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Juanita Perez squirmed in the cramped seat of the plane's crowded economy class cabin. She was thankful that the flight from her home in Chicago to El Paso, Texas was a short one. She had recently passed two landmarks in her short life: she had graduated from high school with honors, and she had turned eighteen. To commemorate both, her parents had given her this trip to New Mexico to visit her Aunt Carmen O'Rourke, Uncle Patrick (Pat), and Cousins Raul and Santiago (Jimmy). She had last seen them two years earlier when they had visited her family over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Aunt Carmen was the older sister of Juanita's mother. She and Juanita's mother had both been born in Mexico, but their parents had moved across the border to Columbus, New Mexico when the Juanita's mother was barely a year old. Uncle Pat was also an immigrant to the United States, having come from Belfast, Ireland during the late 1950s. Cousin Raul was Juanita's age; Jimmy was two years older. Both, to Juanita, were unbelievably handsome, especially Raul. Both had inherited the best of good looks from both parents.

When the plane landed, Juanita remained seated until the narrow aisle cleared enough for her to stand and remove her backpack from the overhead storage bin; she then made her way forward to the exit where she acknowledged the flight attendant's "Goodbye, and thanks for flying American."

Once she reached the waiting room at the end of the long loading ramp, she stepped aside, put her pack on, and looked about to see which way she had to go to get to the baggage claim area where she was to meet Aunt Carmen and Raul.

The airport at El Paso is almost as large as O'Hare in Chicago. Juanita was glad she had only her backpack, and that it was not heavy. By the time she got from her arrival gate to the baggage claim hall, she was sweating. The summer heat in El Paso was oppressive as Chicago's, a little drier, but still oppressive. It took her a moment to find the carrousel where she had to get her suitcase when it was unloaded from the plane. As she neared it, and the crowd gathered around it, she spotted Aunt Carmen and Raul. Raul was holding a large, hand-lettered sign -- "Juanita Perez." She rushed over to them. Aunt Carmen embraced her immediately, while Raul smiled and waited for his turn.

They exchanged the usual, obligatory ooh's, ah's, and pleasantries, and she answered the predictable questions about the flight, and her parents. Finally, Aunt Carmen released her from the bear hug that had her, and her aunt's ample breasts squashed together. She then found herself in Raul's arms. His hug was no less tight than his mother's had been, but it was wonderfully different. Raul's well-muscled torso felt wonderful against her. More than that, Raul smelled good, a little sweaty, but oh so masculine. As her nipples hardened, Juanita wondered if Raul could feel that she was braless beneath her T-shirt.

Before he released her, he said, "We really should have told you to fly into Tucson; that's a lot closer to our ranch than El Paso is. It's going to take longer to get home than it took to get here from Chicago, and my pickup isn't as comfortable as the plane was."

A few minutes later, Juanita spotted her suitcase, told Raul, which one it was, and watched as he effortlessly snagged it. Once they cleared the baggage area, Raul led them to the parking lot and his pickup truck. There, he stowed Juanita's suitcase and backpack in the camper in the truck's back. Raul's truck was larger than most. It had four doors and a crew cab with a roomy seat behind the driver's compartment.

Aunt Carmen suggested that she ride in the crew cab so that Juanita and Raul could visit and get to know one another on the long drive to the ranch. That pleased Juanita. Raul was handsome -- so handsome that she could feel her panties becoming damp as she wondered about the rather prominent bulge in his tight jeans.

Before Juanita could open the passenger side door and get into the cab, Raul grabbed her arm and said. "Wait!" Then, to his mother he said, "Mom, open that package of shop towels that are back there and hand me a couple. As short as Juanita's shorts are, if she sits on these leather seats, she's going to have blisters on her rear."

"Here you are, son. That would be a hard way for her to learn to wear slacks or jeans while she's here."

Juanita wondered what all the fuss was about, but said nothing. Raul took the shop towels and laid a double thickness of them on the truck's front seat. Juanita noticed that when he did so, he put them in the middle of the bench seat. That made her smile. Her handsome cousin obviously wanted her to sit next to him, rather than next to the door. As she got into the truck, she put her hand on the leather seat and immediately pulled back saying, "Ouch, that's hot," as she did so.

"Uh huh; truck's been sittin' here in the sun a couple of hours. Gets damn hot in a hurry." Raul's comment seemed to Juanita to be a gross understatement. She was shocked at how hot the seat was, and was glad he had thought to put the towels down for her to sit on. Her short shorts would have given her no protection from her knees all the way up to the crease at the top of her thighs where they joined her butt.

Raul picked up I-25 and headed north out of El Paso to where the road intersected I-10 just east of Las Cruces, New Mexico. There he took I-10 west into Las Cruces. As they entered the city, Aunt Carmen called out, "Raul, find a good restaurant here and stop. I expect Juanita's hungry, and I need a potty break."

Ten minutes later Raul pulled into the parking lot of a fancy looking Mexican food restaurant and said to Juanita. "This is the best restaurant in town. The food in here will show you how false that imitation Mexican food the serve in Chicago is."

Juanita replied, "I hope so, I haven't had any good carnitas since I visited here during spring break five years ago."

Inside the restaurant, Carmen took Juanita's hand and said, "Honey, if you're as full as I am, you need a good piss too; let's go to the girl's room while Raul gets a table for us. Juanita had been clamping her thighs together for the past forty-five minutes and was glad to follow her aunt into the women's room. They took stalls next to one another. She could hear her aunt's powerful stream of pee and wondered if her own was as loud. A minute later, the two were at the washbasins washing their hands. Aunt Carmen said, "Boy, if I'd had to hold that any longer, I'd have peed my pants, " to which Juanita replied, "Me too."

As they entered the dining room, they looked around to find Raul. Juanita spotted him first and grabbed Carmen's hand. "Over here. He's there by the windows."

They seated themselves and had barely finished looking the menus over before a waitress came to take their orders. Juanita ordered carnitas with Spanish rice and frijoles refritos and French fries. Carmen ordered a fish dinner. Raul had already ordered.

As they ate, they exchanged small talk and caught up on all of the family gossip, both in New Mexico and in Chicago.

Raul sat across the booth from Juanita and his mother. Throughout the meal, Juanita was aware that every time he could do so without his mother noticing Raul had taken a good look at Juanita's breasts. His admiration had not gone without Juanita's notice. The knowledge that he found her tits worth looking at got to her: it made her nipples stiffen. That in turn made Raul look even more often and with less caution. He seemed not to realize, or if he realized, not to care that his mother might catch him staring at his beautiful cousin's breasts.

Carmen noticed. She too had seen that her niece's nipples were erect and it thrilled her.

After dinner, and back at the pickup, Carmen suggested that she drive from Las Cruces to Lordsburg, and that Raul drive from there to their ranch. Raul said that sounded good and crawled into the crew cab. "Come on back here, Juanita. If you're tired from your flight, you can stretch out a bit and perhaps nap a little before we get to the dirt road that leads from Lordsburg to our place."

Juanita didn't hesitate. She got into the crew cab with her cousin. It was already dusk. Once inside the crew cab, Juanita laid her head on Raul's shoulder and pretended to fall asleep. A few moments later, when he apparently though she was asleep, she felt his hand cup her right tit. Damn that feels good, she thought. With that in her mind, she slipped down across his chest and abdomen to cradle her head on his thighs. She could feel his penis stretched out down his pant leg along his thigh. It was long.

As she lay there, supposedly asleep, Raul again cupped her breast. When he did so, Juanita felt his penis stir and lengthen within his jeans. She carefully, so as not to make it obvious what she was doing, moved her head to both better feel his erection, and to let him feel her cheek against his growing erection. The bouncing and jostling of the truck amplified the erotic feelings they both felt as Carmen sped west along I-10 and home.

In Deming Carmen pulled into a Texaco station to fill the truck's gas tank, and to take another potty break. Juanita and Raul also used the restrooms. When they returned to the truck after paying for the gas and buying coffee, Raul and Juanita again got in front, and Carmen returned to the crew cab.

I-10 between Deming and Lordsburg is straight and flat with nothing to see in any direction but the road and miles upon miles of dry desert. As they sped along the highway, well above the posted speed limit of 75 mph, Raul put a CD on and listened to salsa pieces by a group he told Juanita was a local group that was just getting started. Their style was different from any Juanita had heard before. She liked it and was soon tapping her foot to the beat set by the lead guitar.

Shortly before they reached Lordsburg, Raul turned north on a two lane road. The pavement ended after about five miles turning the road into a well-maintained dirt road. After twenty minutes on that road, Raul made turned left onto a single lane road going north-west. "We're on our property now," he told Juanita. "It's about another two miles to the house."

It was just dusk. Salmon and red hues shot through the evening sky painting the desert with warm reddish browns on the sunward side of the hillocks and deep blacks on the shaded side. The landscape's wild beauty entranced Juanita. Chicago offered nothing that compare to it.

At the same time Raul had turned onto the road to the house, Carman had taken out her cell phone and called her husband to tell him they would be there within five minutes. He and Jimmy were waiting at the gate of the enclosed patio next to the entrance when Raul stopped the truck under the carport on the right side of the house.

When Juanita had visited five years earlier, Carmen and Patrick were still building the ranch house. At that time, the adobe walls were only chest high on Juanita. Now, in the light of the setting sun, the house looked just like what it was -- a hacienda. It was flat roofed. The adobe walls were plastered, not with stucco but with the same mud as the building blocks themselves. Each mud and straw block was eighteen inches long, fourteen inches thick, and ten inches high.

The house, built around a central courtyard adhered to the centuries old tradition of the hacienda that, when necessary, served as mini-fort. All of the rooms opened onto a covered porch that encircled the courtyard. The only entry that opened to the outside of the hacienda was the one Patrick led them through as they went from the walled patio. No doors opened off the long hallway that led from the entrance door to the courtyard, again emphasizing the protective nature of building. Frescos showing different aspects of what Patrick and his sons were doing on their ranch decorated both walls of the hallway. Some of the scenes were of herds of cattle tended by men on horseback, but others showed banks of photovoltaic cells and other things Juanita could not begin to identify. She wanted to ask about them, but Uncle Pat kept such a pace that there was no time to stop, look and ask questions.

As the passed from the hall to the covered porch and the courtyard, Raul said, "Come with me. I'll show you your rooms. You can put your stuff away and wash up before supper." He then led her around to the left to a doorway at the northwest corner of the enclosed area. The door was of solid cottonwood, and was an inch and a half thick. Its surface had hand carved geometric patterns on both the outside and inside surfaces.

Inside, the room was surprisingly cool although there was no evidence of an air conditioner or air ducts. A single window placed high on the wall allowed the light of the setting sun to stream into the room.

Raul put Juanita's suitcase and pack on a large chest, the surface of which was carved in the same style as the door. He then crossed the room to an inner door and said, "Your bathroom is here. There are clean towels and anything else you're likely to need in the cabinet to the right of the washbasins. The cabinets under the counter top contain cleaning supplies, but are otherwise empty."

Juanita stood beside him and looked into the bathroom. It was huge. An oval tub stood in the center of the room. A padded bench encircled the tub. The vanity, washbasin, and linen cabinet filled the left side of the room. The right side held a roomy enclosed toilet and a large shower. A floor to ceiling painting of a mountain glen covered the wall opposite the door giving her the feeling that the bathroom was outdoors.

Raul showed Juanita where all of the light switches were, how to use the room's TV and stereo system, and how to adjust the temperature of the water in the bed's mattress. He then left her after telling her that dinner would be ready in half an hour.

Juanita was surprised that dinner was a magnificent Chateau Briand rather than typical Southwestern or New Mexican fare. The meat, Uncle Pat told her was Santa Gertrudes beef from their own herd, and went on to explain that he had obtained a starter herd from a rancher near Belen. The meat was less fat, and more tender and flavorful than that of the cattle usually raised in the southwest. He was proud to say that he never sold his cattle trough the usual channels, but had exclusive contracts with a couple of major hotel chains and high-end restaurant chains.

After dinner, Juanita excused herself saying that she was tired from traveling all day and wanted to go to bed early. As she got up to leave the dining room, Aunt Carmen said, "If you would like, after you've had a hot bath, I'll come in and massage your back. If you are like me, sitting as long as you did today has left it stiff and sore."

"Thank you. I haven't had a back massage since I was a little girl and mama would give me one on nights when I couldn't go to sleep."

"Okay. Call me when you're ready."

Juanita decided a shower would be better than a tub bath. She had noticed that the showerhead was one that could cause the water to pulse and she thought that the pulsing hot water would set the stage for the massage Aunt Carmen had offered.

Ten minutes later, wearing an ankle length robe that Aunt Carmen had left on her bed for her, Juanita went to the family room where the others were watching TV and told her aunt she was ready for her massage.

Back in her room, Aunt Carmen told her to take turn down the bed covers and to take off her robe and lie down on her belly. While she was doing those things, Aunt Carmen went into the bathroom and warmed a small bottle of scented oil under the hot water tap. When Carmen came back into the bedroom, Juanita was lying nude on the bed, but had pulled the top sheet up so that it just covered her legs and buttocks.

Aunt Carmen drizzled warm oil down Juanita's back that smelled of rosemary. As Carmen spread it across her back before beginning the massage, Juanita could feel a gentle heat other than that caused by warming the oil in the bathroom. This heat seemed to penetrate through her skin into her muscles. Juanita was surprised and pleased that unlike the liniment her father used to ease his sore muscles, and which he had once applied to her calf after she had pulled a muscle playing soccer, the heat from this oil did not burn her; it was merely soothingly warm.

The massage was so relaxing that Juanita had to fight hard to keep from falling asleep. She managed for a while by chatting with Aunt Carmen, but after a time she lost the battle and dozed.

She thought she was dreaming. Her pussy was warm and wet and it felt like someone was gently rubbing her inner labia and clitoris. It felt heavenly. She spread her legs to give her (lover?) better access. Then it felt as though she felt hair brushing her inner thighs while a hot tongue slipped between her outer labia.

Oh, my God. I'm not dreaming. Shocked, she realized that Aunt Carmen had pulled the sheet down below her thighs and was busily lapping at her sopping wet, tingling pussy. It also pleased her. Six months earlier her friend Tina and she had been curious enough about lesbian sex that they had experimented with it and had eaten one another to satisfying orgasms. Now, Aunt Carmen's talented tongue and lips were about to set off another explosion of delight. Juanita raised her pelvis up to let her aunt get deeper into her pussy. This made Carmen realize that her niece was no longer asleep, and was now actively feeding her as she indulged herself in a Sapphic feast. "You like this, don't you?" she asked.

"Ummm, yes. Ohhh, that feels so good. Let me do you too."

Her aunt didn't have to be asked twice. She quickly stripped out of her clothing and joined her niece on the bed. They merely kissed and embraced for several minutes luxuriating in the feel of their hot, naked bodies pressed tightly together. Each placed a leg between the other's legs and was used it to rub the other's pussy.

Then Juanita said, "Let's sixty-nine. I want to taste you, and I want you to eat me like you were doing earlier."

"You've made love to another woman before, haven't you?"

Juanita then told her aunt about her and Tina's experiment. She said she had enjoyed it, but that neither had ever been interested in doing it a second time. They both had boyfriends with whom they were sleeping.

"Well, Hon, from what you're telling me, you are just like your mother an me. We're both bi-."


"Yeah. Don't act so shocked. Before she married your dad, you mom was one hot little sex kitten. Between us, I think we slept with every guy on all of our school's athletic teams, and also got it on with several of the cheer leader girls."

"Did you and mom do one another too?"

"Oh did we!"

Over the next hour, the two of them fingered and ate one another to several satisfying orgasm each. Finally, Carmen noticed the time, got dressed, kissed Juanita good night, went into the bathroom to wash the smell of sex from her hands and face and left. Juanita was asleep before Carmen finished in the bathroom.

Carmen returned to the family room where she watched TV with her husband and sons until bedtime. In their bedroom, as they prepared for bed, Patrick said, "You were with Juanita a long time. You must have done something more than just massage her back."

"I sure did. I've never kept my being bi- from you, so I'll tell you what I did."

"Are you going to let me play with you while you tell me?"

"You bet. I was hoping you would want to."

They embraced before climbing nude into their round king-size bed. Patrick was already semi-erect. Carmen was even more aroused. Although she had experienced three orgasms with Juanita, her vagina was still dribbling and her clit was so stiff it was almost painful.

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