tagIncest/TabooJulie and Danny

Julie and Danny


In the springtime of our lives, our sexuality awakens, tantalizes, exhilarates, and possesses us. As with flowers and trees, this is a time of rapid growth and the anticipation of all the magnificent, beautiful things yet to come.

In the summer of our lives, nature's beauty is at its peak. The hours of sunshine and warmth are the most intense. Julie and I, both forty-somethings, were savoring every moment of the hottest days, the warm nights, and each other...

Wednesday, June 22: Homecoming

On final approach, I stared out the airplane window at the city of my youth. Twenty-five years earlier, on a humid summer day like this one, I left on a one-way flight to boot camp and the beginning of a military career. Today, having just become a civilian again, I arrived to attend my niece's wedding and celebrate the beginning of her married life.

I really hadn't seen much of my family for years. Julie, my older sister and Mother of the Bride, married a man whose career required extensive business travel. Our parents were long dead, losing their lives in an accident just months after I graduated from basic training. Julie had graduated from college, and had been married for two weeks when it happened. Aunts, uncles and cousins were scattered throughout the Northeastern states. Of course, I spent much of my career in Europe, the Far East and Southwest Asia.

Perfect landing. The jet taxied to the terminal as dozens of passengers turned on their cell phones, saying almost in unison "Hi, we just landed, meet me..." But nobody would be meeting me. I walked briskly past the queues at the junk food places. Grabbed my suitcase from the carousel, boarded the rental car shuttle.

On the Interstate, I was annoyed to see the suburban sprawl. An hour west of the big city airport, acres of farmland had been sacrificed to develop upscale gated communities and soulless retail centers. In summers past, I remembered, this was "out in the country." Rolling hills and flat cornfields, roadside stands and dairy cattle in the pastures, narrow roads and pure, aromatic breezes. This summer day, it was the edge of the suburbs. Newly installed traffic lights and congested roads, not charming at all. Subdivisions with rural-sounding names, but no rural character, no spirit. It was all for show, pretending to be something it wasn't. I sensed that hiding inside the elegant new houses were hollow people.

As I checked in, one of the hotel front desk staff handed me an envelope. Julie, bless her, left a handwritten note: "Danny Boy! Call me when you're settled in. I'll pick you up, treat you to dinner. Love, Julie :-) " Inside was a gift card to the coffee shop nearby. "For your caffeine and muffin addiction :-) " was written on a sticky note. What a wonderful sister, thinking about my well-being, leaving nothing to chance. Her husband better be taking good care of my sister, I thought.

Julie answered on the second ring: "Danny! Hi! I'm so glad you're back home! You sound great! I'll be there in ten minutes. (giggling) Will I recognize you? Did you have a good flight? Are you hungry? OK, I'm on the way. Bye!"

The Porsche parked right across from the front doors. Julie was stunning: her body, well-toned yet curvaceous, swayed gently as she walked. Her brunette hair was cut in a short bob, perfectly framing her dark brown almond-shaped eyes. She wore only a touch of lip gloss, minimal eye liner. Her hot pink designer polo shirt was tucked into stylish jeans. Every man's eyes locked on her as she entered the lobby, extending her arms, embracing me. "Danny! Oh my gosh, Danny, you look so good... (kiss)... oh my gosh... (kiss)" Her gardenia perfume, subtle yet seductive, reminded me of the splendor of Hawaii.

Julie suggested a nearby Thai restaurant for a late lunch. Over drinks, she gave me the rundown: Her husband John was in California on a business trip, due home early Friday. Katelyn, the bride, would not be home until Friday afternoon, just before the rehearsal. "I've been going crazy, meeting with the caterer, florist, limo service, jeweler... oh no, I forgot to call the photographer!" She dialed, left a message, hung up. "I can't wait till this is over," Julie sighed. "Will you come with me to the mall, or do you want to go back to the hotel?"

"Mall is fine," I said. "I'm here for you. You have my undivided attention, and there is nowhere else I'd rather be. Just tell me what all needs to get done, OK? I'm here to anticipate your needs, fulfill them, and guarantee your satisfaction."

She tilted her head to the side and smiled. "Whoever catches you is one lucky woman!"

I protested half-heartedly. "Not sure I wanna be caught right away." She rolled those adorable eyes, knowing I was lying. "I guess that's where the tuxedo place is?" I asked. She nodded. "We'll pick it up while we're there." She paid the check, then we headed west on the Interstate.

The upscale department store was our first stop. Julie said, "I need extra pantyhose for Saturday, just in case."

"No garter belt and white stockings?" I asked, with surprise.

"Katelyn's wearing those. The pantyhose is for me," said Julie.

"I did mean you," I teased. "You should wear stockings and a garter belt too. It's much sexier," I insisted.

Julie moved closer to me, smiling. "Bridal gowns are different. My dress is above the knee. I don't want to sit with my legs crossed and have any of that showing. Not this time, not with all the cameras around," she said.

"Will there be another time?" I joked.

Julie paused, smiled softly and looked into my eyes. "There could be. You never know!"

"Yeah, you never know. Tell me more about your dress," I said.

"Men don't ask that!" she exclaimed.

"Maybe Johnny didn't ask what you'll be wearing, but I wanna know. Brides are beautiful, and so are you, Julie."

Her face brightened. She said, "Thank you! Um, it's a suit, pastel pink color, with a little texture in the fabric. Matching color pumps, and a single strand of pearls, OK?"

"Pearl earrings, too?"

"No, just some diamond studs."

Passing the lingerie displays I said, "Better grab some of those matching bra-and-panty sets too. Don't you feel like an animal sometimes? Here's leopard, here's tiger. Look! Big polka dots, little polka dots, but not a single pair of granny panties in the store."

Julie soft-punched my arm, giggling. "Hipsters or mid-rise briefs for me, no bikinis or thongs, and NO granny panties either, thank you very much. And... um, my animal underwear is the Dragon Lady collection."

I laughed out loud and said, "Really? Yours breathes fire?" Julie snickered and said, "Piss me off and it will. John knows!" I could only imagine what she meant by that.

"The Mother of the Bride should have exquisite lingerie, right? It's your special day too," I said. "You pick it out, my treat."

She looked up at me. "You're so sweet, Danny." She paused, eyes locked on mine. "I didn't think of buying it for myself." She touched my hand. "Lingerie is what men buy for their wives, their girlfriends, because the men benefit from the gift too." She was absolutely right. Julie continued, "I did see some I liked, let me go see if they have my size." She touched her fingertip to my chest. "But don't follow me, okay?"

"I won't," I promised. "Tell you what, let's meet at the store entrance, inside the mall, in a half hour. I'll find the tux place while you shop."

Walking to her car, Julie grasped my arm. "If you don't mind, I'd like to keep you company. My house is empty, and I don't want to go there alone while you're here alone." After a short pause, she said "We have a lot more catching up to do, and I have some thoughts I want to share."

I smiled. "I don't mind. I told you I'm here for you and I meant it," I insisted. "Why would I want to watch reruns alone in a hotel, know what I mean?"

"Awesome!" she exclaimed. "Wanna split a little bottle of wine? We can get some snacks at the supermarket, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, whatever you want."

"Good idea, I don't want to pay hotel minibar prices," I agreed.

Julie's smartphone chimed as we accelerated onto the Interstate. "That's just an e-mail coming in," she said. Minutes later, once we were parked in the supermarket lot, Julie touched the screen. "Damn! John says he's going to be on a later flight, he's sorry about it, and wants me to reschedule his limousine reservation to pick him up at eight o'clock tomorrow night!" She stuffed the phone in her bag and growled, "How could he do this? Miss the fucking wedding rehearsal? Give me more fucking work to do?" She slammed the car door shut, walking quickly toward the store entrance. Suddenly Julie stopped, faced me, and grabbed both of my hands. Her eyes were noticeably moist with tears. "Let's sit in the car," she said. "I've got to tell you some things..."

"Ever since we were married, this is how it's been. Yeah, he makes good money. Really good. I mean, the cars, the house, clothes, jewelry..." Her voice trailed off, and she sniffled. "Vacations in Hawaii, Italy, Switzerland, France, England. Cruises, weekend getaways to Colorado, all that." She clenched my hands tighter and shook them. "But, that's not what I really wanted. I need someone who would be with me, not just bringing me gifts, expecting that to make me happy, you know, like it would keep me content!" Julie let go of my hands, got a tissue from her bag and dabbed her cheeks. "He doesn't touch me. Just a simple hand on the shoulder, you know? Oh, but when he gets home tomorrow night, he'll want me on my back right away. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, you know? After that, nothing. No back rub, no sitting next to me on the sofa, no foot massage, not even a walk holding hands. I get nothing except a suitcase full of dirty clothes to wash! No love notes, just a list of things he needs me to do for him" Julie held my hands again. "Danny, it's not right. Not romantic. Am I asking too much?" She sniffed gently, dabbed her eyes again. "The point is, you asked about me, asked about my dress, my jewelry. He doesn't notice, or even care what I'm wearing. He doesn't even flirt with me, um, you know, like he doesn't think he has to compliment me, or keep the fire burning. But you tell me about looking beautiful, feeling special, and my happiness. I mean, am I selfish or something?"

"No. No, you're not asking, um, not expecting too much," I replied. "I mean, I don't know if he's preoccupied with work, or money, or himself. For me, personally, none of those would be in first place on my list of priorities." Silence. "I guess what I'm saying is, none of those would be number one in my heart and soul."

Julie hugged me. "You got it. You're a good listener, Danny, and you expressed my feelings perfectly." She exhaled softly, and continued. "I wouldn't have told this to any of my girlfriends, and I can't keep it inside any longer. Thanks. I feel better now." I pushed the shopping cart while Julie guided me through the store.

Back at the hotel, I hung the tuxedo in the closet. As I returned from the ice machine down the hall, Julie stepped out of the bathroom wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I longed to see her in the lingerie, not reluctant just because she was my sister. The weather report was on TV: Perfect weather for Saturday.

"Will you open this?" she asked. I pulled the cork out, and filled two plastic glasses with white wine.

"To the Mother of the Bride," I said.

She touched her glass to mine. "To Prince Charming, my hero, my brother, welcome home." After a sip, we set the glasses down. She stood on tiptoes, parted her lips slightly, and pressed them gently against my mouth. A surprising sensation, the tip of her tongue, electrified me. I responded with a growing erection in my shorts. She said nothing, just put her hand on the back of my neck and pulled me to her mouth again. Her tongue touched my bottom lip, my top lip, then met mine in the middle. She murmured "Danny, please..." then exhaled. Our eyes met, we smiled together, knowing our passions would be turned loose like never before. I touched her hips, and slowly lifted the bottom of her T-shirt. She wore no bra, her nipples visible beneath the shirt fabric. She crossed her arms, grabbing the shirt hem from me. Julie's naked breasts appeared, her face disappeared briefly, then she tossed her T-shirt on a chair. Julie ran her fingers through her hair, rolling her head on her neck. I had my T-shirt off by then, and Julie had her fingertips inside the waistband of my shorts. Carefully, she pulled the waistband toward her, then down, revealing my erection. I shook my legs, then feet, kicking the shorts away. As Julie hooked her thumbs inside her waistband, I put my hands upon hers.

"Allow me, my love," I said. I knelt before her, mouth just above the shorts. I kissed her below the navel, nibbling my way downward as I tugged the shorts toward the floor. My chin met the top of her nicely-trimmed pubic hair. I gave her a playful lick, then stood up. She hugged me above the shoulders, held tight, and lifted her feet free of her shorts. Julie's legs wrapped around my hips with a lustful urgency, pleading for satisfaction. "On the sheets," I whispered. She dismounted, and I rolled across the mattress to the other side of the bed. Together, we pulled the bed covers back. Julie sat on the opposite edge, then leaned back. My cock pointed at the ceiling, with clear drops of moisture appearing on the tip. She touched it, then licked her fingertip.

"Mmm, Danny, I can't wait, come on!" And so, with Julie writhing on the sheets, I caressed her beneath me. The head entered her with an amazing tingle for both of us. I thrust deep into the slippery warmth, bringing a long-time fantasy to ecstatic reality. Pumping slowly, yet attentive to the movements of her body, I set Julie free from the tensions she had held within her for too many years. Sweat appeared on my chest from the excitement. Her forehead also revealed a few beads of sweat. Shifting position slightly, I moved my hands under her ass. My erection was stimulating her at a slightly different angle, and Julie loved it. Her body tensed and relaxed in the throes of a profound orgasm. The familiar sensation of ejaculation began deep inside my body. With vigor, I went even deeper inside, finally holding still as the cum burst forth into my older sister. Our hearts pounded madly, fueling the heat and sweat pressed between our bodies. Still locked in a passionate embrace, we kissed and whispered sweet words of love in each other's ears...

In the shower, Julie pressed her breasts against me, rich lather covering both of us. "It felt so good and so right, Danny. It did! I wish it happened years ago. I used to worry about you when you were overseas, I worried a lot with all the stuff I heard on the news. Then, when you came to visit that time, when Katelyn was in junior high? Remember? I wanted you then, Danny. I was hoping we could have been alone like this."

I stroked the washcloth across her shoulders, and worked my way downward. "I was too tense and stressed out back then, you know, with my divorce," I admitted. "Just take my word, that was the wrong time, and this is the right time. I love you, Julie, I do."

"And I love you too, Danny. I love you with all my heart." I kissed her on her forehead, on her nose, on her lips. We gently scrubbed each other's backs, rinsed, and patted each other dry.

I peeked through the drapes. The tangerine summer sun had crept below the horizon. Dark blue clouds shared the sky with an orange and pink afterglow. Cold air from the a/c unit blew against the damp towel around my waist. I put on clean, dry shorts and a T-shirt, my favorite summer loungewear. Caught a glimpse of Julie reaching into the closet, wrapped in a towel barely covering her breasts and bottom, then retreating into the bathroom with her carrying bag. I smoothed out the rumpled sheets, fluffed up the pillows. The bathroom door opened. Julie posed at the foot of the bed in soft pink-colored lingerie, matching bra and panties, lace trimmed, complete with garter belt and nude stockings. "Ta-da!" she giggled as she extended her arms to the side. "How do you like it?"

"It's perfect, Julie, it really is. I can't get enough of women in silk and nylon, especially in pink, everything is so feminine and sexy. Did you just get this?" I asked.

Julie nodded, rolling her hips from side to side, and said, "Especially for you, my love." Giggling, she continued, "I know you're a leg man!"

I nodded. "Well, I love to catch a glimpse of upper thigh, or a little bit of slip, you know, the lacy part, when a woman's skirt vent opens a bit. I love the way hosiery looks on a woman's legs." Julie moved closer, hands on her hips, walking like a runway model. Smiling, she looked in my eyes, licking her lower lip. She winked and sat next to me on the bed. I said, "Stilettos are too extreme, but I do like heels, pumps, whatever. Don't get me wrong, I love women in jeans and slacks too. When we were growing up, you know, it was the Seventies when miniskirts and hot pants were everywhere. You're right, I'm a leg man and an ass man! And your favorite color has always been pink, from really light to intense neon pink. Every time I see pink on a woman, I think of you."

Julie turned and sat in my lap. "Every time I wear these, I'll think of you, Danny. I'll wish I could be with you. Just you, me, and the lingerie." We kissed again. My senses were in overdrive: The sight of this amazing woman. The scents of soap, perfume, and Julie's enchanting aroma. The touch of her bare skin, her lips, the nylon stockings, the water from the shower head, the intense warmth and soothing wetness of her sexiness. The taste of her lipstick and her mouth. The musical sound of her voice, the gentle whispering in my ear as Julie shared her most intimate thoughts with me. The raw, intensely emotional sounds of a woman achieving orgasm, long overdue and soul-stirring.

"Again, Danny. Please, make love to me again!" Julie had removed her lingerie. I took off my shorts and T-shirt. Eagerly, I moved to caress her body.

"Let me make sure you're really ready, Julie." I moved my face toward her neatly trimmed pussy. She parted her knees, revealing a wet, hot slit. The heavenly feminine aroma drew me even closer. My tongue made first contact at the bottom. I held it in place for a moment as she gasped. Then I lifted my head, licking the entire length until pausing at the top, near Julie's clitoris. She moaned loudly, the cue to begin flicking my tongue up and down, in a circular motion. Julie was a woman energized with sexual intensity unlike any other time in her life. The only way to multiply her pleasure was to get inside her right now, to fill her physically and emotionally with every bit of affection and love possible. This time, we moved at a slower pace, prolonging every instant of our time together. The climaxes were every bit as intense as our earlier lovemaking.

"I wanted you so bad, Julie, I couldn't control myself!"

She squeezed me and sighed, "Me too!" I returned the squeeze.

"I want you to stay here with me tonight, Julie. Tell me, how can I please you? Just say it, you can have it, whatever you want."

She whispered, "Just be Danny. Don't change. Just be Danny the Romantic, just cuddle up with me, OK? Just be here in the morning, don't leave..."

Thursday, June 23

I woke up with my good ol' friend, Morning Woody. Julie, already awake, pressed her naked body against mine. "Danny," she said softly, "make love to me again, please." I answered without words, kissing her neck, her lips. Julie touched my cock, gently stroking it, then squeezing it. "Stay on your back," she whispered. She moved the sheet away, then straddled my blazing erection. Julie shifted her hips, her moist pussy grinding against my shaft. She lifted herself slightly, took hold of my cock, and guided the head to her labia. With a gentle lowering motion, she rode the length down to its base. We bounced and thrust as one, early morning sunbeams and our passion for each other brightening the bedroom. Julie alternated between sitting upright, nipples gloriously erect upon her breasts, then her was body pressed flat against mine, breathlessly kissing me. Finally, with a mighty upward thrust into Julie, I climaxed with the pleasure of seeing, feeling, smelling her lovely naked body straddling mine.

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