tagBDSMJudy Reveals Her Dreams

Judy Reveals Her Dreams


We were having a pleasant dinner when my wife asked if I had ever known anyone that wanted to be physically abused for sexual gratisfaction. I told her no but that I had read that some people did enjoy it. Judy then explained that she had read some stories about people who enjoyed being spanked and this had excited her. She then went on to explain that she had read several more stories and was strangely turned on by them in a way which she didn't understand. I asked if she would like to explore this further and if she would I would be glad to help. Judy responded with she wasn't sure.

A few days later Judy told me that she would like to have me spank her as she couldn't get this out of her mind. I had been reading some of the stories that Judy had been reading and it seemed like it could lead some very kinky sex. We had some wine and smoked a joint then Judy got naked and lay across the bed with her alluring ass open to my gaze. I must say at this time that Judy has a large ass and heavy thighs which are very sexually appealing to me. I got a leather belt that I wore with my jeans, about 2" wide but glove leather soft, and asked if it would be o. k. to use it to spank her with. Judy looked at it and gave her approval.

I was apprehensive as to how hard should I hit her, I brought the belt down across her ass, she said harder, I hit her with more force, she asked me to hit her harder. I then brought the belt across her ass with a much greater force; Judy moaned that this was good. I gave her 10 lashes at this level, Judy's ass was bright red and to my surprise she was in the middle of a strong orgasm. I brought the belt down on her upper thighs which caused the orgasm to be even more intense. I was afraid to continue because I didn't want to really hurt her. I had no idea that spanking my wife's ass would be such a turn on for me.

I wanted to fuck her; I spread her legs and took her from behind. Her vagina was sloppy wet from her orgasms and really hot. I had never felt a pussy that was as hot as this; it was like she had a fever of 104 degrees in her vagina it felt great. My cock had never been this hard before, I had never been turned on like this before. I pushed the full length of my cock into this furnace of passion; the feeling was beyond any thing I had ever experienced. Judy seemed to be in the same state of excitement as I, she was pushing back as hard as I was pushing forward, we were both trying to get more of my cock inside her. Judy would let out a moan then scream for me to fuck her harder.

She told me to squeeze her tits as hard as I could that she wanted them to hurt. I did as she asked, I took her tit in my hand and squeezed, she moaned louder and said harder. I squeezed harder. I took the nipple of her other tit and squeezed it digging my finger nails into her flesh. Judy had another orgasm; it was obviously strong as her pussy tightened around my cock. This was all I could handle as I exploded inside her. We both collapsed on the bed with me on top of her and my now shrinking cock still in her.

My cock softened and slipped from her, I moved beside her putting my hand on her ass still feeling the heat from the earlier spanking. My sweet darling wife gave me a kiss and thanked me for the best sexual experience of her life. We were both exhausted and drifted off into a blissful sleep.

This was the first time I spanked Judy but it turned into a ritual that we both still enjoy.

Judy admitted that she had often had felt that she might have masochistic tendencies, now we both knew that she did. Because of this discovery we changed our sex life from the basic missionary type to one that involved some weird and unusual kinky activities. We agreed that, within reason we would at least try once anything that the other wanted no matter how "kinky".

Over the next week we both drew up a list of things we would like to experience, we agreed that nothing would be too outrageous or perverted to discuss. We decided that we would present our "fantasies and desires" on Saturday morning and that we would both be nude at the time. Saturday came, we sat down with our lists of wants, I suggested we smoke a joint before we started and Judy agreed. Being the gentleman that I am I insisted that Judy be first.

Being the well organized and meticulous person she is Judy opened a folder and read the first item:

After careful consideration I would like to be tied to a bed and be forced to have oral, anal and vaginal intercourse with several men, I would like to have them one at a time then three at once. I want to know how it feels to have all orifices filled at the same time. I want five or six men involved in this activity. I want you to watch and be the last to fuck me. No one will use a rubber and they will all cum inside me, after you fuck me I want you to suck all the cum from my pussy.

Next item:

I would like to have sex with another woman, I want you there also and after we finish we can both fuck you.


I want to be tided in different positions and spanked; you have to do this because I can't trust anyone else to stop when I want. I also want you to torture my tits and vagina. I want to be suspended with my arms above my head and let you torture me any way you want.


I will willingly become your sex slave and pledge to do your bidding.

After hearing this I knew that I had to revise my wants, I liked hers much better. The thought of seeing her with another woman was cool but the thought of watching her in a gangbang was mind numbing. I was really turned on to the spanking and torture idea and having a sex slave was utopian.

I told Judy that I agreed to her wants and desires and would be glad to participate in them.

I then brought up my list; first I wanted her to know that anything she wanted was o k with me.

I liked the idea of the gangbang and had no problem with cleaning her pussy afterwards; I have always sucked and licked her after we fucked. I also wanted to lick her pussy while she was being fucked. I told her that I wanted to perform oral sex on her while she had her period and that when she went to pee I wanted to lick her dry instead of her drying herself.

So far as her being with another woman I was all for that, one of my favorite fantasies has always been fucking a babe while I was eating another. I also have a desire to lick a woman's asshole; I guess because it seems so taboo.

I am also looking forward to tying her to the bed or hanging her from the ceiling and spanking her ass, legs and tits. Since I know how strong her orgasms are while she is being spanked I will make sure she has several. I promised to study different ways to make her feel pain without causing any physical damage to her.

A sex slave, how could I improve on that, I am looking forward to how this progresses?

Judy blushed and agreed to every thing we had addressed.

Needless to say that after these negotiations I had a monster erection and wanted to fuck, so did Judy. I laid her on the couch and entered her sloppy wet pussy. Evidently she was as turned on as much as I was. We went into a sexual frenzy, Judy told me to bite her tits which I did, she said harder. I was concerned that I would bite her nipple off; she held my head on her tit and screamed harder. We both reached an explosive climax, me filling her cunt with the biggest load I have ever shot, my cum was running from her pussy down her ass and on the couch. Judy was also excreting massive amounts of pussy juices. After we came back to earth Judy asked if I would please clean her pussy of all the fluids we had deposited there. It took me a long time to suck this juice from her vagina and the crack of her ass but I managed.

I went to a store that sold items for BDSM activities; I bought some ropes, pulleys and hooks. As I was checking out the cashier looked at me with a strange smile on her face and asked if I was going to hang some thing. I responded with a nervous yes. She then offered her help if I needed it. I made a mental note to remember her offer.

We live on 3 acres where our nearest neighbor is several hundred yards away, the reason I mention this is that we didn't have to worry about making noise that would bother anyone. We had decided that we would convert part of our garage into our sexual playhouse.

Judy and I together planed how we would set things up. First we would build a room in a corner of the garage, making it large enough to hold a bed and two couches. There would be an open space where I could hang Judy from the ceiling so I would have easy access to all areas of her when we got into the B & D part of our new sex life. I was eagerly looking forward to this.

In a month we had finished our playroom, we had a king sized bed and one couch with white carpet and the walls painted red. I managed to install hooks in the ceiling that would support Judy with no trouble.

I went back to the BDSM store to get something to use beside ropes to suspend Judy. The lady that had waited on me on my previous trip asked how things were going. I was surprised that she remembered me and also a little flattered. I explained what I wanted; she took me to the rear of the store where there was a variety of wrist cuffs. She picked a pair with a soft lining that were about three inches wide, she explained that these would be the most comfortable. They had a steel ring to attach a chain or rope too. I told her that they would do.

As we headed back to the front of the store she told me her name, Patti, and asked mine. I told her Lee, Patti was about the same size as Judy 5'3", 115 pounds with long auburn hair. Judy's hair is dark brown, the big difference between them was the size of their tits, Judy is a nice 34"B" Patti is a 34"DD". Patti told me how much I owed her, and then said that she was also into BD fun and if we ever wanted someone to join us she was available. I had to ask if she ever had sex with other women as my wife wanted to try it. To my delight she admitted that she was bi-sexual and enjoyed being with women as well as men. I asked her if she would like to come to our house for a drink and see if we were compatible. I gave her our address and said 6 o'clock would be good if she could make it. Patti promised that she would be there.

I hurried back home to tell Judy that Patti would be there at 6 and that she was bi and also into BDSM. Judy was upset that I had told a stranger about us, I explained that Patti owned the sex shop where I bought our toys. Knowing that calmed her down and she became excited knowing that she might finally have sex with another female. I told Judy what Patti looked like; when I told her about Patti's huge tits Judy got even more excited as she had always been fascinated by big breast.

Judy told me she was going to get ready for this evening, she took a long bath, did her hair and painted her finger and toe nails. Judy rarely used makeup as she has a dark tan, today she did apply eye makeup and put on bright red lipstick which matched her nail color. She put on a pair of self supporting opera hose, no bra or panties, a pair of shoes with 5" heels and a set of silk lounging pajamas. She looked very sexy.

Patti arrived at exactly 6 P. M, she had a small overnight bag and was wearing a sun dress and sandals. I couldn't believe it but she was wearing the same color lipstick and nail polish as Judy. It was obvious that she too was braless as the dress barely covered her large nipples. We went to the living room where Judy was waiting; I introduced them and asked if anyone would like a drink. Judy had made a picture of Margaritas; I said I would get them. When I returned the ladies were sitting on the couch, Patti had her hand on Judies upper thigh and Judy had already removed Patties left tit from her dress. I put the drinks on the coffee table and sat across from them, I said that it looked like they were getting along well. That is when I noticed the lipstick on Patties tit. Patti picked up her drink and swallowed all of it and asked for another. When I returned they were both nude and Judy had her head between Patties wide spread legs. This surprised me as I had expected Patti would have had to make the first move, I was glad that Judy was the aggressor.

I sat on the floor behind Judy so I had a perfect view of her ass and pussy and could see her as she licked Patties clit. It was obvious from the juices flowing from Judies pussy that this turning her on. I noticed that Patti had picked up a leather strap as she leaned forward and brought it down across Judies ass. The sound of the strap hitting flesh brought chills to me as I knew that this blow was harder than I had ever delivered. Judy shivered and a moan escaped from her lips, she raised her head and said to please hit her harder. I could see the pleasure on Patties face as she brought the strap down with much greater force.

Judy jerked forward as the strap came in contact with her ass, I could see tears running down her cheeks as her ass turned dark red. Patti used one hand and pulled Judies face back to her pussy while she struck another blow that was even harder than the last was. At this time both women started convulsing from the orgasms that racked their bodies. The flow from Judies pussy was unreal; it looked more like she was peeing. After a few minuets Judy pulled her face away from Patties pussy and lay on the floor at her feet. Patti looked exhausted and was sprawled on the couch, her pussy gapping open and covered with Judies lipstick.

Naturally I had a super hard cock from watching the activities and no where to put it so I asked if one of the ladies would be kind enough to take care of it. Patti motioned me over and took me in her mouth. She sucked me until I started cumming then directed my cum to her tits. I put quite a bit of juice on them then Patti had me lick it off. This was a first for me; I had sucked cum from pussies before; which I enjoyed but never off tits. Patti said that if she could suck a cock then the guy it belonged too could lick his cum from her body.

We took a break and all had a couple of drinks and smoked a joint. Judy told us how much she liked eating Patties pussy and that she would be glad to do it any time Patti wanted. Patti asked her how her ass felt; Judy said just fine but she could more activity shortly. Patti asked if she could see our play room so we moved to the garage area.

As we entered our special place Patti stopped and looked around, she checked the suspension equipment, made a comment about the nice bed and said she loved the color. She had brought her bag with her, she put it on a table then opened it, she removed a large, 12" by 6" circumference dildo, a set of nipple clamps, a pair of clips to be used on pussy lips and another leather strap. She asked me where the wrist cuffs were that I bought. I got them from the closet and gave them to her. The last item she took from her case was a length of velvet rope. We sat on the couch and had another drink and a little more weed.

Patti told Judy that it was time for her to start her training as a cum slut slave. She then put the wrist cuffs on her and told her to get on her knees, when Judy got into position Patti told her to suck her toes and lick the bottom of her feet. Seeing my strong willed wife on the floor licking another woman's feet was an unsuspected treat. Patti soon had Judy strung up to the pulley hung from the ceiling. Patti got the nipple clamps and attached them to Judies tits; she attached weights to the clamps. She rubbed oil on the dildo and slowly inserted seven or eight inches into Judies willing vagina and using the rope secured it there. Finally she put a blindfold over Judies eyes.

Patti checked to make sure the clamps and dildo were secure; she picked up the leather strap and hit Judy across her ass. Since Judy couldn't see, this caught her by surprise and she let out a scream. Patti gave her four more hard smacks in quick succession. Judies ass was turned to a bright red color and tears were leaking from her blindfold. Judy hadn't made another sound since the first stroke even though the rest were much harder. Patti removed a thin plaited whip from her bag, it was about a quarter of an inch in diameter and maybe thirty inches long. Patti turned to Judy and hit her across her thigh with the "whip", Judy jerked upright as this raised a welt. Patti then asked me if I wanted to continue the whipping.

I decided that if Judy wanted to be treated this way I should be the one using the whip. Patti removed the dildo from Judies pussy and the clamps from her tits so these areas could be whipped. I took the whip from Patti and struck Judies ass and thighs several times; this brought large welts on her body. Patti told me to hit her tits and abdomen, I followed her directions and soon had Judies tits covered with welts and red marks. I wanted to hit her inner thighs and maybe her pussy lips, Patti helped by pulling her legs apart so I could direct my hits to the inner thighs and a couple across her labia. I was on my knees in front of Judy so I could see better where I was hitting her. Her pussy was still gaped open from the dildo; I struck both her thighs then her open pussy. She lost control of her bladder and started dripping pee which was running down her legs. I leaned forward and ran my tongue across her pussy; she tasted good. I stood so I could use the whip on her tits, I hit her several times bringing red welts across both tits then I used the whip on her soft belly.

By this time Judy was crying and begging me to please stop. I put the whip away and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. Patti helped me open the wrist cuffs and we put Judy on the bed. Patti got some oil and started rubbing it on Judies tits and stomach; naturally I was applying the oil to her pussy and thighs. I asked Jude if she was all right.

She said that she had never been better; she explained that she was sore but she was ready for more as soon as she had something to drink and a good hard fuck.

Patti got her a drink and I furnished the fuck. Judy was like a wild woman, she had never acted like such a whore as she did then. She sucked my cock, licked my asshole and insisted that she be on top so she could fuck me. After I filled her sloppy pussy with cum Judy sucked my cock clean. Then she insisted on eating Patti, who in turn buried her face in Judies pussy and cleaned it up.

Judy then said that she would like to watch me fuck Patti. Patti said it was o k with her. It had been a while since I had fucked a woman who was hairless as Patti is; Judy has a full bush of thick auburn pubic hair that I love. I like to start my sexual activities with kisses and oral stimulation of my partner's breast and genital area.

Patti and I got on the bed and started kissing and robbing each others bodies, it only took a minuet before I was sucking and fondling her tits. Soon I was licking her delicious pussy. She has a very large clitoris which I discovered was also ultra sensitive, she started gushing so much pussy juice that I was having a tough time swallowing it all. Patti said she felt like an animal so she wanted me to fuck her like a dog, this was fine with me.

Judy got on the bed and said she wanted to watch this up close so she got under Patti like they were going to do a 69. I got behind Patti and slipped my cock in her well lubricated vagina, the inside of her pussy was not only wet but was very warm and I could feel her flexing her internal mussels. Patti has a super control of her vagina; she can tighten her mussels so that you feel like your cock is in a vise. I was laying on Patties back and watched as she started licking Judies pussy. Judy was licking my cock as it went in and out of Patties cunt. The three of us were moving as one, we were so well connected that we all came at the same instant.

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