tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJulia's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

Julia's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03


Waking the next morning to the sound of her alarm clock Julia was wide awake in seconds. It usually took awhile for her to come round but today was different. She was already looking forward to the evening to see what it may bring. She was hoping her new cameras would arrive in time so she could install them in the remaining three rooms.

Pulling her nightshirt off she hesitated before reaching for her bra. Cupping her bare breasts in her hands she stroked her palms across her nipples which immediately took her thoughts back to the previous evening. Shaking herself back to reality she quickly pulled on her bra and stepped into a clean pair of panties which made her suddenly aware of the wetness between her legs.

She had work to do so with an effort she put all sexual thoughts to one side and readied herself for the day ahead. At least that was what she tried to do but her mind kept wandering and she had to keep reprimanding herself to get on with her chores...

By ten O'clock all of her guests had left except Rachel from room one. She had no other bookings for that night except of course room one which Rachel had booked for the next two nights. Julia wasn't overly concerned having three vacant rooms, it wasn't often she had an empty room and the day was still young.

"Morning Julia," said Rachel, startling Julia as she hadn't heard her coming.

"Oh, yes good morning," replied Julia as she looked up to see Rachel and the young Tina smiling at her.

Julia couldn't help seeing the two women as she had seen them last night, naked in all their natural glory.

"Wont be back till this evening so I don't suppose I'll see you until tomorrow," said Rachel.

"OK enjoy your day," said Julia, "Everything alright with your room?"

"Yes fine thank you, Oh yes that reminds me could I have some more tea and milk?" asked Rachel.

"Yes of course I always restock when I clean the room anyway," answered Julia.

"Don't worry too much I only really need a fresh towel," said Rachel...

When the two women had gone Julia decided to leave Rachel's room till last as she was out for the day. As she set about her work she made sure she listened out for her expected delivery. She certainly didn't want to miss that...

By three that afternoon she had cleaned all the rooms except room one. Still no delivery Julia began to wonder if she was going to be let down, "There's still time," she said to herself crossing her fingers.

It didn't take long to clean and tidy Rachel's room, she had almost finished when she heard the doorbell. Feeling a little like a child at Christmas waiting to get their present she rushed to the door.

"Hello would you have a room for tonight for me and my friend?" asked a man of around fifty as he indicated his friend who was a man half his age.

"Yes but I only have double rooms," warned Julia trying not to show her disappointment that it wasn't her delivery.

"That's fine we don't mind sharing," said the older man with a broad smile.

"Please come in," Julia beckoned with her outstretched arm.

As the older man was filling in his details on the booking form Julia excused herself to answer the door once again. This time she wasn't disappointed, her present had arrived!

After showing her new guests into their room she quickly rushed back to unwrap her new toys. She had put the two men in room three so rushed upstairs to install her new camera's in room's two and four. Taking only a few minutes she was soon back downstairs but before she could finish room one, the doorbell rang again.

She felt a twinge of excitement as she approached the door. Knowing whoever she booked in now would be on view to her through her new camera's.

"It says you have vacancies, I'm after a room for the night," said a tall smartly dressed man who looked to be in his late fifties.

"Yes please come in," said Julia feeling a bit disappointed.

Her new guest was Mr West she soon learnt and although an older man was still very attractive. Julia soon had him settled into room number four which just left room three vacant. It was now gone four O'clock so not much time left but Julia was still hopeful she would have a full house once again.

Back to room one to finish up Julia straightened the bed clothes. She hadn't intended changing them until she noticed the marks on one of the pillows. As she picked it up she suddenly realised this was the pillow the two women had used last night to raise themselves up. She couldn't resist the urge and raised the pillow to her face.

Sniffing in the mixture of odours Julia once again found herself aroused. It was the second time she had smelt another woman's pussy, albeit from a secretion and not directly but this time it was the scent from two women and the mixture of scents made her all the more interested. Lost in her lustful thoughts she jumped when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door she suddenly realised she still had the pillow in her hand so quickly hid it behind her back.

A young couple of maybe twenty five, " Have you a room for one night by any chance?" the man asked.

"Yes you're in luck, just one room left. Please come in," replied Julia trying to hide the pillow as they entered.

The couple signed in as Mr and Mrs Smith which wasn't unusual. Julia seemed to get a lot of Smith's. They seemed a bit mismatched, Mr Smith stood well over six feet tall while Mrs Smith couldn't have been much over five feet.

After seeing them to room three the thought of what she might see of the young couple later made Julia smile to herself and then a feeling of guilt hit her. Returning to room one after retrieving the pillow she had manage to hide, she pulled the pillow case off and replaced it with a clean one...

That evening Julia did her best to be patient. After dinner she showered and wearing only her bathrobe she retired to her bedroom. She had a nervous excitement she hadn't felt since she was a child. Making herself comfortable on her bed with her laptop beside her she decided to watch TV to calm herself down.

Although she stared at the telly her mind was elsewhere and it wasn't long before she gave in and turned on her computer. It didn't take long for her to work out how to get all three camera's up on screen at the same time. Now she could choose which one was worth watching in full screen.

Room one was in darkness. Obviously Rachel hadn't returned yet. Mr West in room four was sitting up on his bed fully clothed minus shoe's and was watching TV. The young couple, Mr and Mrs Smith in room three were also watching TV and sat beside each other both wearing bathrobes. Julia began to wonder whether she was going to be disappointed tonight.

Keeping one eye on her laptop screen she looked for something to watch on TV. Moments later camera one came to life.

"Come in Harry I can't wait to get started," she heard Rachel say before she stepped into view.

Julia was surprised as a young tall man also stepped into view. She was expecting to see the young Tina.

"Help me out of these clothes," Rachel said to the young man.

Rachel's dress soon laid on the floor as the man undid the zip and after fumbling for a moment with her bra strap he managed to release her large breasts which dropped down under their weight.

"So what do you think then?" Rachel asked as she turned around to face the young man and gently jiggled her large mounds.

"Oh Wow, can I touch them?" asked Harry.

"You can once you show me what you've got," said Rachel.

Sub-consciously Julia had slipped a hand under her robe and was stroking a nipple as she watched Rachel sitting on the end of the bed with her young visitor standing in front of her.

"Here let me help you," said Rachel undoing Harry's jeans as he pulled his T-shirt up and off over his head.

"There seems to be something straining to get out," Rachel said as she pulled his jeans down.

"Oh yes there's the problem, what a big bulge you have under those pants. Oh look, you dirty boy, what's this wet spot," Rachel said and began kissing up and down the straining bulge.

"Mmmm Oh yes that tastes nice," said Rachel said licking and sucking the pre cum soaking through the material.

Julia had now opened her robe and was studying her own breasts as she pinched and played with her nipples before turning her attention back to her laptop screen.

"Time to let him out I think," Rachel said.

Tugging young Harry's pants down his hard penis sprang into view. Julia's eyes were glued to the screen. Her view point being from the camera above she looked down on the glistening purple knob, it seemed to be pointing straight up towards her.

"Oh yes, he looks good enough to eat," Rachel said examining the young man's cock with obvious delight.

As Rachel took hold of the shaft with one hand she cupped the heavy balls with her other, "Oh yes, that's just what I need. Look at all that pre cum oozing out," she said and began licking around the wet knob.

"That tastes so good, would you like to taste my pussy?" Rachel asked.

Young Harry seemed unable to speak and just nodded his head.

"Oh good. Why don't you lay on the bed and we'll try a sixty nine," said Rachel standing up and slipping her knickers off.

Julia was quite confused. She'd heard of a ninety nine but had no idea what a sixty nine was. She soon found out as she watched on.

With Harry laying on his back Rachel positioned herself with her pussy over his face and lowering her head she began licking and teasing his hard cock.

"Oh yes suck on my pussy lips, that's it, Oh Yes that's so good," Rachel said and continued licking and sucking making the odd murmur of delight.

Watching on Julia now had a finger stroking her clit, mesmerised at what she was seeing. Seeing the young man's tongue licking up between Rachel's legs she wondered how that would feel if he was licking her pussy. She then wondered what it would be like to lick Rachel's pussy. How would it taste? How would it smell?

Suddenly Julia jumped up remembering that she had brought the pillow case upstairs with her earlier. Quickly running to retrieve it from the other room she shrugged off her bathrobe before climbing back on her bed. With her fingers exploring her pussy again she raised the pillow case to her nose. Focussing on the young man's face between Rachel's legs she took a sniff and imagined it was her face.

"Good boy, fuck me with your tongue. Oh yes that's it," Rachel said while wanking Harry's throbbing shaft with her hand.

As Julia slipped a finger up her dripping hole she knew she was close to another intense orgasm.

"Come for me, let me taste your spunk," said Rachel.

When Julia saw a stream of sperm fly into the air she fucked her pussy faster. Writhing around out of control she cried out loud with only her second orgasm of her life.

"Mmmm your spunk tastes so good I'm gonna come, suck on my clit, that's it suck hard, Oh My God Yes, Oh Oh OH YES," cried Rachel...

It was some time before Julia came to her senses. Looking at her laptop she saw that Rachel and her young man were laying next to each other on the bed motionless. Remembering she had other guests she could now snoop on she called up the split screen view of all three camera's. She immediately noticed the young couple up to something and clicked on full screen.

"Oh Oh Oh fuck me harder," Julia heard the young woman say as her husband fucked her doggy style on the bed.

Thinking she was spent Julia was surprised to find herself getting aroused again.

"Oh Fuck your pussies so tight," the young man said as he thrust into his partner from behind.

Julia was once again fingering her own pussy amazed that she could be aroused again so soon after such an intense orgasm.

"Oh baby don't stop I'm gonna come, Oh God, pull my hair, Oh Fuck your cock feels so big, fuck me harder," the young woman said.

Again Julia was surprised to feel a second orgasm fast approaching.

"Oh Fuck Yes I'm coming," cried the young man.

"Shoot your sperm deep inside me baby, come with me, OH FUCK...YES," cried the young woman.

Julia lost in her own orgasm closed her eye's as her body tensed. She couldn't believe that she could have two such intense orgasm's so close together. Feeling totally drained she closed her laptop and was soon drifting off to sleep...

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