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Judgment of Paris


It started as just another day at the office for me, of course as an installer of safe rooms my office could be almost any place in the city. For those of you who don't know, a 'safe room' is actually a vault built as a place to escape danger for those who are wealthy enough to afford one. Due to the need for high security, even I didn't know whose house I would be working at. My duties were more in the line of final inspection, as basically the room was installed and up to speed.

The only thing the maid said to me was she wasn't home yet and it was OK go ahead upstairs. The bedroom was painted in bright pink so I figured the client had to be female and when I glanced at the unmade bed, I could tell there was someone sleeping there. I should have just gone back downstairs right then but who knew how long this person would sleep and I really wanted to get this job finished. I crept past the huge bed and into the safe room to begin my inspection. The first item I noticed was the phone lines were not working. This is high priority as once you're locked in there is no way of contact with the outside world until you push the release button. That's when I found the other problem; the release button had somehow been damaged, and now it was not working properly. I sat down to write up my report when she came in,

"Wow are you a new one, I don't remember you?"

I looked up to see Paris Hilton standing there in a pair of thong panties and a tiny little push up bra.

"I'm so sorry to disturb you Miss Hilton I just wanted to finish this so we could get out of your way."

She didn't seem to mind standing in front of a strange man in her skimpy underwear, and all she said was,

"No, that's cool, I don't mind. So how does this work, I just press this button..."

"Nooo," I yelled as I dived to stop her but I was too late as the solid steel door came crashing down. My mind was racing as I told Paris that we were now trapped inside her safe room. Yet she seemed unconcerned as if her safety was not her problem but mine. However, her wellbeing was not what I was thinking about, no I was thinking that I was locked in a room with one of the sexiest celebs in the world and she was dressed only in her bra and panties.

I know what many people say and think of Paris Hilton and yet in spite of that, no, because of what people accuse of her she turns me on. Her indifference to the norms of society as she enjoys a prurient lifestyle to me is an honest portrayal of what most of us secretly desire. With this said you can understand why our getting out of this room was not what I was thinking, oh no, I was concentrating on how I could get into that tiny little thong she was wearing. My heroine came to my rescue,

"I'm bored, you wanta have sex?"

I was so stunned I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head.

"What do you want, I could blow you but you can't cum in my mouth or you could fuck me, but not in the ass I had my butt fucked last night and I'm still sore. Well, maybe I'll let you do me in the ass if you're tiny, please tell me you're not tiny."

I stood up and kissed her tenderly slowly easing my tongue between her lips. When we broke our kiss, I told her that this would be her turn, and would she allow me to please her. She looked at me strangely but nodded her assent.

I began by kissing the nape of her nick as I massaged her shoulders, then working my lips down her back I stopped at her bra long enough to unhook it. She shrugged her shoulders and it slipped off her body to the floor. I invited her to lay on the day bed and then continued my trail of kisses down her back. When I got to her derriere, I asked permission for the chance to ease the pain in her backside. Again, she merely nodded but rose up on her knees then bending forward giving me access to her secret pleasure inlet. Once I pulled her thong to the side, I could see her poor little anus was red and sore looking and still caked with the dried evidence of her night. I kissed her swollen rose bud gently and when she moaned instead of wince, I eased my tongue past her sphincter.

"Ooh that's hot, keep doing that just like that."

She began to undulate in time with my tongue and then from somewhere deep in her bowels a flood of semen spilled out onto my face. I sat up in surprise and that made her turn around to see why I stopped. When she saw my cum smeared face she laughed and said she wished she had her camera.

"Here boy, just wipe that goo on my pussy."

She rolled over on her back and spread her legs exposing that world famous pussy, photographed by paparazzi around the globe. The only hair left was a small heart shaped patch right above her clit. I told her it was cute and then I wiped my face on it. I got between her legs and began to nurse her love button.

"That's so hot, I just love it when a boy licks me right there."

First, she grabbed my head holding it in place and I hoped that meant she was having an orgasm. She slowly ran her fingers through my hair and then began talking to me in what was defiantly a one sided conversation as I had my mouth full.

"I went out with Kim and her boyfriend last night and he brought along a friend for me. Believe me; I have nothing against blacks, except all their boners as so big they like split you in half. The thing is Kim and I are just now getting back to being friends and, oh, oh god that feels good. Anyway, I didn't want to piss Kim off so I went with the guy but it's just not fair, you look at her ass, she could take a telephone poll up there and still be able to walk. Now my ass is small, you know like a white girl and once those black boys start poking me with those big old boners I'm shitting blood for three days."

I bit her clit hoping to shut her up and although she did scream she went right back to talking. I now realized why so many men wanted her to blow them; it was the only way to shut her up.

I couldn't believe it she just kept talking and cumming, cumming and talking. Then after one climax, she slammed her thighs around my head. When she finally released me, I looked up and told her my tongue was getting tired. She looked at me as if she had forgotten I was there,

"Gee that's too bad, you wana fuck then?"

I crawled up on top of her and she helped insert my dick inside her. I kissed her hopping it would shut her up but when we broke our kiss, she went on.

"You smell like my pussy, Kim always calls it skank pussy but I think my pussy tastes good."

She then stopped long enough to lick her juices from my face. I took that time of silence to concentrate on me and I managed to cum deep inside her. I cleaned myself up with a tissue while she lay on the bed with her legs spread and my issue seeping out of her cunt.

I had to get out of that room I couldn't stand to listen to any more of her prattle. I told her I needed to concentrate on how we would manage to escape.

"Why don't I just press the open button on my remote?"

Just like that, the door opened, I had no idea she'd brought in the remote with her and to this day, I have no idea why she didn't do that like three hours earlier.

I guess what they say about 'be careful what you wish for' is true. I had wished and fantasized about being with Paris Hilton for years and now that my wish was fulfilled, it had turned to dust. This woman whom I had always thought was a bright sexy siren was in reality a vapid dullard without an original ideal or the gumption to say no.

This is the first time I have ever told my story, as I was too embarrassed to tell my friends and besides they probably wouldn't believe me. The only reason I'm relating it now is that just last week I happened to bump into Miss Hilton again. I said hello and I could tell by her look that she had no Idea who I was or that she had ever seen me before. As for me, I shall never forget that fateful day when I was trapped by the judgment of Paris.

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