tagRomanceJudy & Her Daughter Amy Ch. 01

Judy & Her Daughter Amy Ch. 01


I was in the right place at the right time. I had walked this route every morning for the last year. This morning was no different for me that every other morning, but a problem changed my life forever.

The truck was careening down the hill quickly. The 8 year old was riding her bike in the street, unaware that there was a problem. But the mother saw it, but was frozen in fear, screaming. With no time to spare, without thought for myself, I ran into the street and grabbed the girl off her bike just in time.

I handed the little girl to her mother and told her to call 9-1-1. I ran after the truck, which had crashed into some parked cars and stopped. The truck driver was stunned but unhurt. He said he had some type of a seizure blackout.

Within a minute the police and ambulance appeared. I gave my statement to the police, then walked with the officer to the house where the mother and girl lived. The mother hugged me and then thanked me profusely for saving the life of her daughter. The officer told me I would probably receive a citation from the Mayor for heroism. I declined, saying that I wasn't hero material.

(The truck driver was treated at the scene, and arrested. After to confessing that he had missed his medication that morning, he spent the next 5 years in jail, and after released was ordered to attend drug rehabilitation.)

While all the commotion was going on, the girl's babysitter showed up. The mother was ending up taking the day off work, and since she was frazzled to take care of her child she asked the babysitter to take her for the day to her house.

After the police left, the mother introduced herself, and told me "My name is Judy."

I introduced myself "My name is Ron."

Judy said "I can't thank you enough for saving my daughter, Her name is Amy." Then Judy invited me inside "Would you like to come in for some coffee?"

I replied "Sure. I could use a cup right now."

While we were drinking our coffees, she told me about herself. "I married my husband when I was 19. I got pregnant on our honeymoon, and Amy was born when I was 20. My husband died 2 years ago at work in an accident. His company is still making payments to me." That would make Julie 28, and I'm 26. She has chestnut-brown hair that goes just to her shoulders. She's 5 feet 6 inches tall, and looks fine at 34B-22-34.

Julie continued talking "About a week after the funeral, some sick bastard saw the funeral announcement in the newspaper, I was raped. At the time I didn't lock the doors. Amy had just left for school, and I was getting ready for work. He just walked in the door, and had a knife. I was in the bedroom finishing getting ready to leave. He snuck up behind me, and put the knife to my throat. He told me 'Be good, and you won't get hurt.' I told him 'I'll be good. Just don't hurt me. I have a young daughter.' I figured he could just get his jollies and leave and he would let me live.

He backed up a little, and told me 'Stand up and strip.' I did as he said. He then had me sit at the edge of the bed. My little nipples got hard. He got undressed and his cock was almost fully hard, and told me to suck. I sucked him really good, and in a few minutes he exploded in my mouth. I had to swallow his cum fast, or I would suffocate. He then told me 'Keep sucking and get me hard again.' I sucked him good again and he was quickly hard.

I knew what was coming, so without a word, I laid back on the bed. He climbed up next to me, and was pawing me roughly. He stuck 2 fingers in me, and said 'Like that, bitch?'. He took his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his cock. He fucked me hard. I was dry, and it hurt. He climaxed inside me. He got himself dressed, and as he left, he said to me 'Thanks for the fuck. It was nice.' The police never got the bastard. At least he didn't make me pregnant."

Judy had tears streaming down her face. I hugged her until she settled down and stopped crying. She excused herself. She went in the bathroom to wash her face free of tears and makeup. Then she went into the bedroom and closed the door. She just stood there for a minute thinking how gentle and kind I am.

Judy called to me from her bedroom "Please come here." I went to the bedroom and saw Judy standing there wearing a very sheer negligee.

She whispered at me "I need to thank you properly." The she walked up to me, put her arms around me, and gave a very gentle but very meaningful lip kiss. Judy began undressing me. When she removed my shirt, she started kissing my nipples. Then she removed my pants and underwear, and my cock was hard and pointing to her face. She stroked my cock in her hands for a minute, then she took my cock in her mouth. It was like I had gone to heaven. It was so wonderful that I cum in her mouth almost immediately. She took my entire load in her mouth, but let some dribble out onto her chin. She spread to dribble over her cheeks.

She stood up and asked me "How was that?" Without needing or wanting an answer, she again embraced me and kissed me. I reached to the straps of her negligee, I removed them from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She guided me to the bed and told me "Lie down."

She got on the bed and began sucking my cock again, and she put her pussy at me so the I could eat her out. She was already wet. When I was fully hard again, she got up, moved her pussy to my cock, and slowly she allowed herself to be penetrated. Her pussy was so warm and so velvety. We took our times making love to each other. But this woman also so hot, and she climaxed loudly and shaking hard. I then climax and filled her with my sperm, cumming in thick white goo.

We lay there hugging and kissing in the afterglow. It was now late in the afternoon, and she told me "We better get up and dressed. Amy will be coming home soon from the sitters."

Judy called the sitter to bring Amy home. The four of us went out to dinner. Midway through the meal I excused myself to relieve myself. The sitter, Debbie, turned to Judy and asked "Well?"

Judy asked "Well, what?"

"You know very well what."

Judy whispered to Debbie, "I think he might be the one."

Debbie let out "Oh!"

At that point I returned to the table, and we finished dinner. We drove home to Judy's house. Debbie got in her car and went home. Amy went to her room and did her homework then went straight to bed. Judy and I watched TV until Amy went to bed.

I got up lo leave. I told her "I should be getting home, and you need to get some sleep too. You had a busy day."

Judy hugged me and said, "I'd like to see you again."

I replied "I was going to surprise you in the morning by showing up."

Judy said "Can you be here at 8? I can send Amy to the sitters house again" The after a moment's pause, she asked me "Do you have to leave? I would really like you to spend the night."

In the morning Judy up at 6 AM, and got ready to go to work. Amy went back to school today. Debbie showed up at 8 AM, just as Judy was leaving for work. Debbie did the house cleaning when she was not sitting Amy. I had just finished my morning coffee, and was getting ready to leave for the day. Debbie backed me into a corner, and said sexily, "Just where do you think you're off to? We can spend the day together."

I was unable to move. Debbie was wearing a pullover shirt, and in one swift movement, it was off. She wasn't wearing a bra. She untied the band on her sweat pants, and they dropped easily to the floor. She wasn't wearing panties, and so there she was before me, standing naked. It was obvious I was trying to fight her off of me. I also avoided touching her by holding my arms out to the side.

Neither of us heard Judy walk in the house. She became furious at Debbie. She screeched "You shameless whore. Get away from my man, and don't ever come in my house again." Debbie quickly dressed and left, never to be heard from again.

I asked Judy "I'm your man?"

Judy blushed, and only said, "I'm late for work. Can you be here at 6 for dinner?"

I left to pick an item at the jewelry store. I was back in an hour. I cleaned her house that day, and did her laundry. Amy came home right on time from school. She was happy to see me there. I was sitting down taking a short break, and she gave me a little girl hug and asked "Do you like my mom? I hope you do. I like seeing you around." Well, that was half the battle won, now it all depended on what mom said. Amy went to her room to get finished with her homework.

Judy came home on time, exactly at 6. I called Amy out from her room, and told her to sit down. Judy walked into the room and set her purse down. She knew that something was up when neither Amy nor myself said anything. You could say the silence was deafening. That was my cue. I told Judy to sit down. I reached into my pocket holding the ring out of sight. I dropped to one knee, and asked Judy, offering her the ring "Will you marry me?"

Judy and Amy sat for a second in stunned silence. Then Judy whispered out "Yes, I will" I slid the ring on her finger. We both stood and kissed passionately. Amy came running up and hugged the both of us.

I sat down at eye level with Amy and said to her "I have no tokens to offer you. However, I would be honored if you will be my daughter and my friend."

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