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I am thinking this story can only be titled "WOW" as I begin typing. In a few days, I will turn 57 years old and for the first 56 and a half years of my life I considered myself while not entirely a loser I was so close that at times it felt that way.

I was married to my high school sweetheart for a whole 6 months and 5 days. I was never fortunate enough to find the right woman or have the children I always wanted. I am not dirt poor but I am definitely closer to that than I am to being even middle income.

Then shortly after New Year's Day as I worked at my job as an underpaid cashier, the phone rang and a strange voice that seemed oddly familiar asked if I knew the capitol of California.

It preturbed me because I was really busy and it seemed like a prank call but I answered, "Sacramento."

The voice laughed and I almost hung up before and after she told me I had just won a free month's vacation to anywhere in the world I wanted to go then asked if I would like to give up the vacation for a chance to win a million dollars tax free.

The store had finally emptied by then and giggling to myself as I still figured it was a prank call I answered, "Sure thing unless of course the trip is between your thighs."

I figured for sure that would end the call but she laughed loudly then said, "I'll tell you what Mr. McIntyre. If you can answer three questions, I'll give you the million and a month's vacation with me as your companion. The between my thighs part will not be included unless I decide once we have met that I am interested in going that direction."

Before I could make a snap reply she cleared her throat and asked, "If I offered you a job that paid either a million dollars a day for 30 days or a penny the first day doubled every day for 30 days, which would you take?"

I almost answered the million a day just to end the conversation since a few customers were entering the store but I gave the correct answer of a penny doubled for 30 days.

She quit laughing and said, "You are smarter than I first figured Mr. McIntyre. What time do you get off?"

This time I giggled as I replied, "After the first question I figured it would become harder but you gave me a real easy one. I close at 10PM and get off at about a quarter past ten."

She was totally serious as she said, "I was a TV star Mr. McIntyre. I still do broadway and an occasioal guest spot but my star days are long gone. I will call back after you have closed and you can ask me 3 questions which I will answer honestly then if you can tell me who I am you will win the million dollars and a month's vacation with me to a destination of my choice."

She hung up before I could reply and I continued working as if the phone had never rung, totally convinced it had been a prank call.

When the phone rung as I locked the door, it never even crossed my mind that it was her calling back. I often get calls at closing from customers checking to see when we closed.

I said, "Hello. This is Woody. How can I help you tonight?"

I recognized her laugh as she replied, "Why by asking me 3 questions. To be honest, I seriously doubt I would ever be attracted to you but your wit does enthrall me a bit and I think getting to know you might be quite interesting."

Without pause I asked, "What color are your eyes?"

She answered, "Blue."

I continued, "What color is your hair?"

She answered, "Blonde."

I finished, "How many female co-stars were on your show?"

She laughed loudly then said, "You are a strange man Woody. Your questions were no where near what I expected them to be yet I get a feeling once I answer this one that you are going to get it right."

I giggled as I said, "Well Angela does that mean you might consider the between your thighs part too."

The phone slammed down breaking the connection and damn near bursting my ear drum then almost immediatedly after I hung up it rang again.

I picked it up and said, "Miss Light that was extremely rude. I'm not so sure I am interested on what being between your thighs is like anymore."

She laughed before saying, "Yes you are Woody. You have won but I must know how you knew it was me."

I answered, "Are you sure? If I answer that, you are definitely going to think I am crazy."

She giggled, "I already do Woody."

I smiled to myself then replied, "I first began watching your show because I was so attracted to Katherine from the commercials I saw and after the first episode I saw I was hooked on how cute Alyssa was and dreamed of meeting her when I was young enough to be with her. By the end of the 2nd episode, I had the hots for you like I hadn't had since my divorce. Last night I watched a 6 hour "Who's The Boss?" marathon on the TVLAND network and I dreamed about meeting you and us falling in love and living happily ever after. I woke up about two hours before my alarm went off in the midst of the first wet dream I had had in over 30 years. I wouldn't call your voice distinctive in the sense that anyone would know it was you the instant they heard it but to me well lets just say that as I asked what color your eyes were, I knew it was you."

The call had come on my last of 7 work nights and I had 3 off days that followed. For the first time in years I was in no rush to git home. Judith and I chatted more than 6 hours. It was the wee hours of the morning before I finally arrived home only to find my phone ringing before I had time to bathe.

We talked well into the morning and by the time I had bathed, cooked and eaten after the call ended I was for the first time throughly convinced I wasn't the object of some elaborate practical joke.

Over the next 6 weeks Judith called every day. We talked at least 10 hours every one of my off days and a minimum of 3 hours the nights I worked.

Then out of the blue Judith said, "You know Woody we've been talking for almost 6 months on a daily basis and I am more intrigued and confused by you than I was the night of our very first conversation. I find it next to impossible to believe that not once have you asked when you will recieve your money or where and when our trip shall occur."

I laughed softly as I replied, "I guess Judith that to me money is meaningless. It always has been. I find getting to know you worth more than the US Mint has ever printed. As for the trip, I guess my basic insecurities and fear of women has me thinking that once we actually meet face to face you will disappear from my life and I find that to be almost unbearable. I never dared to dream that any woman much less one as beautiful and sexy as you are, could ever find me even remotely interesting."

This story could go on for chapter after chapter if I wrote about each and every call we shared so I will skip forward to our very first meeting.

My brother lives on Long Island which is barely a hop skip and a jump from Trenton, New Jersey where she was born. he had a mild heart attack and I drove my mother, sister and step-father up to New York to be with him.

I at this time didn't have Judith's phone number and the trip happened so fast I was unable to let her know what was happening.

We had been in New York 4 days when it occurred to me that I might be able to locate a friend from either her high school or college days that could contact her for me.

I went to the public library and got on their computer and began researching. I no computer genius but in less than an hour I had discovered a girl that Judith had gone to high school with as well as Carnegie Mellon University where she had graduated in 1971.

It took me the better part of 3 days to find a phone number where I could reach this lady and several phone calls before she finally trusted me enough to agree to try and contact Judith for me.

Less than 8 hours later I was sitting at my brothers bedside in the hospital when someone tapped softly on the door. It was almost 3AM when Judith walked through the door.

I am not sure which one of us was the most stunned. I stood up on trembling knees with my jaw dropped damn near to my ankles and she stood in the door way staring at my brother with hers dropped possibly to the floor.

The next thing I knew my mother had arrived to stay with my brother and Judith and I were in the lounge drinking coffee still shocked almost out of our minds.

Before continuing let me tell you briefly tell you about Katherine Helmond. She spent the better part of 30 years living and pursuing her acting career in New York before becoming an overnight success as Mona Robinson on Who's The Boss in 1984. She finally made her way to the west coast a year later then when she was convinced her future was there she put her home in New York on the market. My brother is a real estate agent for Sotherby's in New York and guess who sold her house and spent months getting to know her.

A week before Katherine signed the final papers, Judith accompanied her to New York and met my brother over a couple of lunch meetings. She had recognized him the instant she entered his hospital room.

Judith remained in New York until my brother went home a week later and before returning to Los Angeles she had given me every phone number she could think of including her husbands private cellphone number, in case I needed to reach her.

I guess I should mention that Judith had married Robert Desiderio the very first day of 1985. He was an actor she had met earlier in her career. It was thought their marriage was rock solid but I soon discovered that while supposedly happily married for more than 20 years, their union had been one of mere convenience the last 18 years. They resided under the same roof but he lived on the top floor while she lived downstairs and they had separate entrances. She laughingly told me that at times they had gone for months without laying eyes on each other.

Our very first phone conversation after things had returned to normal I laughingly said, "Damn Sugar Hips. You are amazing. not only did you interrupt your life and career to spend time with my family but I get home and discover that I have had a million, 3 hundred and 62 thousand, 4 hundred and 71 dollars and 39 cents deposited in my checking account since the day after you first called me."

Judith gasped loudly and her voice trembled as she replied, "Damn Woody. You really don't care about the money. I've been wondering why you hadn't already mentioned that. Oh, my nickname is Sugar Lips not Sugar Hips."

Judith began laughing so hard I wondered if she might pee in her panties before she continued, "Forgive me Mr. Man. I guess I am slow at times. I get the drift now."

I grinned as I said, "Judith. I would never hold you to that between your thighs thingy but Jesus after meeting you in person I must admit that you are even more beautiful than I thought and I surely like any other sane man would love to have more than a friendly relationship with a lady even half as sexy as you."

Exactly 6 months to the day after Judith first called me at the store, I quit my job and we were sitting side by side on a jet. An hour later we were landing in Cancun, Mexico.

Judith had spared no expense or at least it seemed that way to me. Our destination turned out to be a remote private home she had rented on the outskirts of Cancun.

It was a duplex with separate entrances but the first thing she did was unlock the connecting door between the two apartments.

That night we dressed to the nines and went out to eat then sat up talking on the veranda until almost day light. Exhausted from the trip and the long night, I slept until past noon and it was almost 2 hours later before Judith joined me.

We spent our second night together dancing. Judith wore an ankle length gold evening gown that clung to her like a second skin and was cut damn near to her navel affording me occasional glimpses of the inner slopes of her breasts as she spun in and out of my arms while we danced.

If I am honest, I must admit that I had an erection before we left the villa but by our third dance it was throbbing and becoming increasingly noticeable.

At some point during that dance, Judith had spun into my arms and her left hip had pressed hard enough against my erection that it was obvious to me she had noticed my discomfort. She blushed slightly but from then on every single twirl of her body she ended up with one of her hips or her ass pressing hard against my cock and she moved just enough against it to let me know it was being done on purpose but not enough to allow anyone who might be watching us to notice the contact.

It was never mentioned until I awoke to find Judith laying on the small secluded beach behind our villa. I stared from my bedroom window as I put on a pair of old cutoff blue jeans and rubbed suntan lotion over my body before going to join her.

As I poured myself a cup of coffee she softly whispered, "I'll do your back if you do mine. I sure would hate for one of us to blister."

I laughed and damn near choked as I gulped down the scalding hot coffee before kneeling at her right hip and begining what only a fool would call a task. Massaging lotion into her back was a dream of a lifetime, not a chore.

As I finished she looked back over her left shoulder and smiled before whispering, "Would you be a darling and undo my top? I don't want to return home with tanlines."

She wasn't wearing a bikini but rather a pale pink 2 piece swimsuit that to me was even sexier and much more revealing than even the skimpiest bikini would have been. The suit was wet from her most recent dip in the ocean and damn near completely see thru.

My fingers trembled so much that it was my 4th attempt before I managed to undo the button that held the left strap to the crossover of her top and my 3rd effort before I successfully released the other button.

Judith moaned softly then reached back and undid the four hooks holding the crossover part of her top together, knowing I would possibly never manage the task.

Her moans intensified as I kneaded oil into her newly exposed flesh and became lustful groans whenever my fingertips neared the exposed flesh of the outer sides of her breasts.

I was so enraptured by her soft body that it took several minutes for her words to sink in as she whispered so softly that I barely heard her as she said, "Woody in the short time I have known you, you have already become the best male friend I have ever had and I hope that by sunset I can say you are also the best lover I have ever known."

Her eyes remained locked on mine as I gasped for air and tried to reply.

Finally after at least 20 minutes I closed my eyes and in voice trembling so bad that I barely recognized it I managed to say, "Judith. I have had this fantasy as long as I can remember. I would die the happiest man in recorded history if you granted me the honor of turning my fantasy into a reality."

Judith smiled from ear to ear and her voice trembled even more than mine had as she said, "It would make me the happiest woman Woody."

We discussed my fantasy at length over dinner then I went for a walk on the beach as Judith prepared for the event.

Let me take a step backward now. My fantasy was quite simple. I walk into the bedroom of my hearts desire to find her laying naked from head to toe and sound asleep. I have never seen her naked before, hell we had never even kissed before. The rest is simply one thing leading to the next.

As I told Judith of my dream, I am almost certain I would have seen her bare breasts at any second but she quickly clasped her top to conceal herself. It was then I truly understood that my fantasy was also one she had frequently had and a few minutes later she confirmed that by saying so and carefully getting up before going inside to dress and make sure my fantasy happened exactly as we both wanted.

After taking a long hot soak in the tub, I took a very quick shower under the cold water hoping to ease my mounting lust. I paused in the doorway that connected our rooms and took several deep breaths still unable to believe that the woman of my dreams was waiting in her bed for me to join her.

I paused at the foot of her bed with my heart in my throat, my mouth so dry it felt like sandpaper. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. I took my time to admire every inch of her fantastic body, beginning at the soles of her feet and working my upward to her sparkling blonde hair.

Judith lay with her arms folded beneath her awesome breasts as if to frame them for my viewing pleasure, with her legs slightly parted. Just enough that I could easily see that she was indeed a natural blonde but not enough that her slit gaped open. Believe me when I say that at 5'8" tall, she had a body to die for and she kept herself in perfect condition despite being several months older than my own 56 almost 57 years of age.

I noticed her eyelids flutter and knew she was watching me just as close as I was watching her so with a soft giggle I licked my dry lips and somehow whispered, "Sugar Hips. You can open your eyes. In my fantasy you are asleep but I can picture that without you pretending so hard to make it easier for me."

She giggled as her eyes popped open and quickly locked on my cock as she almost calmly replied, "Jesus Woody. I'm not a virgin but my experience with men is extremely limited. I lost my virginity the night of my senior prom and slept with my boy friend 2 or 3 times after that. I was celibate until my wedding night and have been since my marriage became a farce almost 18 years ago. Together my high school boy friend and my husband aren't that big. I fill like a virgin all over again."

I gasped as she confessed, knowing that I was probably larger than average but also knowing I was no where near what one might consider huge. I'd never measured my cock but I guessed it was probably around 8 to 10 inches long and maybe slightly more than 2 inches in diameter.

As I thought she quickly added, "I'm sorry Woody but it just surprised me to see your cock for the first time."

Then another thought filled my feeble brain and I blurted out, "God Judith. I must be crazy. It just never crossed my mind until now. I guess I just never dreamed this would actually happen."

Judith asked, "What? Woody."

Shaking my head I answered, "I never thought about protection and don't have any condoms."

Judith grinned and blushed slightly as she softly said, "I did and do have condoms darling. I could get pregnant but I would prefer you didn't use one unless you are totally against the idea of possibly becoming a father. I mean at 57 the odds are tremendously low but I still haven't gone through the dreaded change yet."

Suddenly my mouth watered and I moved along the side of the bed as I said, "Then Sugar Hips. I shall be praying with all my heart that when we fall asleep about 8 to 10 hours from now that I am holding the mother of my first child in my arms."

As I knelt over her breasts she softly said, "So shall I Woody. So shall I."

I paused to admire her rock hard nipples, my mouth only centimeters from her swollen right nipple. Her breasts would most likely be considered slightly less than medium and well below average for the ladies of Hollywood but her nipples in comparison were absolutely huge and damn near black. She had certainly spent years developing her tan and I doubted she had ever once exosed her breasts to the sun because the flesh covered by her top was alabaster when compared to her dark, tanned flesh. It made her breasts appear larger than they actually were at first glance and high lighted her massive nipples which stood at lest 2 full inches tall and over an inch in diameter.

I closed my eyes as I stuck out my tongue and I moaned softly as I felt her hot flesh as my tongue unerringly traced the huge circle of her light pink areola. It covered at least half of her breast and I felt it begin to swell from my very first touch.

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