Judith & Me Ch. 02


The languorous power of her hand stroking my prick made further resistance unthinkable. "Oh, Mrs. ..Oh, Grace," I moaned in surrender as I sank into her voluptuous body. My obedient mouth found her nipples.

"Ah...That's so nice, just the way I like it," she said shortly, her voice thickening with lust. "You are sucking your Mistress's titties good, so much better when you're awake, just like I knew you would. Yes!! I'm getting such a lovely buzz on. I'm glad your ex-girlfriends have taught you how to play with a woman's breasts to make her horny and hungry for your cock. You really do know how to work a woman's tits. You're getting me so hot! Turning me on like a pro. Keep it up, sir! Oh, Lord, do I want it! You've got my cunt wet and itching for that big pecker of yours. Oh, shit! I want it now and I want it bad!" Her voice rose.

"You've got me hot, young man, hot to fuck. And now, for setting me on fire, you're going to get a big reward. You get to be the fireman whose big long fire hose gets to go into my red-hot cunt to extinguish the blaze. Best of all, you don't have to do a thing. You get to lie back and let me do all the screwing. You like it like this. From now on I will take charge of your sex life and make you love it! It'll be so easy, David. You like the way I fuck you. Pussy goes up...and down...up...and down....It's so relaxing, David. You are going to close your eyes and let me fuck you...fuck you..."

"NO, Grace," I protested. Indeed, I did love the way she was turning me on, but I was afraid I was getting in over my head. Then it came to me! "Grace, what are you doing? You trying to hypnotize me!"

"I'm not just trying, darling, I'm doing it ... again. I put you in a light trance the first time after we made love, night before last, while you were dazed and vulnerable. Post hypnotic suggestion made sure you would let me in last night. I hardly needed the scopolamine I slipped into your drink while you went for ice. I had you in a medium trance even as we talked. Now you are going under again for me. Each time I fuck you, it's going to get easier to put you under my control, the control that you will come to love. Now hush, baby, and let me continue."

"No, no," I moaned vainly.

"Very good, David. You are fighting me. I want you to fight me! The more you struggle, the more helpless you will feel when you succumb, when it feels too good to resist. You are getting weak, sinking into my power. Close your eyes, David, and let me fuck you. You're going to fall asleep in my arms, David. You will fall into a deep sleep and when you awake, you will need sex ever so desperately, every few hours, sex you will be able to get only from me. You will forget all about the little chickees you used to bring over here. You won't need or want other women. You'll get all the sex you can handle from me! I'll keep your prick fully occupied, David."

"No ... How?" I murmured as I felt myself fade. "I'm a nurse. I worked for a psychiatrist and I have been trained enough in hypnosis to handle a man like you. I've got inside your mind. After last night, I understand your desires completely. I know your weaknesses and how to take advantage of them. I know how to turn you on, David, whether you want to be or not. Like many men, you have a secret desire to be dominated by a woman. With me, you are going to get your wish."

"No, Grace, no!" I protested, but more weakly now.

"Yes, domination, my love, my poor, horny, weak baby. Now just relax while my cunt goes up and down on your cock and makes you very sleepy. Forget all about last night and this morning. Forget everything except how good it feels to let me fuck you ... fuck you ... fuck you to sleep..."


"It was just like the night before," I found myself explaining to Dr. Roth, "She rode me to a mind-blowing orgasm that made me pass out. And that is all I remember."

"You didn't pass out just from the orgasm," Dr. Roth commented. "What I've helped you remember her saying was correct: each time she brought you to climax, she was putting you into a deeper hypnotic trance, what we call 'fractionating'. Hypnosis is the way she holds you in her power until you are thoroughly conditioned. This sounds like a classic case of seduction and female domination. I think Grace Archer is well on the way to putting you in sexual bondage. Horny young men are particularly vulnerable to falling under the control of a wily older woman who has kept her figure. She knows so much about pleasing men, a young guy just doesn't have a chance."

"Sexual bondage?" I quavered.

"It seems obvious from what you have told me," Dr. Roth replied. "And from what I know about her. One more question," she hurried on before I could digest the implications of this last remark, "Do you still have relations with other women?"

"No," I admitted. "At first I still thought about Sarah occasionally, and even wanted to call her. But Grace was always with me, and there was never an opportunity to see her. She broke it off eventually, but it didn't matter. Now I don't have the desire for anyone else."

"Hmmm. Not even now?" she teased. "Then you ARE totally enslaved. Do you know why she choose you as her ...victim?"

I felt my cheeks redden. "Well, she lives next door," I said, choosing to ignore the implications of her first question. "I guess I was convenient."

Judith arched her eyebrows. She really did have the most expressive eyes. "Anything else?"

"She says she likes my prick," I mumbled. In spite of my hyper- relaxed and responsive state, I found I was still profoundly embarrassed.

"Oh?" Judith Roth seemed to sit lean a little closer, more intent. "What does she like about it?" she purred insinuatingly.

"She says..," I gulped. "She says it is so long and thick. She says she loves the way it goes deep inside her and fills her pussy up.""Really?" Judith said with interest. "I think I should examine this woman pleasing organ of yours ... strictly for professional reasons, of course."

"Of course, Doctor." My mind spun. Why did she ask that? Why did I agree? But for the life of me, I could not think of a single reason why she should not look at my cock. Well... to tell the truth, I couldn't seem to think at all. "Do you want me to pull off my pants?"

"Oh, that won't be necessary, David. Just relax, and let me take care of it. I'll just unbutton you at the waist..." she grinned, matching action to words, "...and unzip your fly... and pull down the trousers.... Oh my! You do look good in shorts," she said admiringly. "A nice firm belly with strong muscles." She trailed her fingers lightly down my abdomen. "And you have a nice BIG bulge there between your legs where a woman likes to see one," she smirked, as her hand moved from my lower abdomen to my crotch again. "I can understand why Ms. Archer was first attracted to you. Having a man next door with the kind of equipment you have would make any woman start to scheme about getting you between her legs."

As Judith said this, she began massaging me more vigorously. "I'll have to examine this more closely," she said as she pulled down my shorts. "Ah, yes!" she gasped, now visibly excited.

"She says she enjoys it," I managed to say. Judith's touch was definitely arousing me, and making it difficult to think or speak coherently.

"I'll bet she does!" Judith agreed. "I see you do have the equipment to fulfill your neighbor's sexual needs. That old she-goat is actually quite fortunate. The mature woman, you know, is at the height of her sexuality. She has intense desires for sex and she needs frequent and vigorous intercourse to keep her cravings under control. Many men en her own age are well past their sexual peak and can't give her enough sex to satisfy her, so naturally she turns to younger men for the physical love she requires. Your youth, and strength, and size, and vigor must please her very well."

"Oh, yes. She brays and screams uncontrollably when we have sex," I murmured.

"Of course she does. How many times a night does she get you to service her?"

"I don't really know," I admitted. "After the first time, I'm in sort of a fog. She sort of half wakes me up and makes me suck her tits. I think this gets me hard, and she rides me again."

"Yes, of course. She is still aroused after her first orgasm, and doesn't need any more foreplay. She just wants more of you and another climax." Judith now began directly stroking my penis. "Let me see how responsive you are." Within seconds her gentle but insistent touch had given me a full erection. "Just as I supposed," Judith said smugly. "You are aroused easily. Why you are getting an erection right now. You are clearly an over-sexed young man, too easy to turn on for your own good. Grace Archer makes you want it and uses your need to control you. You are in big trouble, my friend. You can never get free from a witch like that without help."

"Can you help me, doctor?" I begged.

"I believe I can," she answered. "But it will require a long series of treatments. This lecherous woman has you almost totally in her control. She has twisted your sex drive so that you crave domination. You need to be under a woman's control in order to have sex. Loosening the powerful grip she has on your mind won't be easy, but I believe I can help you if you are willing to start right away."

"Please do, doctor," I begged her. "Will the treatments be difficult?"

"It will take time," Judith asserted. "but I will succeed if you'll just let me have my way with you." I paid no attention to that phrase

"But will the treatment be painful?" I asked in trepidation.

"Oh, no! In fact, I'll see to it that you will enjoy them very much. Just close your eyes and relax. This doesn't hurt, does it?" she asked and began to work my prick still more vigorously.

"Ahhh...no, doctor," I moaned. "In fact it feels wonderful ... but ... you are making me feel so ... so horny. If you keep at up, you will make me ... want .... Well, I won't be able to control myself. I'm starting to want to be fucked. You're making me want to fuck you, just like she does ... but you're my *doctor*...What will I *do*?"

"Don't worry, David. It happens fairly frequently to men who come to see me. A man lies there on that couch and looks up at my breasts, or peeks up under my skirt, and it is natural for him to start becoming aroused. It is dark in here and he knows he is alone with me. He feels weak and vulnerable. He knows how easily I could seduce him and no one would know. He begins to fantasize about my taking advantage of him."

"Many men, in fact, get turned on just thinking about having a powerful, sexy woman like their doctor make them have sex. It's easy to see when a man wants to be seduced. If he's cute, and looks like he has the right stuff to make it fun for me, too, then I provoke him until he's panting with lust. Then before he knows what has happened, I hike up my skirt, climb on him, and give him some relief. Of course, I usually have to charge double for sessions in which I provide such 'special' service," she grinned. "Many men come to me for no other reason. They enjoy having a masterful woman put them down and fuck them silly."

"In your case, however, turning you on is actually the beginning of your therapy," Judith asserted. Then she stood up. "I want you to watch me carefully while I strip," she instructed, removing her jacket and beginning to unfasten her blouse. "Seeing me in bra and panties will arouse you intensely, David. You are going to become very excited, and then I am going to screw you ... really good. Having intercourse with me is the beginning of your treatment."

"But Doctor," I protested weakly. "This is just what Grace does to make me fuck her!"

"Of course she does," she replied. "All woman do the same things to men when we want them to fuck them. There haven't been any new ways of turning a man on invented recently," she chuckled, as she finished opening her blouse and pulled it free of the waistband of her skirt.

"But why do you have to fuck me?" I pleaded.

"To free you from Grace's shackles," Judith explained, "I must take stronger control of your mind than she has." She slipped off her blouse and draped it languidly over the chair. My eyes were riveted to her voluptuous figure. "I will put you in a hypnotic trance that will make you do anything I say."

"I won't let you do that, Doctor," I objected.

"Yes, you will, David. I am going to use a drug on you that will destroy your mind's defenses against my control, and so permit me to help you. It is a powerful drug that will put you to sleep, into a deep sleep," she explained as she loosened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She paused and struck a pose, her thumbs thrust under the waist band of her panties. "Shall I start giving you your medicine?" she asked, coyly.

"I don't know, doctor," I gasped. I seemed to have some trouble breathing while looking at her. "Is it a new and dangerous drug?"

"Oh, new it is not," Judith laughed. "Women have been using it to make men succumb for eons. It is dangerous, however. Men know and fear its power." As she spoke, she slowly drew her panties down and stepped out of them. "It is a drug which can become a habit, a drug that can make a man a slave to the woman who gives it to him." She moved nearer to the couch, swaying in rhythm to her voice, which had become a low sing-song chant. "But when a woman offers a man a dose, he can't help taking it. Men let women drug them because they enjoy too much the way we administer it," she grinned as she crawled on top of me.

"We give you the drug with our pussies, David," she intoned slowly, sensuously and rhythmically. "We secrete a mind controlling hormone from between our legs. It seeps in through your penis when it penetrates into my cunt," she continued as she slid my prick into her pussy. "It gets into your blood and flows to your brain," she whispered and began to ride me. "It makes you do what I say. You *like* this drug, David. You will come back for it again and again. When I finish making love to you, you will want me more than you want Grace Archer."

A suspicion began to creep into my befuddled mind. "But then I'll still be in bondage, only to you rather than her?"

"That's her problem," Judith dismissed my question, without changing the tone or cadence of her voice. "Soon you will hardly remember her name, but *I* will have a hard-dicked young lover. After all, I am a mature woman just like Grace. I, too, have a voracious sexual appetite, which nice young prick can help satisfy."

"But Doctor," I whispered in feeble protest "You...tricked... me!"

"'All's fair in love and war,' my pet, and this is both. Besides, I don't believe you are so sorry I tricked you. Look at the shape of the woman you're going to be getting," she continued, caressing her ample curves as she rocked back and forth on top of me to the primeval beat.

"From the moment you came in I could see you were weak and vulnerable, but scrumptious, an ideal target for a dominant woman. It was only a matter of time before one found you. Some are truly evil; Grace is not the worst. But don't worry, my darling. I'm going to take good care of my big boy. One of those bad women could hurt you if Mommy doesn't protect you. But from now on this beautiful prick of yours will be safe with me. I have a soft warm place in me to keep you safe and happy. Starting now, you'll be MY big boy!"

Judith totally dominated my sensory universe. I could see only her, hear only her voice, feel only her body astride mine, her pussy devouring my cock. "You will loose desire for your neighbor, for any other woman, David. From now on you fuck only me ... only me..." She began riding me faster, more insistently. "No other woman can make you come, David. Your orgasm belongs to Me! Surrender, darling, surrender it to ME!"

I must have had a huge smile on my face when I erupted inside her and sank into that soft dark world of nothingness.

* * *

To be continued in Chapter 3: "All My problems Solved?"

Comments (please) to Homer Vargas.

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