tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJulia, In Field Of Gold

Julia, In Field Of Gold


It was the morning after the night before and my head was still thumping. Saturday had been a blast the whole day through and I could still actually hear the beat of the drum in my head - now, over 12 hours later. I had been at a rock festival in the country, and was making my way back into the city. The train was on time for a change, and maybe in retrospect this was because no one was on it.

I looked around the empty carriage and then into my reflection in the window, combing my blond hair back from my forehead with the palm of my hand. I still had a tan from Greece last month and I wondered how long it would last. I looked out into the green fields and my mind travelled back. Not to Greece, but to last night...

Everyone was waiting on the Artic Monkey's and I was dying for a piss. I had been drinking all day but was still only giddy. Franz Ferdinand were playing and I had already seen them a couple weeks ago, so I thought then was a good time to slink off. The music was still blaring from what seemed like miles away, where I ended up wandering. All the portaloos had been in shocking condition so I had went looking for an empty field, or at least a big bush, where I could get my cock out and do my business. I ended up wandering... east, I think it was, over a wooden fence and into a massive expanding green that looked so good against the faint music and dusk sky. It's still summer and the weather was hot enough to warm the breeze. I stood still for a moment in the open field and just took it all in, then I noticed something moving from the corner of my left eye.

I turned around, alert for bulls, only to see a young girl dressed in a sleeveless brown top and short brown miniskirt, held up around her tight waist with a large belt that looked gilded in brown snakeskin. She had on knee-length boots and was stepping slowly over something on the ground in exagerrated knee-lifting steps, towards the side of a large bush ajoined to an ancient looking tree. She didn't see me, as she was still quite some distance away. Her hair also had been quite long - down past her shoulders to about her mid-back; delicious brown curls. Her body was fit as fuck, and I couldn't help but start to make my way over...

It took me a while as my conscious held me back. What if she was looking for a bog too? What if she had sneaked off to nosh her boyfriend, or even to have a wank herself? I kept halting, then taking ten steps forward. I felt I couldn't help myself, not as much through curiosity - I wasn't thinking at all - I remember it just felt natural that I be attracted in that direction. I couldn't hear anything the closer I got. I wondered if perhaps she had went behind here, done her duty quickly, then somehow escaped my gaze into the forest a short distance behind the bush/tree. All that didn't matter though: I HAD to take a look behind the bush.

I peered around slowly - very, very, slowly. I didn't see anything at all at first, before suddenly

"Hey, what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

I froze, considered darting in the opposite direction, remembered how open the field was and how easy it would be for someone to catch me. I ended up standing still, for what seemed like a century long silence.

"Who's there? Come out here!" She sounded a little worried in her command.

I slowly shuffled around the side of the bush to it's back, mostly in embarrasement but also with a little fear. My eyes widened to the max when I caught sight of her, leaning back in a squat with her brown miniskirt hiked up, turned inside out and covering that large brown belt. Her hands were holding her weight as she leaned back and her crotch was thrust out facing me. She had a slight smile on her face, I didn't notice at the time but as I think back I vividly remember catching a glimpse of it from the top of my eye. My main gaze had been firmly centered on the pink she was exposing to me: that slit that looked so tight, that little clit that faintly poked out from between the flaps, that dark forbidden circle between those two, tensed, pink arse cheeks. I gulped and didn't say anything. Just looked. I felt myself getting a hard on.

"You fucking perv, I knew you'd come."

"What?" Shocked.

"I saw you earlier with you mates. You looked like a dirty bastard. I like fit dirty bastards."

I didn't say anything but I looked at that smile and the full filthyness of it dawned on me. My hard-on grew and began to press against the tight underside of my jeans. Her eyes glanced sluttily for a split second down to my crotch and then back up to my face.

"So are you going to get your cock out or what?" She said, with her mouth hanging slightly open, showing me a dark glimpse of the tongue moving back and forward inside her mouth.

I didn't say anything. I felt my face flush a little red while I undid my belt, taking the occasional glance at her cunt, then unzipped my fly and placed my hands around my waist. In one full motion I yanked my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, my nine inch hard prick bobbing wildy by the force of my thrust. I leaned back and let it stick out. I'm proud of my large cock and once it's out I'm always filled with a sort of animalistic confidence. Her smiled dimmed slightly as I don't think she expected me to be quite so large. She cocked her head back and let out a breath that made her flat stomach contract. I looked down from her belly button to her clit, and saw her pussy lips had become red and her arse cheeks not as tight. I looked and could see the puckered dark skin of her asshole. My already rock-hard penis twitched and I grimaced.

She let out the tiniest and most faint of giggles, before I jumped a little and looked down, startled...

I stared in disbelief for a second before a sensation of unbelievable horniness filled my whole body. My mouth was slightly ajar as my gaze moved slowly from her cunt to my cock, following the clear stream of warm piss as it arched over the grass and hit the tip of my swollen glans. There seemed no secondary sound - even the sound of the main stage seemed to disappear - as all I heard was the wheezing sound of her pisshole and the t-t-t-tittering sound of her piss as it pattered against the tip of my nine inch erection, which suddenly became so hard it became vertical. She seemed to go on for ages, her tongue always sliding from side to side between her gorgeous pink lips, before the force of her stream weakened and began to lower, making me shiver as I felt a coat of warm liquid cover and drip from my sack - the balls inside sensitive and sore from all the spunk she was forcing me to create.

She didn't say anything, but then giggled a little. I felt the animal take over in me.

"You like being a dirty little cunt, do you eh?"

"Fuck yeah." She said, flicking her brown waves back.

I pulled my ankles out of my jeans and boxers and walked towards her with my hard-on brick solid.

"What do you think of this cock?"

I squated down myself and made it bounce in front of her face. She tried to snatch it in her mouth like a bird catching a worm. I managed to slip it away quick enough, before swinging it round to slap into her cheek - gently, but enough for her to feel the weight of it. She looked up at my eyes, her mouth open and panting, before slowly pushing her tongue out over her lower teeth and onto her chin. I grabbed the base of it, my pinky pressing against my balls, and gently rubbed my japs eye up and down her wet, willing tongue.

"You want do suck it, don't you?" I asked like a high school maths teacher.

She nodded.

"You want to suck the spunk out of it, don't you?"

She didn't nod.

"I said - you want the cum, don't you?"

She kept looking at me, not acknowledging, but I could see her melting under her eyes.

I gently placed the full head of my erect organ over her tongue - the thickness of it covering the whole area. Slowly, I pushed it forward until I felt the warmth of her mouth envelop the whole of it's head. I only managed to get the head in and about a quarter of the shaft. I held it there in her mouth, looking down into her eyes that were staring back at me, sometimes closing shut then opening again.

"I fucking love the warmth and wetness of your mouth." I say down to her, hearfelt.

I begin to gently make miniscule thrusting movements, looking down occasionaly to check her mouth is making my man ever wetter. I thrust and retreat, thrust and retreat, getting deeper every time. I notice she isn't using any hands, and look behind me to see her right hand covering her whole, shaven, vagina, and her left hand behind her back with it's index finger up her arsehole.

"You like this, huh? You like being a dirty little cunt? You like fucking yourself while a stranger satisfies his prick in your mouth, huh?"

I become faster and faster, deeper and deeper until almost three quarters of my pulsing rock-hard cock is sliding in and out her moaning mouth - treating it as if it were the wet cunt that's just below my bare little arse.

"Uh, uh." I moan as I feel the familiar tingle in my balls.

I take my cock out, her mouth left hanging open and breathing heavily, and step back between her legs, reaching down and grabbing them up in a plough position. I press my raging hard-on up against her hand, which moves away and starts rubbing ferociously over her bare mound and my bare dick head. I feel the warmth and softness of her slit and start rubbing my cock up and down, flap-fucking her. I feel lean forward as my legs begin to shake and can feel how hard her clit has become as it rubs against the underside of my shaft.

Without using my hands I lean back and let out a loud "Ahhaahh" as the first small batch of cum escapes from the tip of my dick. Then the second load ejaculates like a fountain, erupting in a short upward groove before landing in a thick white dollop over the top of her slit. The third and most ferocious blast of cum jizzes out next, shooing high into the air in an arch - like her piss did earlier - and splats and sticks like glue over the top of her massive cleavage. I now reach down and, holding her left leg under my elbow, separate her arse cheeks with two fingers, letting my fourth load of spunk escape over her arsehole with lines of it beginning to fastly drip down and between her cheeks, towards the tip of her small tight crack. I feel the rush now as I press her whole lower body against my crotch and prick, her juice and my spunk rubbing against each other as I press my hard body into her soft skin. My cock flops over her slit and between her thighs, little drops of spunk still dripping out the tip, coating her reddened vagina in a creamy transparent gloss that also shines on her inner thighs, while my balls flap and press against her spunked arsehole.

I lower her down so that she is on her back, her legs still spread. I look down and we both look at each other, not saying anything. We both soon realise the mess we've made.

"Fuck, I only came out here for a piss!"

"You got a lot more than that!"

We both laugh. It dies out and I look down at her beautifully messed up cunt.

"How about if I help you clean up?" I say, with a smirk.

I take hold of my flaccid though reddened cock with my right hand and aim it towards her fanny.

She puts her hand up and says "NO", very definitively.

I let my piss out but do it on the grass between her legs. I take my eyes off my cock occasionaly during the thirty second session, and catch her looking at what I'm doing while pretending not to be interested.

"We need to meet again." I say, while shaking off the dribbles from my cock.

"How about a bed and a room next time?" She says with a smile.

"What a weird, kinky idea!" I say, feiging shock.

We used leaves and grass to clean ourselves up, before sneaking to some outdoor showers last night. I look down at my trouser leg on this empty train and catch glimpse of a few dribbled dots of her stain. Then I bring my mobile from out my pocket and look for the number of my dry-cleaners, passing the number of Julia in my address book on the way.

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