Joyce is Surprised


Jeff opened the door to the stairwell on the second floor. The elevator in this building was pretty slow so he frequently used the stairs. As the door closed behind him he stopped dead. Sprawled on the stairs going up was a blond lady with long strong legs. He couldn't see her face because the raven hair of the girl kissing her obscured it. At the loud click of the door locking behind him the dark hair girl looked up. He was facing two gorgeous girls who both looked as surprised as he felt.

"Oh shit!" Two voices said. He thought one of them was his.

The dark haired girl scrambled up to her feet, showing that they were doing more than just kissing. The blonde's blouse was open and her bra pushed up. Her breasts looked shiny from being . . . Jeff tore his look away and stammered an apology.

"I'm sorry, I was . . ."

The blond covered herself while the smaller, curvier brunette stammered herself.

"Look it isn't, I mean it is, I mean we are, oh shit!"

The blond actually started laughing as she stood up and stepped down to the landing. She stood eye to eye with Jeff and held out her hand, "Hi, I'm Miriam."

He took her hand and found a strong hand clasp. Her blouse was still open, but her bra was back down making maintain eye contact much easier.


"Well Jeff. This is my lover Temple. The reason she can't seem to put two words together is she is afraid you're going to run out in the hall screaming about the two lesbians in the stairwell. I think if you were going to run you would have run away already. I'm hoping we can trust you with our little secret."

She didn't let go of his hand, her grip firm and determined.

Jeff looked at Temple and saw not only the naked fear on her face, but her wedding ring on her finger as she fussed with her own blouse. Instantly he remembered a few instances in his own life when he was 'caught' and how he felt. His heart went out to her quickly, much to his own surprise.

"It's OK. It's no one else's business. I'm not planning to say a word."

Temple looking on the verge of tears, but she tried to look brave at his words.

"It really is OK. What you do is between you two." He smiled sincerely, trying to calm the beauty that still had too much of a deer in the headlight look.

"I do recommend you find someplace more private."

"I figured since the stair doors lock and only let you in, no one would use them. I guess I figured wrong."

"Not too many folks wait for the elevator when they're heading out. Since the stairs let you out on the ground level, lots of folks us it. At quitting time, you would have surprised a lot of folks."

"Shocked is more like it." Miriam said as she buttoned up her blouse. "Thanks for not freaking out."

"Oh I sure was surprised, but you two . . ."

"Yes, Jeff?"

"You looked more like a work of art."

"That's sweet." Miriam beamed a large smile. The smaller, sensually curved Temple was much prettier, but once Miriam smiled she was extremely striking. She smoothed down the front of her blouse. Jeff's eyes followed the motion for a moment until her caught himself and looked in her eyes again.

She turned to Temple. "So the stairs are a bad idea, sorry lover."

Temple blushed and looked down. Her blacker-than-black hair framed her heart-shaped face.

Jeff cleared his throat.

"Yes, Jeff."

"You know there is a gym upstairs?"

"I saw the Health Club sign; we figured it was a private club."

"No, it's open to anyone in the building."

"I'm not sure how that would help us?"

"It would be easier to show you."

Miriam went next to Temple and pulled her close, her hand disappearing between them. "Whattya say, lover, shall we check Jeff's idea out?"

Temple shut eyes as her body seemed to ripple sexily against Miriam's tall frame. She nodded just once.

"Lead the way Jeff." She pointed up the stairs."

"The fire door?"

"Not to worry, taped on the top floor."

So Jeff preceded the two girls up the stairs to the fourth floor. The girls shared a look behind him the might have worried him, if he had seen it.

He led them to the Health Club, told them the combination to the door lock.' The door made an awful ringing when they entered. Inside it was empty.

"This time and about mid-morning it's usually empty."

The ladies looked around at the collection of fitness gear.

"Not exactly conducive to the 'exercise' we had in mind."

Jeff smiled and led them around the corner. He showed them three smaller rooms, about 12x12 each, with rubber floor mats, Pilates balls, and small stereos. One had a TV-DVD combo and a selection of workout videos.

He ushered them into the last room and shut the door.

"This door locks and you heard the noise when the outer door opens, plenty of privacy.

Miriam nodded her head, thoughtfully. Temple knelt down on the thick mat and stretched like a cat. Her movements distracted Jeff. The Miriam stepped next to her, her blouse gone, her heavy breasts constrained by her bra.

Jeff appreciated the view a Temple knelt against Miriam and kissed her belly. Miriam ran her hands through her hair.

Jeff reluctantly turned to go.

"No, stay, watch from there."

The voiced surprised him, it was Temple's.

Miriam looked at her.

"We owe him, and besides, you love an audience."

Miriam turned to Jeff. "Yes, stay -- against the door."

Jeff leaned his back against the door, trying to act like something like this happened everyday, but the shake to his hands as he folded his arms would have given him away, if anyone was watching.

Miriam pulled Temple to her feet and turned her to face Jeff and stood behind her. She pressed her body against Temple's and started rubbing her hands up and down, under her top and with smooth controlled movements, Temple was soon naked. Miriam laid her down on the floor, her head toward Jeff and knelt between her open legs. She looked down at Temple, her hands stroking Temple's thighs. In a few seconds the dark haired beauty started straining her hips up, making the sexiest noises trying to entice her lover to . . .

Jeff jumped at the sudden sound of Miriam's voice.

"She is a beauty, my lover, isn't she? Her skin is so smooth, so hot! You know she asked you to stay because she is the one who loves an audience. She picked the stairwell hoping for someone to see us. She looked all nervous, but the reality is it was some fear, but mostly excitement. When you stood there, she practically came against me!"

Jeff didn't say a word. The image before him was beyond any fantasy, beyond any porn flick. Temple's hair was spread across the gray mat, her hands on her breasts, her knees wide. In between her raised knees, the statuesque Miriam knelt. Her strong hands stroking her thighs, she looked down at her lover, the look on her face indescribable. She looked up and made eye contact with Jeff and she swiftly bent down and touched her tongue to Temple. Her own hair obscured his vision, but Temple started making low, guttural noises telling him exactly what she was doing to her.

Jeff was peripherally aware of the room, the temperature, external noises. But what he knew more than anything was that he had never been so turned on in his life. He couldn't see the precum stain on the front of the light gray slacks, but Miriam could and she knew precisely what he was thinking.

Then Temple started cumming. Jeff couldn't believe it. She started throwing herself from side to side and miraculously, Miriam never left her. She arched her back far enough to make Jeff hurt, and still Miriam's mouth never left her. When she tried to turn to one side, Miriam's strong hands stopped her. What was the strangest thing was how quiet she was. The look on her face, the contortions of her body should have been accompanied by screams, but she gritted her teeth and swallowed any noises. But the physical contortions raised the temperature in the small room. Even Jeff was sweating from watching her, but the rivulets of sweat pouring off her naked body actually seemed to be pooling on the matted floor. Still through it all Miriam never moved away from her. Jeff was speechless! She slowly calmed down and her body went slack, then Miriam looked up.

She looked up from Temple with a wild look in her eyes. Her pose, her face, her manner, and even the movement of her head made her look like a wild animal. Jeff wouldn't have been surprised if she pulled her head back and howled at the moon! He moved slightly against the door and that movement caused Miriam's head to jerk right toward him. Her eyes bored into his and froze him in place. Temple looked up from where she was laying and looked at Jeff upside down. She smiled to herself since she had seen Miriam like this a few times. She knew Jeff wasn't going to complain in a few moments! Once she gets her mouth around him, he'll be hers!

Miriam crawled right over Temple, she ignored Temple's hands that touched and stroked her as she moved over her. For just an instant her touches almost made Miriam forget the cock in font of her, but there was something she never could resist! There was something within her that couldn't stop when faced with a hard cock, especially one on someone like Jeff. Poor simple Jeff, non-descript Jeff, small cock Jeff, straight Jeff.

Miriam broke eye contact as her teeth pressed his cock through the fabric of his pants. She held him firmly and felt him react to the pressure. Temple moved next to her.

"You better take it out."


"She'll rip your pants if you don't take your cock out, or you might just cum in your pants and that might be hard to explain in your office."

Temple pulled her unwilling head back from Jeff's crotch. He fumbled much to Miriam's unseen amusement. His hands managed to get his cock out and she lunged at him. She took him all the way into her mouth; the head of his cock not even touching the back of her mouth. She sucked had and pinned his cock to the roof of her mouth and used her tongue to keep the pressure up. She felt Jeff relax against the door and then she felt Temple start touching her ass and hip.

Jeff heard Temple talking in the middle of a sentence. He can't remember when she started talking, just that suddenly he heard her.

" . . . Yes, swallow him all up, baby!"

Jeff opened eyes he didn't realize he had closed them and the sight of gloriously beautiful Temple on her knees stroking Miriam's ass! He saw her stroke up and down Miriam's still clothed ass, up and down the crack of her ass and felt her react on his cock. Then she did something Jeff had only seen in porno movies, she swung back and slapped her hard on the ass and Jeff swore she just swallowed more of his cock as she jumped forward.

"Suck him dry baby, suck up all his cum and save it for me!"

Jeff's mind registered what she said, but the reality didn't penetrate. He existed only in his cock as he felt it actually get harder and harder. He had no idea how Miriam kept it in her mouth, because it felt huge to him, bigger than ever before in his life! For a fleeting second he wished his wife was here, to see him fucking two beautiful women at once! Any doubts she raised about him would be instantly dashed! He thought of his wife helpless on the floor after being eaten and his cock seemed to expand again. He thought of his wife getting eaten by Miriam and he almost laughed aloud! He thought of his wife eating Temple and that thought was too much for him and he exploded in Miriam's mouth.

He sagged against the door as his body suddenly relaxed from its near rigor like tightness. He looked down and saw Miriam let go of his now soft cock. He couldn't believe it was back to normal, he felt it should have been bigger even soft after what just happened. Then his mind went blank as Temple came around and kissed Miriam full of the mouth. He saw a small bit of his cum on her lips and was amazed! Then what Temple said registered. They were sharing him! His ego jumped once again!

They stood and the kiss went on as their tongues made a slippery journey back and forth. Then they broke, he could see they hadn't swallowed, or at least not much. Miriam turned toward him and licked her lips. Before he could move, she kissed him!

Jeff was stunned and tried to struggle, but Miriam was strong! Nearly his size and in excellent shape, much better shape than he was. She pushed him against the door, forcing her tongue into his mouth. He felt the hot slickness that held a foreign taste enter his mouth. He tried to push her away, but she was too strong for him and he had no leverage even against the door. She fucked his mouth until he was out of breath. He felt her push his own cum into his mouth and wouldn't allow him to get rid of it. After what felt like hours he swallowed! He couldn't help it! He couldn't breath and the sheer force of her held him captive. When she felt him swallow for the second time, she relaxed. Jeff felt like gagging, but when she moved away Temple pushed against him. He felt her take his flaccid cock in her hands and then felt her lips come to his. The fight was out of him, he acquiesced to the kiss as more of his own sperm was pushed into his mouth. He swallowed mechanically, but lost the feeling of gagging.

Temple pulled him toward her and guided him to his knees. She lay down in front of him, pressing her warm pussy to his now flaccid cock. She pressed it against herself and worked it gently, trying to get it to come back to life!

Behind him he heard more than saw Miriam take off her top and bra. It hit the mat to his side and then he felt her press against his back and her hands around his chest.

Temple's best efforts were in vain and his cock stubbornly refused to cooperate. Miriam was actually pleased; they had gotten further than she expected this first meeting, but she needed to end it on a high note, one that would keep Jeff coming back for more, at least one more!

"Temple, we have to go, the meeting!"

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Jeff. I don't want to go until you fuck me good, but I got carried away!"

He tried to mumble something, but he was still overwhelmed.

She got up and dressed quickly. She kissed him still kneeling on the floor.

Miriam, magnificent Miriam stood next to him and leaned down. "Open your mouth."

He did without a thought.

"Further, all the way."

He did and she spit right into his mouth and then kissed him until he swallowed -- again. She kept kissing him until he was totally out of breath -- again. Then before he could catch his breath, he was alone!

He got to his feet slowly and pulled himself back together. He wasn't sure what the hell just happened to him, but two things wouldn't leave him mind. The feeling in his cock just before he orgasmed and the feeling and taste of their kisses full of his own cum. He unconsciously licked his lips and turned toward the door. On a yellow sticky note on the inside of the door was a note:

"Tomorrow, 2:00pm" and was signed M&T.

He swallowed nervously, but felt his cock responded as he wished it had when pressed against Temple! He stood against the door and had a very brief argument with himself. Who would know? If they said anything, he also had something on them! He also flashed to Temple's wedding ring and felt like he had the upper hand or at least a hand at the table! He whistled a confident tune as he left the empty gym. He passed two ladies in the hall, both heading for the gym and he smiled at them and nodded his head. Before today he wouldn't have dared say anything at all, but he was happy when they responded in kind. He felt very different right now.

In the stairs heading down to the first floor Miriam took out a cell and made a quick call.

"He's ours!" She said simply. Miriam got off the phone and hugged Temple. The gorgeous and sexy girl responded like she hadn't had sex in a month! One of the many things she loved about her, the insatiable little minx!

The person at the other end of the phone smiled! She turned off the cell and put it back in the bottom of her purse. Then she leaned back and returned one hand inside her panties and the other cupping her breast through her bra. She flicked her fingers over her clit and held herself so close to orgasm when she got the first call from Miriam before she and that sex addict Temple went into the staircase. When she didn't hear back right away, she knew hey had him. When the phone rang just then she almost came! But now that she knew for sure, it was time to orgasm! She felt a flow of wetness as the whole things actually started down the road she had planned. Meeting Temple was the start, the sexy little girl set her up in the most beautiful way and the afternoon the dressing room of the lingerie shop with Miriam was just unbelievable. She never imagined the things she did and the things she loved!

She stood there briefly, frozen as her eyes met the smaller woman's. Then she flushed and mumbled an apology and went to the dressing room in the back.

"What the hell has gotten into me?" She was just so surprised at seeing her.

"I take off a day for some shopping in my favorite mall and every time I turn around, there she was. This small, and oh so sexy, little girl. If she hadn't kept appearing in front of me, I'd think she was following me."

She blushed again when she entered the dressing room area of her favorite lingerie store and there she was again. She was so surprised the she stopped and the girl turned toward her, topless!

"She probably thinks I'm some sort of stalker, a peeping tomasina!"

She sat there for another minute, the silk dressing gowns forgotten in her hands when her dressing room door opened.

She started to say something when the small girl slipped in and held her finger to her lips. She stayed silent while the girl listened at the door. She noticed she wasn't topless, but had on a light blouse, unbuttoned, her heavy breasts on display. Her mouth went dry.

When the girl turned back to her, she was startled by both her beauty and the sexy, saucy little grin on her face, she couldn't help but reciprocate.

"Sorry to barge in, but every time I looked up today, you were there. I figured we might as well meet."

"Listen, I'm sorry about the dressing room."

"What, you mean spying on me?"

"I wasn't . . ."

"It's OK, I liked it. I forget I left the door open." The girl shrugged off her blouse and hung it on a hook.

"What are you doing?"

"Like I said, I liked it and figured you might like to see my guys here."

She took her breasts in her hands and squeezed them, then bent her neck and flicked a tongue across her nipple.

"I think you really need to go now."

The small dark haired girl smiled. "I don't think so!" She flicked her tongue across the other nipple/

"I'll yell for the attendant."

"Go ahead. She'll see me half naked and my blouse on the hook and you fully dressed. Who does it look like barged in on whom?"

She froze at the implication.

"Look, just do one thing for me and I'll go back quietly. Kiss me."


"Just kiss me, one kiss, and no peck on the cheek. I promise I'll leave quietly if you want me to."

The dark-haired girl stepped closer and slowly pulled a stunned lady to her feet. She stepped against her and stopped her lips oh so tantalizingly close to the lady.

The girl whispered. "It's OK, I saw you looking at me. I know what you were feeling because I felt the same thing. Just close your eyes for a moment/"

She did and the scent of the girl, sweet and subtle washed over her. She felt her body heat as she leaned against her. Then she felt the girl take her wrists and guide her own hands to the girl's breasts. She acted like she was burned for one second until the weight of the breasts seemed to settle in her hands. After a moment she felt the girl let go of her wrists and run her hands up her arms. Her touch sent shivers up the woman's spine just as her lips touched hers. Just a touch, a sensual touch, slowly pressing firmer and firmer as the clock seemed to slow to a crawl. The woman's lips relaxed as the smaller girls tongue darted out and penetrated her mouth. She found herself squeezing the girl's breasts and then she found the girl

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