy suddenly realized that the entire room had fallen silent. Every single person in the room was standing up and looking at what was going on in the middle of the room. A few men had formed a ring around the massage table and gently stroking their cocks. Joy suddenly felt stricken by stage fright. Her mouth went dry but she forced a smile upon her face. Anna's thumb was stroking her swollen clit with a fast pace. Kurt poured some massage oil on Joys back and front.

"Phil, Karen, come on over here and rub your sexy daughter with this oil," Anna commanded Joy's parents.

Joy relaxed a bit when she felt her parents' loving hands rubbing the oil into her skin. A loud moan escaped her mouth when she felt her mother's hand on her lower stomach, right above her burning hot pussy. Her dad was now rubbing her shoulders.

"Karen, take my cock and put it inside your daughter's pussy!" Anna ordered Karen.

Joy was sitting up on the edge of the massage table and she saw clearly what was being done to her as she looked down at her own pussy. Karen gently stroked her own daughter's pubic hair with one hand as she guided the tip of the huge black dildo into her waiting pussy with her other hand. She pushed the dildo inside her daughter a couple of inches and then let go of it, but she did not remove her other hand from Joy's pubic area. She gently pushed her hand down as Anna Schmidt thrust her dido all the way in with one quick move.

Joy gasped in surprise at the older woman's sudden show of force. She exhaled as Anna pulled back a little bit, but before she could even moan with pleasure the older woman pushed the dildo all the way up her pussy again. Her father was holding onto her shoulder reassuringly and her mother's hand was pushing down right above her clit, which felt fantastic to her. Anna's big boobs started bouncing up and down as she started fucking the young girl with full force. Joy looked to her left and saw her father smiling at her lovingly. She imagined that for her parents this must be an ultimate erotic moment. They were witnessing their teenage daughter being fucked by a fifty-some-year-old woman with a strap-on.

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