tagMind ControlJukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)

Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)


A little homage to one of my favorite authors on Literotica, JukeboxEMCSA. I can't do the genre the justice I think it deserves, but I can make the attempt. No explicit sex in this one.


There was Julie, and then there was everybody else. She knew she was hot, that men wanted her and women envied her. Her looks, intelligence, and ability to use either (or both) to it's fullest potential had put her on the fast track in the corporate world while at the same time leaving her comfortably unattached in any permanent way. So in Julie's world, there was Julie, and then there was everybody else.

With a final adjustment of her tailored skirt and jacket, Julie exited the serving line in the company cafeteria and scanned the available seating. She was ready to set something up for tonight, which meant picking out the right guy now. Sure, she would have no problem finding a one night stand if she decided to go that route tonight, but she was in the mood for something a little longer lasting, say, for the weekend. No man could hold her interest longer than that, though a few had been given the pleasure of a return trip to her bedroom. Julie was proud of the fact that she would never be connected to just one man.

There were three types of men in Julie's life: first tier were 'fuck them, then fuck them again'. Second tier belonged to the B-list, guys good for a one night stand at best. Third tier was pretty much everybody else; flirting here and there, but they weren't going to get under her skirt. And when it came to the first tier, there had been quite a few. If she wrote a story about each of the sexual escapades she had had, the book would be an inch thick, and would be so dirty that penthouse wouldn't publish it. Her stories were good, but unlike those in the magazines the best part about them was that they were all true.

Jon sat at the far end of the cafeteria, his chair surrounded by a couple of the younger members of the secretarial pool. He was a definite first tier and, from what Julie had heard, worth the effort. Her thoughts were interrupted by the gestures of a man sitting by himself near the wall, between her and Jon. Davey smiled when he realized he had caught her eye, and he waved her over.

Julie groaned inwardly, and made for a pass-by of the meek young man as she headed for Jon. She had caught his eye, too, and he was staring past the unaware blonde on his immediate left as he watched Julie saunter towards him in a roundabout path. The tight skirt and high heels were effective at garnering attention, at least the type she wanted, and her full bustline seemed to make guys stupid. She knew what effect it had on guys, and used that power to it's fullest potential.

"Hey, Julie," started Davey. "How are you doing? Um, could you do me a favor? I was wondering if I could show you my latest pet project. Here, have a seat..."

Good god, Davey. Plain as the day is long, as sexually exciting as a wet noodle, and he couldn't hold a decent conversation if it came in a plain brown bag. "I'm sorry, Day-veee," she said, dragging out the name so it sounded even more 'little-boyish'. The rest of the statement was merely a statement of fact. "I told Jon I would eat with him today."

"Oh. Well, could you at least take a quick look at this, and tell me what you think? I don't want to hold you up."

Julie hated to crush him entirely, since he occasionally came through with a favor for her when she asked. Such an eager boy, always ready to please. A fleeting thought through her head made her smile: the first woman that laid Davey would own him: body, soul, and bank account.

"Make it quick." She put her tray down on the table, but remained standing so as not to give a false impression that she was staying.

Davey held up a little box, not much bigger than an eyeglass case. It had two round holes on one of the larger sides, set an eye-width apart. "I call it a 'jukebox'."

"Very original," she said, with more than a hint of sarcasm. "You know that name has already been taken, don't you? Big machine, old bars, plays music when you put a dime in it?"

He offered the box to her. "I know, I know. I even made a little slot on the side where you put a dime in to turn it on, as an homage. But 'juke' can also mean a sudden shift to the side, like in football. That's what this box does. Here, take a look." Davey slipped a small silver coin into the slot, and Julie took the small box from him. She held the it to her face as she looked in the holes.

"I don't see anything."

Julie looked down at the box, which now sat on the table between her and Davey. Her tray, with a partially eaten lunch, sat in front of her, and a chill shivered down her spine for no discernible reason. She crossed her legs in a moment of uncomfortable panic as she sat opposite Davey. She had always thought he was sorta cute, but hadn't had the nerve to really get to know him. She didn't know why she had never really looked at him as potential boyfriend material before, but her mind was starting to change about that already. So many of the men she had dated were just in it for the quick fuck, and Julie was starting to think about things in the long term now. Davey picked up the box, and offered it to her. "I call it a jukebox. 'Juke', like the football move. Here, take a look." Davey slipped a dime into a slot on the top, and held the box out to her.

Julie tentatively took the small box. Hadn't she just done this? It seemed sort of familiar, but at the same time she knew she knew nothing about the jukebox and was curious. She adjusted herself in her seat, and was about to look in the box when she realized she didn't remember sitting down. Or eating anything. She looked across the cafeteria again. A few tables behind Dave she could still see Jon; he was deeply engrossed in a conversation with three secretaries, and was paying no attention to her. Stuck up prima-donna, she thought. Too focused on himself to have a meaningful relationship. He got what he deserved with those secretarial bimbos, and it would probably come with an STD or two. She slowly raised the box to her eyes.

"I don't see anything. What's it do?"

The box sat on the table in front of her and Dave, who now sat side by side. He pulled her close to him, and she snuggled in tight. He smelled good, and she rested a hand on his thigh to show him a little affection. The more she looked at him, the more attractive to her he became. Some people are like that, she thought. She'd had a few dates in her past, not many, but was now hoping that Dave would get the hint and ask her out. He was certainly attractive enough to hold her interest, and not as emotionally retarded as some of the people she knew.

"It's called a 'jukebox'. It adjusts people's minds a little. All you need do is look inside, and things happen." Dave's hand gave her waist a little squeeze as he pulled her in closer. "Good things."

Julie looked at the box, and thought that it might be fun to take a look. Her tray, with her nearly finished meal, sat on the other side of the table, untouched. She reached out and picked up the box, and briefly thought of Jon. Somehow, he was no longer in sight; she had ended up next to Dave when she meant to sit down opposite him. No, that wasn't right. She hadn't intended to sit down at all. There were little gaps in her memory, like she was skipping through the moments of...Oh my gosh, she thought as she looked at her watch, lunch hour is almost over! As if in afterthought, she took a dime from Dave and dropped it into the slot, but when she looked through the little eyeholes, she didn't see anything.

She knew the box had been returned to David's pocket as she emptied what was left of her meal in to the garbage can. Her mind was a blur. When had they gotten up from the table? She didn't remember eating at all, but was no longer hungry. Her hand slipped comfortably into David's as they walked from the cafeteria. It had been a good lunch. Pleasant conversation with a good looking and intelligent man, and he had asked her out tonight. That pretty much made her day. David, as she now knew he preferred to be called, could be the kind of long term relationship she was looking for. In fact, she decided, she was going to give him her long held virginity. She knew he was the one.

Julie was determined to make David a very happy man tonight. All those stories she had read, stories she once thought were her own sexual past, had given her lots of ideas, and she was going to use as many of them as she could to keep her man happy. She could never be a slut like the woman in those stories, the kind of woman that slept around. But she knew she be a slut for just one man, if the right man came around. A man like David. If he ever thought of leaving her, he wasn't going to get away without a fight. And she was going to do everything womanly possible from it ever even reaching that point. Because when it came to men in Julie's life, there were only two types.

There was David, and then there was everybody else.

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