tagIncest/TabooJudy's First Time Ch. 02

Judy's First Time Ch. 02


Chapter 2: In The Shower

If you have not read Judy Part 1 please do. That way you will know more about me and Judy.

I awoke about 7:00am. I could smell coffee and bacon. When I opened my eyes I started to think of what happen the night before. Was it a dream? Or did it happen? Did my own niece give me a hand job and then a blow job? I was trying to think of what really happen. I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I heard a knock on the door.

"Uncle Bob... Uncle Bob. Are you awake?" Then a soft knock once more. This is how Judy woke me each morning. A knock on the door and then she would come back once more and knock again. I heard the sound of her walking away.

So last night must have been a dream. Judy would never have done that. Judy was 20 and my sister-in-law's daughter. She was just staying at my place to go to school. I thought of how it felt when she put her hand on my cock. I thought how it felt when she took my cock in her mouth. But then I knew it was just a dream. I would never let that happen. And she would never do that.

Once more I heard the knock. I froze. What could I do? What could I say? The thought of her doing that was making me get hard. I reached down and felt my cock. Yes it was hard. And then once more.

"Uncle Bob. Coffee is on and I have made you some bacon and eggs. May I come in?" I took a swallow and then said.

"Come in Judy. They door is unlocked. I'm still in bed."

The door opened and in she walked. It took all I had in me to look at her. And when I did I thought. No way. This little thing would never suck my cock. She was about 5'6" tall, I guess about 130 to 140 at the most. Looking at her I would say about 38 c or d cup. And she was not all the pretty. She could stand to lose a few pounds.

"Good morning Uncle Bob. And how did you sleep last night?" The way she asked that question was the same way she has always asked me if I slept okay. She came over to the side of the bed. This was the second time she had brought me breakfast in bed. Yesterday was the first. Most of the time I eat in the kitchen with her. But since my fall she was bringing it to me here.

"I slept like a log. It was like I was on a high. I must have slept great. I had this dream. But I have to take that fucking pain pill again. My back is starting to hurt. Are you going to school soon?" It was not like me to talk like that. But then I felt what the hell. I took a sip of coffee.

"You my dear make the best coffee. You are going to make a man very happy." When I said that I thought I had said it once before.

"Yes, I think I will. You told me that before." With that Judy turned and walked out of my room. When she got to the door she looked back over her shoulder. A smile on her face.

"Uncle Bob today is Saturday. I'll be here most of the day. I have some studies to do and I have to go to the store. Would you like anything? And then we can sit and talk, have dinner and then talk some more." She gave me a half smile. More of a grin or smirk. Like a half laugh and a quick push of air out your nose. The door closed and I could hear her walk down the hall.

I had my coffee, bacon and eggs and took my pain pill. I was just finishing when I heard a knock once more.

"May I come in and get your things?"

"Sure, come on in. That was great. You make one hell of a pot of coffee. Judy." I stopped from saying what I was thinking but added. "Judy thanks for all the help you've been. You are great." I was going to ask her about last night but then thought twice about it. It had to be a dream. Every time she came in today her face never let on like we did anything.

Judy walked out the door and pulled it closed the best she could. I got out of bed and stood up. I still hurt. My legs hurt, my back still was hurting like hell. I thought a nice hot shower would do the trick. I got the cane I was to use and went to the bathroom. I peed and then started the shower. I had my pajamas off and my jockeys off and got in the shower. I got the water nice and hot.

When I had this shower put in, I had them put in two shower heads. One at the front and one at the back. That way I had water coming from both ends of the shower. I stood under the shower. I could feel the heat from the water start to work on my muscles. Damn did it feel great. As I stood I started to think of Judy. Was it a dream. I could have sworn that she was in my room last night. But then I did take one to many pills. I felt a breeze and then I heard Judy voice.

"What the hell are you doing? The doctor told you that you could not stand by yourself for more then a few seconds. And here you are taking a shower. He told you when you wanted to bathe to take a bath. So what is it going to be? Bath or shower?"

I could not see her and she could not see me with the curtain. I could see the outline of her. And I knew that she could see the outline of me. I was still in shock from her just walking in on me.

"Judy I never take a bath I always take a shower. I can stand up for that." I had moved the shower curtain to look out at her. The look on her face told me she was pissed. She shook her finger at me.

"Uncle Bob what am I going to do with you. The doctor told you. Well I guess if you are going to stand up in the shower I'm going to have to make sure you don't fall." With that Judy took hold of the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up and off. Then she unhooked the front of her bra. That came off. Then she put her thumbs in her pants and pushed them down. Stepped out of them. The bent some and pulled her panties down. After standing back up she took hold of the shower curtain pulled it to the side and stepped in.

I was in shock. I had not said a word. Judy was now standing in front of me stark naked. I could see her breasts. And what a pair she had. They had to be 36 or 38c's. Her nipples were high. And they did not sag. Not a droop in them at all. I still could not speak. I was still looking at her tits. I went to say something but nothing came out. I started to look down. I got to her stomach. She could have been better. She looked like she was about 15 pounds over. But then this woman was my niece. I swallowed and looked down more. I could see she shaved. I took a deep breath. I was looking at her pussy and I could see her lips. Judy had what I called a high pussy. That is her lips start high. Not low. They were puffy. Smooth and fresh looking. It didn't look like she shaved. Some woman have that shaved look. Nicks and all that. Judy's lips looked smooth, soft and clean. They did not stick out. Her legs came up and then in, down some to make a mound, and then curved in , up and out of sight. Some women have lips that hang. Judy had none. Just a soft smooth mound. But then I have said that.

"Are you just going to look? Turn around so I can get your back. I'm not going to spend all day in here. I'll start with the back."

Without a word from me I turned around and felt her hands on my back. She was washing my back. I still had not said a word. Try as I may I could not think of a thing to say. What do you say to your niece when she is washing your back.

"You know uncle Bob. That I love this shower. The idea of two shower heads is great. Not only does it hit the front but your ass as well. Was this your idea? The two shower heads that is. Not me getting in here with you. I know that you have most likely thought of it. But this is one of those times that it has to be done. You should not me alone in here." As Judy washed she talked. She had my back done and she was almost done with my legs. When her hands reached my ass I pulled my cheeks together. It was a reflex more then anything else. Her hands went right on washing my ass.

"Turn so I can get the front now. And make sure that you hold on to the side. If you fall now you will take me with you. And then who will take care of us? Come on. Turn around." I did as I was told and I was looking at her tits once more. Water running down them and dripping off her nipples. I watched the water run down her stomach on and into her crack by her pussy. It ran down and off the bottom like a waterfall. Judy's hand started to wash my chest. She took a bath sponge and put soap on it. She washed my chest and then started to wash my nipples.

As Judy spoke I was thinking to myself. 'she is acting like this is something she does all the time. Just stripping and getting into the shower, washing her uncle's back. It was like I wasn't even in the shower with her.

"You know uncle Bob. I love your nipples. And the hair on your chest makes me so hot. Last night was the first time I ever tried to suck a cock. I hope that you liked it. Most of the guys that I go out with ask me to suck them. And since I never did it I was scared I do it wrong. So I have never done it. So I just use my hands on them. They like that too. And that way I don't have to fuck them. Not that I haven't fuck before. I love to fuck, but watching them as I jack them off. Now that is a turn on. But when I saw yours I just had to try. And you know what? Before I leave, I'm going to know how to do it right. How does that sound?" Judy never stopped washing me as she talked. She was now washing my cock and it started to get harder. I know. You are thinking that I should have been hard a long time ago. I was more half hard then all the way. But now I was getting hard.

"Judy." I finely could speak. "Judy I think you better stop doing that. I'm going to cum if you don't stop. And I was thinking that you need to get washed too." Judy pulled her hand away. She took a step back and I took the bath sponge from her. I put some soap on it and then she turned her back to me. This was the first time I saw her ass. And what an ass she had. Her hips might be wider then I like and her waist might need to be smaller. But her ass... Damn... I looked down her back and her ass came out about 4 inches. Then curved back in. It curved in and made a small crack when it met her thighs. I would say that if you put a pencil in that crack and it would stay. I started to wash her back. Then down her one leg. I could not bend so I could only get the top of her thigh. Then I started from her back once more and down to the other thigh. Once that was done I started back up. When I got to her ass I dropped the sponge and just used my hands. I put more soap on them and started to wash her cheeks. It was a dream come true. Judy was bending forward some. Not bent, but leaning forward some. Her ass sticking out more. I washed her right cheek and then the left one. Judy then moved her feet apart some. That open her thighs. I ran my hand between her open thighs. Judy then bent just a little. That spread her ass open. I pushed one hand between her cheeks and washed her asshole. I could feel her pushing back and forth some. Not like she was fucking my finger. But as in a reflex. I then moved over some so the shower water would rinse the soap off her. As the water ran across her back and down her ass I rubbed around. I felt her tight ass and I pushed my finger as if I was going to stick it in her butt. She never moved. I rubbed it around some and got about a half inch in. I was moving it in just a little at a time. First a half inch. Then back out. Then I pushed once more. Judy's anal opening , open just enough so I could slid about a half inch more of my finger in. Her ass was way to tight to even take my finger as she stood. I could feel her ass tighten around my finger. I only had about one inch in her and she was acting like I had a six inch cock up her. She was breathing like she just ran a mile.

Her back still towards me I pulled my finger out. I could hear her moan as I pulled it out. It was more a cry then a moan. I took the soap and held it in both hands. I worked up a lather in my hand and reached around her. I now had both her breasts in my hands. The soap on my hand made my fingers glide or float over each of her tits. They felt like balloons. Nice water balloons. My hands worked up and down each one. I worked my hand on the tops and then I worked them under them. I felt her nipples getting hard and I pinched them. Pulled on them some. I love to pinch and pull on a woman's nipple. I have been known to suck and bite them. But not today. I could feel her breast rise and fall as Judy was breathing. I could hear a hissing sound and she sucked air in and let it out of her mouth. I then started to work lower. Down her stomach. Down lower till I was right about her mound. I could feel her pushing out to meet my hand. Hoping to get to my finger faster. I held one hand on her stomach and worked my right hand down about three inches. I felt her mound rising out from between her legs. I then felt the top of her pussy. Then I could hear her moan once more. It came from deep in her body. From down in her throat. From a spot that we all moan from when you are so excited you can't move or speak. It came in one long hiss, and a sound like some one saying "a" hundreds of this. A sound we all love to hear from a woman we at pleasing. Then it stopped.

"Uncle Bob. Please. I need your finger. Please. You have no idea of how I feel. I can feel you cock in the crack of my ass. I feel you hand holding me up and I feel your other hand about to enter my pussy. No man has ever made me feel this way. Please push it in or kill me. I have to have it."

With that said I started to finger my niece. She was holding onto the rails of the door and wall. Her knees bent some and her legs open just enough for my hand to be between her legs. She was in her toes. Then as I pushed my middle finger in she dropped down to her feet. This little cunt knew all the tricks. My finger went all the way in. One time and I had my middle finger deep in her. Now she started to fuck my finger. up and down. She was making her muscles in her ass tighten up and it made her pussy pull up. Not to much but just enough so my finger moved in and out. Her pussy was tight. Really tight. I thought that if I ever fucked her it was going to be hard to get in. Judy's head was bent back and she was breathing so hard I thought she would pass out. Her legs have now closed tight on my right hand and I could feel her pussy working overtime.

"God does that feel good. Yes, just like that push up hard into my cunt. More make me come all over your hand. Fuck does that feel great. Please don't stop. OH... Oh... I can feel it starting." That was all she said. She was falling and I was holding her up. I could feel her muscles tighten up. They held my finger in her pussy. I only had one finger in her but it was so tight. I could not pull it out. Not that I wanted to. But I know it would not come out if I tried.

Then I heard a scream... More like the sound doctors makes you say when they say "open and say Ah." But this went one for about 20 seconds. Judy open her legs and had to take one hand off the rail and pull my finger out. It was that tight. I could not believe it. She was wet inside but so, so tight. Judy sat down in the tub right in front of me and lean back to my legs. Her head bent back some and the look on her face was...

How can I put it in words. I could still see her breasts rising and falling I could still hear her breathing fast and hard. She licked her lips as if they were dry. And the pleasure on her face. A smile that was inches deep in her skin. What other words could describe what I saw. Gratification, joy, delight or gusto. Or just pure LUST. I looked down at that face and I could not believe that I just please this young lady that way.

"Judy, when I get you in bed. I'm going to do that with my tongue."

"Uncle Bob. If you can please my like that with your tongue, I'll never leave. No man has every made me cum that hard, that long or with that much satisfaction. You are one hell of a lover." Judy looked at me and I helped her up. As we stood dressing she told me.

"Uncle Bob. I have had only two men touch me. And they only did it one time each. So please go slow. This is much bigger then you finger." Judy took hold of my cock and squeezed it. Her eyes told me that she was telling me the truth. I bent and kissed her.

"Yes my dear sweet little girl. I'll go slow."

Let me know what you think. And I hope to write about my first taste of her pussy...

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