tagFetishJuicy Lucy Just Watches

Juicy Lucy Just Watches

byThe Needler©

It was a mild September evening; the sun hung low in the Western sky and shone gold through Lucy Lewis' kitchen windows. She sat at the table with two friends of her: Henrietta Delafonte was a woman in her mid 50s, plump and dark; Tammy Laroux was a young woman in her late 20s, skinny and pale, wearing thick frame black glasses, bucktoothed, with short, dark hair. Lucy and Henri wore sleeveless blouses and shorts on a warm, late summer day; Tammy wore the waitress uniform from the local truck stop where she'd gotten off work fifteen minutes earlier. They sat in a circle around a white container candle, passing a joint between them.

"Good shit," Henri exclaimed, blowing a smoke ring.

"Thanks," Tammy replied. "My little brother's pretty worthless, but he finds good weed."

Lucy took a big drag, and passed it back to the young woman. "How long ya been workin' at the truck stop, Tammy?"

"Fifteen years, ever since I convinced 'em I was sixteen." The waitress took a deep drag and held it a long time before exhaling. "Seems like some nights 'r fifteen years long sometimes. Glad I get to quit this week."

Lucy nodded and took another drag. "Yeah, hope things go well for ya with the City. How'd ya get that job?"

"Mercy Mays 'n me went to school together. Her dad was just elected Mayor, and she got me on at City Hall."

"What'cha doin' there?" Henri asked.

"Pushin' brooms, emptying trash. Givin' the mayor a handjob once in a while, sometimes a little head. He been lonely since Mercy's mom died."

Henri nodded approvingly. "You're a kind hearted gal, Tammy, always said that."

"Amen" Lucy added.

"An' you could go far with a job like that."

Tammy blew out a cloud of pungent smoke. "Naw, don't think so. Just tryin' ta put enough money together to get outta here." The older women nodded, and took a sip from the glasses of bourbon sitting in front of them. "How come you ended up here, Lucy?"

The older woman paused a moment, a little dazed from the booze and the herbage. "Just wanted ta get away from my past. Start over."

"Bad relationship?"

"Ya could say that," Henri cut in.

"Henri!" Lucy snapped, then settled down immediately. "Some people say a bad man's better than no man, but that's a crock. . ."

"Amen," Tammy agreed.

". . .An' I'm comfortable here. Got a good job, nice house, all mine, good satellite, nice toys. Just gonna ride it as long as I can."

"Billy Delafonte part of that?"

"Hush," his mother said, her eyebrows raising in a huff. "Billy's a good boy now who does what he's told."

"Billy's helpful, and I'm glad to be his boss," Lucy said simply. " That's all I need to say."

"Sure," Tammy answered, a sly grin on her face. "None o' my business." Henri took a big drag and passed the chronic to Lucy. "What ya older gals do for fun 'round here?"

"Play 'round, watch TV. Go shopping at Cape," Lucy said.

"We have our special ways of havin' fun," Henri added mysteriously with a wink.

Tammy nodded and took a hit. "Ever gamble?" Tammy's eyes were getting a little strange, taking on an odd gleam.

"Oh, maybe. Matchsticks, pennies. Don't like the boats."

They passed the joint around, and Tammy looked at them seductively, calculating. "How about forfeits?"

The older women looked at each other quizzically, and back at the girl. "What'cha mean?" Lucy said.

"Oh, we play a little game and the loser has to do what the winner wants."

Henri looked puzzled. "What kinda game?"

"Well, Macy and Silvia and me played a little game when we was bored in school. Call it the candle game."

"What would you mean by that?" Lucy asked, her eyebrows lifting.

"We'd drop candle wax on our skin, moving 'round, going to delicate places. Whoever got closest to someplace where it really hurt made the other two do anythin' they wanted."

Henri winked at Lucy away from Tammy and continued innocently. "Sounds innerstin' Might do it. Where would you play this game?"

"Oh, at my house usually; Macy's dad's still around every night and Silvia's got three little sisters."

"No, what part of your body?"

Tammy wiggled her cheeks. "Sometimes on our legs, starin' at the knees and goin' up. Sometimes on our chests, going down."

"Who usually won?" Lucy asked.


"And what forfeit would they do?"

Tammy turned a little red, took another long hit on the roll up and a sip of bourbon. "They'd have to make me happy. One licked my tits and the other my clit till I came. Sometimes other stuff, weirder stuff"

Henri smiled broadly. "This sounds innerestin'. Never knew, Tammy. Dunno if I wanna play this game, the stakes are pretty high."

"Oh Henri, I'm sure you'd be good at it," Tammy said innocently. "I wouldn't do anythin' too bad to two old women like you."

Her friend choked a little and coughed before staring at her for a long time. "I think we can play this game, Tammy. Let's get out a couple more candles and see what happens."

After Lucy brought more container candles over from the cabinet, Tammy gasped as Lucy took her top off, revealing two huge churns. Then Henri made of show of removing her blouse and gigantic bra, showing a larger set of boobs crowned with huge nipples that filled her side of the table completely. Almost shyly, Tammy took off her waitress outfit and removed her bra, revealing an elegant pair of torpedoes with perfectly puffy nipples as she stood in her panties alone. Henri licked her lips and stared at Tammy's breasts: "You got a nice pair of knockers, Tammy. Who knew?" They sat there a few moments, looked back and forth at each other, waiting for the wax to melt enough to pour.

Henri picked up the candle and went first. "Here we go," she said, putting a trail of hot, white wax on her chest. Lucy followed suit, and Tammy imitated them with a doubtful look in her eye. Henri put a few drops three inches lower, where her massive mammaries began to leave her torso, and the other two followed suit. Then came another round lower down and another. Finally, the older women put several drops directly on their areolae, smiling and puffing. The younger woman was amazed at their older women's stamina, looking back and forth with a hunted look in her hand. Tammy's hand was shaking when she finally picked up her candle, and she squealed as the hot liquid hit close to her delicate brown bits.

Henri smiled, and asked: "You usually win by now, don't ya?" Tammy shook her head. "Okay, watch this." The dark headed woman then dropped several dollops of wax directly on her buds, hitting the nubs, creating a huge flake for later. Lucy smiled and cupped each breast in her hand as she completely encased her nipples in molten white. Tammy took the candle reluctantly and waited as more wax developed. Finally after taking a deep breath, she poured a dollop right on her puffy right nipple, screaming as the wax hit her skin, dropping the candle, writing in pain, and frantically trying to blow on it.

The older women laughed as the young woman tried to nurse herself, flicking off the wax and sucking her nipple as far into her mouth as it would go, moaning. "Betcha thought we'd be your bitches tonight," Henri sneered close to her ear. "Little you know. In a minute we'll show you why you lost." leaning back, she looked at her host quizzically. "Lucy, what do you think the punishment ought to be?"

After thinking a moment, Lucy smiled. "Let's take her downstairs and see what tickles our fancy. You were going to make us your sex slaves for the evening, weren't you Tammy?" The young woman shuddered, her mouth still full of her nipple, and nodded once. "I thought so. You've taken off your uniform, leave your panties up here too. You're gonna be nekked fer a while. Downstairs."

Henri delayed a moment to make a call on her cell phone while the other two went downstairs. When Lucy turned on the basement light, Tammy's eyes lit up: "What's that thing over there?" she asked, pointing.

"A tit trap. We're going to put yours in there while we think of what to do with you."

"And that?"

"A whipping machine, computer driven. I think this will get some work, too."

"Goodie," the young woman said, stepping around the prie dieu and lifting her shapely torpedoes into the press. Lucy fastened the clamps and then put Tammy's hand in restrains attached to it. "I have a thought or two. . ." Tammy said.

"Shut up," Henri growled as she came down the stairs. "You're not in control right now, in case you haven't noticed. We got a helper comin' over, but I don't want you seein' him." She took off Tammy's glasses and blindfolded her. "Ya can wonder what's next. Ya can suck on this while you're waitin'" Henri lifted her huge boob up and put the nipple to Tammy's lips. Tammy eagerly began licking and sucking the massive gland, making the older woman smile.

Harold Laroux bounded down the stairs and smiled broadly when he saw his sister captive. "Not a word out of you, young man," Henri snapped. "All this little girl knows a strange man's lookin' at her nekked body, an' it's gonna stay that way. Get your little box over her and scan her titties for the computer."

Harold nodded and proceeded to run a scanner over the trapped tits. They were already perking in anticipation, and he tweaked them when he was done. Henri slapped his hand and shook her head. "Bad boy, do as yer told an' nothin' else. Get the machine ready, only up to force three on the program. Not gonna whip her hard, but long. In the meantime, I'll work over her bubble butt. Sound good to you?"

Tammy moaned and Harold nodded, producing a soft, multi strand flogger and installing a single strand in the whipping machine. Henri waited, smiling at the attention her nipple was getting. Lucy sat and waiting, oblivious to her exposure as Harold snuck peeks at her huge breasts and rubbery nipples. Shortly, Henri pulled her teat out of Tammy's mouth, took the flogger and went around behind the bound girl. At her cue, he punched a button and the whipping machine gave the captive torpedoes their first love bite. Henri flicked her butt just after, and the pace was slow at first: occasional kisses of leather with teasing pauses of anticipation. Tammy smiled and her fingers danced with each contact, and the pace gradually increased. Her skin started to turn light pink and the pace increased. "Harder, harder," she cried, and they accommodated her.

Soon she began to tremble in her captivity, and coo like a bird. Her skin was turning red as she quaked harder, and soon let out a loud yell as a massive orgasm hit her. The machine stopped and Henri slowed down as the young woman rode her ecstasy. Lucy's face was blank, and she shook her head in disappointment. "That didn't look like punishment to me," Lucy said flatly.

Henri nodded in agreement. "No, it wasn't. Looked like we gave her something she liked."

"Oh my God, I love you so much!" Tammy said, her voice quivering. "Never felt this way before, yes, yes, yes. I am your slave, I'm yours, I'll do anything you want. I'll lick and suck any part of either one of you, crawl upstairs and wash your floors, anything!"

Henri thought for a moment. "Had to call a young man in to help me. Maybe you could suck him a while. You any good at cocksucking?"

She frowned and thought for a moment. "Yeah, guess so, but I wanna ask one thing."


"Don't let him cum in my mouth. I hate the taste of cum."

Lucy smirked. "We'll see. All right young man, here's your reward for tonight. Whip it out and get it over here, she ain't goin' nowhere."

Harold took off his shorts and underwear, his huge member jutting like a bar in front of him. Standing carefully in front of Tammy, he put the tip of his cock to her lips. She gave it a lick and frowned: "This tastes like my dorky brother Harold."

"How would you know?" Lucy asked.

"This little dickweed's tries to stick it in my mouth anytime he can get away with it. Sometimes I lost a bet and had to suck him a while, sometimes I'd wake up from a nap and find this monster in my mouth."

"Damn Harold, you're a real creep," Lucy said. Harold grinned shyly and toyed with his balls. "Why didn't have you have him arrested?"

"It was more fun taking it out in his flesh and his car and his toys. Ask him who stranded him naked downtown at 2:30AM one Saturday morning with all the drunks on the street. Ask him who kept breaking his porn DVDs and leaving the pieces in his school locker."

Lucy thought for a minute. "Mean kids both of ya. This seems like a punishment to me. Suck the cock; he'll pull out before he comes and we're even. Right Harold?"

He looked over at Lucy, licking his lips at the sight of her jugs. "Yes, Ma'am. Right."

"Go for it." Harold pushed the tip into Tammy's mouth and she started moving her tongue and lips over his tender flesh. The cockhead barely fit in her mouth, and she chewed him softly as she worked on him. He was trembling and rubbing his huge balls, breathing deeply and whining from time to time. Soon, he clamped his hand on the back of her head and grunted, white goo leaking out of the corners of her mouth as he pumped a huge load between his sister's lips.

Henri ran around at started whipping his bottom hard with the flogger she was still holding. "No! No! No! This isn't part of the deal, shithead. That man chowder is mine, not hers, an' don't you forget it."

"Ow, ow, ow!" he screamed, holding his position and taking the blows until he emptied his balls, before darting away. holding his red butt. He cowered in a corner, kneeling and whimpered: "You don't know what she's done to me."

"It's what I'll do to you is what matters, stupid. Take position behind yer sister and wait." As Henri spoke, Tammy started spitting the semen out of her mouth, most of it landing on her reddened mammaries. The older woman noticed and bent over to take it from her lips, giving her a deep French kiss in search of sperm. Tammy submitted and let the older woman explore her mouth with her tongue until she was satisfied. When they broke, Henri gave her orders: "Harold, you stick your face between her legs and lick her cunt. Do it just like I showed you to do it to me."

"But Henri. . ."

"Do it or you'll never get laid again. Just remember who's in charge here." She snapped the flogger on the floor with a loud crack; he bowed his head and bent down. She smiled and looked at the captive: "Now I'll make up for that little jerk."

Henri knelt down and started licking the semen off Tammy's breasts. Lucy heard the slurping sounds Harold made from Tammy's cunt, and the young woman was obviously enjoying the new sensations front and back. As she cleaned the goo off reddened skin, Henri nipped and nibbled at the tender flesh, taking a nipple into her suck and chewing lightly from time to time, making Tammy whimper and moan. Tammy's tits glistened with saliva, light red fading slightly, the puffy nipples fully erect.

It wasn't long before the restrained girl moaned and groaned again, reaching her second orgasm as her brother sucked her clitoris and her new friend sucked her nipple. It ended when Henri removed the blindfold and took her out of the tit trap. "Now I git to have some fun. Tammy, lay down on the floor, face up."

"Yes, Ma'am. What'cha want me to do?"

"Suck my clit while Ponyboy fucks me. If you're good, I'll pay you back."

"Cool." Tammy lay down on the cold concrete floor quickly, and Henri put a couple of cushions on the floor for her knees straddling the girl's face. Harold was standing behind the tit trap, rubbing his fresh erection and licking his lips as he devoured Henri's cunt with laser eyes. The huge woman moved slowly and awkwardly as she got on all fours and lowered her slit to Tammy's eager lips. Henri smiled as she settled into position, and her new young friend began noisily sucking her cunt.

Lucy sat watching, pinching her hard nipples and grinding her thighs together. She looked over at Harold, who gave her an inviting look, but shook her head and nodded him to take up his position behind Henri. Henri shuddered and sighed, saying: "OK Ponyboy, work that big dick into my cunt. And Tammy, don't you dare stop even if your brother's balls hit yer forehead."

Tammy gave a muffled reply, and Harold got into position, gradually feeding his cock into her huge vagina. He got into gear quickly, pounding her hard, his balls slapping his sister's forehead, his eyes becoming unfocused and his lip quivering. Henri was in paradise and went into a symphony of groans, moans, sighs and narrative, telling them how good it felt to have her clit sucked so well while having her cunt fucked by a monster dick. She re-balanced herself and reached down to fondle Tammy's slit, working in one fat finger after another until all four were buried; Tammy moaned and cooed as she slurped Henri's clit.

Lucy's hand drifted down to her wet crotch, a slight smile on her face; for a moment, she considered programming the whipping machine and loading her floppy udders into the tit trap for a torture program. But her lover Billy was coming home the next morning, and she wanted to wait for him. She wanted to present him lily white tits for his pleasure, a blank canvas for his creative abuse. She wanted his hungry eyes to devour her naked bound form, watch as the machine relentlessly turned her lily white tits into to bright red honeycombs of pain, and savage her cunt and asshole with his incredibly long cock before coming forward to spray a huge load of delicious white goo all over her face and battered red breasts.

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