tagIncest/TabooJudy and Uncle Find Love Ch. 05

Judy and Uncle Find Love Ch. 05


This is a continuation of my story "Judy and Uncle Find Love". It's the second installment of Judy's side of the story. I'd like to suggest you read from the original story first so you'll know more about the plot. As always, constructive comments and suggestions are welcome!


After Gary and I split up I dated a few other guys. I had to be careful now. I had a daughter to think of, so I didn't just jump into bed with any guy that came along. That's not to say I was completely celibate! I took advantage of the days Gary had our daughter and used them to full advantage. It was a fun time! For some reason though, I would always mentally compare who I was with to my uncle Don. Occasionally I would think about him as I was undressing the guy I was with, wondering if the cock I was about to play with looked anything like Dons. It was just a fleeting thought most times, but I never forgot that morning when I saw it.

I dated different guys for about a year or two. Some I dated longer than others, but for some reason I kept feeling restless and couldn't connect with any of them for a really long term commitment. I guess I was subconsciously looking for someone who was caring, compassionate, loving and listened to what I had to say, like my uncle Don! Then I was introduced to Jason. He had recently come back from the war. He was a reservist and had been called up to serve in Iraq. He got injured by an IED over there and was sent home and discharged due to his injuries. We were introduced at one of the local watering holes and seemed to hit it off pretty well. I thought he was handsome, intelligent, funny and he was a gentleman that night. When it was time to go, he asked me out for a dinner date the following night and I accepted. Just a little chaste kiss goodnight.

We had a good time the next night, eating at a local Italian place sitting in a back booth getting to know each other better. We talked about what every new couple talk about on their first or second date. Likes, dislikes, experiences, family and friends. I told him about my little girl and found that he liked kids. He told me about his injuries and explained about his troubles with the V.A. and finding work he could do because of the restrictions they placed on him. We learned a lot about each other while sitting in that booth and I found myself liking what I was hearing. Apparently he did too because at the end of our dinner date, we wound up going to a secluded little cove on the lake and lay on a blanket watching the stars as we talked and made out some. I didn't want to go too far yet, but I definitely wanted to keep him interested, so after having my breasts played with and breathing heavy for a while I reached into his pants and gave him a quick hand job. As I was holding his cock, that thought of my uncle Don popped into my head for just a moment. They were a lot alike. Both former Army guys, handsome, strong and seemed to care about me. After getting him off I told him I had to get home to my baby. He reluctantly agreed and took me home. We made plans to get together for the following weekend.

When he came over the next weekend he got to meet my little girl. They seemed to hit if off pretty well while I got ready for my date. My former boyfriend Gary was going to take her for the weekend and the two guys met when he came to pick her up. After Gary left we decided to go for a boat ride on the lake for the afternoon. It was a nice day spent getting to know each other more. We held hands and kissed a lot. As the afternoon waned we decided to go back to my house and fix ourselves dinner there so we stopped at the grocery store and picked up some food and went home. After dinner Jason helped me clear the table and wash the dishes. At one point he took a hand full of soap suds and covered my nose with them and we both laughed. I scooped up a little water in my hand and tossed it at him and he did the same. Turned out to be a water fight and at the end we were both drenched but were laughing like crazy. Then he took me in his arms and kissed me passionately.

Laughing time was over. We made out standing in the kitchen for about ten minutes before I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. We kissed more and I started to unbutton his shirt. As I slid it off his shoulders he let it fall to the floor and he started on my blouse. When he had it unbuttoned he slid the shirt down my arms a bit trapping my them at my side and stopped it there. He reached up to unclasp my bra and it slid to the side exposing my breasts to his gaze. With my arms trapped at my sides he gently pushed me back against the wall holding me there. He bent down and sucked in a nipple, flicking his tongue across it. I could feel it getting hard when he switched to my other nipple, repeating what he had done, getting that nipple hard and then he bit down on it pretty hard. "OWW!"

The pleasure of him sucking on my nipples was turning me on but I wasn't prepared for the jab of pain when he bit down on my nipple. It sent a jolt through my body that I didn't really understand. It hurt, but the pleasure that preceded it tempered the pain. Then he started to lick and suck on my nipple some more causing me to moan with pleasure. And he bit me again! The pleasure/pain he was causing me was something I wasn't used to but I found it to be exciting and it began to turn me on more. I wanted to reach up and pull his face tighter to my breasts but I couldn't because my shirt and bra had my arms pinned to my sides.

He licked his way up my body and we kissed passionately. My breathing was becoming labored as I struggled with the shirt detaining my arms. I wanted so much to run my hands across his hard body and pull him close to me, but I couldn't. Then he reached up and grabbed my teats and squeezed them causing the nipples to pop out. He grabbed both and began twirling them between his fingers and pulled out on them, stretching them as far as he could. The pain shot through me. "Ohhh!" It was like there was a direct conduit to my pussy. The more he pulled and caused pain, the wetter I could feel my pussy getting! "Ummmm, yea." Nobody I had ever been with had treated me like this. I was the one usually in control when I was with a guy, but with Jason, I had lost that control. He had me pinned against the wall and was ravishing my breasts and I could do nothing to stop him.

"Ohhh, Jason! Let me feel you!" I pleaded with him.

"No! I have wanted to do this to you since we first met. You have turned me on and teased me, making me wait for this chance to have you." He pulled my nipples again and kissed me under the chin as I threw my head back and moaned. "We have all night, but for now, I have you right where I want you. Stand there and don't move!"

He began to kiss his way back down to my breasts kneeling in the process. He dropped my teats and reached for my belt, undoing it and the button on my jeans. He slid the zipper down, reached up and tugged my pants down around my ankles. The thong I was wearing was plastered to my pussy, dripping with my secretions. Jason leaned in rubbing his nose across the top of my pussy and inhaled as he reached up and began to again tweak my nipples. "Somebody is a little excited, aren't they?" He stated. "Your pussy is soaking wet! Do you like me being in charge?" He rubbed his face back and forth across my pussy, pressing in and pinning my ass against the wall. Each time he did this it would put pressure on my hidden clit just like he was rubbing it directly. Shots of pleasure went through me and my knees began to buckle. I wanted to spread my legs to give him better access, but my jeans were still around my ankles!

"Stand up straight!" Jason commanded. I did as I was told. He reached and pulled my panties down my legs until they too were bunched at my ankles. I was essentially bound and naked in front of him, pinned to the wall. I felt so vulnerable and embarrassed. He was looking directly at my most private parts from a vantage point mere inches away and I could do nothing to change that. I was embarrassed because I was so turned on I could feel my pussy juice leaking out of me and I knew he could see it. He again reached up and began to squeeze my breasts. He leaned in and pressed his lips against my vulva. I could feel his tongue snaking out and it forced its way between my lips. He pressed harder against me forcing it deeper and began to wiggle it around. With the position I was in he could only go so low on me, but his nose would push against my clit when he tried to reach my opening. Finally, he began to lick up the slit between my lips, drawing my juices out of me and spreading them over my lips. With each flick of his tongue I got wetter. His tongue was driving me insane. I pressed my hips forward trying to get more pressure on my clit. After what seemed hours but was just a couple of minutes he reached down and grabbed my pussy, spread my lips and began licking directly on my clit. "Hummmnnnn", he moaned as he flicked his tongue.

That was the final straw. I came in buckets! I know I screamed. "FFFUUUUUUUCCCKKK! I'm cumming!" I could feel my whole body tense and then I just about collapsed. Jason had to catch me as my arms and legs were still bound by my clothes. As I relaxed he lowered me to my knees and began to undo his belt and pants. When he was fully undressed I looked up to see his hard cock bobbing in front of my face. I tried to shrug my shirt and bra off so I could hold him but he stopped me. "No. Stay just like that. Leave your shirt on and open that beautiful mouth. I'm going to fuck it!"

I sat back on my heels and he shuffled up to me and began rubbing his cock all over my face. The precum that had been at his tip was spread across my eyelids and nose. He smacked my face with his hardness a couple of times and then pulled back, teasing me before plunging it into my mouth. Not totally prepared for his invasion, I gagged as he hit the back of my throat with his man meat. I was still catching my breath from my orgasm and his cock kept blocking off my airway each time he rammed it into my mouth.

I was finally able to catch my breath after he pulled back and waited a moment and when he slid it back in I began to lick his shaft. Once I started to do that Jason grabbed the side of my head with his hands, taking in fistfuls of my hair and holding me also by my ears. Still bound, he began pulling me towards him as he forced his cock deeper and deeper. Even though he was forcing more of himself into my mouth with each thrust, I began to relax my muscles and I finally swallowed his whole cock. My nose was buried in his pubic hair and he held me that way until I began to run out of air. It was only when I started to cough in an attempt to expel him from my throat that he loosened his hold and I slid back, gasping for a breath.

"Oh Judy. Your mouth is just amazing. I love fucking it!" He grabbed my head again and rammed his cock back into my throat, held it for a second and let me go. "Oh, yea. Take my cock. Swallow it all!" Ramming forward and holding my head again, I coughed and tears started to run down my cheeks before he released me letting me catch my breath. I had never been abused like this by any other man I had been with. There I was, on my knees, bound with my own clothes and having my face thoroughly fucked by this big cock! I was a bit intimidated and a lot turned on. My pussy was gushing. I could feel my juices running down my thighs as he kept thrusting in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. His balls slapping against my chin with each thrust.

I knew he was getting close to cumming because he kept speeding up his thrusts and grunting each time he bottomed out in my throat. "Uhmm, uhmm, uhmm!" he would grunt. "Fuck yeah! Here it comes my little slut! I'm going to shoot my load right down your throat!" He sped up a few more strokes and then leaned over and grabbed my head tight and with one powerful thrust of his hips, embedded his cock as deep into my throat as he could! My nose was buried in his belly and his cock was deep in my throat. I could feel it expand a little and then throb as he shot ropes of hot cum directly into my stomach! "Ahhh! Ahhh! Take it! Yes!" he screamed holding me tightly against him. Completely cut off from air, I began to pull back and cough. He realized he had to let me breathe and as his last shots of salty cum entered my mouth he pulled back until just the head was between my lips. I flicked my tongue across it as I swallowed his seed. It took about three times before I was able to get it all and he just held his softening cock between my lips while he caught his breath and the last bit of cum dribbled out of him. It must have been a powerful orgasm because through my tears I could see his legs shaking from the strain of standing up!

Then he surprised me. He pulled out of my mouth and tilting my head back, leaned over and locked his lips against mine while he forced his tongue into my mouth. He passionately kissed me! Hardly any of the guys I had been with previously had done that. I knew he could taste his own cum, but it didn't seem to bother him at all. Then he knelt down and looked directly into my eyes and said; "Oh my God Judy! That was just amazing! I've never cum that hard in my life. Seeing you there, vulnerable, unable to move and on your knees, did something to me. Something inside me just seemed to click and all I could think of was sliding my cock between those beautiful lips of yours." He kissed again and hugged me. Then he stood and helped me to my feet. He hugged and kissed me again and then he lifted me up and carried me to his bedroom, still bound by all my clothes.

He sat me down on the edge of his bed and gently removed my shirt and bra. Finally, I was able to reach him. I wrapped my arms around him and drew him down for a passionate kiss. "Obviously, I'm no virgin, but no man has ever treated me so roughly and forced me to have sex like that. I'm usually the one in charge! Being bound by my own clothes and being told what to do was a totally different experience for me. I was nervous at first and afraid of what you might do, but I was so turned on! When you bit my nipples, it hurt, but in a good way and made me wet. The more you pulled and bit them, the wetter I got! Then you pulled my pants and panties down and licked me till I came. It felt so good cumming like that. All I wanted to do was touch you and do to you what you did to me but I couldn't because I was still bound by my clothes. Then you fucked my face with that beautiful cock of yours. I had no control whatsoever! I could hardly breathe you were so deep in my throat! It was so hot being used like that! I loved it."

We kissed again and he lay me back on his bed and removed my shoes, pants and panties. We slid up the bed and he leaned over and gently kissed me. "I wanted to do that from the first moment I saw you. Your face is so pretty and those lips of yours are so pouty and hot! All week I have thought of nothing but sliding my cock between them and imagining what that would feel like. What it would be like to fill that mouth with my cum. I'm sorry, but you are one hot, sexy woman and I just couldn't resist myself." Jason started to rub my breasts and he very gently pulled my nipples making them hard again. He leaned over and licked them gently and kissed each of the tips. "When I saw these beautiful breasts and these big nipples I knew I had to play with them. I really didn't expect to be so rough at first, but you seemed to get so turned on when I bit down on them I couldn't help it. Now though, all I want to do is just make love to you." Jason began to suck on my hardened nubs and he reached down and ran his fingers through my sopping wet pussy lips.

I was still pretty wet from earlier and his gentle playing with my nipples and pussy had me completely soaked in no time. I reached for his cock and found it to be hard already. I stroked it a few times and then Jason rolled over on top of me as I spread my legs for him. We kissed as we rubbed against each other and he slowly slid his hard cock into my waiting vagina. It was at a slow, steady pace that we made love. It took a while for both of us to cum. We held each other tightly afterwards and drifted off to sleep.

We made love twice more that night, the last time just as the sun was rising. Afterwards, I felt pretty comfortable with him and thought he might be a keeper. He seemed to be so much like I imagined my Uncle Don would be with me if given the chance!

To be continued.

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