tagMatureJudith & Me Ch. 05

Judith & Me Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The Membership Committee

The next morning I started to awaken Judith in our favorite way, me eating her to several soft, rolling orgasms. That usually meant I could then slip in and give her a "refill" of semen because she might have "run low" over night and we wanted to make she "stayed pregnant." (She was wonderfully nasty, the way she teased me) Today, however, as soon as she was awake enough to feel what I was doing, she pushed me away. I was hurt until she pulled me up beside her and kissed me. "I don't want to feel 'too' good today," she said mysteriously.

The pregnancy had slowed Judith's frantic pace, but this morning she was up and about with unusual energy. As I was finishing preparing the pecan pancakes with blueberry syrup, grapefruit juice, melon balls and French-roast coffee, Judith came down already showered and dressed. I was surprised at the choice of apparel, a black, full length skirt with large yellow and violet flowers. The white blouse was buttoned high at the collar. The gold loop earrings had been replaced with her diamond tacks. For Judith, this was demure, almost prudish, as she generally favored clothes that flaunted her ample figure and exhibited her pregnant belly.

After breakfast she told me to change out of my chinos into my "whites."

"But that was a party costume." I objected.

"Run along, David. Today is sort of a party and you are my houseboy. I want you to look the part." When I returned in uniform she looked up from the four cups she had laid out on the serving tray. I saw an approving glance. I hoped it meant she intended to make all this up to me the way she knows I most enjoy.

Precisely at 10:00 the door chimes rang.

"We are from the Membership Committee" announced the tallest of the three women when I opened the door. "Ms. Roth is expecting us."

I ushered them into the living room and went to call Judith, feeling the disapproval in their eyes burning into my back. The spokeswoman, besides being tall, was also the most elegant of the three, wearing a business suit. Her black hair had a few streaks of gray. She appeared in her mid forties but was slim and obviously took care of her self. To her right sat a younger, shorter, stockier redhead. She was pretty and must have been a bombshell before being defused by too many bon-bons. On the other side was a trim, still younger, oriental woman, quite pretty and, though it was almost hidden by her conservative dress, quite curvy.

"Good morning and welcome" said Judith when she breezed in and took a seat facing them. "I don't believe I have had the pleasure. I was expecting a visit from the Membership Committee, Harvey Wainwright, Leonard Prude and Timothy Lyons," she said pointedly. "How may I help *you.*"

"I'm Estelle Wainwright. This is Ima Prude." Estelle nodded toward the chubby redhead, "And this is Noe Tan-Lyons. We were, ... delegated to speak to you. Our husbands though, in light of the ... topics, we should discuss this among women."

"'Topics we should discuss?'" Judith smiled. "I take it, then, this is not a pro forma welcome."

"Hardly, Ms Roth," Estelle replied.

"'Dr.' Roth or Judith, please," Judith replied with a forced smile. "May I offer you tea?"

"That really isn't necessary, Dr. Roth. This is not a social call."

"Oh, tah! No reason to slight civility. -- David," she called me. "Be a dear and serve our guests the tea I laid out."

I scurried to do her bidding.

"Very well, thank you." Estelle acceded. "Dr. Roth you may know that your purchase of this condominium remains probationary for six months and that the Membership Committee may recommend the potential buyers final acceptance be rejected for 'cause.'"

"I am aware of the clause in the contract. I also am aware that it is largely a formality."

"It has been used in the past," Estelle replied icily.

"Yes, I believe you revoked the contract of a gentleman who was found stockpiling light arms for the Aryan Nation after ATF agents raided his apartment."

"The fact remains that several grave impediments have arisen to your remaining at Worthy Manor, Dr. Roth."

"The treasurer didn't find any 'impediments' when he cashed my check," Judith remarked.

"This is not about money, Dr. Roth. It is about demeanor, standards," Estelle sniffed.

"And exactly what is troubling you, if I may ask, before you attempt to chuck me out onto the street? Ah, excuse my rudeness. Here is our tea. David, sweetie, will you serve."

Ima had been getting increasingly fidgety during the verbal swordplay and was relieved to get a chance to speak. "Well first, you and this young man!" She glared at me as I poured "You have him living here with you and you aren't even married!"

"Do you mean Mr. Black? He is my employee," she smiled at me as I placed the cups of steaming tea before each woman. "He has his private quarters." I almost broke out laughing at Judith's deadpan delivery. Yeah, I had a room where I kept my books, my weights, and the computer where I wrote naughty stories. I sure as Hell had never slept anywhere but in Judith's warm arms.

"But the noises people report!" Ima sputtered, gulping her tea nervously.

"And what noises are those?" Judith asked serenely.

"Well, the sounds of, of ... of a woman having ... SEX!" she said, hardly able to say the awful word.

"Really?" Judith asked, raising an eyebrow, "And just what does a 'woman having sex' sound like?"

"Well, you know, ... crying and moaning." Estelle was frowning, seeing that Ima was getting in over her head.

"Oh?" Judith asked innocently, "Are those the noises *you* make while 'having sex?'"

"Well of course not! Leonard hasn't been able to get it up since ..."

"That's enough Ima," Estelle broke in to rescue the floundering Mrs. Prude. "Dr. Roth, your living arrangements are only one of the concerns of the committee."

"By all means let me know ALL the committee's concerns," Judith replied ironically.

"Well the way you dress. It's positively indecent," Amy spoke. "Those skirts, they are inches and inches above the knee. And around the pool, you practically go naked."

"I am not the only woman at the pool in a tanga"

"Well, no, but, ... but ... you're ... preg ... uh, ... expecting"

"How observant!" Judith smiled. "And what is indecent about that?"

"Indecency is in the eye of the beholder," Amy shot back.

"And your husband has been beholding more that you wish, is that it?" Judith grinned.

Any was taken aback and took a large sip of the now cooling tea.

"You know, of course, that you'll never make anything that 'flimsy' stand up in court as 'cause.'" Judith said.

"You're awful!" Amy cried. "When Timothy comes in after seeing you, he's ... he's ...."

"Thank you, Amy," Estelle interrupted. "There is no need to worry about court, Dr. Roth. There is another clause that equally makes you ineligible to own part of the condominium: your ... 'condition.' The bylaws do not permit families with children to purchase. You have only been here three months and from the size of that bel ... uh, and it is apparent you must have been pregnant when you applied."

"No one asked if I was pregnant." Judith pointed out reasonably.

"Well of course not! A woman of your age!" Estelle was barely able to control her anger. She drained the tea in exasperation.

"Of my age?" Judith asked. "Why I don't believe I could be older than you and *you* are certainly not too old to have babies."

"Me? Have babies!" Estelle could hardly believe her ears.

Judith ignored her. "You know, ladies, this little discussion has been unnecessarily confrontational. I'm afraid we don't have enough in common to see eye to eye. I'm sure we would get along better if you would all just relax. We're all friends having a nice little all girl chat. It feels nice and cozy here, doesn't it? Of course. When you are totally relaxed and your mind isn't putting obstacles in the way, you can all learn. You can all experience new things. Isn't that right?

"Yes, we can learn," Ima said woodenly.

"Yes, we can experience new things," droned Any

Estelle stared straight ahead. "What ... have ... you ... done ... to ... me?" she asked, struggling with herself.

"Just put a little something in the tea to make you more open to suggestion, Estelle. Don't worry. It isn't harmful and you won't remember a thing. Now just sit still and listen."

"Girls, Estelle has brought up a little rule-y problem that can't be solved just among us, we'll have to call an owners' assembly to deal with it, but these other little things, they are just a matter of perspective, aren't they?"

"Matter of perspective" the three women recited in unison.

"And what does perspective mean? Seeing things from another person's point of view. Now take you, Amy. You feel threatened by a sexy woman who shows what she's got and enjoys giving the boys a kick. You shouldn't. With that dynamite little body of yours, you could do the same. And you will. I'll bet Timothy has been trying to get you to dress like a woman for years, right. Come on, you can tell us."

"Oh, he is such a sexist pig," Amy confessed. "He wants me to wear short skirts and high heels and makeup. He gives me jewelry and sexy panites but I always make him take them back."

"And you'd just love to wear them except ...," Judith coaxed.

"Well, yes, but I can't. If I dressed like that, I'd ... I'd never get his mind off of sex," Amy answered, confused by all the crazy thoughts that were swirling around in her head, wondering why she WANTED to get her husband's mind off sex..

"Married to a cute little piece of ass like you, dear, what else would be on his mind?" Judith asked. "Isn't that the point Amy? Don't you want to excite him? Make him want to make love to you?"

"But he'd want to every night?" the dazed woman replied.

"Of course, Amy. Night and morning and afternoon, too, if he's up to it. But that's exactly want you want. You love sex. You need sex. You enjoy flirting and teasing all men, but you especially want to get Timothy hot so he will fuck you silly, right?"

"Right!" Amy agreed.

"Good. Well, from now on, you are going to make Timothy a happy man. This afternoon you will ask him to go to the mall and help you pick out some hot new outfits. And won't he be surprised when you insist on modeling them all for him. Of course, when you twet back here later today and take a little sashay around the pool and through the public areas, people are really going to admire him for getting a sexy little piece like you to go without panties."

"No panties!" Amy grinned "I'm going to be so hot!"

"Indeed you are," Judith smiled. Then she turned to Ima.

"Leonard doesn't fuck you very often any more, right Ima?"

"No," she admitted, looking down.

"Do you think it could be because you've gotten flabby?"


"Or could it be because you're too conservative at lovemaking? Maybe he has gotten tired of having to beg for a blow job. And what is so wrong with letting him eat you?"

"But those are such nasty, perverted things. Why no decent woman ..."

"You are so right, Ima. But, then, you are not a decent woman. Why a decent married woman wouldn't have her eye on Gabriel the pool boy, would she?"

"But I don't ..."

"You don't go near the pool so that you can check the crotch of his Speedos, do you?"

"No," Ima responded, confused by the sudden feeling of attraction to the young man she had hardly seen.

"You know, Ima, if you lost a few pounds, started working out a little, got in shape, I'll bet you could get Gabriel in bed, easy. You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you, Ima," Judith grinned conspiratorially.

"Get him to fuck me?" Ima asked, her eyes lighting with lust.

"He'd be an awesome fuck, Ima. He would have you ..."

"Making noises like a woman having sex?" Ima grinned.

"Un huh," Judith agreed. "And when Leonard finds out, well, you'll know how to make it up to him."

"Fuck his eyeballs out and let him eat me 'till his tongue falls off?" Ima asked.

"Oh, Ima! You're such a clever, nasty girl!" Judith laughed and looked over at Estelle.

"Estelle, Estelle. You do have a problem with Harvey, don't you?"

"Yes. I had no idea when I married him he was such a Neanderthal."

"Oversexed?" Judith asked sympathetically.

"That's not the worst of it. Not a day goes by he doesn't bring up having children one way or another. He'd like nothing better than to keep me barefoot and pregnant all the time."

"That's terrible, Estelle, keeping you baregut, good as you'd look in heels." Judith smiled.

"That's not what I ..." Estelle stopped as the image popped into her head of herself standing before Harvey in nothing but a pair of red 5" pumps proudly presenting him with her beach-ball belly.

"How many children do you think he wants, Estelle?"

"I don't ... er, ... two, maybe three." Estelle knew something was very wrong here, but she couldn't figure out what.

"I shouldn't worry about that, Estelle. Once he sees how beautiful you are pregnant and finds out how horny it makes you, I'll bet you can get him to knock you up four or five times at least."

"Do you really think so?" Estelle replied excitedly.

"Throw your pills a way and cuddle up to him tonight and ask him how soon he thinks he can put the first baby in you. You may be pleasantly surprised. And when you need it, I'll recommend a great OBGYN."

"Oh, thank you, Judith, thank you," Estelle gushed.

"Don't mention it.

"My, my, how the morning has flown. Don't let me keep you unnecessarily, ladies. I know you all have things to do."

All three women nodded enthusiastically. As soon as the door closed behind them, Judith collapsed in my arms, laughing.

Needless to say, amid the tittering over the new sexy, exhibitionist Mrs. Tan-Lyons, the scandal over Ima Prude's affair with the poolboy (some said the baby was his) and the shock of Estelle's pregnancy, our purchase of the condo sailed through the membership committee without a hitch.


To be continued in Chapter 6: Friends

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