tagFirst TimeJulie, A Hairbrush and Me Ch. 03

Julie, A Hairbrush and Me Ch. 03


I stood up and straightened my uniform jacket. Putting my cap on, I looked at Julie as she picked up the phone.

"Hi Marta, Julie here, just a quick call to let you know I have invited Mario to have dinner with me tonight. He has graciously accepted my invitation"

I could not hear the reply from mom but knew that Julie would explain that everything was ok and that Julie and I would be having dinner that evening.

The call made, I accompanied Julie out of the store and the two of us walked the short distance to Julies car. Julie threw the keys to me and I opened the car door for Julie, watching closely as she sat down, my eyes catching tantalising glimpses of Julies lovely legs as the skirt rode up her shapely thigh. Her skirt had risen up almost to the V of her thigh, exposing her panties. The view as far as I was concerned was simply breathtaking. Julie saw the glance and made no attempt to rectify the problem, in fact under the guise of stretching actually made her skirt rise even more and so revealed the sheer panties she wore, her prominent mound clearly visible to my eyes. There seemed to be no hair and I thought that she shaved herself there. It turned out to be a small tuft of hair, so fine it was almost invisible.

Julie smiled as she watched me ogle her, I tried but failed to make it look innocuous I spent more time looking at Julie instead of the road and more than once Julie had to admonish me to keep my eyes on the road. "Just you wait young man", she thought, "I am so going to spank you tonight." Aloud she shouted out as I came close to ramming into the car in front of us.

"Mario be careful, you will hit the car in front, keep your eyes on the road and your mind on driving us safely. Oh young man, if I speak again I will smack you".

The tone of Julies voice alerted me to my predicament and with a mumbled apology and a supreme effort tore my eyes off the vision seated next to me and tried to concentrate on the road.

Julie's retort, "Oh you will be young man, you will be," made Mario realise Julie had seen his looking and that she seemed to be cross with him.

"Oh shit I am an idiot, why the bloody hell she left her skirt riding up her legs like that, I can see her panties and they don't seem to cover much. What will I say if she decides to tell mom. I can just imaging the conversation, Oh Marta I had to reprimand Mario last night, he was looking at my pussy and ogling my tits. Yeah mom will be right peed off and my arse will cop it."

Thankfully we arrived at Julies house without further mishap and as Julie got out of the car she said, "Well at least we got here safe, no thanks to your crappy driving, oh don't tell me you were distracted". She smiled sweetly and swept past me, stunned that I had been had.

"Well I'll be, the woman is a big tease, she knew exactly what she was doing and I fell for it, hook, line and bloody sinker, Mario you bloody klutz."

A few moments later after collecting my scattered wits I found Julie in the kitchen waiting for me. "Mario, be a love", she said as I entered, "fetch my slippers for me, my feet are killing me, they are in my wardrobe."

"Sure Julie", said I as I played the conversation earlier in my mind. Wondering if this was a ploy on Julies part to try trap me and in so doing give her an excuse to spank me.

I went straight to her wardrobe and picked up the slippers, they were of a simple design, cloth covered uppers with a rubber or nylon sole, on impulse I slapped my leg and was surprised at the sting. "ouch, that stings," I mused as, slippers in hand, I made my way back to the kitchen, handing them to Julie as I got to her.

"Oh Mario be a love and undo the straps on my shoes so I don't have to bend over, there's a love" said Julie innocently.

"Ok Julie, no problem" said I as I bent down in front of Julie, my tight uniform trousers causing my bottom to stand proud, a perfect target as Julie giggling to herself let rip. WHAP, the sound of the nylon soled slipper striking was followed by a yelp from me I cradling my butt I shot upright.

"Come on don't take all day there slave, how long does it take a sailor to undo a shoe strap nowadays."

Ruefully I bent down again and sure enough as I did so Julie let fly again, this time swatting the other butt cheek. WHAP a second equally stinging spank landed as I, struggling to undo the straps, knowing that the longer I took, the more Julie would swat my butt. By the time I was done I had been swatted 6 times in all. I knelt there in front of Julie, rubbing my butt when she pulled my head towards her for a cuddle, realising as I did so that I could smell her arousal, my face level with her pussy. The aroma of an aroused woman assailed his sense of smell, my semi erect penis lurched into a full erection.

Unconsciously Julie rubbed her mound against my face, spanking me had heightened her arousal too and she knew it was simply a matter of time before she took me to her bed.

My hands came up and gripped Julie forcing her mound even harder into my face, unbidden I slipped them under her skirt and slowly, caressingly they rose higher and higher until they gripped her panty clad bum. Slipping them under the elasticised edges I soon had a handful of flesh gripped tightly in my hands.

He felt Julies hands move to his shoulders and lift, standing up he kept his hands where they were and as Julie and he kissed he brought them up and crushed the moaning lady to him. Her mouth opened to admit his tongue and the pair of them stood there, their tongues duelling fiercely.

Slipping his hands down to Julie's waist he started to remove her blouse. As he pulled the material upwards he managed to slip his hand inside and feeling nothing but skin he moved his searching hands upwards until he reached her bra covered breasts. Touching her breast for the first time he was in awe, her nipple stood, proudly erect and turgid. Julie pulled away and with a breathless "Mario, slow down darling, she deftly undid the buttons of her blouse and undoing the front clasp of her brassiere allowed her magnificent bosom to stand proudly open to Mario's avid gaze.

"Oh baby, suck them for me, please suck them" breathed the totally aroused woman breathlessly her hands forcing the young man's face towards her heaving breast.

Mario felt like he had died and gone to heaven, here right in front of him were the breasts he had longed to see, never in his wildest dreams had he ever envisioned this. He allowed Julie to direct his mouth to her breast, already rock hard the nipple was large, easily ¾" in length standing out proudly it filled his mouth. Sucking lightly at first he licked and rolled the nipple around in his mouth, swapping to the other one he lavished equal attention to both her heaving breasts before settling on the left one. He sucked hard, the tit flesh soft and hot, her gasp of pleasure told the eager young man he was doing it right.

Gently the fully aroused woman coaxed and taught the now very eager young man exactly how to make love to her breasts, admonishing him if he got too rough Julie began to show Mario exactly what to do. Mario was a fast learner for when the two lovers pulled apart for a breather her breasts were swollen the nipples a little tender the skin flushed.

Deciding to call a short halt, Julie now topless began to prepare meal for the two of them, saying that they were proceeding too fast and the whole night lay ahead.

Telling Mario to change she directed him to her bedroom where she pulled out a pair of shorts her ex had left behind. She too removed her skirt and dropped both skirt and blouse in the hamper as Mario removed his uniform. Dressed only in her panties Julie watched as Mario disrobed, she could see his fully aroused cock straining the front of his boxers and unable to restrain herself came towards him and gently gripped the turgid pillar of flesh. Mario looked at Julie as she openly fondled him, she stood close to him, her lags slightly parted and as he watched her she shifted her legs parting even more, the invitation obvious. Cupping his hand he reached out and palmed her mound. Her panties were sodden, her arousal evident the smell intoxicating and his level of arousal grew exponentially. Slipping his fingers under the gusset he slipped his index finger into her sodden pussy curling it up towards her pubic bone and seeking, without really knowing where or what to look for, seeking that patch of spongy tissue, her G-spot. Julie's gasp, the flexing of her knees and the quick sudden gasp of breath told him he had discovered that elusive yet vital place. Emboldened by her gasp of appreciation he rubbed it again and again, Julie crying out in pleasure as he brought her ever closer to her first orgasm in several years.

Suddenly with a scream that frightened Mario Julie clutched his face to her heaving breasts. Mario had the presence of mind to continue rubbing her g-spot and sucking hard on her swollen red nipples as Julie screamed again in total abandonment as the orgasm swept through her body leaving her weak kneed and unable to stand on her own. Slowly Mario caressed Julie as she calmed down and helped the trembling woman to sit down on the edge of the bed.

Julie looked at Mario and asked him, "where on earth did you learn to do that? Oh God I am trembling all over. You wonderful man."

"Did I do ok, Julie?" asked Mario nervously, "I've never done this before tonight."

"You mean..." replied the stunned woman, unable to believe that a virgin knew so much about a women's body.

Mario hung his head, too shy to admit he had never gone this far with anyone before.

"Oh lord, well I never", Julie exclaimed "if that was a first attempt God help the girls you take to bed. You did everything good, in fact it was better than good. Come here you lovely man."

Julie pulled him closer and gently lowered the boxers freeing his rampant erection. Mario pulled back slightly, Julie looked up at him seeing the frightened look on the young man's face, Relax baby, let Aunty Julie make it better for you. Mario looked down at the vision before him and knew this lady would not harm him.

"I've never done this before I don't know what to do." The young man said nervously as Julie began to lightly caress the cock proudly standing upright. She, deciding to try bolster his ego remarked, "it is so big," in truth the rock hard penis in front of her was about 6" long and about 2 and1/2" thick. Not small by any means it had a lovely curve to it and Julie knew that Mario would have no trouble stimulating her g-spot once she got him inside her churning pussy.

Mario visibly preened at the compliment Julie paid to his cock, Julie leaned forwards and the horny young man groaned loudly as the softest, warmest sensation engulfed the purple tip.

Julie her inside churning in desire began to lick the straining tip lapping up the copious amounts of juice leaking from the flared eye . The more Julie licked and sucked the more pre-cum flowed from the flared end. Like a kid sucking a lollipop Julie fairly devoured the tasty morsels flowing freely now. Sucking in her cheeks Julie moved forwards and downwards swallowing his shaft until she felt the end breach her throat and lodge there. She fought the gag reflex and sucked deeply.

Mario threw his head back, his mind not fully comprehending the sensations flowing through him. Arching his back he thrust his hips forwards, driving his rampant cock deep into Julies mouth. Unable to stop himself he began to thrust forwards and backwards, his hands balling into fists he gripped Julies hair, the need to cum rising inexorably. His balls began to draw up into his scrotum signalling the fast approaching climax. Julie sensed that the groaning man was about to blow his cum deep into her gaping, clutching throat. With that knowledge she started humming, the vibrations in her throat triggered the explosion. Arching his back even more Mario felt as if the end of his cock had exploded, rope after rope blew out of the end of his cock like a oil well blowing. The first two bursts went straight down Julie's throat without her tasting anything, she pulled back and began to swallow fast and furiously as the seemingly never ending flow of hot lava shot out the cock into her mouth.

Finally the flow of cum stopped and Mario, like Julie an hour before staggered his knees buckling and unable to support his weight held on desperately as Julie meticulously cleaned his cock, licking up every precious drop. Her mouth still containing cum she rose and forced her mouth into Mario's, her tongue breaching the lip barrier Mario thrust his tongue deep into Julies mouth as the pair duelled furiously, Julie forced Mario to share the load in her mouth and as Mario tasted the strange salty taste he pulled back, Julie followed him and kept on kissing. Taking the cum filled spit ball he swallowed. Satisfied Julie softened the kiss and the two lovers stood a while longer enjoying the closeness and intimacy that sex performed well brings.

Eventually Julie stirred, discovering she was hungry, the activities of the past two hours had depleted their reserves and Julie realised that Mario would also be hungry, Mario lay next to Julie and as she stirred he tried to keep her where she was. The more she tried to get up the more he held her in place, seemingly giving in to his demands she allowed him to relax before a stinging slap to Mario's bare bottom still bearing the marks from his last trip across his mom's knee jerked him awake.

He looked at Julie, her hand poised again and quickly covered his bare bottom, "what was that for?" He petulantly asked as he rubbed the stinging spot.

"I said we need to get a move on and you wouldn't let me up. If you won't listen, then despite the lovely time we just enjoyed, Aunty Julie will spank that lovely bare bottom."

"Come on kiddo, you can help me prepare dinner for us then we can resume the evening's entertainment. Or is that lip going to spoil our evening."

"Meanie", moaned Mario as he quickly moved out of spanking range, a grin lighting up his face.

Julie chased the laughing man out of the bedroom all the while egging him on with not so soft spanks to his jiggling rear. In the kitchen the lovers quickly prepared their meal, Julie went to the fridge to get a bottle of white wine out and as she did so Mario gasped at the lewdly display in front of him. Perfectly formed the lips of Julie's delectable pussy still showing the evidence of her arousal were there for Mario to see, the sight so lewdly displayed caused his erection to return just as stiff and as large as before.

Mario walked behind Julie and gripping her hips thrust his rampant cock towards the glistening wetness in front of him. The lips parted and before Julie could move, Mario sank balls deep into what had to be the softest haven a cock ever found.

The shock of Mario's 6" shaft splitting her pussy lips and swiftly entering her drove her upright, her legs closing and causing her pussy to become even tighter than Mario ever thought possible.

"Mario Noooooooo, we can't..." cried Julie as Mario withdrew. His penis poised at the entrance Julie again cried "Nooooooooo"

Mario stood still, waiting, Julie unable to help herself thrust backwards driving the rampant tube of hard man flesh deep into her grasping pussy.

She began to moan like someone possessed as Mario already poised began to power into her his hips a blur as he thrust faster and harder into the willing woman's depths. As fast as he raced towards the finishing line Julie was faster, her groans becoming more high pitched the closer she came to her climax. With a shriek of joy Julie shuddered over the edge, her body flailing uncontrollably. Incredibly hot on the heels of the first orgasm a second then a third orgasm rocked her, leaving her a shuddering juddering heap. Her orgasm triggered Mario's, he thrust deep into Julie and holding himself there blasted his cum deep into Julie's womb. The successive blasts triggering Julies second and third orgasms.

The lovers peeled apart, Mario staggered to a nearby chair closely followed by a still shuddering Julie, little tremors rippled though her body like never before and she continues to experience these for a long time. Mario was the first to stir, dropping to his knees he buried his face between Julies widespread legs, his tongue seeking out the nectar dripping from her open pussy, licking and sucking the combined cum from her. Julie gripped the back of Mario's head and forced his face deeper into her pussy, unbelievable, she felt the beginnings of anther orgasm welling inside her convulsing pussy. Moving to the edge of the chair she spread her wide open legs even wider apart and began to ride his face. She spanked the bare ass before her, each successive spank spurring him on to greater efforts, Harder and harder she spanked, Mario grunted with the sting and force, his tongue a blur as he thrust in and out of her pussy, finally he sucked her clit into his mouth, strumming it with his tongue. It got to the point where Julie could hardly concentrate on spanking the now blazing butt cheeks so lewdly positioned because she was being transported to another level due to the incredible sensation of being eaten by the young man kneeling in front of her. Mario was at his own limit, the pain from the unabated punishment inflicted spurred the young man to greater efforts and the desire to bring this vision of ecstasy, her thighs wide open and her swollen pussy gaping wide to climax.

With a scream Julie began to cum, her juices flowing freely, her pussy began to spasm as the climax washed through her body, again and again she spurted her juices into the face of the sucking young man, the spanks stopped as her hands flew to the back of his head and gripped him forcing his face deep into the spasming pussy smothering him.

Much later the temporarily sated lover sat down to a now cold meal, before moving into the bedroom where they climbed into Julies bed where they lay and gently caressed each other all over. As Julie ran her hand over Mario's bare bottom he flinched slightly and hissed, "hey be careful there, you have a hard palm and my butt is still sore from the way you spanked me earlier."

"Well," replied Julie totally unrepentant for the damage to Mario's butt, "You deserved it, taking me unawares like that, I have not had such wild sex like that since my college days. That is not the only reason why you deserved a spanking, just be thankful I never used my new hairbrush on you for being so forward."

"Me forward, since when? Speaking of someone deserving a spanking, you should get a spanking for seducing a virgin like you did. In fact let me correct that situation right now."

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I finally gave up! Your bouncing from first person to third person cause too great a distraction.

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