tagErotic CouplingsJudy: Hank & Betty's Party

Judy: Hank & Betty's Party


[Although this story stands by itself, readers might enjoy it more if they read Judy: The Baby-sitter and Judy: Prom Night first. This is a work of fiction. It is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies, and as such, may or may not be completely realistic. All locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


Well now, a while back I was telling you my tale about me (Hey-Jude, remember?) on my senior prom night and about one of my eventful times baby sitting for the Smithsons, Hank and Betty. I think I ended with Hank's promise of a private party with the guests to be Hank, Betty, and myself. True to their word, a number of weeks later, Hank and Betty had shipped their two kids off to their maternal grandparents for a four day, fourth of July long weekend and Dad and Mom were ready to party!

I was on my way over to Hank and Betty's. I was driving my little Toyota Prius, a high school graduation present from my parents. It would come in very handy at State College this fall as my off-campus apartment was a mile or more from the main campus quad. I was thinking about the fun to cum at the pending party as I pulled to the curb in front of the Smithson house. Hank met me at the door and invited me in. He was dressed in shorts, a tank top, and sandals, sans socks.

"Why so 'warmly' dressed in July, Hank?" I asked.

"Because we are taking this little party to our cabin," he replied. "And if you think this is too much clothes, just you wait, little girl, I won't be in them long!"

I had heard about the Smithsons "cabin in the woods," and the rumors about town concerning what sometimes went on in that cabin, but I had never been there (or so I thought at that moment). Apparently, that was about to change. I was wearing a loose halter top, short shorts, and sneakers with no socks. I was also sans bra and panties. (yeah, I'm no longer a shy little girl)

Hank looked me up and down, drooled a little, and said, Betty has some windbreakers and sweaters that may fit you well enough, as well as some jeans unless you would rather drive back home and get some."

"No, Betty and I are close enough in size that I think I can get by with the offer. What about swim wear?" I asked.

"We don't usually wear swim gear at the cabin. We go skinny dipping!" was Hank's answer. "As a matter of fact, we don't wear much for clothes the whole time we are out at the cabin. Sort of a private family nudist get away, so you won't need much in the way of a change of clothes, outer wear or inner wear. OK?"

"OH!" I replied as my face flushed just a little. "I, I, I think I can live with that," I stuttered out in a sort of 'caught off guard' reply.

"Good," gurgled Hank, "we have the van packed and as soon as I pull it out of the way, you can pull your car up on the drive for the weekend. Then we can get underway. It is only about an hour and a half drive out to the secluded lake where the cabin is located."

"OK," I replied.

Hank and Betty's van was a full sized, long wheel base, extended body, fifteen passenger, Ford van. It was customized to the hilt. The roof was raised to provide more stand up headroom. Pretty curtains, color keyed to the interior, adorned the back window and all the side windows and could be drawn shut for privacy. I also saw a folded back curtain on either side of the van right behind the two front seats that could also be drawn closed to provide complete privacy for the rear area. The window curtains from the rear of the cockpit area all the way back were in fact, drawn shut now.

Like the cabin, I had never been inside the van before either. What luxury! All the seats from the cockpit back were captain's chairs and in place of the last row, maybe two, of seats, was a knee high, wall-to-wall bed! WOW!

Most surprising of all, stretched out full length on her back in the middle of that bed, naked as the day she was born, was a luscious, horny, and wet pussied Betty, who grinned from ear to ear like a chessie cat! She was rubbing a big fat dildo up and down her glistening slit. Before I could fully comprehend that scene, another body rose from between the seats to my right and sat up on the seat. I could only see the top third or so of his body, but it was bare. I wondered if the rest of his body was also bare.

"Sorry," he said, "I was chasing the pencil I dropped. My name is Devan, what's yours?"

Astonished, I replied, "I'm Judy. Who are you, Devan?"

"I am Betty's twenty year old nephew from Denver. I just graduated from a junior college out there in a computer program and I am here visiting for a week before I go to my new job."

"OH!" was all I could answer at this point.

Devan continued, "I have been cumming to Hank and Betty's cabin for a week every summer since I was eight years old."

As if that explained everything and, I guess it did.

"Meanwhile," said Betty, as the van got underway, "I have been warming up for you, Judy, so come and join me. Devan, why don't you undress her and I will warm her up for you!"

"My pleasure, indeed," replied Devan, "if you do not object, Judy."

I turned my full attention on Devan for the moment and looked him up and down from head to foot as he stood and stepped out in the center aisle. He wasn't quite naked yet, he still wore his boxers, but nothing else. The bulge in his crotch was tenting those boxers so far out, he must have been very uncomfortable. "No," I said with a twinkle in my eye and a mischievous smile on my lips, "I don't guess I mind at all!"

Devan proceeded to unfasten my halter top and slowly let it fall forward into his hands, revealing in the process, my braless boobs in all their now erect nipple glory.

"Ohhh, nice tits," was Devan's reaction.

"Why thank you sir," I said while grabbing a handful of his crotch, "your equipment seems quite nice also. I hope you don't keep me waiting too long!"

Without reply, Devan then lifted first one foot of mine and then the other and removed my sneakers. The shorts were next. Devan hooked his fingers into the waistband and slowly, ever so slowly, tugged them down my legs to reveal my pantyless and clean shaven pussy a half inch at a time. My pussy was already slightly puffy and turning reddish with blood flow. Pussy juice was also in obvious evidence! I guess one could say I was already heating up quite a lot.

"Wow, your pussy is also very nice. And very wet!" croaked Devan.

When I was at last completely naked, Devan helped me up onto the waterbed, but not before he got his hand between my legs and got a handful of my pussy with one finger sliding all the way into my cunt, eliciting a sharp "OOHH" from me! Devan's hand and fingers dropped away, dripping, as I wallowed out into the center of the bed to join Betty, who was steadily massaging her slit with that giant, black dildo as she had been doing while watching Devan disrobe me. My nipples were standing proud, straight out in erection.

I took the dildo from Betty and as I spread her nether lips with one hand, I began to insert the dildo into her love tunnel. I looked back at Devan to see he had lost his boxers and was slowly stroking his man meat. Oh, God, he was hung like the proverbial horse! Precum was steadily leaking onto his moving hand. I turned back to Betty and straddled her, placing my pussy over her mouth so she could give me some action. My left hand gave Betty's clit some attention while my right hand continued to work that big dildo in and out of her cunt. Suddenly, Betty stiffened and then began to shake as her orgasm claimed her.

I crawled off of Betty and sat on me knees to watch her cum and cum. I felt a pair of hands encircle me from behind and felt delicious shivers as those hands, the right one very sticky, each filled themselves with my boobs. I also felt a very large and erect cock crushed vertically into the small of my back. Devan! Damn, I thought, he surely is b i g! Betty crawled off the bed as I sprawled in the middle of it on my back, Devan following close behind.

Devan sprawled full length on top of me and began kissing me all over my face and neck and threw in some ear nibbling as well. I began to shiver and get goose bumps on my feet and lower legs. Devan kissed down to my boobs and the goose bumps moved up to include my thighs. Devan laved and kissed on one boob while his hand worked over the other one and then he switched boobs. When he started biting my nipples, the goose bumps rose to my belly.

As Devan worked his tongue lower, I began to shiver harder and the goose bumps grew larger. Throwing caution to the wind, Devan suddenly dived directly into my pussy slit with his tongue and began to stutter-lick his way up and down my gash, passing over my love tunnel entrance with a quick dart in and back out. When he got to the top and my clit, he chewed on it and the goose bumps moved up to my boobs.

While chewing on my clit, Devan began to insert a finger into my pussy entrance and, keeping his finger curled upward, began to rake it towards the entrance of my pussy. He did this repeatedly, pausing on my sweet spot in the process. The goose bumps rose to my neck and I began to shake uncontrollably. I shuddered into a quacking orgasm and I squirted cum juice all over Devan's hand as my orgasm rolled on and on for a number of minutes.

My boyfriend, David was a stud and good at sex, but not this good. He had never made me squirt like I did for Devan. My God, he hadn't even fucked me yet! Devan soon remedied that. His cock was rock hard and standing straight out and he must have been really juiced, watching me orgasm. Devan wasted no more time and swiftly mounted me and plunged balls deep in one, swift and hard thrust. Yikes, but he really filled me full and made me see stars!

Devan began to stroke me slowly with his huge cock, but as I responded by pushing my hips up to meet his thrusts, his speed rapidly increased until we were pistoning together in a blur of motion and grunts. "Uh, Uh, Uh," we chorused in unison as we slammed together. The bed was shaking so hard, we were causing the van to sway and Hank was having trouble controlling it.

"Ease up you two," Hank yelled back, "You're about to make me lose control and run us off the road!"

Our answer was a final, massive thrust that slammed Devan's big cock home with near bone crushing force and we both climaxed together. Still coupled together, we crashed into a pile of stillness as I shivered in rolling orgasms for five minutes and Devan pumped and pumped his cock cream in one ropy string after another, into the depths of my pussy.

"Holy shit!" was Devan's only utterance.

"Ditto!" I rasped out.

"Jesus H. Christ!" was Hank's contribution.

"Well, I never!" Betty added as a closer.

My God, I thought, if this is to go on like this all weekend, I will be an organic pile of quivering shit cum Sunday night! The dead silence continued for some time, everyone contemplating their own thoughts on what just transpired.

Hank finally broke the silence as he pulled off into a rest area that conveniently appeared and said, "Devan, slip into something and take over the wheel. After that performance, I am so hot my balls will burst if I don't get my rocks off ASAP."

Hank was naked before he got all the way back to the bed. His raging hard on was so intense that I could see his whole cock expand and contract as his blood pulsed through it. The bulbous helmet was turning all shades of red and purple and the precum wasn't just bubbling up, it was squirting. I think some of it was more than precum. He jumped onto the bed and mounted me so fast it made my head spin. When I shook my head and looked, Hank was already balls deep into my cunt and was pounding away like there was no tomorrow. So much for tenderness and a kinder, gentler fuck! This was pure animal lust and aggression. And I loved it! I responded immediately, meeting Hank, thrust for thrust just as hard as I could push.

I was still more than half full of Devan's cock cream so Hank and I were really squishing away, sounding like a runaway old Maytag wringer washing machine! The action did not last long, we were both too highly charged. In minutes, Hank blew his load in blast after blast to overload my pussy channel as his cum mixed with Devan's and I started once more into a series of rolling orgasms and unloading more pussy juice into the already mixed load of cum spilling out of me around Hank's cock.

"I don't suppose either of you two studs have anything left for me, do you," moaned Betty.

"Give me five," replied Hank, "and I think I can take you on as well."

"And by then, I can have a go at you too," cried Devan from the driver seat.

"Well, let's get with it than, Hank," moaned Betty as she continued to furiously stroke herself with her fingers. I am more than ready after watching you two studs fuck this little girl and she must need a respite by now."

I sat in a Captain's chair and recuperated. When Hank finished with Betty, he reclined another chair and collapsed into it. I don't think I noted it earlier, but the chairs were all leather covered and easy to wipe down after such things as cum juices from cocks and pussies dribbled all over them. And right then, Hank's cock was definitely smearing up his chair as he dropped into a dazed slumber after his frenzied sex bouts.

Devan called from up front, "Hey-Jude, cum and take over the wheel awhile, I'd like to play with Betty for a while."

"Ok," I shot back, "but I think I'll have a little fun and stay naked while I drive, give the truckers a lift!" Devan pulled off onto the shoulder and I took over the wheel, jay bird naked. God, I thought, this weekend is sure starting off with a bang or two right off the bat! I pulled back onto the roadway and roared off down the Interstate.

I pulled up beside an eighteen wheeler and hung right beside the driver. I realized I was across my vehicle from him and he could not see all that much, but I got a real toot from his air horn. I also got more than a toot from the car behind me that wanted around! I sped up and passed the truck and yelled back to Hank. "Get your butt up here and drive again, Hank, I need to get in the passenger seat to give these truckers any real show."

"Oh, all right, just give me time to slip on shorts and a shirt."

I pulled off at the upcoming exit. Hank, in his excitement about getting under way for the weekend, had forgotten to fill the tank and now we needed gas. We could switch drivers at the gas station. I pulled up to the pumps and wiggled across to the passenger seat as Hank climbed out to fill the tank. Visible from my naked tits up, I drew a lot of interested male stares as I sat in my seat, waiting for Hank to finish pumping and paying for our gas. A couple of women gave me some really dirty looks, but I just ignored those. Finally, Hank climbed back behind the wheel and we drove out to the Interstate to continue our journey.

We only got to pass five trucks before we had to exit onto the road that would take us to the cabin. The first trucker had a hard time looking away from me long enough to keep his truck in his lane. When I lifted my right boob to my mouth and started sucking on my nipple, he almost sideswiped us! Hank gunned it on around and we caught up to the second truck.

This driver gave me a thumbs up and a long blast on his air horns along with a really friendly, big smile. We gave him a long look before we sped on down to number three.

After the driver got a look at my boobs and became aware of what was going down, I managed to lean back some and get my hips up to window level (albeit a side view) and began to massage my clean shaven pussy. Hank tapped my thigh with something and I looked down to see a ten inch dildo in his hand. I took it and held it up for the truck driver to see and he gave three blasts on his air horns. Slowly, I rubbed the tip up and down my slit and than began a slow invasion of my cunt, inch by slow inch. I believe the driver actually began to drool some! I know he did give us a hell of a long blast on his air horns as my pussy at last swallowed all ten inches, leaving only the small butt end in view.

Because our exit was fast approaching, we gave drivers four and five a short show of me sliding the dildo in and out. They also showed their satisfaction with air horn blasts. What a blast for me, pun intended!

The short remainder of the drive was uneventful, until we got to the cabin. I immediately recognized the cabin, even though it was dark the only other time I had seen it. Yes, it was the selfsame cabin of prom night! No one had ever told me that Hank was Jim's uncle. I kept my previous knowledge of the cabin to myself, however. Except for Hank, who was driving, we were all naked as we disembarked and began unloading the van. Hank wasn't out of the van more than two minutes before he joined us in the au natural state.

Well, I thought, the party was supposed to start now. But,I already felt like I had been to a number of parties and my pussy was sore. I suspected my poor little pussy was going to be blistered before this weekend was over. But I still could not wait for more man meat to play with. Since David turned me on prom night, I just could not get enough sex. I was now insatiable! One man was never going to keep me satisfied now.

The next chore for the men was to make sure there was plenty of firewood for the weekend. Nights along the lake shore can get quite cool, even in July. Hank and Devan were once again sporting raging hardons, most likely from observing Betty and I running around naked.

As Devan picked up the ax, I snickered, "You guys better watch what you're doing and not get those joy sticks in the way of your chopping or you will ruin our weekend!" That comment must have sunk in with Hank because his boner started wilting on the spot! Betty and I busied ourselves getting some food ready as we were all ravenously hungry after all our exertion since our morning start.

After lunch, the first item of business was for all of us to acquire a good coat of sunscreen. That soon put raging boners on the boys again, but that was good as their cocks need sunscreen too! Devan stuck his cock at the entrance of my cunt from behind, but I pushed him away, saying, "If you stick that in me, all your sunscreen will dissolve and I will have to do your cock all over again."

"Great!" was Devan's one word reply as he stepped up, grabbing my hips and pulling me onto his huge boner. After a pleasurable five minutes of slow fucking, with neither of us climaxing, Devan pulled out of me and I had to grease him up again. Of course I used some extra strokes in the process. I noticed that Hank and Betty had followed our example, to the letter!

We all finally made it to the beach area and spread out blankets to sunbathe. We spent most of the rest of the day, dozing and taking the sun with someone waking just often enough to keep us rotating so no one burned to a crisp on one side. In the very late afternoon we all had become so hot that we ran for the water and a swim. Cocks were hard again and both Betty and I received a delicious underwater fuck from both men. Personally, though, I prefer my fucking on dry land and best on a bed.

After our swim and play, we ambled up to the cabin where Betty and I fixed supper and the boys lit a fire in the fireplace. That evening, we did a daisy chain fuck fest on the blanket covered puncheon floor in front of the fire. We wore the boys out first, and then Betty and I went into a 69. My tongue on her pussy matched her tongue on my pussy, lap for lap. The boys helped out with Hank alternating between my clit and my nipples with his fingers and Devan doing the same to Betty while our tongues kept working.

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