tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoyce's Sexual Reawakening Ch. 01

Joyce's Sexual Reawakening Ch. 01


"That was a great try. Dunno how yer run that fast at your age?" Pete? Pete!"

"Oh sorry George. What were you saying?"

"Why do you keep looking at your phone? Who's texting you?"

"Sorry mate. It's just this woman I met ... on line?"

George's ears prick up.

"Oh .. are you seeing her?"

"Not yet, but I hope to get the chance. She's gorgeous. We've been chatting for a while and she's just started sending me pictures."

"I wish it would happen to me. I'm virtually a monk these days. What's she like?"

"Gorgeous as I say. Nice long legs and perky tits." Pete drops his voice and leans closer. "Her husband is out tonight ... so she's masturbating and sending me pictures. Sorry mate ... I'll turn my phone off.".

"No! Don't do that. You keep going you lucky sod. I'll get you a pint. Doombar?"

"Yeah, cheers mate. Wow, this latest picture is a cracker. Would you like to see?".

George takes the phone eagerly. "Oh yes. Lovely tits. I wouldn't mind..." He trails off. The photo shows a middle aged woman on a bed. She does have lovely tits. But what catches George's eye is a framed photo on the wall behind her. It shows his wife Joyce with their two children.

Pete has never met his wife. The two men only drink together occasionally usually after an important Rugby match, mainly to discuss the game although today it's so far been all about... his wife? George looks again. He can't believe it.. He's desperately trying to compose his features to avoid betraying the fact that it's wife Joyce who's the one masturbating right now although her head is out of picture. He can't speak, confusion being his main emotion. Unexpectedly there's a strong feeling of arousal. He shifts in his seat hoping Pete hasn't noticed the bulge. He nods, trying to smile and hands the phone back to his friend. He buys the drinks then sits opposite Pete remaining silent.

"That's enough of that." Pete grins turning his phone off. "I'll look again later."

They begin to discuss the match. They both share a passion for Rugby Union, Pete plays for his local team, George used to play but has continued to take an interest particularly the International games. Pete notices he's looking subdued thinking perhaps he's feeling he's missing out. George has confided that his wife is not interested in sex anymore.

George's mind is working overtime as the two of them continue drinking together. He's contemplating telling Pete but just can't bring himself to do it. Joyce is clearly still interested in sex, but does she just like flirting on line or is there a chance for them to rekindle their sex life?. What should he do about it? At the moment he's too confused and decides to do nothing, keep his cards close to his chest. Mmmm he suspects the situation may become interesting though.


Joyce and George had had a good sex life in their early marriage. Perhaps not daring or kinky but they didn't need to be, as they had lust. Her hubby had left her alone in the first month or so after the birth of their two sons and she was grateful. But once she was fully healed they had resumed activities. George was a considerate lover. He particularly wanted her to have a good time so went to some trouble to get her ready before he plunged into her. Sometimes she would have been happier just to get his cock inside her. They were well matched sexually and sometimes they even orgasmed in unison. She never mentioned that sometimes she was already creaming before they climbed into bed. Their sex life was fine but for some reason they felt awkward discussing it. She'd consider saying something like, "I'm ready for your cock right now lovey. I don't need warming up." But she never did. She was afraid he'd interpret her comment as criticism. They'd both read the manuals but none of them mentioned that particular issue.

But that was then. Joyce had a hysterectomy at a fairly early age. She'd been okay about having the operation particularly as the surgeon said it would save her life. What she hadn't been told about was the effect it was going to have on her sex life.

Since a few months after her hysterectomy five years ago they'd both been celibate, at least George thought they had. Joyce was totally uninterested in sex in that first year. She didn't want to copulate with anyone. She was not masturbating either. But she knew it was an unnatural state for a marriage. Would George seek solace elsewhere if she didn't at least try? Now his long preparations before penetration were welcome. She knew her pussy was not lubricating as it should so she'd push his head down to encourage cunnilingus. He'd spend an age down there using his own saliva to try to solve the problem but each attempt at coitus was unsatisfactory. She didn't even enjoy him licking her pussy, something she'd always loved before.

"I'm so sorry George it's not working. I'm just not getting the urge for sex any more." Joyce explained. "It's not you. It's that bloody operation I had."

"How about another visit to see your GP?"

"No, nothing's going to make it like it was. I'm so sorry."

Her GP put it down to depression and put her on antidepressants. The medication helped her depression but she was afraid she might become addicted to the pills so weaned herself off them after a couple of months

Their various unsuccessful attempts in those first few months left them both embarrassed and frustrated. Gradually they reduced in frequency until they finally stopped altogether. To avoid the embarrassment they started to avoid the subject of sex in their conversation and within a year had settled into a chaste marriage.

George reluctantly accepted it. Before sex became a forbidden subject she hinted that he could see other women if he had to, but she wanted him to keep all his extramarital activities away from her eyes and ears. George was not comfortable seeing prostitutes and realised that brief one night stands was also not his style and reasoned that it wasn't easy for someone as shy as he is to pick up women anyway. He did make a pass at a friend he'd made at work. It was at the firm's Christmas party but she rebuffed him. Masturbation became his only sexual outlet.


The couple still sleep together in a king sized bed. As usual after one of his sessions with Pete she is tucked up in bed asleep when he gets home on this night of revelations. He looks down at her lying there as he undresses. Despite the five pints he's knocked back he finds his penis rising. Thoughts spring unbidden. "She'll no doubt be wishing it's Pete climbing in beside her." It hurts him to think that but it excites him further. "Why hasn't she turned to me? I'm her husband for god's sake." He still finds her attractive, even more so now he knows his friend has become a rival and is consumed with lust for her. He climbs in next to her. As he's stroking himself towards ejaculation he's thinking how he can use what he's learned tonight to his advantage.

"You'll never guess what I talked about with Pete last night?" It's Sunday morning, they're sitting together in the new conservatory reading the papers."

"The rugby I expect." Joyce smiles at me.

"Yes, that too. But he's hooked up with some woman on the internet. She kept texting him whilst we were in the pub. They've never met but some of the stuff she was sending him was enough to make your hair curl. X certificate wasn't half of it. And there were pictures too. Full frontal nude ones. She was touching herself, you know?"

"She's probably just trying to get money out of him." Joyce's voice remains calm but she's remembering her own behaviour at the time and feeling a little guilty. She hopes George hasn't noticed that her face is flushing a little. She's reflecting that sending her friend those pictures was very daring of her, but so exciting too.

George is looking at his wife closely and notes her changed colour.

"No it's not like that. She's a middle aged married lady. I think he wants to meet her. He's been on his own for the last few months since Marcia left him."

"So this is the sort of thing you get up to is it?" She's smiling now looking more relaxed. "Do you ever tell him personal stuff about us?"

"Not really. As you know there's nothing to tell. I only wish there was."

"Oh George, you embarrass me. Do you realise this is our first conversation about sex for years? I'm sure it's all my fault"

"Yes, we stopped doing it and then we stopped talking about it. Reminds me that as a kid I believed that oral sex meant talking about it." George puts this in to lighten the mood. He's no idea where this is going.

Joyce laughs out loud. "Yes, do you remember? You were quite good with your tongue. And I don't mean talking about it. Do you think you can still remember how." He can see she's now bright red in the face.

George feels his own face heating up too. "How about if we have an early night tonight dear? I'd be happy to demonstrate my technique."

"My mother always used to tell me that there's no time like the present." Joyce stands, unbuttons her jeans, drops them to the floor quickly followed by her panties and steps out of them. George observes her very sexy underwear totally different from the full form off white ones he normally sees. He makes no comment. He knows these are for Pete's benefit not his. Joyce sits near the front of the chair and he kneels before her.

George can't believe he's being allowed access to his wife's pussy after all these years. He notices straight away that she is already wet and wonders if Pete has been sending her naked pictures through the night. She'll enjoy seeing him in the buff. He's a big brute with thick arms and thighs like your typical front row forward. Hairy chest, handsome features, big hands. He must be six feet four in height. He's physically fit too. Completed the London Marathon last year.

All these thoughts are passing through his head and he finds it fuels his desire to please Joyce. Before he starts to lick her he looks up into her eyes.

"Did me talking about Pete's girlfriend turn you on darling?"

"Yes that's it dear. I've had thoughts about hooking up with someone on the internet. Aren't I the naughty one?"

"I can't believe we're talking like this?"

"I've discovered something I'd lost. Now Georgy Porgy get that long tongue of yours to work on my cunt."

He's never heard Joyce use the 'C' word and loves it. He's glad he found out about her and Pete. Who knows where this might lead. Joyce is squirming on his tongue like in the old days. He finds her clit and carefully sucks on it making her moan. His tongue snakes up her channel and he can tell it's having the desired effect. In no time at all she's having a loud and messy orgasm.

"Thank you darling, that was lovely. But now I need your cock inside me."

She removes her bra and top and George looks at the same view he got in the pub last night. For a split second he wonders if she knows her boyfriend is his friend Pete? No, that's impossible. Am I capable of fucking her? For most of the last four years he's only had his right hand for sexual release. His masturbation has taken place in their bed with her beside him asleep. Occasionally after he's completed she gets up to go to the toilet. Was she pretending to be asleep? She's probably lain there awake sometimes without saying anything. He does it that way in an attempt to make it not quite such a lonely act.

"It's like we're virgins all over again. Let's not worry if we make a mess of it. There'll be plenty of other times." There seems to be a new confidence about her. Just how many men has she contacted online? Has she met any of them?

They start in the missionary position and he establishes a nice rhythm. He can see she's enjoying it as she is quite vocal. He dare not speak, afraid he might spoil the mood. Joyce suggests she turns over to allow him entry to her pussy from the rear.

"It's the way I like best." she says gasping as he slides his cock back inside again. It doesn't take him long to spurt shortly after she has another mini orgasm.

That night as they cuddle up in bed together they discuss their future.

"We must continue to have conversations about sex." Joyce says. "I'm not sure why we ever stopped. You just seemed to lose interest. We both gave up trying didn't we?"

"I never lost interest darling. I thought you found it uncomfortable and you'd lost your desire for sex. I didn't want to embarrass you by keeping trying ... So I just stopped."

"Yes that's true...I did lose interest... but just for the first year. But by then you just seemed to have given up. How silly! We've both been trapped in a sexless marriage without either of us wanting that. We don't want any more secrets."

He kissed her again passionately. "Yes love. Let's tell each other everything."

"Well... there is something I have to confess. Please try not to be angry." Joyce drew a deep breath. "I've been writing to someone on the internet. A man. We have just been chatting Nothing has happened, I swear ... but I've sent him pictures. Naked pictures. There, I've said it."

George looked at her worried face and quickly kissed her again. "Don't worry love. I'm not angry at all... And I have something to confess myself."

"I have a secret too. The man you've been texting ... is my mate Pete. He showed me some pictures in the pub last night... and I saw that picture you sent him of you masturbating. I could tell it was you. I was too scared to say anything."

"What!" Joyce takes a few seconds to digest this information. "Oh no, it can't be. Are you sure?"

"The photo behind you of you and the kids gave it away." He turns and points to it. "This one."

"Oh you poor dear. It must have been a shock. Did you say anything to Pete?"

"No. He's still in the dark. I was shocked but I tried not to show it. But that's not all I wanted to confess.' George hesitated and then blurted out. "What I wanted to say is it really turned me on."

Joyce and George talked long into the night. Joyce was surprised that the more she told him about Pete the more turned on he got.

It all started very innocently at first, a few innocuous comments on the chat facility of her Words with Friends game on her tablet. Online he is called Garth and Joyce realizes he's manly and masterful.They discussed all kinds of things over time. He shared his disappointment with her when he split up with his girlfriend so she knew he was lonely. She shared her frustration about her sexless marriage. In time they started to message each other regularly and then they started exchanging pictures. Innocent enough at first but then he asked to see her in a swimming costume.

The pictures he has sent her have made her go weak at the knees. He's witty and kind but strong and dominant, all that she realises she needs in a man. She tries to stop thinking about his cock but it's always at the forefront of her mind, it's thick and long and circumcised. She thinks about taking her first skinless knob inside her and her juices flow freely down her thighs.

At first Joyce is embarrassed describing all this to George but her confidence grows as his cock does. He even seems turned on when she shows him Pete's pictures. Looking at another man's cock and confessing to her husband that she wants to fuck him is such a turn on. They end the night with another frantic love making session.


She's not sure what brought about her changed attitude. With sex back on the agenda. Her depression seemed to completely disappear almost overnight for no apparent reason. She was out with a few girlfriends and had a few more drinks than usual. She realised she was laughing at everything the others said. It was a sweary, rude conversation enough to have shocked her a few years before. But she was getting the comments and even contributing a few choice expressions herself. Hearing the words 'Fuck' and 'Cunt' on her own lips made her giggle and laugh. That was the start. She'd kissed a guy down a side alley as they cruised around town, a complete stranger. He was nice but not really her type and he accepted it when she told him to 'Fuck off'.

She wasn't sure about the change at first so said nothing to George. It was about the time when there was all that fuss about the book Fifty Shades of Grey. She'd read the Twilight series of books and felt the author had stolen the main character from that book. But it worked. It did turn her on. She needed to buy a good vibrator and did so again keeping George in the dark about it. George was distant with her, withdrawn. She thought he no longer found her sexually attractive. She realises now that he never stopped wanting her. She sometimes woke up in the night to find him facing away from her looking at words on his tablet. He was stroking himself. It angered her a little but over time she accepted his need for sexual release. It even turned her on. Their habit of not talking about sex continued, to their detriment.


Joyce and George talk for a long time about the Pete situation. They are both agreed she should still go ahead and meet him. Joyce has given him her mobile number and she shows George all their text messages.


Did you manage to get the day off Friday week when you said hubby would be out of town?


Yes no problem, it's not too busy at work at the moment.

It'll be so good to see you at last. I can't wait.


Me too. Suspender belt/Stockings just for me?


Yes darling. Jock strap?


Ha Ha very funny. Okay then. I will if you want. Anything for you.


I want to touch your body, run my fingers through that hairy chest, kiss you all over, squeeze your testicles, feel those bulging muscles. I think you can imagine what else I want Mr Sex-on-legs.


Oh, so I'm a sex object am I? It's what I always wanted to be. I don't want much. Just to fuck you rigid. That'll do for a start.


Okay, you're on.

There's another important rugby match coming up in a couple of days. Joyce suggests sending Pete a few more pictures when he and George meet up in the Dog and Duck afterwards.

"Why don't you get him to show one or two of your other mates?" She says. The idea gets her excited. "I've heard that men like to watch, women like to be seen. You'll be doing it for me darling."

George's eyebrows go up in astonishment. He loves the idea.

At the pub they chat about the game for a while. George wants to open up to Pete but can't bring himself to tell him.

George is up at the bar getting in the drinks when he sees Pete looking at his phone. There's a couple of Pete's rugby mates sitting at their table.

He brings the drinks over.

"More pictures Pete?" he says."I'd like to see what she's doing this time."

Pete hands him the phone. This time's he's looking at a live WhatsApp phone call.

"She's skyping you. Are you sure you want me to see this?" He pretends uncertainty offering to hand it back.

"It's cool. She asked me to show you. Just look at those legs."

George notices the other two men are curious but spends some time watching Joyce in a tiny miniskirt and low cut top, no bra. She's flaunting herself playing sexy to the camera. Her legs keep opening showing her panties and she leans forward showing most of her breasts. The skirt and top come off then the panties and she waves at him completely naked.

"Bloody hell. It's better than last time. The slut has just stripped for me live. Those tits are amazing. What a woman." George hands the phone back.

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