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Judge Daddy


Thanks to Don for editing this story.


Sitting in his chambers, the distinguished and handsome judge shook his head. Lust burned in his veins for someone society said he could never have. Torture was the only word to describe what the tall dark haired man was experiencing. Even while on the bench when he needed to pay attention, his blue eyes would glaze over as he imagined Kay nude and open to all the love he wanted to give her.

Kay was unlike any woman he had ever been lucky enough to meet. Turning nineteen in only two weeks the blonde, five foot, green eyed beauty was still a virgin. Blooming late in life had left the bubbly teenager awkward around males. Her beauty and shyness equaled bitch to most men. Feeling rejected, Kay's self-esteem continued to plummet as her beauty grew.

Straight A's in all subjects, an infectious laugh and a general concern for others made her a wonderful person. Large firm breasts with pink tips, a softly rounded belly, and a firmly curved ass made the petite young woman the possessor of all things feminine.

Again the tortured man shook his head. It was time to return home. Of course, that was the problem. A text from his unfaithful wife had curtly informed him of her upcoming absence. Apparently, the stress of parenthood was just too much. Headed to a spa with a "friend," at the last moment gave Mark and Kay alone time.

As he stood, he looked around his chambers. Oak paneling, dark furniture and a view of downtown Austin bore witness. The forty something man was a success. At least, professionally. His home was another story. Cast out of his wife's bed ten years prior, he had wanted to leave. He raged, sulked and threatened. His tall, too thin wife had sneered. If he left, he would never see his step daughter again. She knew just how much he cared.

Shuddering at the memory, he again despaired. His then eight year old step daughter needed him. He was the only Daddy she knew. To make it worse, Kay was such a sad little girl. Horribly overweight, awkward and with a happy disposition had made the young girl an easy target. Bullied at school, she was treated worse at home. Her mother also pointed out with disgust in her voice what a "fatty" her daughter was. No comfort was offered.

There was no telling what might have happened if he hadn't hung around. Concern for his sweet step daughter had compelled him to hire physical trainers, diet coaches and lifestyle consultants. There was no way he could have sat back and seen her self-destruct. He just loved his step daughter too much.

It had worked. His sweet and way too innocent step daughter was now exquisite. Kay now made other women flinch when she walked by. Despite looking like what men dreamed about, her self-esteem kept her isolated. She was the friend who helped other girls get ready for dates.

Hurtling towards home on North 183, Mark felt frightened by his desires. The judge always followed the rules. Now he was struggling with a need so dark and unacceptable that rules had ceased to matter. He wanted to open Kay's eyes and show her what she possessed. Her true worth had to be revealed. If she continued on with her head down, her life held little hope.

What stood in Mark's way was social convention. He had taught Kay to ride a bike, swim and play twenty-one. Now, he wanted to teach her how beautiful she was. And he wanted to teach her to make love. She deserved to be released from the weight of self-hatred. They weren't really related anyhow, he reminded himself.

Standing in the Tuscan inspired oversized kitchen, the petite teenager hurried from stove to oven. Her dad would be home soon. A text from her mom had told her she was to take care of her father. Her mom was tired of Kay always hanging around the house and needed a break. Kay could just hear her perfectly beautiful mom heave a deep sigh. "Kay is such trouble," her mother always complained. Added with a sad face emoticon was the news she wasn't surprised to receive. Her mom wouldn't be back in time for her nineteenth birthday.

No party was planned. Though Kay was friendly with everyone, she just didn't have any real friends. It would just be her and her dad celebrating her birth. Pulling her long golden hair into a ponytail she continued to cook for her father. Pasta with fresh tuna and a cilantro dressing, steamed vegetables and fresh fruit were on the menu. Both father and daughter kept themselves trim.

Confusion caused the exquisite teenager to pause. No reason explained her need to "freshen up." It was just her dad coming home. It wasn't like they were expecting his group of buddies for the evening. Kay had crushed on her father's best friends since she started college. She always "fixed" herself up when any of her father's friends were there. The expressions on the older men's faces when they thought they were unobserved made her tingle between the legs. Recently she had started "getting ready" for her father. Dishes prepared Kay headed to her room.

More a suite than a bedroom, Kay's room was a study in hope. Posters of exotic locales lined the pink walls. A white four poster bed sat in the middle of the spacious room. Beloved since she was a child, a pink polka dot coverlet draped the queen sized bed. Assorted stuffed animals sat perched on ruffled pillows.

A small pink loveseat and white coffee table provided seating and a door lead into her private bathroom. White travertine lined the floors and walls in the spacious room. A large two seater shower occupied one side and a built in dark wood dressing table the other. Potions promising beauty lined the table and a full length mirror sat propped in one corner. It was the mirror that Kay hurried to.

Standing before the tall gold flecked mirror, Kay turned a critical eye to herself. No longer asking why, she began to prepare for her father. Stripping in front of the mirror, her slanted green eyes slowly appraised herself. She knew her breasts got a lot of attention. Men seemed unable to not stare at the two oversized curves. Her torso was lean and she knew her weight was perfect but she did wish she wasn't so soft. Her belly remained rounded despite the sit-ups she did religiously.

Her hips were another thing. Two firmly rounded curves drew eyes and comments of men. Despite the tingling within, Kay always rushed away as calls about her ass followed her. She didn't understand why men were always commenting on her assets. Sometimes she feared they were making fun of her. How could anyone really want to do the things she heard them say? As horrible as it all sounded she always responded to their words.

Slipping a too short white cotton sundress over her lightly tanned body Kay tried to ignore the excitement rising within her. Looking at the white lace thong she had chosen, she changed her mind. She wanted to feel the fabric of her dress caressing her ass.

Lip gloss and a little mascara applied, she returned to meal preparations. A text awaited her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she read. Her dad was an important man. He was truly sorry but he had to leave town unexpectedly. With a kiss emoticon he reassured her that he would be home in time for her birthday. Sniffling in disappointment, Kay tried to look ahead as she headed back to the kitchen. Birthdays were always special when her father was in charge.


Two weeks came and went and the sternly handsome judge still felt tormented. Lying to his beloved step daughter had been difficult. There hadn't been any out of town emergency. He had been at the downtown Marriott the last two weeks. But now he had to return home. Today was Kay's birthday.

Pacing back and forth in her pink and white room, Kay chewed on her lower lip. Loneliness the last two weeks had been terrible. Her mother hadn't texted once. In contrast her father sent a good morning and goodnight text daily in addition to their ongoing chats throughout the day. The beautiful teenager was still more girl than woman. Her nervousness was proof.

A gift card had arrived from her father earlier in the week directing her to buy something "special" to wear for her birthday dinner. Reservations had been made at Perry's downtown. Perry's was Austin's premier steakhouse and was both trendy and traditional. Good Texas beef and Gulf seafood were fused into popular dishes. Lines extended for hours on the weekends.

Waiting on her four poster bed was the outfit she had chosen. A green silk sundress that plunged in the back had been purchased at Nordstrom's. Kay hoped her daddy wouldn't think it was too grown up. She just couldn't resist how the emerald silk made her feel. The softness of the material was sensual against her skin and the daring short hemline revealed Kay's lean muscular legs. She liked showing her legs. Even before she lost weight, her father had told her that her legs were beautiful.

Kay decided against any underwear. Her large C-cup breasts were full and high and she didn't want anything between her flesh and the thin silky material. Honey colored hair fluffed and sprayed hung to just the tops of her breasts. High cheekbones and slanted green eyes gave testimony to Kay's Native American heritage.

Caressing CoCo Chanel perfume behind her ears, she wondered about the upcoming surprise. Her father had teased her. In one text he had told her she would never guess what she was getting the night of her birthday. The excited teenager knew her step-father wasn't kidding. The expensive cologne in her hands was his favorite. Given to her for no special reason, it was proof of her step dad's or as she liked to call him, "Judge Daddy's" generosity.

Kay lost all track of time as she daydreamed about the upcoming evening. The sound of the garage opening snapped the young woman out of her stupor. Her Daddy was home! It had been two weeks and she squealed in childish delight at the sound of his arrival. Slipping on a pair of gold high heeled sandals she headed to her favorite person in the whole world. The tingling between her legs felt normal.

Looking up from his work Blackberry, the distinguished judge's face split into a grin from ear to ear. The wide smile changed his face. Stern turned to boyish at the sight of his much loved step daughter. Approaching more like a Labrador puppy than the sexually mature woman she was, Mark caught her in a bear hug. Kay giggled at the feel of him and nuzzled her face into his neck and whispered, "You left me all alone."

His stomach dropped at the sound of her words. Keeping Kay sheltered from loneliness had been his primary purpose as long as he could remember. His heart ached. Longing to make her sadness dissipate, he returned her embrace firmly. Bodies pressed together, his hand caressed the curvatures of her body. A body he had help perfect. It was his money that had paid for all the improvements. Dividends on his investment trembled in his arms. After tonight, she'd never feel substandard again. Reluctantly the judge released his stepdaughter and began to talk. Chit chat was exchanged and the pair departed for their special dinner.

The judge's hand possessively placed in the small of Kay's back, he guided her past the people waiting and into the depths of the richly furnished restaurant. Original blown glass pendants hung from the ceiling over dark wood furniture. Male waiters rushed around dressed entirely in black and the elegant manager greeted patrons as they were granted entrance.

Kay felt so grown up. This was her stepfather's favorite restaurant. He only took important people here. Pressure in her chest grew and warmth radiated between her legs. Giggling and feeling somehow different, she scooted into the booth tucked into a darkened corner. The handsome judge had selected their seating with care.

Elegant plates of food came and consumed were whisked away. Dessert served and a second bottle of Champaign opened, and they talked. Nestled next her stepfather, Kay revealed secret hurts and disappointments. Saddened, Mark listened to tales of rejection.

One long naturally tanned finger traced the outline of Kay's elegant face. Her features were perfect. Native American ancestors made the pale woman exotic. Mark felt lost to sanity as he stared a little too long into her bright green eyes. Kay's young eyes shone with unreleased sexuality.

Contentment warmed Kay as she looked up to her stepfather. Judge Daddy understood. He had never failed her and he was always honest. This mattered. A biological father who was long gone and a mother burdened by her, had left Kay needy. The now familiar itch between her legs grew and her pale pink nipples hardened as she basked in her stepfather's intense gaze.

Both of the two confused souls gulped champagne and tried to avoid what was right before their eyes. Mark understood that events had been set in motion and there was no going back. Inhaling the scent of his stepdaughter combined with his favorite cologne was nirvana. No aroma had ever smelled sweeter.

A soft kiss, almost a whisper brushed Kay's pale brow. Moaning almost too softly to hear she pressed her face into her father's neck and placed a tiny kiss. "Fairy kisses" from her childhood now ached to become more. A groan settled in the Judge's chest and he pulled his stepdaughter into his arms. Tilting her head up, Kay parted her lips slightly. Nerves assaulted her. She had only been kissed in her dreams.

Her bow shaped lips were too much to resist and the tall muscular judge lowered his lips to hers. His neatly groomed mustache tickled her and she sighed. Kay felt prickles of desire sweeping through her young body as her first kiss continued. Despite their over twenty year age difference, patrons smiled at the embracing couple. The pair made a beautiful couple.

The real world receded and was forgotten as the two were lost in each other. Passion greater than either could have imagined contained them within its embrace. A small kiss grew deeper and with a sound of regret, the distinguished judge released his precious stepdaughter. "We have to get out of here," said low and serious.

"Why?" A small pout was heard in her girlish question.

"I have a surprise for you. I have a room nearby."

When questioned, Mark told Kay he couldn't afford a DUI. Disappointment fell like a wet blanket as it wrapped itself around the nineteen year old. She had hoped that perhaps she was the reason her stepfather had gotten a room. Bill paid, Mark escorted the painfully young beauty into the warm Texas night. The Marriot was within walking distance, so with his hand again in the small of her back they strolled. Too lost in thoughts of the other, neither could say how long they walked.

A deluxe suite awaited. Previously stocked with champagne, flowers and birthday gifts the modern room offered a place for privacy and celebration. Kay spun in circles with delight when she saw what awaited. Candles flickered n the dim room and jazz floated in the air as her eyes glanced towards her stepfather. His deep blue eyes shone with a look that made her feel weak inside.

Not until he had seen the feelings of desire in Kay's eyes had he been sure of what he would do. She was ready. Her body was ripe and cried to be touched. It was his responsibility to teach her the things that all women should know. First on the list, her beauty.

Sitting on the tweed loveseat, his eyes traced the curvature of her body. Kay squirmed under his inspection. Nervous, she spun around in the clingy dress and sought his approval. Her beauty he said was indisputable and it was time she knew it, "Do you trust me?" Words whispered and carried to her as sounds of approval were met with a nod.

"Kay remove your dress, it's time you see what I do." His voice was deep and sounded somewhat foreign. The look on his face she had never seen. Moisture gathered within and she squirmed.

"Kay. . . ."

Looking up to her stepfather she whispered, "I'm afraid." Nervously, she bit her bottom lip. A nervous habit he remembered from childhood. Her vulnerability enflamed a fire already burning out of control.

Words painful and believed spilled from her trembling lips. Too much neglect and rejection had shattered the self-worth of the exquisitely designed young woman. Her sadness reinforced his determination. She had to see what was so obvious to the rest of the world. Her beauty was powerful.

Turning her around and now facing the dark wood mirror that hung above the dresser, Mark again nudged Kay towards nudity. Their eyes met in the mirror and with fear coiling within, she nodded. Grabbing the hem of her birthday dress, Kay lifted the green silk over her head. Only in gold heels she stood. Her eyes downcast Kay waited for her stepfather's next instruction.

Taking her delicate chin in his hand, he lifted her head. In the mirror, green and blue eyes met once more. His gazed held hers. Her pale skin trembled and goosebumps appeared on her pale arms. Time stopped and he held his breath. Kay was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Many nights had been spent stroking himself as she dreamed of fairy tales down the hall.

"Look at yourself . . . you are perfection personified . . . look." And she did. Large, firm breast stood proud with small rose colored nipples. A gently rounded belly led to the object of his countless sleepless nights. The membership at a local spa had paid off. One year of laser treatments left the young girl bare from her neck down. Two perfectly symmetrical pink lips were exactly as he had imagined. Need intensified deep in a place that reason could not enter.

Eyes locked on her nude image in the mirror, Kay watched her stepfather step behind her. Trembling she felt her nipples tighten and a warmth radiating through her veins. Eyes wide she watched the mirror transfixed as two naturally tan hands grasped and lifted her breasts. Caressing and kneading the tender flesh he spoke.

"Look at yourself . . . you're beautiful," and rolling her dark pink nipples between his fingers, he continued, "Your breasts are perfect. Men dream of such beauty." Between each compliment he kissed Kay's neck. "You believe your daddy, don't you?"

"Yes, Judge Daddy," said in a manner that was both part moan and part whisper. Kay felt a pang. She knew this was wrong. She knew deep down she should make this stop but it just felt too good. His hands, lips and words made any protest pointless. She never wanted him to stop. Sadly, she realized she might not be a "nice" girl.

Sadness was quickly replaced by rushes of pleasure through Kay's petite frame as her favorite person in the whole wide world released her breasts and gently stroked her slightly curved hips. Compliments and caresses continued as the birthday girl watched the couple in the mirror. Her body felt what the girl in the mirror felt but her mind felt numb.

Holding Kay's hips firmly, Mark instructed her to look between her legs. Jolts of electricity were released as he gently ran one finger down the center of her core. She watched as he stopped right above her slit. Looking into the mirror his glazed eyes met hers and he smiled. "Your Daddy's girl right?" Love swelled in Kay's heart at his words. She belonged to him.

Nodding, Kay beamed at her stepfather. Trust radiated from her bright green eyes as she looked to the man that always protected her. "Undress me Kay, you have a lot to learn tonight." With slender hands that trembled she turned and began to undress the man that had raised her. Alarms sounded but she pushed them away. Her stepfather would never hurt her.

Now nude himself, the respected judge looked down on his precious girl. Patience warred with animalistic urges as the lean and muscular man struggled to move slowly. He didn't want to frighten. He wanted to claim. Pulling her chin up, Mark stared down into Kay's trust filled eyes and felt his resolve shaken. Everything in him twisted and turned as rising desire demanded relief.

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