tagMatureJudith & Me Ch. 04

Judith & Me Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Our New Home

As Judith predicted, it was easy for her to start her practice over in the new city. I had never realized how much money she had until I saw the huge condominium by the bay she bought us. It was beautiful and I was getting quite a bit of writing done and posted to ASSM. It was fun decorating the nursery, starting to buy baby clothes and playthings. I didn't mind taking care of the house all day, knowing that Judith would come home to fuck me to heaven every night. And she lived up to the other promises she made, too; it seemed the bigger she got the more she wanted to make love to me. The pregnancy was passing in a delightful blur of sex.

Judith was so gorgeous! I had always thought pregnant women were beautiful (hadn't I?), but to see this smart, sexy, powerful woman filling up with my baby made my heart overflow with pride. I had loved Judith's breasts since she used them on me in her office. Now I was insane with lust to see how the increased blood flow and production made the nipples of those marvelous poonts darker and erect much more often and to know they were growing rounder and fuller to nourish the baby I had put in her belly.

Ah, that belly! Daily I watched it grow rounder and smoother. Judith's large body was not being stretched out of shape to accommodate our child -- stretched INTO shape was more like it. And how I loved lying between her legs, looking at her vagina and all the little folds around it, most often engorged and seemingly ready for sex at any moment. She said it made her feel wonderful; I knew it made her taste wonderful! Judith was designed for making babies and she was enjoying the task immensely. Sometimes during long lazy fucks, she would tease me about filling her so full of sperm she could store it and as soon as this baby was born she would immediately start on another.

Not only was Judith beautiful, but unlike many pregnant women, she knew she was beautiful and didn't mind flaunting it. She began wearing maternity clothes as soon as she had anything to show and she chose the clothes to exaggerate her condition -- frilly blouses and short skirts. Every morning I watched her lay out ever larger and more revealing bras as her nipples and other things swelled. The microfiber panties she liked looked really small but they stretched to unbelievable sizes.

Judith said some of her friends wore regular panties, bikini not thong, when they were pregnant, and just kept the front waistband pulled down underneath their belly. When Judith tried this, she didn't like the somewhat baggy feel, like the panty was going to fall down. She was carrying low and it just did not feel right to her. It bothered her when it slid below her hip bones. Now thongs! Judith loved thongs, not minding that the strip of material up the rear. They rode high on her hips, higher even than her french-cut panties. Damn she looked good in them -- and out of them! Of course, I was partial.

She said wearing maternity panty hose made her very hot, and she didn't mean sexy. If she had to wear anything, she chose thigh highs, no garter belt needed. They had wide lacey elastic bands at the thigh and held up nicely, letting her 'breathe.' Some days she let me help her slide them on. When I was really lucky she would let me make her late for work even though that meant having to help her on with the stockings all over again.

I was so proud to be seen in public with her attracting stares from men and women alike. She loved to lie around the pool in the later evening sun letting me rub cocoa butter on her, not just on her belly, but all over. She said pregnancy could dry your skin. I couldn't feel any dryness, but I loved taking the precautions. I could, however, feel the envy in the eyes of every man who saw us. "Why him and not me?" I could almost hear them thinking. And I KNEW she must make other women envious, too. One day I found out just how much.

"Oh, baby, this is too good!" I felt the laughter jiggling her bloated boobies. She started kissing me hungrily one evening almost as soon as she got in the door. "Got to re-examine THIS," she continued to chuckle as she put her hand on my quickly stiffing cock.

"Uh, that feels good," I sighed.

"You're telling me!" she snorted as she quickly dropped my sweat pants to the floor and eyeing my cock. Judith had decided long ago against my wearing shorts of any kind. "Just had to check out the prick that's responsible for another woman getting pregnant."

"What are you talking about, Judith?" I protested. "I haven't been near another woman. You know that. I love you, only you!" I was almost crying to think she could accuse me of this. "I ..."

She stopped my pained babble with an open mouthed smooch. "Calm down, baby, I know, I know. I said 'responsible'" She was still almost laughing, but I didn't see anything funny. "Come over to the couch and I'll tell you all about it," she consoled.

Taking me by the hand she led me to the couch and settled her self nicely against me. "This should help you relax while I explain." Tenderly she opened her blouse, unclasped her brasserie, and placed her breast into my mouth. Calm and release washed over me. "That's a good baby; just suck Mommy's tittie and I'll tell you all about it. As her soft warm breast relaxed me, instead of simply hearing her words, I seemed to see what she was narrating like the voice over of a documentary.


I think I've told you my office shares the floor with Shari Clarkeson. It's kind of handy to have your gynecologist next door when a gal is a pregnant as you've got me, you naughty boy. Well today I had ducked into the little toilet we share. We have public ones for the patients, but we have a little one just for us doctor girls. I had just finished peeing -- you know how our Claudette is making me pee all the time -- when I heard Shari at the door of the stall. "Judith, hurry! I've got to goooo!" she wailed.

I did the dab and pulled up my skirt. Shari already had hers down to her ankles and almost ran over me getting in to sit on the toilet. She didn't even close the door. I was fixing my lipstick when I heard her start to gush. "This is YOUR fault, you know!" she said.

"What are you talking about, Shari?" I asked, not turning around.

"Oh come on, Judith. I've seen you appraising me suspiciously. 'Skirt getting a little tight, hmmm. Not really so flat chested any more, hmmm. Needs to pee urgently, hmmm.' Well, you're right, Judith. I'd been intending to tell you. I'm knocked up."

"You, pregnant, Shari? But you said you had told Carlos ..."

"Yeah, 'I *deliver* babies, I don't *have* babies.'" she quoted herself back to me. "Well we had a little accident. Or rather *I* had a little accident. Carlos has been wanting to get me pregnant since the first day we played hunky orderly drills horny young doctor down at the hospital. Of course the irony couldn't be greater. Dr. Sheri Clarkeson, Ob., Gyn, whose main function in life is to write prescriptions for contraceptives so girls can get laid without getting pregnant, can't take the pill herself. So every time I want Carlos's lovely Latin log in me, I have to make sure he is well sheathed in latex."

"So what happened and how is it my fault?" I grinned, seeing that Shari wasn't really mad.

"Don't you remember your check up about three months ago? You were my last appointment that Friday. Part of it was being in the middle of my period, which always makes me horny. Seeing you lying there on the examining table with that big round belly pointing up at me was like an accusation. And the smell of sex. Lord, Judi, you've got the wettest vagina of any woman I've ever seen; the whole room smelled like a pussy."

"Sor-ry, Shari. I hadn't had David around to lap it up for me since morning and I was already thinking about getting home to him," I replied in defense.

"Well that and everything else, I guess it just set off the alarm bells of my biological clock. I was so horny driving home I was tempted to get myself off in the car. I figured that I needed a half hour with my vibrator to calm myself down before Carlos arrived. Just my luck if he wasn't already there, craggy olive face, smiling green eyes and all, waiting for me at the door. Damn he looked good! Before I could stop him, he had me in his arms kissing me and digging his fingers into my ass. He knows how that turns me on. 'Oui, slow down, baby,' I pleaded, but he wasn't buying."

"'You've meest me?' he asked and slipped his hand into my panties. "Uu, I theenk so. Your poosy, she is sooo wet."

"'Wait a minute, Carlos, honey, please'" I gasped. He already had a finger in me and it was getting hard to think."

"'Why wait, mi amor? A poosy thees wet needs to be fohcked. Do you want me to fohck you Shari? Do you want me to take you to bed and put my cock in your wet poosy and fohck you sealy?'"

"'Oh, Carlos!'" I moaned unable to resist him any more. Before I knew it I was on my back in my bed. He had my panties down and my skirt up around my waist and was shucking his clothes getting ready to pounce. 'I'll have to make him put on a condom,' I thought, proud of my presence of mind. I would have done it, too, if he had tried to fuck me immediately, but instead he went down on me. I've heard what you say about David, Judith, but I don't believe there's a man anywhere who eats pussy better than Carlos. He licked my thighs, he nibbled my bush, he inhaled me and told me I smelled like a WOMAN. He didn't even touch my clit at first thought I was dying for him to. When I started squirming as the orgasm approached, he grasped my hips firmly and kept eating. And just when I though I couldn't take any more, he took my clit in his lips and gave it a light suctioning kiss."

"I exploded! I bucked and I screamed, but he held on tight. He wouldn't let me stop coming. I went crazy for cock. 'Oh, Carlos, baby, fuck me. I need you in me. Hurry, baby!' 'Baby' I heard myself say and remembered. 'But put on a condom, honey, you know this is a bad time for me.'"

"'Eet ees a gude, time Shari, mi amor. You know I want to geeve you a baby. Please, Shari?'"

"He wasn't playing fair. He had the tip of his prick at the lips of my pussy and was playing with my clit. I wanted him to fuck me so bad. 'Please, no, Carlos. I don't want to be pregnant'"

"He didn't remove his prick. If anything, he put it in me a little more. 'I want to fohck you Shari. I want you to have a baby. I want you to be beeg with my baby. Don't you want that? Don't you want me to fohck you and put my baby in you.'"

"I couldn't hold out any more. I had to have him. I had to have him in me that second. I wanted to be screwed even if it meant I was going to get screwed. "Yes, Carlos, yes! Just fuck m. Fuck me, Carlos!' I screamed in ecstasy. My well lubricated pussy offered no resistance; with one stroke he was in me. I came again the moment I felt his full weight on me, knowing his naked prick was only inches from my unprotected cervix. Then I really lost it. I don't know what got into me (well yes I do) but I started crying and begging, 'Yes, Carlos, knock me up, honey. I want to be so big and fat and pregnant for you. Shoot me full of your baby juice. I want to make a baby for you, darling.'"

"He was already aroused and pounding me hard, but when he heard me begging to bear his child, he started snorting and thrusting. Then he roared something in Spanish and went rigid. I've always told patients it's impossible for a woman to feel a man's ejaculation, but I did and I came yet again when I felt him erupt in me. That did it! I had just had three of the most intense orgasms of my life and I was out."

"When I woke up the lights were out and Carlos was asleep but holding me close. Amazingly, he had finished undressing me and even gotten me into a pair of sexy pajamas, which were getting messy as his sperm slowly leaked out of me. His dark hard body was nude as always. Being held this way after sex was new. Usually we rolled away from each other after a nice rut. I decided I liked it. I snuggled closer against him and went back to sleep."

"The next morning I awoke alone. 'Typical for a man,' I thought, 'fuck 'em and leave 'em.' I had to bite my tongue. Just then Carlos walked in with a tray of croissants, passion fruit marmalade, eggs benedict, orange juice, and hazelnut amaretto coffee. "Hungry, mi amor?" he smiled. Remember, you have to eat for two, now.'"

"Carlos darling, I got a little excited last night. You should realize that it's pretty unlikely I'll get pregnant from just one night of unprotected sex."

"'I know, mi amor. That's why I don't intend to let you out of this bed all weekend.'" He grinned lecherously.

"I didn't know what to say. I couldn't take my eyes off the handsome, smiling man sitting next to me as I wolfed my breakfast. I had to think this over. I had been out of control last night, but was I necessarily wrong to be? He clearly loved me very much. He was smart -- not in academic ways, but I saw how he could handle people (handle me!). The sex had always been great, but now I saw a tenderness and protectiveness in him that made my heart melt. And what beautiful babies we would make. I realized that I had decided."

"'Carlos, what are you having for breakfast, darling?' I asked suddenly embarrassed to realize that he had just been watching me with adoration."

"'Tu,' he replied and took my tray with a grin. Then he was in bed with me again and I surrendered to his strong arms. I wasn't surprised, nor was he, I guess, when he found the pajama top was no barrier to his lips on my breasts. Nor did he have any trouble slipping a finger into my pussy. I was surprised a little how wet I already was just from the minutes of cuddling. I lay back and let him worship me for a while, feeling my arousal grow minute by minute. Last night should have prepared me, but it was pleasant surprise when I felt his mouth leave my breasts, kiss its way lazily down my tummy and find my now soppy snatch. My legs with their own private memory of last night opened of their own accord and he burrowed his face into me."

"Well, I don't have to bore you with a repetition of the night before. I'll just say that by the time I came in to work on Monday (late) I had been screwed eleven times: twice on Friday night, although I don't remember the second one, five times on Saturday, three times on Sunday (well, even Carlos isn't Superman) and once that morning for good measure. Carlos kept my fertile pussy full of his baby juice for over forty eight hours. Suzie took one look at the silly grin on my face that morning and asked sarcastically, 'Have a nice weekend, Dr, Clarkeson?'"

"I was too happy to be offended. I had things to do. By noon I had registered for Spanish classes (the kids -- I had a feeling there were going to be a lot of them -- were going to have no secrets from Mommy), reserved a hall for the reception, and found a bilingual priest to marry us. Needless to say, when I did the pregnancy test a few weeks later, it was so positive I was surprised it didn't blink in neon letters, 'BABY!' 'BABY!' I just hope Daddy does not mind giving away a daughter whose belly will arrive at the alter so much before she does."

Shari had finished puling up her skirt and was standing by me smiling. "Oh Shari, I'm so happy for you," I said and kissed her. "You really took the bull by the horns."

"Well, I'd say the bull took me by the horns, but thanks. I do have a question, though."

"You're the doctor. What can I tell you?"

"I haven't seen it in any of my medical books; I'm wondering if I'm abnormal. Did you get ... you know ... more ... amorous after you got pregnant?'

"I sure did. And hornier, too," I laughed. "Second trimester is play time, big time. Morning sickness is gone and you can really enjoy your man. Seeing your round tummy will drive him crazy. Sometimes I feel sorry for David because of all the sex I demand, but, like Carlos, he has a talented tongue."

"That's a relief. I just seem to want it all the time. Does it get any worse?"

"It just gets better, honey! David makes me come harder and more frequently now than before. Everything is aroused and engorged. Orgasms are intense almost to the point of being painful. My womb clenches up into a hard ball, a little uncomfortable but not enough so to make me stop" I grinned.

"Yeah, it's same with me and Carlos, but what about during the day? I can't go home for a quickie every day at lunch. I come in here," she stopped and grinned at what she had said, "But it's not the same. I'm a little squeamish about using my vibrator with the baby so close; I don't want to 'shake things loose,'" she grinned.

"Honey, when it comes to orgasms, quality is more important than quantity. Two or three big "O's" at noontime is way better than popping off between each patient," I said.

"But how do get the big ones alone?"

"Did I say I was alone?" I teased.

"Oh," she said, her face growing cold. "I see. *You* have male patients, of course."

"Oh, Shari, I'd never do that to David," I replied seriously.

"Then how?" she inquired.

"Why don't you ask Suzie," I replied smugly.

"Suzie? And you? I don't believe you."

"What time does she go to lunch today?" I asked.

"About 1:00 p.m."

"Come through here into my office about five minutes after she leaves today and you'll see you hot little receptionist's blond mane buried between my legs. But don't look for the smile on my face. I'll have mine down eating her sweet puss, too."

Well she did and the look on Shari's face was priceless. And it only got better when Suzie moved aside and motioned for Shari to take her place on me while she went to work on her boss. I have to tell you, we didn't see many patients this afternoon"


My erection was painful by the time Judith finished recounting her day; she had been rubbing me gently as I nuzzled her luscious tit. She looked down and grinned. "Well, I see you liked my story; why don't you call for a pizza and we'll find something to do until it arrives. I want a early night. We're getting a visit from the membership committee tomorrow."

"That's nice," I said distractedly, being more interested in the "something to do until it arrives."

"Oh, it's NOT going to be nice," she laughed, "But it should be fun."

To be continued in: Chapter 5 "Membership Committee"

* *

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