tagLoving WivesJulia Swallows Husband's Friend

Julia Swallows Husband's Friend


"I wouldn't ask you, it's just that he says it's been eight years."

Julia looked up at him and fiddled with the ring she was wearing.

"Come on, baby," he whispered in her ear, gently biting the fleshy part. "I know how you like it. I mean, I can't keep you off mine," he said, putting her hand in his lap. She groaned lightly.

"And I've seen him in the shower at the gym when he used to live here... you'd like it," he whispered, running his tongue along her ear, parting her legs as his hand moved her thong aside.

Her breathing got heavier, her head going back, her body tensing. She nodded. He smiled as she shuddered, giving her a second to rest, then pushed her down to her knees.

"Mmm, that's it, baby," he murmured. "Show me what you do best."

Julia looked up at her boyfriend nervously, adjusting her skirt and top another time. He saw her wide eyes and kissed her slowly and deeply.

"It's okay, baby, just make him think we got into a fight and that you're incredibly, incredibly horny," he smiled at her. "That last part shouldn't be too hard," he smiled, smacking her ass lightly. A small groan escaped her lips.

He smiled. "You're already wet, aren't you?"

She looked down, then up and nodded, biting her lip, looking down at his crotch.

"Ah, ah..." he warned her. "No cock until after dinner. But I promise you'll be rewarded well for taking care of Jake," he slowly stroked her hair and her eyes closed halfway.

The doorbell rang. He smiled and rose to greet his friend.

Jake and Mike embraced while Julia hung back. They parted and Mike introduced Julia, watching as Jake tried to subtly look her small figure up and down. He noted how Jake's eyes slowed as they went over Julia's round hips. He smiled. They were both ass men, and Julia had a fine one.

"Nice to meet you," she said, looking up at him, knowing she would be doing so again later in the evening from a much lower position.

Jake politely shook her hand and kissed her on the cheek, which made her blush a little. Jake noticed, but shook it aside, puzzled.

They all went out for dinner at a nice restaurant after Jake's things had been put in the spare bedroom. Sitting next to Mike in the booth was tough. He rubbed his hand up her thigh between drinks and appetizers. By the time the salads came, she was almost writhing with desire.

While Jake complimented the waiter on the menu and asked a question, Mike rubbed her over her wet panties.

"This is all you're getting until you swallow his cock. There's no way I'm going to let you get off this easy," Mike murmured in her ear.

His eyes glittered as he pulled back, his fingers touching her clit lightly, teasing her swollen bud, watching as she wet her lips with her tongue and whimpered softly.

Jake turned back to them and the conversation turned to politics. Mike pressed in harder as he started arguing, getting Julia close, smiling but turning it into a sneer as she began to argue nonsensically about the things Mike said that he didn't even mean. He could tell she was trying her hardest not to moan when he stopped rubbing her and asked the waiter for the check, refusing to meet her eye.

She almost panted, but turned it into an expression of anger. Jake looked between the two of them. His eyes dipped and he noticed that, not for the first time that evening, that Julia's nipples were rock hard and sticking though her thin shirt. He felt his cock jerk involuntarily, trying to control it, frustrated at himself for imagining playing with his friend's wife.

They drove back to the house almost silently. Jake made polite conversation, that Julia responded to. Mike, meanwhile, pretended to be too angry to be interested in speaking.

Mike noticed how Julia squirmed in the seat beside him as she answered Jake's questions, her face showing both nervousness and excitement. He could only imagine how wet her pussy must be right now.

They got to the house and Mike hung out while Julia got drinks, but then abruptly excused himself, saying he felt a headache coming on. When Julia tried to get up to go with him, he growled that he was fine and just needed to sprawl out across the bed. The word "alone" didn't have to be said. It was clear.

Julia sat back down and looked at her drink as Mike shut the door to their bedroom, Jake obviously felt awkward.

"I'm sorry," she said to him, finally looking up, eyes filled with intense emotion, though not tears. "We rarely fight," she said, "but politics can be rough," she shrugged.

He nodded. "Yeah, my wife and I don't have an easy time with that either," he agreed.

"Oh, yes, how long have you two been married? I know Mike told me," she said, standing to adjust something, but mostly giving him an opportunity to check her out again as she turned her back to him.

She bent slightly, pushing her butt out, feeling his eyes on her and exaggerating the movement for his sake.

He answered, distracted by her body, eyes lingering.

"Eight years is a long time," she nodded, turning, seeing him look away quickly. "You must be very sad to be away from her right now."

She saw the quick flash of disagreement cross his eyes and laughed.

"Well, I guess it's a different stage... I mean, Mike and I can barely keep our hands off each other for more than a minute."

She sighed. "It's part of what makes our few fights such torture," she laughed at herself, sitting back down on the other side of the couch.

"God, I can't even remember that-" Jake said without thinking. Then he looked at Julia and apologized.

"Why are you apologizing?" she asked, taking a big drink of wine. "That's awful. I can't imagine... I mean, we can't even go a night without..." she let her words trail off.

"Wow, that's great!" he said, thinking with envy about what she said.

"Except for times like this," she laughed.

He thought of the many nights he went without any touch and sighed.

"I know," she said, touching his hand gently. "I just... hmm, wanna watch some TV?" she asked, clearly trying to change the topic.

He agreed and she turned on the TV without paying any attention to it. She was feeling a small buzz from the wine, and edged closer to him. She got close enough that she could feel the heat from his body, even though there was obviously more room on the couch.

Julia felt him tensing next to her. She knew Mike must be dying or jerking hard or both in their bedroom. Thinking of that, she slowly slid her hand to his knee. Jake's head rose quickly.

"Shh... I just... I'm sorry," she stammered, looking ahead, but not stopping as she rubbed her hand higher up his thigh.

"Julia, what are you-?" Jake asked, even as his cock rose in his pants.

"Shh," she said again, rubbing his forming bulge and getting to her knees slowly before him.

"Oh god- shit, what are you doing?" His cock rose and hardened more than it had been in months, thinking of what it looked like she was going to do.

Julia bit her lip and looked up at him, making up her mind and then more convinced when she rubbed her hand over his crotch.

"Mmm," she murmured, tugging at his zipper, licking her lips incredibly slowly, making it clear what she wanted.

"Oh, Julia, shit, you're sexy," he cursed, "but it's just one night, come on!" he said, pulling away, though it pained him. He was trying to be a good friend.

"You're right, just one night..." she murmured sensuously, rubbing his bulge before pulling out his cock. She groaned with desire as she touched it with her small hands.

"Oh god, please-" he groaned, unsure that he was really trying to get her to stop anymore.

She smiled, remembering it had been eight years since he had received a blowjob. She decided to tease him.

She stroked it slowly, looking at it, licking her lips.

"Mmm, god, your wife must love this," she murmured, rubbing it softly then more firmly, feeling the soft skin and hard cock.

"If it were me, I'd be playing with it every night."

She kissed the head gently, her eyelids lowering as she did, and he let out a low groan, starting to relax while also tenser than ever with anticipation.

"Mmm, god," she murmured, looking up at him. She stroked his shaft towards her mouth, smiling slightly, poking her tongue out of her mouth, slowly licking around the ridge. He stared, slack-jawed, amazed that she seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Mmm, baby, I'm sorry, I wanted to tease you longer, but I'm so hungry..." she groaned. "You won't mind if I have a lil' more?" she asked, licking all over, getting his cock nice and wet.

He looked at his friend's beautiful wife below him, his eyes flicking to her hard nipples in her shirt again.

She smiled slowly and leaned away, lifting her shirt over her head. He saw her small perky breasts beautifully encased in a red lace bra.

Just as he was about to open his mouth to protest again, she took his hand and placed it on her breasts. He groaned and rubbed, feeling her hard nipples. She squirmed and nodded, opening her mouth and stretching her wet lips over his cock.

"Ohhh, goddamnnn..." he cursed in a low voice, his other hand combing through her hair.

She seemed to get hotter with him touching her in this way, and she squirmed more, taking more cock into her wet mouth. She looked up, and he stared at his cock stretching her wet lips.

She stared at him as she slowly lowered her head. He groaned, pinching her nipples.

That's when she lost all composure, starting to desperately suck on his cock. She seemed to get off on it just as much as he did.

He thrust into her mouth and then froze. That's what made his wife to refuse to suck him again soon after they married.

He watched amazed as Julia closed her eyes and whimpered excitedly. He looked and thrust again, but this time slower.

She moaned more.

He pressed her head down slowly with his hand, and she moaned as his cock filled her mouth more.

He couldn't control it. He thrust in and pushed her down at once. She went crazy, trying to suck more, gasping as he shoved her down, then held her off of it by her hair.

She looked up at him, her mouth dripping.

"Please!" she begged, hungry for cock. Her eyes were filled with lust.

He smiled at her and thrust into her mouth one brief stroke. He pulled out.

"You want to suck my cock, don't you, Julia?" he smiled, watching her pant, her lips wet.

"Yes, god, please!" she moaned, trying to strain forward, but he held her off, even though he wanted it. He watched as she moved below him, trying to get his cock on her mouth again.

He pinched her nipple, and watched as her whole body jerked. She cried out softly.

"You're gonna suck me good, aren't you?" he laughed softly, watching her nod eagerly. "Mike can't know, okay, Julia? No evidence..." he groaned as he slid in slowly and deep all the way to where she could barely take it. He held her there, at her limit.

Then he bobbed her head on it with his palm on her head, pressing, releasing a little, then repeating. She got noisier with clear enjoyment, then he pressed down more and she gagged on him. He couldn't help but thrust up at the tight wet sensation on his cock head.

Saliva poured down his cock and she massaged his wet balls. She look up at him, her eyes wet from the struggle and his mouth parted at what he saw.

The little slut wanted more!

He groaned and started fucking into her mouth. Slowly, then faster, pressing her down in rhythm with his cock pumping into her mouth.

She took her hands off his cock and balls and rubbed his thighs and hips, then took them off completely. She held them behind her back. He groaned at the vision of complete surrender, complete submission.

He pumped in, then pulled back and pinched both her nipples. She cried out on his hard shaft and started sucking hard. He held her head, grabbed her hair, taking control.

"Mmm, that's it. Oh, yeah, be a good little slut," he groaned, panting, taking her wet, eager mouth.

She tasted his precum and felt his cock swell.

He felt her moans on his hard cock. She wasn't moving back or bringing her hands back out. She received every thrust eagerly, panting, vibrations moving through his cock.

"Oh, shit, take it!" he grunted as he thrust in, filling her pretty little mouth, feeling her begin to swallow.

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