Judith & Me Ch. 06


"Vit-E-Life is a scientifically balanced complete food supplement. It is especially high in Vitamin E and promotes muscle tone and overall vigor," I intoned.

"Over-all vigor, huh? Vitamin E? Haven't I read something about vitamin E stimulating the masculine sexual performance?" June asked.

"Uh ... yes," I replied nervously.

"In that case I should be interested. You see Charles used to keep me pretty happy. He would always roll me every night. He could get me off time after time when we fucked. But recently he just doesn't seem interested in me. And believe me, I've tried to interest him. For example, I unbutton my front like this. [does it] Seeing my tits used to really turn him on. Or I lift my dress. [does it] Time was he couldn't keep his eyes off me when I let him peek up my dress. Maybe Vit-E-Life is what I need to get him fucking me again. Tell me ... do you use Vit-E- Life?"

"Well, yes, of course."

"Then I want you to have a glass."

"We are not allowed to use the product while on duty," I protested, knowing that Vit-E-Life was mainly alcohol with a little tranquilizer to make the customer feel good. A glass of it would knock me for a loop.

"How am I supposed to know if the stuff works without a demonstration."

"But ... I objected.

"Pour a glass."

She wasn't smiling a friendly smile. I had no choice but to comply.

"Now Drink it!" she growled and handed me a glass. Again, I hesitated.

"Aren't you supposed to please your customers?" she asked, coquettishly.

"Of course," I agreed and took a sip. "But why are you so keen for me to take the Vit-E-Life?"

"I need to find out how Charles will react if I start giving him Vit-E-Life. Now drink some more. I want you to have a good dose."

"Well, Mrs. Beech ..."

"When I get enough of it in him, will it make him sort of dopey and easy to control?" she asked, staring into my eyes.

"I don't know ..." I muttered, no longer thinking too clearly.

"And if I sit next to him like this and show him my tits," she said, opening her blouse, "Will he stare at me and start getting horny?"

"I guess so," I replied. I was sure staring.

"Good. I want my tits to get him horny so he will feel me up. Will it do that?" she asked and, believer in the scientific method that she was, drew my hands to her breasts. "I love to have a man feel my titties, " she squeaked. "It makes me feel so sexy and ... it gets the man hot, too. Will Charles do this to me?"

"Oh, Mrs. Beech," I moaned. The Vit-E-Life had hit me hard and I was now keen to get in bed with this willing female and began to fondle her vigorously. "You have big beautiful boobies, Mrs. Beech."

"Oh, yes!" she sighed and gave herself up to the pleasure. "I'm getting so hot. Call me June, darling. Anyone who can feel up a woman like you can deserves to use her first name. I told you, the problem isn't with me. I get turned on easy, too easy. The problem is Charles."

"It won't be for long," is snorted.

"You are very persuasive, sir. What else will my husband do when I give him Vit-E-Life? Will he get into my pants?" she asked and guided my hand up under her skirt.

"I guarantee it, June."

"Marvelous! When Charles he sees me getting horny as I am now, I want him to get excited, too. I want him to pull up my dress, slip his hands up my legs and pull down my panties."

"Like this?"

She moaned as I followed her prompting. "Then what will he do?"

"Spread your legs, you horny wench and you'll find out," I growled, now fully aroused. "Once he's got his hands on your snatch, he will play with you, June. He will play with you like the tart you are until you really want to fuck."

"Perfect, I want it now! Put your prick in me."

"But I'm not Charles."

"Who the Hell cares? You are here and you drank the Vit-E-Life. Your prick is big and hard. You want to fuck and I want to fuck, so fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me!"

So of course I did, or rather Sam did, until June was braying like a stuck sow.

-- o --

"Bravo!" exclaimed Judith, Alicia, and Ruth when June in turn had been shot full of cum and had collapsed into unconsciousness. I, too, was panting with exhaustion.

"That did it!" exclaimed Alicia. "I can't wait for my damned boyfriend tonight. I've got to have a piece of that man, now!" she declared, looking at me fiercely.

"Well, I let Ruth and June have their fun. I can't deny you as long as we all get to enjoy the show," conceded Judith "What do you have in mind?

I looked at her and mouthed "N. O." but she ignored me.

"I'm too revved up to even feign being seduced. I feel like a predator," Alicia snarled. "I want to sexually devour your man."

"Well, that's the nice thing about young men," Judith grinned. "You can devour them again and again and there's always more left." The three women laughed.

"No more! Please," I protested.

"Sorry, dear," Judith smiled. "When lionesses are in council, gazelles don't get to vote. We'll call you when we're ready for you."

"Judith!" I pleaded.

"Don't worry, David. I understand our little problem. You'll soon be ready to go again. You are just tired, dear. Fucking that tarty June took a lot out of you, poor baby. You are drained and weak," Judith was again using that tone that forced my obedience.

"You just need some rest. Just snuggle down there with our little fucked-out June. Put your head on her breast and take a little nap." I felt a wave of drowsiness flow over me as I sank down against June's sleeping body. "Take her titties, David. ... That's a good boy. Sucking one of those man-pacifiers will help you relax ... and go to sleep." I felt June moan softly and stir to accommodate me as I slumped unconscious in her arms.

-- o --

When I woke up I was 13 and in bed with a thermometer in my mouth. Dr. Alicia came in dressed in a 'way too short smock. She leaned over me, dangling her boobs just inched from my face and smiled. "Well, how does my big little boy feel today?" she asked and patted my face.

"Good." I said. "When can I get out of bed?

"Not until I say you can, young man. I want you to be a big healthy boy. For the time, I'm going to keep you in bed, Davey. Do you have any aches?" she asked as she began to rub her hands over my chest. "How does this feel?"


"Yes, I imagine it does. You know, Davey, sometimes a spell of fever can accelerate a boy's maturation. In just a few day you can go from a 'little boy' to a 'big boy.' I think it's time to find out if you are a big boy yet," she said and pulled back the sheets

"How can you tell?"

"Oh, I can see that you have grown a lot and your shoulders are broad like a man's, but I really need to examine you down here, between your legs." she explained and she pulled up the smock I discovered I was wearing.

"Just as I thought! You HAVE gotten to be a big boy. Look what you have been hiding from me, you naughty child!" she exclaimed and began to massage my penis. "This feels good, doesn't it Davey?"

"Oh, Yes ma'am." I agreed.

"Yes, you have gotten to be a big boy and big boys enjoy letting women touch them here. You are a little stinker not to have told Dr. Alicia sooner that your penis had gotten so big. And it's getting very hard, too. I should have given you this examination months ago. I'll bet I know something naughty you have been doing!" she grinned.

"No, nothing, Doctor." I replied nervously.

"Don't try to fool me, Davey. I see semen stains on the sheets. When you are alone you put your hand down here and play with yourself, don't you?

"Yes ma'am," I confessed.

"Of course you do, honey, because it feels really good, almost as good as I am making you feel now, right?" She was fondling me deliciously.

"Yes," I groaned.

"Tell me what happens then, Davey"

"Oh, doctor, when I move my hand up and down over my thing ..."

"It's your penis, Davey. Or your prick or your dick or your dork or your tool. Women have dozens of names for it because it's so important to us. Go on."

"When I run my hand up and down on my prick faster and faster, it feel better and better until ...Agggg!" I erupted into Alicia's grinning face.

"That must have felt very good, didn't it?" she asked licking drops of sperm from her fingers.

"Yes ma'am."

"What you experienced is called an orgasm, Davey, or coming. The sticky white fluid that comes out of your penis when you orgasm is called semen. We also call it cum or jism or jizz or spunk or sperm. Any you've go a lot of it.

"I'm sorry I made a mess, Dr. Alicia,"

"Not your fault, honey. I didn't have my mouth open wide enough. A girl has to be very careful when she lets you put your prick in her because if she's not, your semen will make her pregnant. That's why your girlfriends, when you get a little older, will want you come in their mouths."

"Really?" I asked, amazed.

Alicia just smiled knowingly. "Well, I see that you already know how to do one naughty thing with your prick. Now I'm going to let you do something much naughtier and much more fun. You are going to put your prick into the pussy of a woman and cum in there."

"But I don't know how, Dr. Alicia."

"You don't need to know anything. You are going to do it with an older woman. She's the one who knows how to make you feel good when you put your prick into her. I think it should be someone who can come to visit you when you are in bed. Can't you guess who?" she teased.

"Dr. ...? Oh, no!"

"Who better, Davey. I'm here and you are ready. I can give you such a good fucking."

"But Mom? Dad?" I objected.

"Oh, I made sure they won't bother us. I slipped a few drops of some special medicine in your Mom's tea while we visited. It makes a woman ravenously horny. I stayed long enough to see her starting to put the make on your Dad. You should have seen his eyes bulge when she spread her legs and hiked her skirt. I'm sure by now your Mom has your Dad down in bed screwing his brains out. In fact, she may be getting pregnant. That is what I intend you to do to me, Davey."

"Please, Dr. I'm afraid."

"There is nothing to be afraid of Davey. You are just a boy that has never had sex yet. Your strong young prick has never been inside a woman and what a way to start! My husband can't give me a baby, but you can. Just put it in me and make my tummy swell. It's something every man wants and needs and I can give to you. Let me show you what you'll be getting," she said and dropped her short smock. She was completely naked.

"Wow, Dr. Alicia. You look neat!"

"I feel 'neat', Davey. See how the nipples on my tits are standing out rigid? That's what happens to a woman who wants to get knocked up. You see, just thinking about what your cock is going to do to me, makes me horny. Feel me here," she said and took my hand between her legs.

"Gosh, Dr. Alicia! You sure are wet in there!"

"That means my pussy is ready to get your baby juice in her. Now let me get it from you."

With that she slipped under the sheets with me. "I will get on top, darling, because I want to do the fucking. You just relax and supply the sperm. First I'm going to put your cock into my pussy, Davey," she whispered as I felt something warm and wet envelope my prick. "Oh, yes! I've got you in me darling, so deep. Your prick feels so good in me! Now let me fuck you." and she began to ride up an down on my prick.

"Oh, Dr. It feels so good!"

"Of course it does, Davey. You're getting fucked by a woman who knows how to give it good to a man. It's natural to enjoy having your prick in a woman's cunt, knowing you are about to put a baby in her. And you feel good in me, too. Ohmygod! You are so much bigger than I dreamed. Your prick is so hard and it's going in me so deep. I'm going to have an orgasm, Davey. Oh, yes, YES! Your prick is making me cum! So good! SO GOOD!"

For the next several minutes Alicia just bounced up and down on me, babbling about wanting a baby and screaming from time to time. Then she started riding me harder and braying. I felt an orgasm boiling up and came in her. We both fell unconscious.


When I woke up the doctor was gone. In fact, Ruth, June and Alicia were all gone. Judith was looking at me with a sweet sexy smile. "You've had a hard day, darling. Let go to bed." She must have seen my look of consternation. "Just to cuddle. Until tomorrow morning ..."

******************************** Epilogue:

About six months later Alicia, June, and Ruth were over at the house again. Judith had finished nursing Claudette and I had put her down for a nap. Judith had broken the news about our second child on the way, but the three friends had other things on their minds. And they weren't as happy as the first time.

"My boyfriend is pissed off as hell!" exclaimed Alicia. "He says I didn't warn him when I went off the pill and he isn't giving me a dime for the little bastard!"

"But you're giving him the stuff I told you?, Judith asked.

"Yes, every night."

"And he's still screwing you, isn't he?"

"Well, yes. More than before," Alicia admitted.

"Just give it time. He'll come around. Just make sure his prick doesn't spend too much time dry. If you still want him to, he'll marry you before the baby is born."

"And what about me?" Ruth demanded.

"It was your idea, Ruth. I warned you that you wouldn't want David to pull out once he was fucking you."

"I just never imagined ... at my age ..." Ruth lamented.

"That you'd be having your first baby?

"That it would be so hard to find a new boyfriend, especially after I started to show."

"But you did. Lots of men think pregnant women are sexy. And what's wrong with having someone your own age for a change? You're OK with Robert, aren't you?"

"Yes, he is as sweet as can be and a great lover, but won't the stuff wear off?"

"Not as long as you keep fucking him. Every time he comes in you, his obsession with you goes back to 100%."

"And after the baby is born?"

"You can make it permanent.

"How?" Ruth asked.

"Let HIM get you pregnant next time!"

"You've solved Alicia's and Ruth's problem," June spat, "But I'm the one you really fucked up!

"From the size of your tummy, June, dear, it's apparent *you* are the one who fucked up. It serves you right for trying to steal David from me. He told me about your coming over here when I was away. When I found out what you were trying to do, I let you have him for a few weeks, but I made sure you 'forgot' to take your pills while he fucked you." Judith gloated.

"I know. I'm sorry, but when Josh found out I was pregnant with another man's child, he kicked me out before I could give him the drug that you let Ruth and Alicia use. What am I going to do?" she lamented.

"Don't worry, dear. You can move in with me. David is doing a great job with our little Claudette. He'll happily take care of as many babies as we want to give him!"

- The End -

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