tagFetishJudi Teased and Milked Me!

Judi Teased and Milked Me!


My wife cock teased and milked me!

My hotheaded impatient blonde wife Judi hated it when I constantly begged for sex. We actually got into a heated argument one night about our nonexistent sex life. Judi cursed back saying that it was too improper and immature for a grown man to always be horny telling me to get my mind out of the trash and stop thinking about selfishly satisfying my cock. I told her that it didn't help having a sexy 30 something blond walking around half naked constantly keeping me excited. Getting angrier Judi said that this is her house and she should be able to walk around naked and not worry about me begging for a piece of her ass.

To prove her point Judi stood right in front of me as I was sitting on the couch and slid her halter top up to her neck exposing her gorgeous suckable breasts. Holding them in her hands caressing them Judi tweaked her nipples hard telling me to take a good look because it is up to her to choose when I can touch and suck them. Looking at me with her stern face Judi ordered me to remove my tee shirt. Quickly I obeyed, baring my chest. Licking her lips Judi enjoyed looking at my own breasts and muscular ripples in my belly. Licking her lips Judi ordered me to get completely naked. Lifting my ass off the couch I quickly slid out of my running shorts embarrassingly revealing my huge erection.

Slapping me across the face Judi insisted that I confess why I was so excited. Knowing I could not lie, I honestly told her I wanted to screw her right then and now bent over the arm of the the couch. Slapping my face again Judi thanked me for my honesty promising me that that fantasy will not come true. Placing her thumbs into her shorts she shimmied out of them pulling her panties down at the same time sliding them down to her ankles kicking them off with her feet joining me in nakedness.

Standing before me in all her glory as I lustfully gazed at her nudity, Judi started caressing all of my favorite curves while she slowly undulated her body like a seductive snake woman. She was actually getting quite turned on erotically sensuously touching herself in nooks and crannies that I never dreamed were pleasurable for her. Judi opened her legs pushing her two middle fingers of her right hand into her wet pussy. With her fingers glistening with pussy juices she slipped them into her mouth and started sucking them like a cock staring directly at me. Retrieving more juices with her other hand Judi continued sucking her fingers and began masturbating at the same time. Pulling her fingers from her mouth, Judi spoke in her most sexy voice proclaiming that she is fully capable of taking care of her own pleasures. Telling me to watch her play with herself as she enjoyed pleasure, I got the message Judi preferred using her own delicate fingers knowing exactly how to touch herself over my selfish hard cock constantly pounding her pussy.

Even though Judi was rather harsh on me she was telling the truth but mu jealousy was making my cock rock hard dripping pre-come begging for release. Judi kept talking even though she was quite turned on from fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Reminding me of our wedding night vows Judi reminded me that my cock and balls along with all of my semen swimming with sperm belong to her. Shoving her face directly in my face Judi reiterated that she has full rein over my sexual needs and my begging for sex will no longer be tolerated. Judi said she was going to yank a psychological noose around my genitals so tight in my mind I will feel castrated.

Staring down at my cock Judi giggled telling me it does look quite delicious knowing I would love having her succulent lips wrapped around it. It was her very mouth that seduced me into our relationship expertly sucking me into submission. Judi also admitted her pussy was twitching with desire to slide it into her vagina. Instead Judi spit on my cock directly hitting the head cursing my cock. Her sticky saliva looked a lot like semen dripping down my shaft. Lecturing me on the beauty of a woman's body Judi said she was extremely upset that I couldn't just worship her nakedness without selfishly desiring to violate her. Judi added that in one way she was happy that I lusted after body but there's more than one way to show my appreciation rather than just using her by filling her orifices with indiscriminate semen. I'm going to have to teach you the hard way to respect my body. From now on your cock no matter how hard and horny you are is prohibited from entering my orifices. My face turn red with embarrassment as all I could think about was missing the intense feeling of her mouth sucking me to orgasm.

Grabbing my cock and squeezing, forcing out more pre-come Judi gathered it off the head of my cock using the sticky lubricant on her fingers to continue masturbating her clit. I almost came right then and there as she used me like a lube dispenser. Moaning several times Judi added that since I enjoy being constantly horny and hard she has many tricks in her book to keep me excited without wasting a single sperm cell. Judi promised me that my body is going to be manufacturing more semen than ever before only to be reabsorbed by my body as she sexually denies me relief. Judi promised my cock is going to be constantly hard as she essentially tortures me. Requiring me to be naked around the house will accumulate me into submission so that she can see my cock as a sexual thermometer.

Jumping up on the couch straddling my body Judi grabbed the back of my head pushing my mouth into her crotch. Ordering me to grab her sexy ass with both my hands to keep them off of my cock, as soon as I grabbed her sexy cheeks Judi ordered me to start licking. Judi warned me that my rock hard cock waving uselessly below will not feel the insides of her pussy until I learned my lesson. Instructing me to push my tongue all the way into her vagina and start using it like a cock, I obeyed. Judi started moaning as I pushed my long tongue all the way inside. Digging her nails into my scalp she told me that she'd rather feel my velvety tongue sliding into her than my hard cock any day.

Judi has been teaching me how to pleasure her pussy with my tongue ever since we met. She is not afraid of telling me exactly what to do to maximize her personal pleasure. Tasting her pussy juices and smelling her essence was definitely getting me intoxicated on her pussy making me so turned on all I wanted was to lick and eat her. Today was no different as Judi ordered me to thicken my tongue and go deeper. Pulling the hair on the scruff of my neck she ordered me to fuck her pussy faster and harder. Once I quickened the rhythm Judi went ballistic rubbing her pussy all over my mouth. I had to move my mouth as she squirmed to keep my tongue inside of her vagina. Because Judi was so excited she was pressing her labia lips downward into my mouth enjoying them being stimulated by my own lips by her constant rubbing. I was definitely feeling used as if she was raping my mouth.

Judi chose this position for oral sex to prove her dominance over me which was perfect for keeping me horny and erect without the ability to touch myself because my hands were constantly touching her ass as she forbade me not to let go. I actually had to exercise my PC muscles several times to contain prematurely ejaculating without touching myself for fear of a whipping. My cock was still constantly oozing pre-come dripping out of my peehole and down my shaft. Since Judi was forcing me to eat her pussy for punishment she was skillfully holding off her own orgasmic relief until the muscles in my mouth could no longer work as my tongue tired satisfying her.

I could tell I was finally getting to Judi because she could hardly stand up and her legs were shaking. Screaming for me to take my tongue out of her pussy and start using the flat of my tongue she started rubbing her slit from the bottom of her pussy to her clit and back again pushing the back of my head into the head rest of the couch. Finally she centered her clit over my mouth ordering me to purse my lips and start sucking it tickling it with the tip of my tongue. Judi was definitely ready for orgasm as I started sucking and licking. Pulling my hair almost out by the roots Judi started cursing and yelling enjoying a screaming 5 minutes of sucking before she finally exploded all over my face. Squirting a mixture of vaginal juices and urine my entire face was glistening with her come.

Judi was so excited she sat down on my lap right behind my cock and started licking my face using her tongue to scoop her fluids into my mouth. Tasting her own juices increased her lustful desires as we began wildly French kissing. Judi slid her tongue so far down my throat I thought it was going to slide out of my ass. During the wild kissing she pinched my nose so that I could not breathe, slowly feeding me breath with her own mouth as we kissed. This actually calmed me down making me a little lightheaded. Judi exhaled into my mouth giving me her breath and I exhaled back into her mouth and she exhaled through her nose. I could still breathe but the oxygen levels were quite depleted which calmed me down.

Finally Judi broke the kiss licking her slobber off of my lips taking a deep breath smiling telling me that definitely is the kind of sex she enjoys. Getting up off my lap jeering my erection Judi said she has one more duty for me to perform. Reminding me of how I wanted to fuck her over the end of the couch she was going to grant my fantasy, with a variation. Ordering me to kneel facing the large rounded off arm of the couch about 2 feet away Judi slipped in between me and the arm conforming her body around it, nastily wiggling her ass in my face. Looking around so that she could see me Judi spoke in her naughty seductive voice telling me instead of fucking her with my useless cock she wanted me to put skilled tongue to work pleasuring her asshole.

Once again Judi told me to pull her cheeks apart with my hands and not let go so she knew I was not touching myself. Judi told me to worship her ass with my tongue like a goddess. Warning me Judi said that before she would allow me to stop she wanted her entire anal region to be tingling giving her an orgasm she will never forget. Judi enjoys having her ass licked as much as her pussy. After the orgasm she just had she's too sensitive for another lick right away so usually she rolls over demanding her ass licked as well. Early in our relationship Judi had me by the balls squeezing until I started learning how to eat her ass. She taught me how to eat her ass just like she demands her pussy to be pleasured.

Grabbing her cheeks, gently pulling them apart, exposing her freshly cleaned anus my mouth was actually watering as I envisioned pushing my tongue deep inside. I started kissing her cheeks all over opening my mouth and actually sucking the surface area of her cheeks making them tingling and wet with my saliva. Judi's hips were slowly undulating telling me she was enjoying my tongue. Starting at the top of her crack I actually started salivating leaving a stream of my own spit slowly drooling down into her anus. Judi started shivering when she felt the stream of saliva. Following the stream licking downward tickling her crack, the closer I got to her anus Judi's head lifted up in anticipation as she began pushing her entire body backwards towards my face because she desperately wanted my tongue in her ass.

Once I reached her anus I started using the flat of my tongue forcing all of my saliva inside. Rolling it around and around her sensitive ring Judi started squirming with my tongue in the same circular manner. Licking Judi's ass, the most intimate private part of her body reserved for my tongue only brought up one of her subconscious emotions. Feeling a little submissive Judi overcompensated by cursing and promising she was going to punish me as soon as she came. I knew that if I pleasured her the whipping would not be as intense.

Slowly I stopped licking around her anus and forming a "U" with my tongue I started dipping it inside. I could feel Judi relaxing her anus allowing me entry. Letting out a big sigh of relief and a sexy moan Judi started moving her hips in and out helping me fuck her with my tongue. The black leather arm of the couch was getting wet from Judi's crotch as she desperately pushed her Venus mound against it for more stimulation. Judi was so turned on it didn't take long and she was cursing and coming. I could feel her anus squeezing my tongue out of her hole so I use the flat of my tongue to continue stimulating her inflamed sensitive ring. Judi's entire body was shaking and she was actually squirting some of her own urine soaking the arm of the couch as she came.

Slowly Judi got up with a nasty smirk on her face she slapped me right across the face catching my left cheek back handing the right telling me to get that shit eating grin off my face. Ordering me to take her place I was forced to lie over the urine soaked couch arm with my cock still rock hard rubbing downwards on the wet leather. Retrieving my belt from my pants Judi doubled it up reminding me not to wiggle and keep my legs closed because she wanted to make sure I didn't lose my balls because she couldn't torture me anymore.

Closing my legs and arching my back upwards, as soon as I took a deep breath and released the air, Judi started stripping my ass making me cry out after every blow. After finding out how effective physical punishment was when she gave me my birthday spanking Judi quickly adopted whipping as a means to assert her iron authority in our relationship. After a good 50 licks, which left red welts up and down my cheeks, Judi tossed the belt down thanking me for a hot time. She sadistically giggled seeing me hard and frustrated. Judi continued laughing promising that my body will figure it out and start consuming my own semen like a cannibal.

Refusing to let me up Judi told me to remain in position telling me she had one more trick up her sleeve. Judi ran to the downstairs bathroom saying she needed to retrieve a few items. Sneaking a few humps I started rubbing my cock against the wet leather just enough to keep myself hard anticipating what Judi had planned. Catching me pleasuring myself Judi screamed cursing and retrieved the belt doubling it up and started smacking me once again until I begged forgiveness. My ass was lit on fire as she lay down welts over the welts.

I heard Judi say maybe this will help get rid of some of your hots. Standing behind me I heard the snap of a rubber glove being slid over her hand. I look behind me watching Judi squeezing a generous portion of jelly on her rubber covered fingers. I knew what was going to happen because it was one of Judi's favorite games. Being a nurse she loves playing doctor that she is giving me a prostate exam. Her exam far exceeds the limits of medicine when she adds two and sometimes three fingers massaging my prostate until my cock is leaking copious amounts of semen into her cup. Ordering me to open my legs and arch my ass, I quickly obeyed. I felt her cold middle finger rubbing lube around my anus. Even though she has done this to me before I always felt nasty being violated this way.

I let out a moan when I felt her finger start pushing inside. It hurt because I haven't learned how to relax my anus quite yet. Pushing her middle finger all the way to the last knuckle, Judi found my prostate and immediately started massaging. To my dismay I learned that being milked in this fashion robs me of a real orgasm as well as all my precious seminal fluids for procreation as well as my ability to stay erect keeping me limp for several days. Enjoying the massage I began slowly moving my hips rhythmically with Judi's finger inside my ass. Making sure I wouldn't enjoy things too much Judi pushed another finger into my ass causing more discomfort.

Judi started describing how exciting it was watching her two fingers moving inside my anus. She told me she often fantasized having a real cock and fucking my ass with it. She said she talked about her fantasy with one of her girlfriends who suggested she buy a strapon dildo. The girlfriend actually had a video they watched of a beautiful hooker fucking her boyfriend in the ass with a dildo. Judi said she almost creamed her pants watching. As Judi talked, her fingers started doing wonders to my prostate. Catching a constant stream of fluid coming out of my urethra in her favorite crystal glass Judi continued massaging me adding a third finger. Enjoying the fact that she was denying me any type of orgasm, I continued expelling my fluids. Judi started praising herself that this is what a real man needs to do; sacrificing his own selfish pleasures to please his wife, giving up his seed in such a passive way without orgasm after giving his wife all the orgasmic pleasures she desired.

After working my prostate for a good 20 minutes Judi couldn't squeeze another drop from my cock. Grabbing my now limp dick Judi started at the base and squeezed all way to the head teasing every last drop into the cup. Giggling Judi knelt in front of me holding the glass full of my milked fluid. This is where she really got off by forced feeding me come. Holding the glass to my lips warning me not to spill a drop she force fed me my own sticky fluids. As the liquids slowly ran down my tongue and into my throat I was forced me to swallow. Judi calls this the ultimate recycling. The toast to the goddess honoring female supremacy forcing the male to drink his own semen rather than depositing it in any of her female orifice for my own selfish pleasures.

Forcing me to lick every last drop from the glass Judi told me to enjoy it because the next time she milked me may in another month. My only sexual outlet would be for her pleasure only because she was going to constantly keep me cock teased and eating her pussy and ass on a daily basis. She also decided after catching me cheating behind her back room she was going to increase her strapping sessions accordingly.

As Judi's practice of female supremacy strengthened she started meeting other women who dominated their husbands and boyfriends learning more ways to control and force me into submission to her.

Because of Judi's female supremacy beliefs Judi belongs to a group of bisexual /lesbian women that help artificially inseminate each other without any male present. Milking the male of his semen in one room they quickly transfer the fertile semen into a specially made syringe taking it into to the next bedroom with the waiting receptive female. The correct day of ovulation has already been determined. The female lies in position on her back with her legs lifted against the headboard so that her vagina almost vertical so nothing will spill. The selected priestess carefully inserts the syringe into the female's vagina squirting the entire contents inside. As the female celebrates her fertility staying in position which allows the sperm to find the egg taking advantage of gravity. All the women recite a fertility prayer to the goddess holding hands and singing several fertility songs. The male has never inserted himself into the woman but must accept full responsibility of raising the child.

This story of domination will be continued.......

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