tagIncest/TabooJoy For All Ch. 02

Joy For All Ch. 02


Kathy Parker was a lovely woman. Although she was thirty-eight-years old she had a body that the hottest twenty-year-olds would envy. Her legs were graciously long, her stomach flat and her medium long hair the most beautiful shade of blond. Her breasts were big and firm with nice and long pink nipples. She had been divorced for almost six months and had not yet begun to enjoy her hard earned freedom. She was horny and needed to get laid soon. She was planning to go out and pick up a young stud to fuck. She was free to bring someone home with her since her son was spending most of his time at his girlfriend's house. Actually she had not seen him for almost a week. This was a bit strange since he used to bring his cute girlfriend home most nights.

She looked at herself in the bedroom mirror and she smiled. She liked what she saw. She knew that she was still very hot and thankful that her boring marriage was finally over and done with. She needed to have sex. Hot and steamy sex preferably with a younger man. He had to be young and good-looking and maybe even as young as her son. Someone as good looking with a hard and hot body like her own son. Her pussy started getting warm and tingly at the thought of her handsome son. He had to be a great lover and his hot girlfriend must love fucking him. Her well-tanned skin started getting hotter while she tried to imagine her son fucking that beautiful girlfriend of his.

The doorbell rang. She realized that her legs were weak as she walked to get the door. The forbidden image of her son fucking his girlfriend had sent her to the land of sinful pleasure for a few minutes. She opened the door and an U.P.S messenger smiled at her. She had not ordered anything so she was surprised to see the man. For a short moment she considered inviting him in and letting him fuck her brains out, but she decided against that option. He gave her a small padded envelope and asked her to sign for it. As soon as she closed the door she proceeded to open the envelope. The return address was a P.O. box, which added to the mystery. The envelope contained a disk. It was a generic DVD –R disk with nothing written on it.

She inserted the disk into the DVD Player in her living room. The images that started playing on her large Plasma TV caught her completely off guard. There he was, her son, and he was completely naked with the father of his girlfriend and other people that she did not recognize. The man was giving her son a hand job. This was the first time that she was seeing his cock since he was a little boy, and what a beautiful cock it was. This was apparently an orgy. Her heart started beating faster and faster as she watched her son and his girlfriend get fucked by strangers and the girl's own parents. Her son was definitely a fantastic lover but it looked like that he truly enjoyed being fucked by men as well. She paused the DVD and went to her kitchen to get a drink. Her lips and throat were completely dry. Suddenly the phone rang and she picked it up on the third ring.

"Hey Kathy this is Karen," the voice on the other end of the line said.

"Umm hi Karen," Kathy said to the mother of her son's girlfriend.

"Have you watched your movie yet?" Karen asked calmly.

"Yes I am watching it now?" Kathy replied. "Did you send this to me?"

"Yes I did Kathy. Did you like what you saw?"

"Oh God...I don't know. My body is still shaking. What is the meaning of this? Why is my son being gang-fucked by strangers? Why are you fucking your own daughter?"

Kathy and Karen talked on the phone for about twenty minutes. When they finished talking Kathy realized that her panties were soaking wet with her pussy juice. She needed to stop shaking. She poured herself a double Scotch, which was exactly what she needed to calm her down.


This was the second time that Joy was present at one of her parents' orgy group's parties. This time the Schmidts were hosting the party. Joy absolutely loved her first time. She and Jake were sore from all the fucking the first few days after the first party, but then Jake started spending the nights at her house and in her parents' bed. The sex was amazing but Joy could not wait for the next orgy. She counted the days and was so excited that she could not sleep the night before the party. Everyone had loved Joy and her innocent-little-girl act at the first party, so she decided to continue playing that part. Her mother had again made her dress like a young girl with pigtails, white stockings and a garter belt with pink flowers on them. She had also bought a garter belt and fishnet stockings for Jake. At first Jake had refused to try them on, but when he finally did, he realized that Karen had been right. He was a muscular boy, but he did not have to be feminine to look great wearing women's lingerie.

Joy was eighteen, but the way she looked that night she could have passed as a fifteen-year-old. She suspected that was the reason that every older man and woman was so turned on by her. She absolutely loved turning them on and to have them drool and cum all over her. Many days before the second party, she started practicing to talk and act like a younger and much dumber girl. She was in fact very smart and a straight-A student. She was also the best in her drama classes and many years in a row had landed the leading roles in school plays. She enjoyed playing the role of the little dumb blonde immensely. She was having the time of her life. Even her parents and Jake had bought into her act and she could make them cum several times every night by just saying subtle things that turned them on.

Tonight she and Jake were not the only young people there. Anna and Kurt Schmidt had invited their son and his two children as well. Joy regarded the eighteen-year-old twins, Tara and Hans as her competitors. But she was also excited to watch Hans fuck his own grandmother and Kurt fuck his own grandson. The twins were both very beautiful, just like everyone else in the group. This group had been hand picked by Kurt and Anna. Only beautiful and physically fit people had been chosen and everyone always tried to look their very best for the parties. They would not kick someone out of the group if they gained a little weight, but staying fit was the unspoken rule of the group. So everyone who joined this group had to commit to a healthy lifestyle to be able to enjoy the limitless sexual pleasures of this club.

"Ok everyone, your attention please," Anna Schmidt announced. "As you all know this is the first time we are going to fuck our grandchildren, Tara and Hans. So please gather around the center. Feel free to masturbate, but please shoot your cum on us when you have to cum."

She took her grandson's hand and led him to the massage table at the center of the room. The sexy mature woman sat on the end of the table and opened her legs. The boy's cock was already standing erect and ready to fuck the sexy grandmother.

"Tara honey," said Anna, "I want you to take your brother's cock and put it inside me. I also want you to stay behind your brother and spank his ass when he starts fucking me."

The young girl approached her brother and grandmother and took Hans' cock in her hand. She rubbed the big cock on her grandmother's pussy and spanked her clit with it a few times. Anna moaned with pleasure and felt delighted by her granddaughter's playfulness.

"Joy come on over here sweetie," Anna said with a smile, "I want you to stand next to me and play with my boobs and kiss me."

Joy was delighted that Anna wanted her to play. She almost ran to Anna and cupped the woman's right breast with her small hand. Tara finally guided her brother's cock into Anna's eager pussy and pushed it in. The boy gasped as he entered his grandmother's cunt. Joy took the older woman's nipple into her mouth as she watched Anna's grandson thrust his big cock into her pussy. She ran her free hand up and down Anna's back and neck lovingly. Most of the male spectators started playing with their cocks as they watched the eighteen-year-old boy fuck his own gorgeous fifty-two-year old grandmother. The sight of Anna's pussy lips opening around her grandson's big cock made Joy suck on the woman's nipple harder. Anna started breathing hard and heavy as her grandson picked up his pace.

Tara started spanking her brother's butt cheeks. So far Kurt had just stood there and watched. He started slapping his hard cock on the boy's muscular ass. Suddenly one of the spectators ran to the fucking couple and ejaculated four heavy loads of cum all over joy's face, Anna's stomach and Hans' cock. Joy put her fingers on the pool of cum on Anna's stomach and rubbed it into the woman's hot skin. Anna grabbed Joy's face and started kissing her with passion. Kurt pushed his middle finger into his grandson's asshole and started finger fucking the handsome boy.

"Kurt, are you fingering his asshole?" Anna asked her husband.

"Yes honey I am," Kurt replied. "He is so fucking tight and nice."

"Tara, join Grandpa and finger your brother's asshole honey," Anna ordered the girl.

Tara slipped her middle finger along side her grandfather's into Hans' asshole. Two more men came to the table and shot their cum all over the hot fuckers. This time Joy licked their cum off Anna's body and spat it into the hot woman's mouth. They kissed and swapped cum passionately as the boy's thrusts became harder but shorter. He was getting ready to cum. Most of those men who knew they could cum multiple times in one night shot their loads over Anna's body and she soon was covered in gooey cum.

"I'm gonna cum Grandma!" Hans announced to her grandmother.

"Cum honey. Shoot your cum inside Grandma's pussy darling."

Right after the boy finished cumming inside his Grandmother's hot pussy the doorbell rang.

"Karen that must be your guest," Anna said to Joy's mother. "I think you should go get her honey."

Karen left the room to get the door. Anna asked Jake to take over for Hans. Jake was happily surprised. He thought that Kurt would fuck Tara next, but he was happy to fuck Anna anytime. The thirty-two year age gap between them was a huge turn on for Jake.

"Joy honey go behind your boyfriend and make sure that he doesn't pull out of my pussy," Anna said with a smile and winked at joy.

"Why would I want to pull out of you before I cum Mrs. Schmidt? Jake asked perplexed.

"Oh it's just a precaution. I just want you to keep fucking me no matter what happens," the older woman replied.

Joy got behind Jake and put both her hands firmly on his butt cheeks and ready to push him back into Anna's pussy in case he wanted to pull out. Jake was a bit confused, but he started fucking Anna enthusiastically. He smiled at Anna and fucked her hard. He felt so lucky to have met Joy. If it were not for Joy he would not be able to have so much fun and have sex with so many men and women of all ages. Like Joy he really enjoyed having limitless sex at these parties. He could never go back to being only with one girl again. He suddenly realized that joy was saying something to him.

"Jake, baby" Joy was saying, "turn around baby. Look who's here!"

Jake turned his face towards the front of he room. Karen was walking towards them with a woman. They were hand in hand. He almost did a double take when he realized the other woman was his own mother. She was wearing an outfit very similar to joy's. He could see her fantastic boobs and golden cunt bush. Her golden hair was braided into two pigtails just like Joy's. His first instinct was to pull out of Anna's pussy and cover himself up, although his mother was obviously naked. Joy did not let him pull out and forced him to stay inside Anna. Karen and Kathy stopped right beside the massage table. Kathy was smiling nervously at her son.

"MOM! What the fuck are YOU doing here?" Jake asked with apparent terror in his voice.

Kathy just stood there and gazed at her son. So many feelings were racing through her mind. The day before Karen had sent her the DVD and later called her on the phone. She had said that she wanted Kathy to join their group. Kathy was not sure what to do but finally confessed that she really wanted to join but was not sure if it was morally correct to do so. Karen had reassured her that she did not have to fuck her own son but she could not avoid witnessing him fucking others. When Kathy finally agreed to give this a try Karen told her that she wanted to give her a make over for the party. Earlier that day Karen drove to Kathy's house, did her hair and gave her the lingerie that she had bought for her. She thought that making her look like a little girl would be very sexy and she was right. Now Kathy was standing next to her son wearing nothing but garter belt and stockings. Her pussy was throbbing with desire but she was nervous as hell.

"Everyone, this is Kathy, Jake's beautiful mother," Anna announced dutifully. "Please welcome her to the group."

Everyone started clapping and shouting words of encouragement. Kathy looked around for the first time and smiled. Her nipples became erected and stiff. She started feeling less nervous by the minute. She realized that she needed to gain her confidence back to make Jake feel better.

"What am I doing here?" she said to her son. "I'm here to have some fucking fun. That's what I'm doing here honey. You don't think that you're the only one who can have all this fun, do you?"

"Umm...no Mom. But this is so weird. I mean...I mean you standing there naked and all!"

"Why? You don't like the way I look naked baby?"

"No that's not it Mom. You look amazing. I love the way you've done your hair and all, but you're my mother!"

"You didn't mind watching your sexy girlfriend fuck her dad and you let him fuck you too. So what's wrong with me being here?"

"How did you know that Joy's dad is fucking me? It's not what you might think Mom. I'm not gay!"

"I can see that baby. Your cock is inside that lovely lady there. You're bisexual...and it's ok. I don't mind fucking every woman in this room myself."

"Thanks Mom. It means a lot to me."

"Stop talking Son and start fucking that lady. Show her what my handsome son is good for!"

Jake smiled nervously and started moving his hips slowly as he still looked at his sexy mother.

"Hey Mrs. Parker," said Joy, "I'm so happy you came. Look at your son's sexy ass. Do you wanna squeeze his butt cheeks while he fucks Mrs. Schmidt? He likes that a lot. Come on, give me your hand."

She grabbed the sexy woman's hand and put it right on her son's muscular ass. She urged her to squeeze his butt cheek. Finally when she was sure that Kathy was going to keep squeezing she inserted her middle finger into Jake's asshole. Jake was fucking Anna hard and fast again. Anna kept moaning at each hard stroke of the boy's cock. Karen put her hand on Kathy's lovely neck and started caressing it lovingly. Kurt approached Kathy and started slapping her elegant nose with his hard cock. Joy was fingering Jake's asshole with two fingers now. She made sure that Kathy was watching what she was doing to her son. Anna started moaning louder and announced that she was about to cum. As soon as she came Jake pulled out of her and gave room to Kurt to fuck his granddaughter. The man accepted the boy's offer eagerly. Jake told his mother and Joy that he was saving his orgasm for later when they asked him why he did not cum with Anna.

Joy announced that she needed to ride her daddy's cock. They found Phil and Joy started riding him on a mat while she sucked Jake's cock. Karen realized that Jake was now completely comfortable with his mother's presence, but Kathy was still being apprehensive. She felt that she needed to do something about that problem. After Joy got off her father's cock Karen offered Kathy to ride her husband's cock, but she refused politely and said that she would rather watch Karen do it. Karen rode Phil's cock until he came inside her.

"Girls, let's go have a smoke," Karen said to Joy and Kathy. "Jake why don't you come with us too?"

The four of them went to the bedroom where they were allowed to smoke. Karen lit a cigarette and Kathy said that she wanted one as well, although she was not a smoker but she needed it to calm her down.

"What's wrong Kathy?" asked Karen.

"Umm...I guess I need to get used to this...I don't know," said Kathy.

"But Mom you're the one who said she wanted to have fun, so you should start having fun. Just let loose!" Jake said to his mother.

Karen, Kathy and Joy sat on the bed and Jake stood in front of them.

"Can I have some of your cigarette Mrs. Parker?" asked Joy.

"Sure honey here you are."

"No, not that way Mrs. Parker. I want you to blow the smoke into my mouth. Could you do that for me? Pretty please?"

Kathy took a deep drag and turned her face towards her son's girlfriend. Joy put her pretty lips on the woman's mouth. Kathy blew the smoke into Joy's mouth, but Joy surprised her with her tongue. They kissed deeply for a few seconds.

"Mmm...tasty!" Joy said after she broke the hot kiss with smoke coming out of her mouth.

"Kathy lay back," said Karen. "Joy and I want to suck your nipples."

"Oh fuck yeah Mommy," Joy said happily. "Oops sorry. I said fuck!"

They all laughed for a while. This was the first time that Kathy had felt good since she had arrived at the party. Mother and daughter each took one of her nipples into their mouths as her son watched and she smoked. Joy and Karen moved their hands down to the hot woman's pussy in unison. They played with her clit and fingered her pussy as her son watched everything. Kathy started moaning softly.

"Now there you go. That's it Kathy. You're such a fucking pretty woman and you look so fuckable tonight. You should relax and have fun." said Karen.

"Oh God. I want to...so much. But...Jake!"

"Kathy, honey, let's try something to get you more comfortable with Jake."

"I don't know. I don't want him to fuck me if that's what you have in mind. I mean...I want to, but it's wrong."

"No honey. No fucking. At least not just yet. Will you trust me?"

Joy was still sucking Kathy's stiff nipple noisily and fingering her hot cunt.

"Oh God. That's it Joy honey. Right there. Ok Karen I trust you!" the hot woman finally said.

"Jake baby. Get on the bed. Yeah right here. Now kiss your mother softly. Be as gentle as you can." Karen said to Jake.

The boy kissed his mother's lips softly. He kissed her for a couple of minutes before she started kissing him back.

"Ok Jake. Now I want you to use your tongue on your mother. Kiss her a bit harder this time."

Jake did as he was told. Meanwhile Karen and Joy kept sucking his mother's nipples and played with her pussy.

"That's it Kathy. Kiss him back. Use your tongue baby. Don't be shy. Taste your son's spit. Kiss him harder. Yeah, harder."

The more Joy and Karen played with Kathy's pussy the bolder she became.

"Now Kathy open your mouth and keep it open. Jake I want you to spit into your mother's mouth. Spit as much as you can and as hard as you can."

"But that's nasty Karen. Are you sure?" said the boy.

"I'm sure honey. She'll love it. Spit into your sexy mother's mouth! That's it. More."

Jake spat as much as he could into his mother's open mouth and amazingly she let him do it.

"Now Kathy. Swallow your son's spit baby. Drink it down. Yeah that's it honey. Don't you fucking love it? I know you had it in you. You're just a dirty slut like me!"

"Ooh...stop...stop playing with my pussy. I don't want to cum yet. Please stop!"

"Ok honey, we'll stop. You're going to save that for a better occasion just like Jake? I wonder what you two shy perverts have in mind!"

Finally they all got to their feet and headed for the main orgy room.

"I want to watch my son get fucked by a big cock. Can we do that now?" Kathy asked Karen.

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